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    hi I would like someone to put together a few scripts in php preferably and run a local server so each following task can be performed 1, download past seconds tick data in milliseconds and insert into database with time/price 2. buy/sell/ with limit (fillorkill) 3. buy sell/ with leverage_trading (market) 4. Select total buy/sell orders (above_below) price 5. Check account balance

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    I have a Jotform that acts as a trigger to look at dropbox for the corresponding dropbox folder with pictures and add them to an update in [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] There is a common denominator between all three.

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    PLEASE DO NOT SPAM BID "generic messages" that PROVE you have NOT read Job Details before bidding. ONLY BID "AFTER" downloading and reading the file links. The DETAILS of the job and website URLs links are in the FILE ATTACHED. I have migrated a joomla database/data to a new wordpress website but I need to make the wordpress website to "look like" the old joomla ver...

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    how to create like this chart. which site or software can do like this type of chart in this link [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]

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    I need a backend (could be implemented on Python, Java or PHP) to provide the basic functionality of the service provider: A. Charger registration/search A1. Register charging station A2. Given a coordinate, provide the closest charging stations A3. List all charging stations A4. Charging station status (details, last collected data) A5. Add a review to a charger B. User management B1. New user re...

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    I need some graphic design for a LinkedIn Banner Image.

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    A project holds information about the arrangement and timing of the items that appear on the storyboard /timeline ,which include audio and video clips ,video transitions ,video effects ,and titles .it does not contain the actual audio ,video,and picture source files but rather references them as clips .you can edit clips in a project without changing the source files .once you satisfied with the ...

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    teach me to use a software 3 дней(-я) left

    I bought a recording software and I need directions to use it. this is the website. [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] here is the instructions from the manual Subliminal Recording System X2 Manual Silent Subliminal Technique This technique lets you easily make subliminal recordings that use no background sound and when played back you do not hear anything playing. One of the things that ...

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    I have rented a VPS with Debian 10 installed on the server. I would like to hire someone to install Mastodon (fediverse social media) on that server such that everything works properly (including the ability of the server to send emails such as confirmation emails upon sign up which don't end up in the spam folder). See here: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] Once the set up is complete I�...

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    How to use quickbooks 3 дней(-я) left

    I need someone to show me how to use quickbooks for my small business I am looking for someone that can physically come to my office in Arlington, TX

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    How to see (return value of) only last 3 typed rows of a table having for example 10 rows on another sheet. in this 10 rows lets say only data is filled to row number 6 so how do we see only row number 4,5,6 on another sheet the other query is if we type data on the 7th row then the sheet which was showing row 4,5,6 should automatically change and now show row 5,6,7

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    It is a valentines gift for fiancé. He wrote a story 20+years ago. It would be a cute gift

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    Write How-to articles for technical site -INDIAN Writers ONLY 3 дней(-я) left

    Hi We have a technical site which mostly cover on Windows 10, Cloud backup, Cloud Storage, Cloud providers, Backup and recover etc., We need one dedicated freelancer who can write 5 how-to articles per week. We will give the topics the freelancer should research and write about it. All the content should free of plagiarism and grammar error. Each article should be minimum of 500 words. NOTE:...

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    Hi all, We need a short, custom Video intro made for youtube videos showing how to subscribe, like & ring the notification bell for our videos. The video will need to incorporate one of our logo's and the colour theme will need to match our logo colours. (white and green) See an example below: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] Please show preview for videos when submitting so I can pick...

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    I need a animated logo designed. Use the lips pictures to make a design like the sample pic... you can also use part of the face from nose down Company Name : LULU LIPS

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    Need a bot that trades cryptocurrency using flash loans for arbitrage and algorithm trading. Will need to have the codes and the source so i can change later the parameters of any future trading in the bot. Must be fully automated the bot.

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    Use APIs to create orders in SAP

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    I want to make birthday slide show animation in after effect for my baby second birthday. I have 200 photos And I want to make like a full year story animation kind with music to show the entire journey of my baby second year. He is turning two day after so I need this very very quickly.

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    I'd like to use linkedin API to invite possible customers, searching in linkedin with filters (location, keywords, etc), and all coded from google apps scripts (mandatory). I also want to save all this possible contacts/clients information (including email if public) in a google sheets.

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    We are trying to reduce total training time for one of our models. Currently CPU and GPU training is about the same: about 1 minute per epoch. When using the GPU, about half of that is just loading data onto the GPU, and another half is backpropagation. We just tried an experiment to see how parallelizable the model is -- first only on the cpu, and then on distributed cpus with multiple processe...

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    I have a project which is producing keys every second (avg 300 keys per second) which is very slow; i want to change this to GPU processing with CUDA to make it 50 to 100 times faster.

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    Use Social media power 2 дней(-я) left

    I think we open a Instagram or social media account. And we let's start a campaign. We'll ask our followers to draw pictures of animals on a stone. And we will sell these stone. With the money earned, we can meet the needs of animals.

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    NEdd ready to use 2 дней(-я) left

    I need a event based website which should be on word press with fully dynamic with fast speed and payment gateway social media and SEO friendly. Notice : ready to use Waiting for your response.

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    install ssl and explain how do to on ionos website server

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    Hi, I need a developer to switch my site from webflow to shopify.

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    Hi We have technical sites that mostly covers Windows 10, MS Office, common Software, Backup - recovery, etc., We need one dedicated freelancer who can write 1-10 how-to articles per week, including images for each step to help readers understanding. The number of articles per week will vary on your performance and our need. We will give the topics and related keywords that the freelancer should...

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    I have a list of approximately 200 names for whom I'm seeking office phone, cell phone, and email addresses. That list provides a name and a license number (called an "NMLS" number) for approximately 200 people. You will copy the NMLS number, paste into google, and use results of that search to go to websites from which you can copy the office phone, cell phone, and email addre...

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    I have an app developed that I would like to be posted to my Apple developer account.

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    Design our quoation Doc cover ( use word ) 1 день left

    I need some one good at word , to design a documents cover for our company's quation doc

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    I have Spring boot web app, ready with war file. App. will be deploy on Ubunte Linux hosting VPS on Tomcat app server. Need to configure SSL certificate on application and deploy on server. I use subdomain for this app. Application will use SSL and HTTPS protocol. You have to work remotely.

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    Identify which shopify theme a website use 1 день left

    As described. I came across a good shopify website and would like to find out which theme it is using.

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    I am very concerned about the operation address for the [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] we are in China and want to have the function of SHOPIFY PAYMENT,but China is not among the countries allowed for [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] to do with it?If you have a good solution,please contact me.

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    I work a boring job and spend an insane amount of time on the phone, generally on hold. In my free time i play phone games and started playing world of guns and bought the exp and credits to disassemble the M240 Bravo. A gun that i have a close personal connection to. So after i got a tiny little 3d printer for christmas (and i do mean tiny) i thought it would be cool to print a quarter or half sc...

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    I am looking for someone to read and record several chapters of a midwifery textbook in MP3 format. This would be to listen and re-listen for personal studying only. For now I have 4 chapters (approx 150 pdf pages approx 1/3 images or tables that do not need to be read). More potential reading work available. Looking to have main text read and ability to briefly summarize tables and diagrams (i.e...

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    I need a technical blog posts with images written, minimum 750 words each on the subjects listed below. This is due by Monday Jan 11 at 10pm est. How to add Nginx to an AWS ubuntu virtual server

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    I need a technical blog posts with images written, minimum 750 words each on the subjects listed below. This is due by Monday Jan 11 at 10pm est. How to add Google Analytics to a Streamlit Application

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    I need a technical blog post with images written, minimum 750 words each on the subjects listed below. This is due by Monday Jan 11 at 10pm est. How to use Visual Studio Code on a Virtual Server

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    For this Project we look for a company that can design us 10 authentic designs. For a phone case. The design should be about actual topics. You should know about news/ fashion different styles to create something we can use on the back of the phone case 4 types design we will give you but other 6 we will ask for your input! 1 animal design (lion) 2 colormix (art) 3 camouflage design (military...

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    Have you ever done a SQL dump in SWIFT from the core data or how will you copy the core db to iCloud document?

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    Have you done a backup / restore of core data to iCloud document before?Have you ever done a SQL dump in SWIFT from the core data or how will you copy the core db to iCloud document?

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    ACL DATA EXPERT NEEDED WHO KNOWS HOW to maintain accounts on ACL software - Inventory need to set on ACL software -

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    Small independent ambulance service provider in UK, 150 staff. looking for a new strategy, digital marketing plan and social media presence using MailChimp, LinkedIn etc. we work in the healthcare space for the NHS. Perhaps a six month project to design and implement plan part time and teach 2 staff how to use the tools? [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]

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    Aus meinen langjährigen Erfahrung im Motorradbereich und den positiven und negativen Seiten der Branche, möchte ich unsere derzeitig noch nicht veröffentlichte Internetseite überarbeiten lassen. Im ersten Schritt geht es um die Verbesserung des Textes auf unserer Website. Derzeit sind dort 7 Themen vorhanden die professionell überarbeitet werden müssen. Dieses Themen ...

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    An elegant design store to sell towels online. With controls in my hand for easy uploading of new models, their fotos and explaination.

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    Design an office desk for home use Заканчивающийся left

    I have a home office desk design idea that I need professional help with. Thank you

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    Hi, I need someone to help and guide me over a screen share on how to change colours of backgrounds quickly in photoshop.

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    Python script to use an API Завершено left

    I need a python script made for sms solutions, It needs to be able to use an api using python. Please only contact if you can work on this now and complete within a good time frame.

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    Hi. I am looking for a flexible and competent writer to research and write a 7,000 words "how-to" eBook on a certain topic. Budget: $70 USD Payment conditions: Full payment upon completion (No upfront fees) Deadline: 14 days upon project acceptance The eBook must: * Contain original content (pass copyscape) * Be written in English * Be written in a conversational tone * Be free from gr...

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    I am interesting you using 10ft Shipping containers for events, I would like to get some unique designs that shows: 1) Container Kitchen 2) Container Bathroom 3) Container Bar

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