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    Найти немецкую компанию партнера по продаже систем мониторинга температуры контактов электротехнических устройств Find a German partner company for the sale of contact temperature monitoring systems for electrical devices

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    $3000 - $5000
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    Найти потенциальных заказчиков Найти немецкую компанию партнера по продаже систем мониторинга температуры контактов электротехнических устройств Looking to get leads of a German partner company for the promotion and sale of patented new technology and system of contact temperature monitoring for electrical devices. We assume the candidate to be ex top manager of mid or large electric company like Shnider,Siemens,ABB

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    Build a Website Завершено left

    ...биометрические данные организма и передавать на мобильный телефон и непосредственно в облако. ДАННЫЕ СЧИТЫВАЕМЫЕ НАКЛЕЙКАМИ: 1. Температура. 2. Пульс. 3. Кровяное давление. 4. Содержание кислорода в крови. 5. Снятие однополюсной электрокардиограммы – ЭКГ. 6. RR интервал – сердцебиение. 7. Положение тела (вертикальное, горизонтальное). 8. Ускорение (находится в покое или движении): 3-axis MEMS accelerometer to detect motion. 9. Активность головного мозга. 10. Чистоту дыхания. 11. Потоотделение. 12. Симптомы астмы. 13. pH баланс кожи. 14. Монитор сна. 15. Автоматическая генерация репортов исходя из заданных параметров. 16. Динамика развития и изменения состояния пациента. ВОЗМОЖНОСТИ: Аппликация на телефоне позволяет получить индикацию состояния те...

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    Optimal pool heating strategy 6 дней(-я) left

    ...setting(s), such that A) the water will be 85 F during all operating hours, and B) the heater does not run any more than necessary, to save on energy costs. The average temperature for any given day of the year (which would presumably affect how much and how fast the water would cool off) is available online. Can the temperature forecast be taken into account in some kind of equation? Can an optimal solution be found? BONUS PROJECT: Deliver an equation into which we could change the variables of operating hours, desired water temperature, and/or projected low temperature for any given day....

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    Integración API 5 дней(-я) left

    Se requiere integración desde: En el siguiente formato device_number=imei vechicle_code = plate number lat=lat lng=lng accurracy=mandar null speed=speed battery_level=null heading=null timestamp=dt_tracker ac...requiere integración desde: En el siguiente formato device_number=imei vechicle_code = plate number lat=lat lng=lng accurracy=mandar null speed=speed battery_level=null heading=null timestamp=dt_tracker aceleration=null temperature=io72

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    I am seeking a skilled Device Desig...needs to be powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery designed to heat wire to a temperature below 100°F. The wire length is between 3-5 meters. I attempted to build a similar device using a steering wheel heating wire I purchased on eBay (0.03ohm) and a 4-cell 6V battery box, but it consistently overheats. Therefore, I seek an expert who can design a reliable and efficient solution. The ideal candidate should have experience in designing small and lightweight devices. The required voltage for the Lithium-Ion battery is yet to be determined, so your expertise in selecting the appropriate battery configuration will be valuable. Note: Any suggestions or alternative approaches to achieve the desired temperature range and power eff...

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    ...achieving every step, it is needed to get our approval to pass to the next step. Below please find the main futures of the BMS we intend to develop : -Control of battery packs composed of 7 to 15 cells connected in series -Measurement of the voltage of each cell with resolutions of 1 mV; -Measurement of the current pack in charging and discharging with a resolution of 10mA; -Monitoring the temperature (2 channels) of the cells and the board; -Smart balancing of the cells; -Measurement of the SOC (State Of Charge) on the level of energy present in the package; - If you reading this, please write (LMC) word on your proposal -Blocking of charging and discharging for security issues; -Bidirectional protection in charge phase; -Short circuit protection -Internal clock (real-time c...

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    labview and arduino 3 дней(-я) left

    ...Filling - This button can be activated when the configuration of the number of bottles to be filled and the selected mix has already been completed - PushButton STOP - Stops the entire program. -PushButton Bottle Position Indicators (x3) - A led should light up when the bottle is in position to start filling the corresponding liquid. It is a Led for each station - LED Plant Temperature - You must indicate the ambient temperature of the plant - LM35DZ Bottle Count - Using an infrared sensor, the simulation must be carried out that the bottle has already reached the end of the band - Infrared Sensor These signals must also be displayed on the front panel. It has to go exactly with the same images that the attached file has, as well as attach a video at the time of delivery...

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    ...the distillery which will read out the current temperatures of each thermocouple and pressure sensor in larger readable numbers against an image of the equipment. User App/WebSite Users can also login to a web page remotely to: • View current temperature and pressure readings. • Create load and save different profiles configured allowing for user defined notifications (screen, text, email for determined temperature readings) Example - Profiles for Vodka, Whiskey, Stripping, Brandy Finishing, Moonshine runs will all have different temperature alerts. • Users will be able to review pervious run profile data by viewing a graph of readings throughout the run for each device. • Users will be able to add comments and current output proof readi...

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    temp. controller. 3 дней(-я) left

    Need temperature be able to calculate an avreage reading for a set then to change the output polarity accordanly.

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    Temperature and humidity control with lcd display 3 дней(-я) left

    Temperature and humidity control with LCD display I am looking for a freelancer who can help me build a temperature and humidity control system with a touchscreen display. The ideal candidate will have experience in electronics and be able to work with the following requirements: Temperature range: - Desired temperature range is 0-50°C Humidity control: - Relative humidity control is needed SHT 20 sensor LCD display: - A touchscreen display is preferred Nextion display Microcontroller ESP32 Skills and experience: - Experience in electronics and circuit design - Ability to program microcontrollers - Knowledge of temperature and humidity sensors - Experience in designing and integrating touchscreen displays If you have the skills and experience r...

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    Food safety brochure 2 дней(-я) left

    Food Safety Brochure for Digital Distribution Target Audience: Food industry professionals Main Focus: - Allergen awareness and control - Temperature guidelines for food storage and handling - Importance of sanitation and hygiene in food preparation - Pest control measures for food safety Preferred Format: Digital Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating professional and visually appealing brochures - Knowledge of food safety regulations and guidelines - Strong communication skills to effectively convey important information - Graphic design skills to create eye-catching visuals - Attention to detail to ensure accuracy of information presented Overall, I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can create a comprehensive and informative food safety brochure...

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    Online biometeorology laboratory 1 день left

    I am looking for a freelancer to help me create an online biometeorology laboratory. The laboratory will require specific measurements and data analysis, including temperature and humidity, air pressure, and wind speed. I would like the laboratory to have real-time data monitoring capabilities, allowing me to access the data at any time. The expected output of the laboratory will be graphs and charts, which will be used for analysis and reporting purposes. The ideal freelancer for this project will have experience in biometeorology, data analysis, and web development. All information is in attached PDF file.

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    This will be a single-item 3D printing project: an oblate hemispheroid with a semicircular cutout at one end. The material needs to diffuse light evenly without being translucent (similar to a lampshade). It also needs to be strong enough to be free-standing and resist cracking or breaking when being repositioned by hand by lighting techs in a field environment. The bulb inside will be low temperature, so extreme heat resistance is not critical, but it needs to be able to withstand being left outdoors in the summer in Florida. Measurements are approximate and do not need to be within precise tolerances, because the bulb needs room within the globe, and different sizes of bulbs will be used. Please see attached diagram.

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    ...server such as Google Cloud, AWS, or any similar provider. Mobile Compatibility: The application should be accessible and fully functional on mobile devices. Specific Requirements: Response Settings: The application should offer flexibility in answering user queries, with options for precise ('fact') responses or more creative replies. This should include customizable settings for temperature, model, and tokens. Chat GPT API Integration: The application should allow for the insertion of the Chat GPT API key. Chatbot Customizability: Users should be able to customize the chatbot, including its icon, startup phrase, error phrase, and other bot window adjustments. Inappropriate Content Control: The application should include mechanisms to monitor ...

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    cold storage 1 день left

    I am looking to design a cold storage facility for storing food products in an area of less than 1,000 sq ft. The facility will require a traditional refrigeration temperature control system in order to maintain the proper temperature and environment for storing the food products. The goal is to create a space that is safe and meets the necessary food safety regulations while also preserving the integrity of the food. This project requires the expertise of knowledgeable design and construction professionals who can accurately assess the size and scope of the project in order to deliver excellent results. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience building cold storage facilities and understands the delicate details involved in creating a functional, safe, and efficien...

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    Hi, i need you to extract weather information (monthly temperature, precipitation, and pan evaporation) from this website i need this done for 5 locations.

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    I need to drive 3 speed motor, plasmacluster, valve, read inlet water temperature and ambient temperature. It can work stand alone or with external modbus control. External Modbus work on RS485 RTU protocol. Wiring diagram and PCB diagram provided are indicative. It must be completed correctly in a functional way by the freelancer. Any new ideas are welcome Terminal Blocks type are fixed. Wiring diagram and PCB is to be done with Eagle and must be released. Development is with Arduino. Source code must be released. A block diagram of both hardware and software must be presented in advance by the freelancer. At the end of the schematic and PCB technical spec for the software will be provided. Other technical specifications is "on the road"..

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer who can help me optimize the design of my MEMS Thermal Flow sensor using COMSOL simulation. The desired outcome of the simulation is to optimize the sensor's design for maximum efficiency. I have a rough idea of the design but require assistance in finalizing it. The simulation results must be of high accuracy to ensure the sensor's performance is validated. Ideal skills and experience: - Expertise in COMSOL simulation software - Experience in MEMS Thermal Flow sensor design and optimization - Strong understanding of thermal behavior - Ability to deliver high accuracy simulation results - Excellent communication skills to ensure smooth collaboration throughout the project.

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    i need an Excel programmer with a perfect knowledge. i want to display an Excel graph as hourly base (four graphs on one page). Excel file includes 4 different data (temperature) which obtained in every 10 seconds. User will select the hours from a drop down menu (between hours). please check the given graph carefully. Time frame very limited.

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    HI I have a nodes using MESH protocol. device is nRF52840 using SDK 17.0.1/ Mesh 5.0.0 I have a firmware it has a model. the Nodes send temperature, rpm, and other variables. in the same firmware if we setting the device as "subscription" the device will receive the data from the other nodes, and print the data recived in the screen using RTT protocol. what i NEED? 1.- the device setted as subscription, i need to implement serial comunication (now is printed using RTT) 2.- I need the subscription device, sends some data to especific node un the mesh For example if receive 00AF-50 the node will send code 50 to node 00AF thanks. Ricardo

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    Temperature control circuit Завершено left

    Need a 9V circuit that turns on a heater when 13C or below. Heater is off when above 13C

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    Hello, I am trying to calculate the 3 yrs moving average across rows in R. The top part of the attached sheet is the original sheet I have. I would like to add a row (under each city) that shows the 3 years average temperature (see lower part of the sheet highlighted in yellow). I believe should be a simple line of code in R, but I am unable to figure it out. Can someone please help? Thanks. Jurgen

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    ESP Wi-Fi Logger Завершено left

    I need firmware development for ESP32-C3 for following tasks: -Ultra low power consumption design -Run on 2xAA batteries for more than a year -On-board Digital Temperature Sensor value reading and logging (logging period) -Sending to an MQTT broker (upload period) -Wait for commands from server after data upload -Wi-Fi parameter (SSID, passwd) set over BLE for lower power consumption -Data encryption -no webpage hosting or accesspoint mode needed Those are the main functions of the device. We need an experience for low power programming, we are able to design the circuit.

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    Hello! I'm looking for someone to help with a project monitoring weight and temperature (modbus rtu). The device used to monitor will be an Arduino, and the communication protocol required for MQTT is Ethernet. Data will need to be published to MQTT at a rate of every minute. Please let me know if you have experience with this type of project or have any questions. Thank you!

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    I need to drive 3 speed motor, plasmacluster, valve, read water inlet temperature and ambient temperature. It must work with RS485 modbus RTU protocol. It can work stand alone or with external modbus control. Development is with Arduino. source code must be released. Circuit and PCB diagram is indicative and must be completed by the freelancer. PCB is to be done with Eagle and must be released. A block diagram of both hardware and software must be presented in advance. Other technical specifications is "on the road"..

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop a NMEA CAN bus program for battery monitoring. The project requires experience with Lithium-ion batteries and the J1939 co...on any standard MFD display. I have attached a spec sheet for a Mod Bus battery previously developed for a similar project 2 years ago. We require triggered alerts for audio and visual warnings for all BMS functions. We need a module that has switched outputs to communicate with the batteries and the boats CAN Bus. Standard BMS functions - Over Charge, Over Discharge, Short Circuit, Over Temperature, Over Current We want to be able to monitor all battery information across the CAN bus Voltage, Capacity, Status(standby)(charging)(discharging), Charge Percentage, Health, Discharge Current, Charge Current, Cha...

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    Sensor Icon Set - 12 in total Завершено left

    I am looking for a set of 12 flat icons for various sensors. I have a specific list of sensors that I need icons for. The icons should be in PNG format. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in creating flat icon sets - Familiarity with design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Sketch - Ability to foll...deliver high-quality icons in a timely manner These icons will be used on our website, catalogues and exhibition material. The 12 sensors are as follows: 1. Electricity meter. 2. Air Quality C02 3. Air Quality Particulate Matter 4. Pressure sensor 5. Tank / liquid level 6. Motion detection 7. Open / close sensor 8. Water leak detection 9. Light sensor 10. Noise levels 11. Asset tracker. 12. Temperature. Can they be created in such a way that the colour can be changed if...

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    ...submitted to the employer after study completion. Grid Code compliance study: Perform an analysis to ensure Wind Power Plant (WPP) performance aligns with local TSO/DSO Grid Code requirements. Cable trench dimensioning study: Ensure the adequate thermal dimensioning of cables in a trench, considering several factors such as flat/trefoil formation, laying depth, bare/duct installation, ground temperature, thermal resistivity, and spacing between cables. Load Flow analysis study: Conduct a comprehensive study of the WPP's extreme operation points, including the worst-case thermal loading and voltage variation range. Earthing system design study: Analyze worst-case touch and step voltages to evaluate the need for additional protection measures and confirm the adequacy of ea...

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    I have a dataset nice and clean, I need to make 2 charts. I m not good in charting. It's a very simple task for a python coder. it's just a small task. chart n. 1 = chart the date and the temperature in 3 rooms during the day (I need to see how the temperature changes during the day in those 3 rooms) chart n.2: chart the humidity and the temperature changes during the day in those 3 rooms Those 2 charts might be combined if you prefer

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can p...STATUSES) Chill-A Run Status Chill-B Run Status Chill-C Run Status CWP Run Status BCWP Run Status SP Run Status SP Run Speed BSP Run Status BSP Run Speed (FAULTS/ALARMS) High Tank Temperature Low Tank Level High Tank Level CWP Pressure Fault - Only if CWP is engaged BCWP Pressure Fault - Only if BCWP is engaged SP Pressure Fault - Only if SP is engaged BSP Pressure Fault - Only if BSP is engaged (MODBUS CONTORL) CWP and BCWP Time sequencing set parameter SP and BSP Time sequencing set parameter Chiller time sequencing set parameter Chill-A Set Point Chill-B Set Point Chill-C Set Point (MODBUS MONITOR) Tank Temperature Chill-A , Chill-B , Chill-C Run Statuses CWP and BCWP Run Statuses SP and BSP Run Statuses SP and BSP Run Speeds Al...

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    Nicla Sence ME Завершено left

    1.) Program Nicla sense me, to collect data from two temperature sensors and save to sd. 2.) Program Nicla sense me, to collect data from the temperature sensor and the positioning module and store it on the sd. - find one positioning module with several systems (for example GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou .... )

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    Prototyping new smart home device which is going to revolutionize smart home industry. Only limited details could be shared, yet to patent the concept. UI will be used for controlling smart and non smart devices used at home and also provides details about rooms temperature, humidity, air condition and detection hazardous gases. UX is already available in Figma, with some UX required for configuration of devices and edge cases. Development environment is Linux, python with tkinter or Kivy. Scope includes only UI and corresponding handlers, business logic and actual functionality is out of scope.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to build an IOT system that will monitor and control cold chain devices. The ideal candidate should have experience in building IOT systems using Raspberry and ESP32. Specifically, I need the following sensors for the system: temperature, humidity, vibrations and position tracking. The project requires expertise in the following areas: - Raspberry and ESP32 programming - IOT system design and implementation - Sensor integration and calibration - System architecture - Wireless communications - Data storage and access in the Cloud If you have experience in building similar projects, please apply.

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    ... Target Battery Pack Temperature: - The target battery pack temperature is between -40 to 80°C. - The desired cooling method is liquid cooling. Target degradation: Cycle degradation and calendar degradation Type of Battery Cells: - The battery cells being used are Lithium-ion. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in MATLAB simulation. - Knowledge of battery pack cooling systems and thermal management. - Experience in designing and simulating liquid cooling systems for battery packs. - Understanding of Lithium-ion battery cells and their thermal behavior. The project requires the freelancer to: - Develop a MATLAB simulation of a liquid cooling system for the Lithium-ion battery pack. - Optimize the cooling system design to achieve the target temperat...

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    Digital Thermometer Завершено left

    I need an assembly masm x86 code for a project that detects the temperature and humidity using dht11. The results are displayed on an lcd with a led that lights up when the temperature reaches a certain temperature.

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    Probe will monitor, Power/Watt usage of the monitored device, will monitor temperature and humidity . average data will collect and save via remote api server and mariadb database. probe will add via web client/api to join to specified WI-FI network. like smart plug which is using in market.

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    ...a calculator for me in excel. The calculator must tell me what size conductor (Specified in mil) I need to handle current loads. KNOWNS: • Condition, a) Single conductor in insulation b) Twisted pair in insulation c) Twisted pair with shielding in insulation • Conductors resistivity (Verify copper is 1.68E-08 Ω/m ) • Length of conductor in meters • Temperature differential. • Type of insulation (Types of thermoplastics at varying thicknesses, one side of the insulation will be thinner than the other sides.) • Volts • Amps • Frequency (Hz) • Power cycle duration. Power may only be briefly, milliseconds to seconds, so this could be a crucial part of the equation. Hopefully that’s a...

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    ...salt fluid dynamics properties calculations for energy storage. The ideal candidate should have experience in fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and computational methods. The following are the project requirements: - Desired temperature range for the molten salt fluid is 200°C-900°C - Expected viscosity range of the molten salt fluid is high viscosity - The specific application for the molten salt fluid is energy storage The project will involve the following tasks: - Conducting fluid dynamics properties calculations for the molten salt fluid within the specified temperature and viscosity range - Developing computational models to simulate the behavior of the fluid - Analyzing and interpreting the simulation results - Providing recommendations for improving the en...

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    Photoshop Temperature Graphic Завершено left

    Looking for a quick turnaround combining the temperature graphics from one jpg onto a different background photo. I have both images (the sample and intended new background). They are not a very high resolution, but they will work. Output graphic will be used for teaching and social media.

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    how to program a microcontroller to read the room temperature from a sensor and control a DC motor, which is connected to a fan and also required to design a random access memory device in VHDL for the microcontroller.

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    We are seeking an experienced Machine Learning Engineer. The project involves predicting 19 dependent climate variables, including temperature and humidity, which are collected from a climate-controlled environment. The predictions will be based on 28 independent variables, with the aim of forecasting the dependent variables at various time horizons, ranging from 1 to 8 hours. The ideal candidate will leverage their expertise in Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) networks, or similar technologies, to handle this multivariate time-series forecasting task. The data set consists of over 500,000 observations gathered over a span of more than a year. The input to NN has to be editable enabling the change in the last observations before prediction. The project has to contain documentation on e...

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    Trophy icon Animation of Tablet for Webpage Завершено left

    We want animation for our webpage. Our webpage is for an android tablet that can work in over 100 degrees of temperature. Watch the videos attached for instructions Image link for example You can use your ideas as well. We will be closely looking at each entry. Please make sure you submit your best entry. We have plenty of work ahead, submit best of yours so we can have good long-term relationship. We will not wait for 15 days will award prize to someone who submit the best entry. Good luck!

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    Project Kickstart Завершено left

    Phase 1 (Location, lights, cameras, materials): Conversion from Sketchup to Unreal Engine, add lightning, materials and cameras Ten lights will be provided along with a mechanism to change them. The type, quantity, position, temperature, and strength of the lights can be changed as per the requirement. Material changes: Provide mechanism for us to be able to change the pattern of all surfaces. Default wall pattern should be matt black paint, default floor should be concrete. Cameras, as indicated by the client will be included on a Base configuration a Camera configuration. We will deliver the UE5 project First Version and other files necessary to load into UE5 and reproduce the work.

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    LoRa temp sensor Завершено left

    LoRa Temp Sensor Project with Software D...Development I am looking for a software developer who can help me with my LoRa temp sensor project. The sensor should be able to read temperatures within the range of -20°C to 50°C. I need assistance with software development for the project, and the preferred programming language for the software is C++. Here are the ideal skills and experience for the job: - Experience with LoRa technology and temperature sensing - Proficiency in C++ programming language - Knowledge of IoT protocols and platforms - Familiarity with software development for embedded systems - Ability to work independently and deliver high-quality results on time If you have the necessary skills and experience, please apply for this project and provide your portf...

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    HMI with LabVIEW Завершено left

    Developing a CanSat I acquire data through two modules (GY-91, GPS NEO 6M and at the same time Arduino Nano) and send them to my PC using XBee S2C. I need an HMI that shows the data from the GY-91 which are pressure, temperature, altitude, accelerometer data in X, Y and Z and from GPS the latitude and longitude. The data is received by the XBee in hexadecimal and on the HMI I would like the pressure, temperature and accelerometer data to also be displayed in graphs.

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    Matlab Code Завершено left

    Matlab code which generates an L band signal for soil moisture retrieval. Consider appropriate channel propagation. It takes input variables from GUI such as type of soil, surface roughness, Soil Texture, Soil Density, Soil Temperature and vegetation cover. It then receives the signal and considers all the factors such as pathloss and soil properties loss and soil moisture loss. The reflected/received signal should is a representation of amplitude, phase and polarisation. Represent the reflected signal in terms of graphs and well. We do not have to create our own model or simulation. Just a matlab simulation code which takes into consideration all the soil factors that affect the signal for Soil Moisture retieval. Later process this signal using WCM. Additionally a GUI based inpu...

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    ...60x60mm. The thermostat will be powered by 24V AC, and it will control up to 4 relays handling 24V AC / 1A max. Key requirements: ESP32-WROVER-E-N8R8 module with program and reset buttons, as well as status LEDs for upload and operation. Four relays capable of handling NO - COM 24 Volts AC / 1 Amp max. (pins defined by designer) Rectifier bridge to convert 24V AC input to 12V DC / 3.3V DC. Temperature and humidity sensor: Sensirion I2C SHT31-DIS-B2.5kS. VOC sensor: Sensirion I2C SGP40-D-R4 (with a different address on the same bus). SMD components and a rectangular PCB no larger than 60x60mm. Ethernet interface with port( preferebly use LAN8720) have an Waveshare 2.13inch E-Ink Display Module connected to the ESP32 Deliverables: Schematic and PCB layout files in Eagle or anot...

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    We need to extract the following product data from thousands of product URLs, belonging to hundreds of domains. Date need is: 1- Title 2- Short Description 3- Other Names or Keywords 4- Amount (volume, weight, size, etc.) 5- Price 6- Specification (concentration, molar mass, molecular weight, etc.) 7- Form (solution, powder, lyophilized, serum. plasma, etc) 8- Storage temperature We need the data from 2016 URL extracted. prepay $200 to start the project and $200 upon delivery.

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