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    Humanities Завершено left

    I need you to write a research essay.

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    Reflection report -- 2 Завершено left

    I need you to write a reflection report for something.

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    Reflection report Завершено left

    I need you to write a reflection report for something

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    Write 500 articles -- 2 Завершено left

    I want to write 500 articles and I pay 0.5 $ per article .. Details : We have a site for fish, fish companies, marine life in general and everything in the world of the sea. First: We will give you an account in our site to put what you wrote in the site directly. The first task will be writing 500 articles * Each essay is different from the other and we will discuss them. * Add each article to...

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    health and safety Завершено left

    it is about health and safety in engineering very small essay with no word count needed just quality see file for specific information

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    History Essay 500 words Завершено left

    Assess the impact of Nazi racial ideology on the treatment of Jewish people in Europe between 1933-1945. - Identify the specific laws that enabled the German government to place restrictions on the Jewish population. - Explain how these laws affected Jewish peoples lives. You must include specific event e.g. Krsitallnacht to support your argument. - Choose and Refer directly to four sources.

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    Research Essay Завершено left

    I have an essay written, all I want is to get it done in APA format with integrated quotations. Also, it has some errors in it - grammatical, sentence formation, etc.

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    Translations Завершено left

    I want to translate paragraph or essay from English to Arabic

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    We are looking forward to purchase a complete Hospital Management System with Source Code with database structure as per our industry standard for below modules. The system must confirm to following standard 1) HIPAA 2) HL7 We are looking for web based as well as Desktop/Android/Windows based Application (Cross-platform development Which will work from any browser and Windows base application) ...

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    research essay Завершено left

    In the Reuters Institute's report Journalism, Media and Technology Trends and Predictions 2019, Nic Newman analyses a survey of global media leaders to identify a range of key opportunities and challenges for global media organisations These include the problem of ‘`platforms under preassure', concerns regarding changes in business models and the opportunities offered by Blockchai...

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    Positioning and related injuries (overview with emphasis on lateral, prone & lithotomy positions). 1800 word essay. 5 journal articles as reference.

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    Write 400 words Завершено left

    I need you to write 400 words: Define patient-centeredness in the context of evidence-based practice in nursing. Describe barriers to the implementation of patient-centered evidence-based care in your practice environment and share actions that might be taken to alleviate these barriers. Your article should be at least 400 words and use one reference.

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    I need a writer Завершено left

    I need to write a 200 word essay about the cause of teenage suicide. Is social hostility or emotional turbulence the cause or is it combination of both.

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    Project for Iana Z. Завершено left

    Hi Iana Z., Your entry was great, but not quite right for the main competition image. However we could use it as a background art piece in a different scene. We'd need to change the sky - to be a clear night with green Northern Lights a bit like [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] And the sun reflecting off the sea would need to become a green reflection. Is that doable? Can offer GBP200 to ...

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    The objective of the project is to produce a web based career pathway resource for the NHS detailing job details of all roles in the NHS and how those roles interact on a pathway level. This will feature links to other existing NHS resources, such as to training resources, more detailed info on specialist sites etc. At this stage the only login needed will be for admins to have a form to input new...

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    I need an app designed and built which can measure the following: A circular sticker of a known diameter is placed on the lens of a pair of glasses Then a photo is taken of a person wearing the glasses (with flash) The app can calculate the number of millimeters from the reflection of the flash on the person’s eye to the lower inside rim of the spectacle frame based on knowing the diamete...

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    I need an Essay About History of Indian Agriculture, History of farm Equipment which is used in India, Problems which are facing in using Farm Equipment and complete data about ploughing devices.

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    essay reflective journal Завершено left

    Hello, can anyone fix my reflective journal?

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    Research paper Завершено left

    This semester students are encouraged to examine the rise of religious “fundamentalism” and extremism around the world. All of the major religious traditions have now developed "fundamentalist" movements within them, and the different forms of fundamentalism have been increasingly assertive in their demands for adherence to their versions of doctrine, ethics, and social condu...

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    Essay, design research field Завершено left

    I need someone with design experience to write a research essay within design for me. The essay has to be between 2200-2600 words and there is a template that needs to be followed. I have upload all the files for completing the essay.

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    2000-2500 essay Завершено left

    about the nature of creativity and innovation

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    2000 words essay Завершено left

    2000 words essay about the international challenges and possible opportunities for managers operating in a global environment.

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    Help in writing a scientific essay about some computational physics and spectroscopy using innovative tools

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    I am looking for somebody to proofread and edit an essay. The essay contains 6000 words and it should be edited in a light manner, where possible. I will supply the document in Word format and expect reviewed version back. The edited document needs to be provided back with Tracked Changes in Microsoft Word. This needs to be completed by August 1 (two days).

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    Write an essay analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of deficit spending and the effects of federal government borrowing on the economy i.e., the “crowding out” effect. Need done today! No plagiarism Additional info----- 1. Cover page with a running head 2. Introduction: What is deficit spending and how does it work. 2.1. Advantages 2.2....

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    I need someone to sort some errors in the report

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    Rare coins of India -> write an essay about Indian rare coins and list down few rare coins in India with Images Ancient Indian coins -> write an essay about Indian Ancient coins and list down few Ancient coins in India with Images World coins -> Write about world coins and history of coins World paper Money -> Write about world paper money and history of paper money

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    Proofread Essay Завершено left

    Proofread Essay (English) for typos, organization, and suggest changes for improvement.

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    writing task ( career plan reflection) 1000 words

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    Information Governance: A Necessity in Today’s Business Environment. Please make sure that your research essay (12 pages) contains the necessary parts that inform the reader. For a research paper to be considered adequate, it must answer these fundamental questions: "What?" "The first question to anticipate from a reader is "what": What evidence shows that the phen...

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    analytical essay Завершено left

    Critically explore the concept of equality from political theory perspective. citing Lockes, Russeu, Marx, UN Human Rights, Robert Nozick, Heywood....

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    essay on equality Завершено left

    Critically explore the concept of equality from political theory perspective. citing Lockes, Russeu, Marx, UN Human Rights, Robert Nozick, Heywood....

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    Mental health nursing Завершено left

    I someone to sort me out with a nursing report for my personal use

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    Philosophy paper one question Завершено left

    Less than 549 words, intext citations, reference list. Answering from essay

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    Proofread Grad School essay Завершено left

    I'm applying for a Master's degree program and am looking for someone who has experience reading and making decisions on applications that include a written essay. This person will proofread and make suggestions on how to better align my essay towards the essay prompt as well as correct sentences and grammar that may cause the reader to question my ability to write, persuade, and/or form...

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    Article Write Needed Завершено left

    Genuinely experienced article writer needed for SEO. No fillers or essay types, please.

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    White Background Завершено left

    I need this black background pictures with a white background. Need to look good and not rigged. The first picture is especially challenging because it has a reflection in it. The white keyboard has to have a "narrow" (bearly visible) black line around it so it's still visible with the white background. Has to be a reasonable price. Thank you in advance. Best Regards

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    $7 / hr Ср. ставка
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    Essay Editing Завершено left

    Contact me for more details, I am looking for an American with English/Writing background.

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    website with crm Завершено left

    nursing home needs a website that can interface with other facilities. The main functions are: 1) Applicants view a list/profiles of all member facilities, then select the ones to apply to. 2) Based on their application responses, the app automatically weeds out the mismatches according to the member facilities’ acceptance criteria. 3) If it’s a match, then the facilities can accept i...

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    I need 3000 words about how I am developing my creative non-fiction writing. To apply for this job you MUST be a native English speaker if you are not a native English speaker I am going to be very very ANGRY!

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    essay writing -- 2 Завершено left

    I need you to write some articles.

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    essay writing Завершено left

    I need you to write some articles.

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    Data Entry Specialist Завершено left

    This position is responsible for gathering and entering information related to the payer status of patients from the facility, or from the responsible party. Responsibilities: Ensure that census paperwork is received from the Nursing facility. Ensure that the census is entered into the operating system accurately and is valid coverage. Review paperwork and verify completeness and of intake process...

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    Trophy icon Teach me how to do this in Photoshop Завершено left

    I have seen some photographs from another photographer, who makes these beautiful reflections using Photoshop. I want to learn EXACTLY how he does what he does. I know how to make a reflection using Photoshop, I just want to improve mine to what this photographer's look like. I can provide you with links to his website to give you an idea of what he produces.

    $50 (Avg Bid)