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    Project for Kornienko P. Завершено left

    Добрый день! У меня есть проект такого плана: Implement a univariate regression model using b-splines in tensorflow or pytorch. Вы такое умеете делать? Давайте обсудим.

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    The wedding video studio editor is required with non-linear thinking), possession of montage theory and experience more then 3 years. Rassian language required ! To start: Requires high quality editing of the wedding video (highlight up to 4) and film (40 min). Working in Premiere CC 2015 [Removed by Admin] Please, in your first reply sent several thematic examples of your work, as well as indicate the approximate cost of the work. _________________________________ В студию свадебного видео требуется монтажер с нелинейным мышлением), владением теории монтажа и опытом работы не менее3-х лет. Для начала: Необходим высоко качественный монтаж свадебного клипа (до 4-х) и фильма (до 40 мин). Вопросы по музыке cогласуем отдельно. Работа в Premiere CC 2015 Дистанци...

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    ...конфигурации url адсервера и время старта рекламы. Например как в Flowplayer: "schedule": [ { "position": "preroll", "tag": "" }, { "position": "midroll", "startTime": "00:00:20", "tag": "" } ] ● linear и overlay. Для оверлей должна быть возможность указать длительность показа. Сам оверлей может быть html, iframe, image, vpaid swf ● несколько companion’ов. Они могут быть html, iframe, image, swf. ● вызов Tracking event’ов для VPAID рекламы и для обычных видео файлов. Для Linear: ○ impression ○ firstQuartile ○ midpoint ○ thirdQuartile ○ complete ○ mute ○ unmute ○ pause ○ resume ○ fullscreen ○ close ○ acceptInvitation ○ skip ○ ...

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    Add ...provide environment for windows 7 to use this site on localhost, virtualbox image of linux distro with installed and configured apache would fit, also machine should have samba installed and configured in order to make website files available to windows host. Also I need help with configuring windows7/virtualbox through teamviewer or simular. Website tries to use widely spread Stanford Log-linear Part-Of-Speech Tagger, however there are some problems in running latest version of it and parsing it's output. Need to add spell checking functionality by utilizing languagetool library given by running java server. Website is written in PHP, all java apps should be run from PHP code and their output should be parsed correctly. Will provide further details to hire...

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    ...партнера. subid присваивается для каждого пользователя индивидуальный. Причем пользователь, после создания статьи не должен видеть новый формат ссылки. Пример: 1.Было - Стало - Видимая часть: :// 2. Было - Стало -

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    2 заявок(-ки) партнера. subid присваивается для каждого пользователя индивидуальный. Причем пользователь, после создания статьи не должен видеть новый формат ссылки. Пример: 1.Было - Стало - Видимая часть: :// 2. Было - Стало -

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    ...партнера. subid присваивается для каждого пользователя индивидуальный. Причем пользователь, после создания статьи не должен видеть новый формат ссылки. Пример: 1.Было - Стало - Видимая часть: :// 2. Было - Стало -

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    ...multiple ML strategies given the time constraint Functionalities: Bot - Create Buy/Sell Orders given a set of rules (essential) - Error Handling - for stability and reliability (essential) - API connection to an exchange (essential) - Using TA to create a set of rules for orders (essential) - Replacing TA with more advanced Machine Learning (Desirable) - Strategies powered by Supervised Learning (Regression/Classification) - Strategies powered by Deep Neural Network (Tensorflow & Keras) Dashboard - Display Opens Orders (essential) - Track Performance (essential) - Show Ticker and choose ticker (Desirable) - Can pick the stock for historic analysis (Desirable) - Back tested strategies showcase (Desirable) - Display analysis for a chosen security/equity using various financial...

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    linear systems 2 -- 6 6 дней(-я) left

    Z-transform Filters linear time invariant systems casual system Stable system

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    Parallelization of an algorithm using OpenMP/MPI in C 6 дней(-я) left

    The project consist of the parallelization of an algorithm using MPI and OpenMP in C language . Possibility to run benchmark for checking on a high computing server. This project requires some mathematical knowledge in linear algebra as it involves mainly the Block-Lanczos algorithm. Please find attached the complete instructions about the project. It concerns only the points 2,3 and 4 of the 5th section "Work to be done". Please apply to this job only after reading carefully this document

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    Machine learning expert/ python 6 дней(-я) left

    I am currently running a machine learning project, where logistic regression, décision tree and random forest models are to be implemented to see which model produces most accurate predictors of onset of alzheimer’s disease. The data for thé project is from ADNI, I prepare it myself to train the model and test it.

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    AI Data Analysis by using Anaconda Orange 3 6 дней(-я) left

    This project required to analyze the data I have in the Orage 3 program (you can do some of them in Matlab - I can provide some Matlab code you can use). I have already done some analysis of the data. The following methods you should consider 1- Outlier treatment 2- Data Clustering 3- Feature extraction 4- Binary Classification 5- Linear regression 6- Neural Network report the outcome as follow: 1- An introduction 2- System Description 3- Type of Data collected 4- Description of failure modes 5- Features description 6- Analysis Methods as in the above Files will be provided

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    Micro-Project in R 5 дней(-я) left

    Hello Dearest freelancers; Hope all of you are fine and doing well. Kindly i need a freelancer to assist me write a code in R language analyse a most small data set (200 rows,25 columns) Need cleaned, tided, analysed with a three tables with percentages. Need a couple of t-tests and linear regressions Best Regards

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    Computer Research Project 4 дней(-я) left

    ...numbers. 2. Develop estimated regression equations, first using annual income as the independent variable and then using household size as the independent variable. Which variable is the better predictor of annual credit card charges? Discuss your findings. 3. Develop estimated regression equation with annual income and household size as the independent variables. Discuss your findings. 4. What is the predicted annual credit card charge for a two-person household with an annual income of $50,000? 5. Discuss the need for other independent variables that could be added to the model. What additional variables might be helpful? • You need to use EXCEL to draw graphs and tables and run regression (INSTALL DATA ANALYSIS) For parts 2 &3 after you run the regr...

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    QA/SDET Project support 4 дней(-я) left

    Provide online support for ongoing QA specialist. The professional should be familiar with remote support and professional in Software Automation Testing, Extensive experience in BDD and other hybrid frameworks. Familiar and extensive experience and knowledge on API testing, Unit, integration and regression testing. Bug tracking and reporting. Familiar with Agile methodology. Front and back end testing . The ideal candidate should be comfortable working in screen sharing and guiding remotely on a project

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    Need an expert on Linear Programming in Mathematics 4 дней(-я) left

    I Need an expert on Linear Programming in Mathematics. I will share more details in chat.

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    ...prototypes. • Performing statistical analysis. • Running machine learning tests. • Using results to improve models. • Training and retraining systems when needed. • Extending machine learning libraries. • Developing machine learning apps according to client requirements. Required Skills • Good knowledge of Python or R, SQL Advanced math and statistics skills, surrounding subjects such as linear algebra, calculus, and Bayesian statistics. • Advanced degree in computer science, math, statistics, or a related degree. • Master's degree in machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, or related fields. • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. • Software engineering skills. •...

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    Project for Drik P. 6 дней(-я) left

    Hi Drik P., Have worked with you before,was impressed! Would like to work with you again. I have a very small survey data set on Google Sheets. Has 25 columns ,200 rows. Need it fast! Should all be in R-markdown. *Needs to be cleaned,tidied-analysed. * tables organizing data with percentages, representing survey responses. *T-Tests * Linear/and or multi- regressions We can discuss further details details over chat. Thank you!

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    I want a DNN models that predicts covid-19 mortality. using: 1- one deep learning method (DNN) and one machine learning method (Logistic Regression) 2- cross-validation 3- before building the model, clean and preprocess the data. The file attached contains a link to the dataset (obtained from Kaggle)

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    Native Android Kotlin App Developement | Player & Detector 2 дней(-я) left

    ...modular and use as much as possible standard libraries. Multiple modules are foreseen as illustrated in the attached architecture diagram. *** The modules BlueTooth, HTTP and Torrent are for the future. You would need to manage and work with : Modules Dependencies Intent General requirements 1. Be coded natively for Android only using Kotlin. 2. Execute on Android 7 and above 3. Include automated regression tests. 4. Include the following: source code, dependencies, build instruction, certificates. 5. Include relevant comment for another developer to understand the code. 6. Be pushed at most daily on a private GitHub or Codecommit repository provided by Orangead. 7. Log errors to sentry (using a provided key) should be sent to sentry. Sentry access details will be provided lat...

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    SPSS statistics expert 2 дней(-я) left

    Please do T-tests and regression on this data-set and while recording how you do it; Id love to learn to do it myself! H; Danes think the dark green is healthier than the light green H; Indians think the dark green is healthier than the light green to a smaller degree than Danes Regression for age, income and birth city population

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    Optimization of Resource Allocation and Schedule 2 дней(-я) left

    Project is about determining the optimal work intake (e.g., we should assign resources to these projects) to maximize the overall available resource hours used and the marginal benefit score. It requires significant knowledge of operation research, linear programming, and opensolver proficiency.

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    Computer vision Engineer 2 дней(-я) left

    Preparing datasets for training ● Find public data and/or restructure data suitable for the project ● Responsible for design and development of different types of computer vision models that fits the requirement. ● Understanding of different data structures and ability to convert from structure to another ● Understanding of different Deep Learning Libraries (eg. Tens...Create functions for training and inference ● Test the inference time on different types of servers/GPUS/CPUs/Edge devices ● Build ML modules, along with accuracy, must also deliver the production workload expectations - work with real world data, suitable inference time, compatibility with tech-stack, work on CPUs where applicable ● Understand different types of ML problems - classification, regression, outlier detec...

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    Some conflict with the CSS file. Steps //Add to CSS background-image: linear-gradient(rgba(0,0,0,0.5),rgba(0,0,0,10)),url(); //Add to CSS source here - //Resolve conflict in CSS file preventing particles from working.

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    Estimate two different functional forms corresponding to water demand that do not include any interaction variables. (E.g. linear versus log‐log). For both specifications, report (in tabular form) coefficient estimates for each of the variables included in your models. For each of the specifications estimate one version that allows the effect of “x” on y to vary, and one that does not. a. Indicate in a drawing the difference that is implied across each of the specifications b. For both specifications, report (in tabular form) coefficient estimates for each of the variables included in your models. What are your best estimates of: a. The price elasticity of demand for water b. The effect of restrictions on demand for water c. The difference between summer and winter d...

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    Design of Industrial Trolley with Linear Actuator for height and degree adjustment Height adjustment required - 500mm Degree adjustment required - +/- 2 degrees Length of part on trolley - 4 mtrs Load - 120 kg Using double actuator Table top frame size for trolley - 4000mm length x 500mm width

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    regression 1 день left

    i need help with regression analysis and spss data entering please

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    Neural Networks 1 день left

    neural network to recognize handwritten digits neural network. The neural network will be able to represent complex models that form non-linear hypotheses. Your goal is to implement the feedforward propagation algorithm to use our weights for prediction. In next week's exercise, you will write the backpropagation algorithm for learning the neural network parameters.

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    GarageBand Project Завершено left

    ...Compose a GarageBand song project that meets the following minimum requirements: Your additional sections must be at least 4-8 measures long and contain a minimum of at least these 4 specific individual tracks: Melody (a memorable single linear line of scale-based pitches that are sequentially placed in rhythmic groupings and NOTICABLY DIFFERENT from the CHORUS)] Harmony (a track that utilizes a progression of sequential chords that harmonize with the sounding melody pitches in the above track and are NOTICABLY DIFFERENT from the CHORUS). Bass Line (a linear line of rhythmically performed chord root pitches that stay in alignment with the chord progression changes above and are NOTICABLY DIFFERENT from the CHORUS). Drum Groove that features slight variations and fil...

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    Update : please guys , it’s important that the illustration is a campervan , not a motorhome :) would love that the illustration of the campervan is linear , a cool simple drawing of sorts. We are a young entrepreneurial couple who have just converted a van into a campervan tiny house on wheels. We are interested in renting it out and trying to create a business and need a unique logo for our brand to stand out. I have attached some images of our van for inspiration, as you can see a lot of the details are geometric and hexagons so I’m open to including something like this into the logo. -The name of the brand is AVANTURA ( which is a play on words with aventura ,which is adventure in Spanish and van ) . - We prefer monochrome black and white but open to some color....

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    Are you able to fit into this format? • Are you able to include screen recordings of the testing with assistive technologies? • Per manual audits can you test using all types of assistive technologies? … for desktop, mobile, web apps, and m...(Mac and iOS) o TalkBack o Dragon Naturally Speaking • What automated testing have you done with what tools? For example… o Full automated scan audit using axe-core and axe devTools. Remediation • Do you and your team perform any web remediation services? What CMS platforms and web app languages? • Do you have experience working directly with developers on remediation and doing validation/regression testing? Can you share examples? Certifications/Other • Are the developers and auditors IAAP certif...

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    POC with Graph Neural network Завершено left

    I'm looking for someone who have good understanding of GNN. I have a dataset, would like to get it running with GNN regression.

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    Required: Add angles to the middle linear regression centerline. Then, create alerts when the centerline hits a specific angle. Assuming the total angles is 180 Also, I want it on all timeframes and with the source to be selected from a list of indicators I already installed. and the span can be modified for example, it should start calculating the angle for every 50 candles or more for example. It is better to use the “Linear Regression Channel” open source indicator from TradingView itself and not any third party indicators.

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    This involves the analysis of a health issue in Australia, and its associated risk factors, groups at risk etc. Will require use of • Rapid epidemiological assessment -linear regression analysis (using correlation coefficient) -association analysis (chi squared test) -risk ratio analysis (RR analysis, odds ratio analysis, risk difference analysis) Should involve an epidemiological survey, as well as discuss methods used to reduce random , systematic error, selection bias etc, such as blind and double blind methods or pilot test etc. Study should use cross sectional, cohort, case control studies, ecological and experimental study. Should use placebo and blinding methods. I can provide content for each part of the report as well as examples of calculations for e...

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    Hi, So i want to make a F1 racing simulator design like Playseat and Rseat. My Budget is $100. Cant pay more than that. I have a sample design with me, ...increase my budget. will all be made out of MS, from laser cutting and bending machines. 2. I want my own custom design, preferrably like F1 body style. 3. I will install 4 DOF motion simulator Actuators on it, so need it to be strong and have the 4 equal corners. 4. I want the seat to be made like Playseat, so will make that out of MS, and will do cushioning on it. 5. I will install Linear Guides on it for the seat to move, for the steering to move back and forth and for the pedals to move back and forth as well. For anything up and down, i would want you to provide me with that mechanism. Let me know if you have any questi...

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    ...aims of the project (Max 300 words) 5) Methods and experimental design (mark 25%) The main focus should be on presenting the logical sequence of experiments that you are proposing to conduct in order to achieve the goals that you have set. You should explain number and type of subjects/animals you will use and the conditions of the experiments. The sequence of experiments does not have to be linear: the experiments could be conducted in a parallel approach, in a branching strategy, in a ‘if this then that’ approach etc. You should include a Gantt chart describing how the project could be accomplished in 6 months. The methods to be used should be explained in sufficient details to determine whether they would be suitable for the task you are proposing. You do not ne...

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    We've got a system which uses Hiwin's linear axis hardware and Polaris motion control. Need engineer that have experince wit this, and avalible to go to field in Finland 2-3 months. Maybe longer

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    I need a statistical analysis Завершено left

    Excle file has 4 data sets in tabs. Run regression and write down estimated models. Red are dependent variables and green are independent variables

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    Implementation of wall following behaviour for a mobile robot. You will have to implement in C++, and using the player/stage software package, a control module for a Pioneer robot to follow a wall using the readings generated by the scanner laser. The robot follows the standard unicycle motion model, i.e. it has two controls of linear speed and rotational speed. This behaviour can be very useful for inspection task, or to watch the paintings if the robot visits a museum. The specifications/assumptions of the behaviour are the following: 1. Initially the robot can be at any distance from the wall and with any orientation (assuming the laser can detect a large enough part of it). 2. The robot has to move parallel to the wall when it detects on either side (left or right). 3. There wil...

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    Excel Linear programming expert Завершено left

    For more information I will tell to the selected freelancer.

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    Data Analysis and report Завершено left

    I have 3 factors data and product specification data. Have to work quickly through it in a day and do a regression analysis to determine what factors affect the product specification. I need 5 tests performed (irrespective of the outcome).

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    R statistical Analysis Завершено left

    logistic regression, GLM, R, ANOVA, DATA ANALYSIS, Statistical Analysis

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    Statistical Analysis with R Завершено left

    The project is based on logistic regression, ANOVA, testing, curves, deep R data analysis knowledge is required

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    Need someone with good knowledge of R-Programming and who can perform Multiple linear regression and Time series forecasting using R-Programming. The requirement is very easy and it needs the person to perform the analysis using R-Programming as well as writing the recommendation and detailed steps using appropriate graphs, tables and subjective interpretation of findings.

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    Your job will consist of : - reviewing and making sure the tasklist I have is completed and exhaustive in such a way I will go to the market right after customization - creating a regression and functional testing list to be performed after customization - making any useful suggestion

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    I would require a supply chain specialist who have experience in Linear programming using excel to help with a project related to solving few supply chain issues. My budget is only 50£ for this task. Drop your offer if interested

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    Machine Learning Завершено left

    A question involving Ridge and Lasso Regression

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    Basic statistic -- 2 Завершено left

    Index number, financial maths, correlation and regression, probability

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