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    The task is Backend system for distrubition user info for authorization, server list and credentials for VPN connection and API for iOS. My requirements is: 1) Easy scaling after your work ( we will add servers as users come, so will be good if you give me description that for after support). Part of the task is too set up 6 servers. 2)Logical distrubition system for clustering several servers in one logical server (e.g. physically USA1, USA2, USA3 servers are integrated in one logical server USA, system balancing to which server client should connect based on servers' load)

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    Windows C или C++ Разработка программы по обработке данных записанных профилемером согласно имеющемуся образцу и описанию.

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    Хотел ...частотностью); • В конце Вы получите чистое сгруппированное ядро для Вашего сайта. Would like for You to provide the service of compiling the Semantic Core for Your website. The semantic core includes: - Query parsing from Yandex Wordstat, Google Adwors, etc. - Eliminate from the list of inappropriate requests(dummy) manually. I'm sorting the requests according to the structure of the site. - Clustering queries. After well done work, you will receive: • frequency; • information about the competition (Mutagen) • convenient design output Excel file; • Eliminated unprofitable queries (with high competition and low frequency); • In the end You get clean the core are grouped for Your website.

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    Сделать сайт по примеру нарисованном в GIMP. Сайт должен работать на движке Вордпресс. Make a website for example painted in GIMP. The site should work on the engine WordPress.

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    Hi there. I would love a quick demo app (Swift) that I can install in XCode 14.1 (and run on my phone) that shows a simple login with Email and Password and Face ID (as a toggle option) - similar to famous apps. First login - user can use email and password and toggle Face ID on. 2nd login and after the user can use Face ID On some apps, the App first shows a toggle, then once Face ID is enabled the toggle will be a little Face ID icon (see screenshots). Thanks!

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    I am looking for someone who can design two different layouts of my estate Rhederoord. For the first layout, I'm looking for it to have minimal lines while still being recognizable estate in the capacity. For the second layout, I'm looking for a more detailed model, as seen in the example. I need this project completed within a month.

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    machine learning video demonstration tutorial (6 modules) 3 дней(-я) left

    ...Python. Explain regression evaluation metrics like RMSE. Tuning model parameters. Non-linear regression techniques. Lecture 3: Classification Algorithms Content: Implement logistic regression, decision trees, KNN for classification tasks. Evaluate using accuracy, precision, recall. Improve performance with techniques like regularization and ensembling. Lecture 4: Clustering Algorithms Content: Apply K-means and hierarchical clustering to find patterns in data. Evaluate cluster quality. Use principal component analysis for dimensionality reduction. Lecture 5: Model Evaluation and Improvement Content: Best practices for evaluating model performance using validation data. Improving models via parameter tuning, regularization, feature engineering. Overcoming common issue...

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    ...following documents: 1. List of keywords and phrases (semantic kernel) in Excel or Google Sheets format. The list of keywords may contain several dozens or even hundreds of words and phrases, each of which has its own potential to attract traffic to the site. It would be convenient and visual if keyword clusters were highlighted - these are groups of keywords that are related to each other. Keyword clustering helps to focus on specific topics and define a strategy for optimising pages for each cluster. 2. Practical recommendations for on-page optimisation: in this document, the SEO specialist provides recommendations for optimising the 11 main pages of the website based on the semantic core. Practical recommendations with meta tags, Title and Description, key phrases, H1, H2, H3 ...

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    Trophy icon EAGLES tee shirt design in 3D as shown in example Завершено left

    I need the word EAGLES in the same font / design as the attached pictur CINCY THE SHIRT DESIGN WILL BE: MAROON (505c) and WHITE the WORD IS EAGLES (NOT CINCY) illustrator only no photoshop

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    Machine Learning 2 дней(-я) left

    I'm looking for a freelancer to perform a machine learning task with a moderate level of accuracy (70-90%). The specific task involves classification and I have a dataset ready to be used. Experience with machine learning, classification, regression and/or clustering algorithms is a must. The freelancer will need to design and implement an appropriate model for the given dataset and task, as well as evaluate the model's performance. The freelancer will also be responsible for any pre-processing the data may require. Accurate execution of the task and efficient delivery are key. I need complete documentation within 4 days.

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    I’m looking for someone to create a full mobile App explainer video with voice over that's like the example I provided. The video should be 7 to 10 minutes in length. I don’t have my own script, so I need someone to create one for me. Additionally, I’d like a female voiceover for the video. I’m excited to see the final product in the end!

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    9 заявок(-ки) segmentation analysis project. The goal of this project is to accurately segment and analyze different types of food on a plate, and estimate the quantity of each item. Specific requirements for the project include: - Analyzing all types of food served on a plate - Using clustering and image recognition techniques to segment the food - Estimating the quantity of each food item on the plate Skills and experience required for this project: - Strong knowledge and experience in image recognition and clustering algorithms - Familiarity with various image recognition software, such as OpenCV and TensorFlow - Proficiency in programming languages commonly used in image analysis, such as Python or MATLAB If you are interested in this project and have the necessary skills...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me annotate (label) pictures for a python object detect...annotation must cover at leas all windows where a passenger or driver can get blinded via light. - Familiarity with python object detection algorithms - Experience in image annotation and labeling - Attention to detail and accuracy in labeling objects Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in python programming - Knowledge of object detection algorithms and libraries (such as Yolo, TensorFlow, Keras, or OpenCV) - Previous experience in image annotation and labeling projects - Ability to follow detailed instructions and guidelines for accurate annotations If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal and provide examples of your previous work in image a...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a visually appealing datasheet in Microsoft Word. The datasheet will be used for personal purposes. Specific information and data will need to be included in the datasheet, and I will provide this information to the freelancer. The datasheet should be concise and ideally be 1-2 pages in length. Skills and experience required for this project include: - Proficiency in Microsoft Word - Strong design skills - Attention to detail - Ability to organize information effectively - Experience creating datasheets or similar documents If you have any previous work samples or relevant experience, please include them in your proposal. Thank you!

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    I am looking for a freelancer to build and train a machine learning model using BERT related in finance domain. The specific task that the model should perform is sentiment analysis from stock news. I am seeking someone who has experience in reinforcement learning and natural language processing. The ideal candidate should have knowledge in data clustering, anomaly detection, and dimensionality reduction. The amount of labeled data available for training is currently unknown.

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    Example AZure Service Bus Project Завершено left

    I need someone to build an example C# MVC project to send and receive messages using Azure Service Bus. The project needs to use DI. A simple MVC project with a controller that accepts a GET call with a msg parameter - this will post a message to the service bus, sending the msg parameter In the background, there should be a listener for the service bus queue. - this will remove the msg from the queue and output the message to the console. The listening class needs to use DI. This project must use the standard DI in the send message and listener.

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    I am looking for an expert React Native developer who can develop a mobile app with in-app purchases. The app should be developed for both iOS and Android platforms. Skills and experience required: - Expertise in React Native development - Experience with implementing in-app purchases - Expert in implementing Google map features like clustering - Experience with implementing SalesForce API - Experience app analytics and eCom domain - Proficiency in developing for both iOS and Android platforms Additionally, the freelancer should be able to handle the design of the app as well, as I do not have any design or wireframe available.

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    Modeling and Data Analysis Завершено left

    A freelancer who can assist/help with the modeling and representation of a machine learning model is needed. Type of Machine Learning Model: - AI (machine learning) model for Data analysis purposes. Dataset Availability: Primary Goal: - The primary goal with ...representation of a machine learning model is needed. Type of Machine Learning Model: - AI (machine learning) model for Data analysis purposes. Dataset Availability: Primary Goal: - The primary goal with this machine learning model is Data Mining. Skills and Experience: - Experience in machine learning and data analysis, -Expert in python programming, - Strong knowledge of classification, regression, and clustering techniques - Proficiency in working with datasets - Ability to effectively represent and visualize machine learn...

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    Trophy icon flyer halloween similar style as example 16 дней(-я) left

    I want similar style as provided example Feel free to find inspiration on envano:

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    For a academic project Завершено left

    I have a dataset from Kaggle. Need to do analysis of it from the same by applying Hierarchical clustering, KNN, Regression, Boosted Tree, Decision tree, grid search cv and python

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    I am looking for a machine learning expert who can help me with a handwriting... Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge of machine learning and deep learning algorithms - Proficiency in using Keras, TensorFlow, and HTML(or other methods) - Experience in working with handwriting recognition projects - Familiarity with optical character recognition techniques - Ability to achieve a high level of accuracy (more than 95%) with the machine learning model I already have a specific dataset for training the model, so you won't need to worry about that. However, if you have access to additional handwriting datasets, it would be a plus. If you are confident in your abilities to develop a highly accurate handwriting analysis model using Keras, TensorFlow, and HTML, p...

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    I am looking for a professional to help me choose and configure an unmanaged server to host node js and php applications. the techniques involved besides installing and configuring the os, include: - an intuitive administration panel - dns config - appache + nginx configuration (with support) - redis (clustering) - mysql (5.7) - tunneling (accessing different local machines via the internet) - security urgent deadline of 5 days maximum

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    I am looking for a developer who can provide an example script code in JavaScript for learning purposes. The specific values that need to be calculated are mathematical calculations. The level of complexity for the calculations should be intermediate, involving exponents and square roots. For the preferred method of learning, I would like to have the option of reading and studying the script. Skills and experience needed for this project include: - Proficiency in JavaScript - Strong understanding of mathematical calculations - Ability to create clear and well-documented code The deliverable should be a script code that demonstrates how to perform mathematical calculations using JavaScript, with a focus on intermediate level complexity. The code should be easy to read and un...

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    I'm looking for someone to make some unique graphic animations for me to post on my Instagram page. I want to create 5-6 second videos of abstract lines off a woman's body figure, applying my product onto her stomach. The video style should be 2D, and I'm open to any color suggestions. I'm also not including any music or sound effects in the animation. I have an example video if anyone needs it for reference.

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer to create a simple tour booking calendar for my website: The calendar must have the features of date selection and availability tracking. The platform for implementing the calendar should be custom HTML and CSS. The site owner does not know javascript and does not know how to integrate the calendar to his site. He is unsure how to upload the calendar properly to his server. No specific design elements or aesthetics are necessary - basic functionality is enough. This project is time-sensitive, so please bear this in mind when applying. Thank you!

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    MAchine Learning Завершено left

    ...SquareX Technologies. Most of our members are from one of the Indian Institute of Technology, so you should expect quality work. We provide services in the domain of Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Algo Trading. Expertise: Training Machine learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning Models Frameworks are compatible with Pytorch, Tensorflow, Keras. Training ML models like Bayesian Networks, XGBoost, Random Forest, Decision Tree, KNN Classifier, GBM, GLM, SVM. Training DL models BERT and all its variants, DNN, CNN, LSTM, GRU, Variational Autoencoders using Bayesian Neural Networks. eXplainable AI (XAI) using LIME, SHAP, GRAD-CAM, DeepLIFT, DeepRED, CausalNex. Here are some of our previous works: Hair transplant startups require...

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    I need a freelancer to implement an ST-DBSCAN and ST-clustering on internet traffic data, with clear documentation and explanation. I want it to be done in Python and preferably jupyter notebook.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to enhance a Seq2seq char-level *correction* model (not exactly language translation) using Python. Skills and experience needed: - Strong understanding of Seq2seq models and *char-level machine translation*, LSTMs, Attention mechanism etc. - Ability to work with Keras - Improving existing model The main goal is to improve the existing seq2seq model. Providing new inference model may be enough for the goal.

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    I am new to C# and I am trying this sample code but can't get it to work. I am trying to do this example but instead of post I am using the page method. This is a straight forward project. I need someone to get this example working with using my wordpress site. Send me the source code after it verified works. Our contract is that we must be 100% satisfied with your work the list must be very accurate We pay 100% when project is 100% complete. We will put full 100% of project costs in Escrow and pay when project is 100% complete and we are satisfied. By accepting this project you agree and will forfeit all payments until we are 100% satisfied and work is 100% done

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    ...require someone who excellent English who can use Scalenut Article Writer to write content for us from keywords provided directly by us. You only need to do content for keywords we send over. Must be able to return 80+ SEO scores by using Scalenut recommendations at the end of the write. Ideally need excellent topic clustering knowledge to take an excel of 100s of keywords divide them out into topic clusters and create anchor text and anchor links to create correct clustering. Will be required to load the content onto different websites for us and assign images, alt image text and make sure H1/2 headings etc all are assigned correctly to make sure hit high Yoast SEO scores. The role will require a freelancer to take blog urls and log into Fliki to create blogs to videos ...

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    Inteligencia Artificial Завершено left

    Project Title: Inteligencia Artificial Task: - Develop an AI system to perform image recognition tasks AI Technology Preference: - Deep Learning Desired Outcome: - Automate tasks through the implementation of AI Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in image recognition using Deep Learning technologies - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, TensorFlow, and Keras - Familiarity with training and optimizing deep neural networks - Ability to preprocess and manipulate image data for accurate recognition - Understanding of computer vision and pattern recognition algorithms - Experience in deploying AI models to production environments - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail

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    All I need is a blank Laravel 10 project, using Breeze / Dark theme / Inertia / VueJS that runs a vue-fusioncharts chart on the logged in dashboard. Please recreate the graph from I simply need to learn from you how to get vue-fusioncharts working in my Laravel app Process: Install Laravel 10 Choose the Breeze Framework Choose the Dark theme Choose Inertia / Vue Edit the file and recreate the graph at You must not refer to external CDN hosted files. The deliverable will be a ZIPPED version of your whole laravel project You must use Laravel 10 and Php 8.2 There is NO application functionality required. I simply need best practice to get a SINGLE vue-fusioncharts working on the page as rendered by Inertia ie: Route::get('/dashboard', function () { return Inertia...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo using the given example Завершено left

    I want someone to trace the writing exactly as the example but taking into consideration the angles/perspective, with no background. Must be done in high quality.

    $25 (Avg Bid)

    All I need is a blank Laravel 10 project, using Breeze / Dark theme / Inertia / VueJS that runs a vue-fusioncharts chart on the logged in dashboard. Please recreate the graph from I simply need to learn from you how to get vue-fusioncharts working in my Laravel app

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    Title: 15 Website Content Labels Purpose of the labels: - The labels will be used as content for a website. Design requirements: - The client has a specific design concept in mind for the labels. File types required: - The labels need to be in AI and PNG format. Additional details: - The client already has the content ready, example ready, and logo ready. - Two file types, AI and PNG, are needed for the labels. - The size of the labels is unknown, but there will be two sizes required.

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    Looking to create a CGI life-like female model age 18-23 for advertising purposes. The model should be high realism, almost indistinguishable from a real person. I do not require the model to move or speak. I would appreciate it if you could provide an example of your work. While I don't have specific appearance details in mind, I have a rough idea of what I am looking for. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Experience in creating high-realism CGI models - Ability to create a female model that looks 18-23 years old - Strong attention to detail to achieve a lifelike appearance - Portfolio showcasing previous CGI model work - Openness to collaboration and incorporating my rough idea into the final design.

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    Project Description: Create a Modern Logo for Personal Use Requirements: - I am looking for a professional logo designer to create a modern logo for my personal use. - I already have a logo template and an example logo that can be used as inspiration. - The logo should be created using the colors in the template, as I have specific color preferences. - The style of the logo should be modern, with a sleek and contemporary design. - The logo should be unique and eye-catching, reflecting my personal brand and identity. - The ideal freelancer should have experience in logo design and be proficient in using design software. - Attention to detail and the ability to deliver high-quality work within the given timeframe is crucial. - Please provide a portfolio of previous logo designs for r...

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    I am looking for someone who ...Root Cause Analysis (RCA) using a scatter plot diagram in order to identify the main causes of a problem. This means that the freelancer will need to create their own example and dataset in order to graphically represent the relationship between variables. Once this is complete, the freelancer would then need to develop a strategy to manage the problem. In addition to this, I am expecting the freelancer to develop a set of Operational Key Performance Indicators so that we can measure how well the problem is managed in the long run. Ultimately, this project requires the freelancer to create a scatter plot diagram with an example dataset that accurately illustrates the problem, and to provide a set of operational key performance indicators for pr...

    $7 - $18
    $7 - $18
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    ...information, operators can take proactive measures to prevent downtime and optimize overall system performance. Utilizing Neural Network for Main Machinery Failure Prediction and Optimization: The proposed model will leverage Neural Networks, integrating past inspection findings and auxiliary machinery availability data to predict and optimize main machinery failures. Employing pattern recognition, clustering, function approximation, time series analysis, prediction, and validation techniques will ensure accurate predictions. Dashboard Visualization: The dashboard will effectively visualize the interdependencies of equipment in the central Cement Mill section using Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Historical equipment data presented through time series graphs will help identif...

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    I am trying to do this example but instead of post I am using the page method. I need someone to get this example done with using my WordPress site. Change the example from post to page. It should be posting a new page. Once we get it working with my WordPress site I need all source code. Should be done using the WordPress API WordPressPCL. Send me the source code after it verified works. It looks like a simple example but I am new to C# Our contract is that we must be 100% satisfied with your work the list must be very accurate We pay 100% when project is 100% complete. We will put full 100% of project costs in Escrow and pay when project is 100% complete and we are satisfied. By accepting this project you

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    ...freelancer who can help me increase the scoring of my 3D clustering results using the Silhouette score. Clustering Algorithm: - Currently, I am using the K-means clustering algorithm for my project. Programming Language: - I prefer to implement the clustering algorithm in Python. Silhouette Score: - The current Silhouette score of my clustering results is in the range of 0.6-1. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience and expertise in implementing the K-means clustering algorithm in Python. - Proficiency in calculating and optimizing Silhouette scores for clustering results. - Knowledge of 3D data clustering techniques and best practices. - Familiarity with data visualization tools to analyze and present c...

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    I am looking for a machine learning / data science developer familiar with Python and Tensorflow. What we will provide: - Anonymised Data - Codebase to import data, clean it, run a basic feed-forward ANN with Keras, and then collect prediction accuracy statistics. What we require from you: - Nvidia GPU to run the above model many times under different parameters. - Ability to understand and modify the code as needed. - Sufficient experience and expertise in machine learning / data science to significantly improve the forecasting accuracy of the model. This might be possible to achieve through redesign of the neural network and tuning of hyperparameters. We require someone with sufficient knowledge to experiment with different designs and achieve a significant improvement over th...

    $684 (Avg Bid)
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    ...Motion Framework and WatchOS development. The project involves writing an algorithm or machine learning model in SWIFT for iOS using the Core Motion Framework's IMUs on WatchOS. Requirements: - Proficiency in SWIFT programming language - Familiarity with the Core Motion Framework and WatchOS development - Knowledge of algorithms and machine learning tasks such as classification, regression, or clustering Skills and Experience: - Expertise in SWIFT programming language - Strong understanding of the Core Motion Framework and WatchOS development - Experience with algorithms and machine learning tasks, particularly in the context of iOS development If you have the required skills and experience, please submit your proposal. Please only bid if you have read this and can quot...

    $595 (Avg Bid)
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    Conversation Recording Завершено left

    ...and shopping - 12 menit 4. Sport and entertainment - 5 menit 5. Other topics ( digit and times, name of people and places, education and learning, medical care and covid-19 ) - 5 menit PENTING‼️ - tidak ada dialeg saat conversation berlangsung or NO PAY - harap dilakukan di ruangan sepi, NO NOISE - Kedua pihak yang melakukan conversation ini harus menggunakan BAHASA INDONESIA dan DILARANG KERAS DICAMPUR DENGAN BAHASA SELAIN INDONESIA DAN BAHASA DAERAH‼️ - Isi percakapan bebas, TETAPI HARUS SESUAI DENGAN TOPIK...Tidak diizinkan untuk merekam nyanyian, lagu, membaca buku dan siaran langsung - dialog tidak boleh berisi kekerasan, pornografi, sensitif secara politik atau konten ilegal lainnya - Hindari ucapan yang tumpang tindih selama perekaman, bicaralah dengan jelas, bersi...

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    Image classification Завершено left

    Project Title: Image Classification I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me with an image classification project. The purpose of this project is to categorize images based on their content. Skills and Experience Needed: - Experience with image classification algorithms and techniques - Proficiency in deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow or Keras - Strong knowledge of computer vision and image processing - Familiarity with training neural networks for image classification tasks The images that will be classified are X-rays. Therefore, the ideal candidate should have experience working with medical images and be familiar with the challenges and nuances of classifying X-ray images. The accuracy of the image classification is of utmost importance. The classificatio...

    $139 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a Java developer who can implement the sidecar design pattern in my project ASAP. I am open to suggestions and do not have any specific requirements or constraints for the implementation. The goal of implementing the sidecar design pattern is to enhance modularity and code maintainability in my project. I want to improve the scalability and performance of my application. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong proficiency in Java programming language - Knowledge of design patterns and their implementation - Experience with sidecar design pattern - Familiarity with scalability and performance optimization techniques - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines

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    I am looking for a web developer to create a functional web portal for personnel services/staffing. The web portal should be mobile-friendly and compatible with all major operating systems. Here is an example: Specific features needed for the web portal include job listings, resume submission, and candidate search and filtering. In terms of aesthetic design, I prefer a corporate and professional look for the website. After the website has been built, I require one-time setup with a guide on how to update the portal. Ongoing maintenance and updates are not needed. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Web development - Mobile optimization - Experience with creating job portals or similar platforms - Strong design skills, particularly

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    Text Clustering with R Software Завершено left

    I'm looking for a freelancer that can use the R (programming language) to apply Text Clustering to Gathered Website Content. The type of clustering I need used is K-Means, DBScan and Hierarchical Clustering, which involves extracting textual features from the data to be clustered. I'll provide the websites, and the freelancer will be responsible for extracting the pertinent information and using the previously mentionned methods concepts to group the extracted data. Ideally, the freelancer should have experience in compiling such text data and have a good understanding of the underlying principles of clustering. If you think you are the right candidate for this project, please feel free to get in touch! I already have posted the need here but nobody s...

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    I am in need of a designer to create a presentation for me. The design of a few slides must match an example that I will provide. The slides need to have the same font, light shadow, and colors as the example. Additionally, I require a PowerPoint template that matches this design with workable fonts and style for testing it and seeing it before I will provide you the content. Requirements: - Ability to replicate a provided example and match the font, light shadow, and colors exactly - Experience in designing PowerPoint presentations - Proficiency in creating templates in PowerPoint Project Details: - Number of slides: 1-10 - Expected delivery timeline: 4-7 days

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