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    1. Install and test eway payment gateway extension (Mastercard and Visa) - Free Extension 2. Customize eWay payment gateway a. Addition to the standard credit card deduction deduct a random amount between $0.01 – $3.00 b. Above random amount should be deducted as the second transaction Store the random amount in below table CREATE TABLE `iv_check` ( `id` int(10) unsigned NOT ...

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    Trophy icon Design me a logo Завершено left

    My business is selling sous vide chicken breast in Thailand aimed for people who are into fitness and workout. Chicken breast are the best source of protein to help you build muscles. I looking for a logo which includes a cartoon chicken possibly showing their biceps (but not necessary), a logo which is simple in design but also memorable. I've included some of the files which we have tried t...

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    I have a Mobile SSD algorithm to do people detection and framing, the model size is 22mb, I want to compress it as small as possible without losing too much accuracy. You can use methods like channel-pruning, changing the model, and transform the float number to int. What I need: source code to modify the large model, not only for this project. The introduction of the algorithm: I placed a camer...

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    HashedDictionary Завершено left

    Use the java files, “[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]”, [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]”, and [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]”, provided by the instructor to complete this project. For this project you have to complete the following tasks: 1. Write a private method int randomProbe(int index, K key) for class HashedDictionary that implements random probing for collisions. Use...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design for Incuvative Завершено left

    We are an innovative Incubator / accelerator empowering startups and connecting them to the right investors and growing them int he ecosystem globally.

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    windows service vb.net /SQL 100$ Завершено left

    Windows services keep monitor (thread timer) specific folder (“c:upload”) if it contain log files it read it line by line and import it into SQL-server table DeviceLocation After finish delete the file Sample file 1554481381,Ahmed,2816AD358847,[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL],SYSTEM,29.3751988333333,47.9861126666667 1554481383,Ahmed,2816AD358847,[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL],SYS...

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    Need the same font family for every page on my site same as the font on [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] thanks!

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    Excel VB, Mac, create 2 userforms Завершено left

    I need the following two user forms be created and work on Mac. Please make a button on both sheets to run the form. Excel Spreadsheet: "Loans": User form form name: MASK - DATA ENTRY Borrower: free text Address: free text Date of Loan: Date format manual entry Loan Amt: dollar amount two decimals Interest Rate: % two decimals Interest Per Day: calculation - (Loan Amt*interest rate)...

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    Two simple forms need validations, minor display issue, exception handling, cros issue. Env : Angular type script, Php rest api with mysql back end. **Where ever the changes are made need a comment. Validations : • Need to keep required field validation for each. • For int/decimal need to keep the numeric validation • For email keep the email validation. Display Issue • The s...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Завершено left

    We are a window company that has diversified into many other building material sales. Our original name was Metropolitan Windows and Doors Ltd. We have now changed our name to Metropolitan Building Products Ltd. We now offer windows, int/ext mouldings, gas and electric fireplace, fireplace mantels and int/ext doors. I want a logo that amplifies class, and high end service and products.

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    analyze lexical Завершено left

    ⟨fun def list⟩ → { ⟨fun def⟩ }+ ⟨fun def⟩ → ⟨header⟩ ⟨body⟩ ⟨header⟩ → ⟨fun name⟩ "(" [ ⟨parameter list⟩ ] ")" ⟨fun name⟩ → ⟨id⟩ ⟨parameter list⟩ → ⟨parameter⟩ { "," ⟨parameter⟩ } ⟨parameter⟩ → ⟨id⟩ ⟨body⟩ → "{" ⟨s list⟩ "}" ⟨s list⟩ → { ⟨statement⟩ } ⟨statement⟩ → ⟨assignment⟩ | ⟨cond⟩ | ⟨while⟩...

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    Top-Down Parser Завершено left

    Implement a top-down parser for the following EBNF for our project language. ⟨fun def list⟩ → { ⟨fun def⟩ }+ ⟨fun def⟩ → ⟨header⟩ ⟨body⟩ ⟨header⟩ → ⟨fun name⟩ "(" [ ⟨parameter list⟩ ] ")" ⟨fun name⟩ → ⟨id⟩ ⟨parameter list⟩ → ⟨parameter⟩ { "," ⟨parameter⟩ } ⟨parameter⟩ → ⟨id⟩ ⟨body⟩ → "{" ⟨s list⟩ "}" ⟨s l...

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    UWP Game For Xbox. Завершено left

    First thing first im using Unity to make my game so people that know how this engine. Im using within my project Gaia, Aqua, Enviro. Invector Shooter Im making a game similar to "State of Decay 2" In game building/getting resources like "Ark &Fortnight" (thinking spending about $20 for uBuild from asset store!!) Also thinking about buying 'Population Engine' - To...

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    I want to add an operator to the MyTime class (defined below) to summarize two instances of MYTime. For example: 1:36:18 + 2:40:12 = 4:16:30 class MyTime { int Hour, minute, second; public MyTime(int h, int m, int s) { [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] = h; [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] = m; [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] = s; } // overload ...

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    PHP-Entwickler gesucht (m/w/d) Завершено left

    Sehr geehrte FreiberuflerInnen, unser Unternehmen, Lorenzen Tonna Services Limited, mit Sitz in Edinburgh und int. Kundschaft, sucht zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt einen Freiberufler, der unser Team mit einer wachsenden Anzahl an Projekten unterstützt. Wir würden einen Entwickler mit starkem Fokus auf PHP bevorzugen. Kenntnisse in Symfony oder Laravel sind von Vorteil, sowie g...

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    I have a Mobile SSD algorithm to do people detection and framing, the model size is 22mb, I want to compress it to 1.5mb without losing too much accuracy. You can use methods like channel-pruning, changing the model, and transform the float number to int. What I need: source code to modify the large model, not only for this project. The introduction of the algorithm: I placed a camera on top of ...

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    Test assignment Завершено left

    Assignment: Create a [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] app that connects to a local Sqlite database. The app can create, save and load exercises to the local database. - Model - Exercise - with properties Name (string), Reps (int) - Page - Main - Has a button Exercises that navigates to the ExerciseList page - Page - ExerciseList - which has the following elements: 1. a SearchBar (top) to search exe...

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    Dialog Box Based ATM (Java & JavaFX program) NOTE: This ATM Java program will use JavaFx and Java code. The ATM has to have a GUI, an example of the ATM GUI is provided for you (the picture). The program also needs to have good documentation/pseudo-code describing what parts of the code do what for the program. A picture of an example GUI is provided in the files. Using the Account class wri...

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    Welcome, I have a problem with creating a tree structure on the basis of a split string, now it returns to me a class object e.g. Node<string> with filled in Name and Children properties, I would like it to fill in all properties and preferably instead of an extension it should concern a ready class e.g. Player. Below is how it looks like now: I have a Player class on the basis of which I w...

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    Project for cristianvalgar19 Завершено left

    Hi Cristian, My backgrounds are UK MBA (Services & Products Marketing Specialist) and ACCA INT (Audit & Tax). I am well versed in strategic planning of the business vision directed to marketing plans to ensure optimum sales growth. Growth marketing plan will include: Macro-environment analysis Industry analysis SWOT analysis Product Life Cycle Objectives STP Strategy Marketing Mix Produ...

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    THIS PROJECT MUST WITHOUT EXCEPTION USE OPENCV & PYTHON...I am trying to track a player and object in the same frame/video/camera...ultimately camera only ... using KCF for now to track the player, but will not track ball import cv2 import sys import imutils if __name__ == '__main__' : tracker_types = ['KSF '] tracker_type = tracker_types[0] tracker = cv2.Tra...

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    Need PHP7 code Завершено left

    Need PHP code to fetch data from two separate mysql servers, the main aim is as follow DB1 has ID1( int) , typeofcustomer (boolean(B,T); DB2 has ID2( int) , registered (boolean (Y,N)) fetch ID and typeofcustomer from DB1 if ID1 not exists in DB2 ------> add ID1 to be ID2 and registered boolean (N) & do functions for registration and change registered (N) to registered (Y) else if regis...

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    I need someone to complete my project. Please see attached. I need someone to complete or fix the below function. The [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] is attached. Please copy most of the code from the Assignment document. void recover(unsigned char *data, int size) { int begJPEG; int endJPEG; int increment = 0; char outfilename[8]; unsigned char pic[512]; int begarr[30];...

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    Избранный Срочный Соглашение о неразглашении

    We need a console application that queries the [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] api and pulls the hourly temperature, wind chill, summary, and icon for a specific day in the past for a complete 24 hour period. So, 24 readings in totals for the 24 hours in the day for one call. We will need to be able to pass in the date that we are requesting to the app. For example: public class ReturnData { ...

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    Build me and addon to my website Завершено left

    I want to add the option to obtain measurements from customers when they choose to purchase a suit. I want something like this ([войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]) but only to obtain measurements not customise every aspect of the suit. Thanks

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    Tengo una app Android Xamarin que imprime un recibo en una impresora termica por bluetooth. Necesito imprimir un logo en el recibo. Adjunto datos técnicos de la impresora y el código que ya utilizo para imprirmir los recibos. La imágen debe ser en blanco y negro por lo que dice el fabricante. Éste es el código que uso para imprimir actualmente . public void Pr...

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    database search and results Завершено left

    CREATE TABLE `Check_Pedigree` ( `ID` int(11) NOT NULL, `DOG_REG_Photo` tinyblob NOT NULL `DOG_REG_Number` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `DOG_REG_Name` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `DOG_REG_Call_Name` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `DAD` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `MOM` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `Date_OF_Birth` date NOT NULL, `Date_OF_Death` date NOT NULL, `DNA` text NOT NULL, `Class` text NOT NULL, `K...

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    Project for Yegor S. Завершено left

    Hi Yegor S., we need to fix VIEMO CURRENT TIME AND PROGRESS BAR in this player. Viemo is playing in 4th panel. [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] Need to be done in few hours from now. Please let accept only if you can complete this.

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    Project for Nadhir B. Завершено left

    [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] fixing VIEMO CURRENT TIME AND PROGRESS BAR in this player. Viemo is playing in 4th panel.

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    In need of a beautiful Logo! Завершено left

    Hi, my name is Summer and i am in the pursuit of starting a little business selling dreamcatchers and macrame wall hangings. I want to use the name Dreamie Designs, and have a few logo ideas in mind but am open to suggestions. My intial idea was to have a round logo (just like a dreamcatcher including a lightly coloured dreamcatcher web int he middle.), with the name on the inside. Ideally...

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    Small company, needing a website built that allows a user to sign up and once verified, allows them to sign in to their account which will present them with an embedded 3rd party website. The requirements are: Website requirements Main page elements 1) New User a. Username (email) i. authenticate that it’s an email address ‘@’ sign b. Password (strong) i. Make sure the passwo...

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    Соглашение о неразглашении
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    I have a matlab function that takes in 4 int inputs and outputs an int. I used the gui to build a FIS. I need to use the FIS in my java web app and from researching online this is not possible.

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    Build a Website Завершено left

    Hello, I would like to make a website similar to the following website: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] If possible I would like the website to be built using Adobe Muse; however, I am not sure if it is possible to include all the features as refereed to in the above website. Waiting for your response and feedback. Regards

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    small part job in xamarin vs 2017 Завершено left

    [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] app working in back ground when mobile starting and cannot close it without password [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] sqlite mobile database (id(int),no(int),note()) with sql server online

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    python project Завершено left

    An operating system’s pid manager is responsible for managing process identifiers. When a process is first created, it is assigned a unique pid by the pid manager. The pid is returned to the pid manager when the process completes execution, and the manager may later reassign this pid. Process identifiers must be unique; no two active processes may have the same pid. Use the following consta...

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    I have 6 datasheet that need a fresh theme. New typesetting/background/fonts should be introduced could resemble the datasheet "INT-PN". I would like to try using a new logo. Any suggestions. The 2nd phase of this 2 part project involves converting the name of the company from Olson Technology to Antronix. Also All the part number need to be update The Prefix "OT" as in ...

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    Java live help Завершено left

    Need live java help for solving some questions. Example question: Write a function: class Solution { public int solution(int[] A); } that, given an array A of N integers, returns the smallest positive integer (greater than 0) that does not occur in A. For example, given A = [1, 3, 6, 4, 1, 2], the function should return 5. Given A = [1, 2, 3], the function should return 4. Given A = [−1, &...

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    The basic application is to remind and to request status updates from users each day via SMS text messages when they have not “checked-in” to our in-house application as to their availability. Once a reminder is sent each day, a user can then respond to the text message with a simple ‘Y’ or ‘N’ response that will trigger an update into the database. The applicat...

    $600 (Avg Bid)
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    We need to send a customised email once a week with content from a wordpress website. This requires PHP/Wordpress development, design and some email skills. See screenshot: Row 1: We display some html that the admin can edit in the backend. Row 2: We need to display some latest properties within a users budget. Their budget is saved as an int in homeloan_affordable as usermeta. (If the usermet...

    $134 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, 1.) We need a PHP system where an administrator can login (Basic HTTP Auth would be fine, nothing fancy) and update a MySQL table with the following columns: - Provider (String) - Website (URL) - Product Name - Current Rate (float (2 decimal points)) (printed as a percentage, i.e. 2.45 becomes 2.45%) - Comparison Rate (float (2 decimal points)) (printed as a percentage) - Application Fee (str...

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    Wordpress website modifications Завершено left

    Site: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] 1-Google map in the individual page of the business In the backend the business profile is working fine. The problem is that int he front end the map is not configured and has a random address. 2-Account info in menu When people register in the site, the little menu where you can see your account details or favorite business is not there. 3-Category links...

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    C++ ZLib Extract Zip Завершено left

    Hi - I saw this online, but it is not complete example for me. It only extracts the one file. I want to extract all files in a zip by using ZLib and minizip #include <zip.h> int main() { //Open the ZIP archive int err = 0; zip *z = zip_open("[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]", 0, &err); //Search for the file of given name const char *name = "[войдит...

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    Mobile App Development Завершено left

    App that will use custom data to project a listing of the best sports names and teams for weekly matchups. Deadline Feb 1 Functionality wise similar app - myTeamBiorhythm by xis int. ag [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] I would like someone that is knowledgeable about sports APIs able to import or gather sports data such as player names birthdates and other fantasy sports info

    $1510 (Avg Bid)
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    Using scrapy to scrape weather data and insert int MySQL. We have existing scrapy project code that stop working and need a good scrapy coder to look into it and fix. - Must use [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] - Must complete withing 4 hours - Virtual Server access will be given

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    java programming Завершено left

    NEED IT IN 12 HOURS STYLE RULES FOR CODING The style rules are not overly restrictive. 1) Your programs should use the normal Java conventions (class names begin with an uppercase letter, variable names begin with a lowercase letter, public static final constants should be in all caps, etc.). 2) In general, use short but descriptive variable names. There are exceptions to this rule; for example, ...

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    C++ project Завершено left

    Mean Filter on N-dimensional Tensor 1. Given an N dimensional tensor, compute a new tensor where each value is the mean value of its neighbors (including itself) in the input tensor. 2. The neighbor set includes every value that is 1 index away in all dimensions. 3. Provide the implementation in C++. See the interface of the required function below. inputTensor: Input tensor dimensions: Vector of ...

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    Simple company site in Wordpress Завершено left

    I quickly need a simple company website in wordpress. Would preer if you have any theme template in which you can plug int he data.. budget is $20 and need it in 1 day. Please bid only if u can do it in given time and budget

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo from a sketch Завершено left

    I need a logo designed for our Long Island Hunting company. Please see the design sketch in the picture and design as shown. The design needs to be "LIH" but looks int the shape of a duck We will need more than a few forms of file types, please also provide all of the file types in your submission. File type to change the color Print File, Vector File, FPO File - These are to use f...

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    Web bases invocie software Завершено left

    Web based invoices software with some int. languages

    $81 (Avg Bid)
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    Топ-статьи сообщества int i