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    Перенос JS в OpenCL Завершено left

    День добрый. Необходимо сделать программу , работающую с GPU для восстановления пароля к криптовалютному кошекльку Вот оригинал написанный на JS(так же имеется репризиторий на гите) На сколько это возможно?

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    Здравствуйте. Проблематично получается совладеть с Pyopencl. Если есть человек, готовый провести пару звонков и дать стартовое понимание как взаимодействовать с этой библиотекой, то было бы прекрасно. Стоимость обговаривается.

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    Требуется переписать плагин написанный для Final Cut Pro X - OS X (OpenCL, Objective C) на другую платформу. На выходе нужен Adobe AfterEffects plugin для Windows и macOS. Исходный плагин существует для OSX и написан на Objective C и работает в Final Cut Pro X.

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    Требуется программист для оптимизации и конвертации кода из cgminer 3.7.2 с OpenCL на ассемблер AMD Southern Isles GPU.

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    Hi Denys S., the idea is to create a 3D Unique Digital Artefact which can be gamified later on. The 3D object is an NFT based in and on a POA blockchain ecosystem. The immediate aim is to create an embeddable geometry of an octahedral set. The 6 are all the same size and fit together perfectly to form a larger octahedron. The object should be rotatable through 360 degrees, when clicked or dragged over (on mobile).

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    Create a Simple 3D Unity object 5 дней(-я) left

    Create an embeddable geometry of an octahedral set. The 6 are all the same size and fit together perfectly to form a larger octahedron. The object should be rotatable through 360 degrees, when clicked or dragged over (on mobile). When double clicked the octahedra should open to reveal a glowing ball at the centre. When the ball is double clicked the octahedra should close to return to its original position.

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    Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science 5 дней(-я) left

    is a mix of computational maths and Python. Use the subset construction method to convert this NFA into a Deterministic Finite Automaton (DFA). Show all the steps involved and draw the final DFA.

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    ...the class requires students to select a topic of his/her own related engineering neuroscience, such as computation models of neural circuits. The final project is also required to include some elements of computational simulation or modeling. The student will also need to present their results with a 10-minute presentation during the final week (TBD on the exact date). A final report (~5 pages in Frontier in computational neuroscience format, format guide will be provided) is also required to submit to the instructor by Friday midnight of the final week describing the project and computational results. 1) Topic selection Please submit a tentative title with a short abstract (approximately 200 words) for the instructor to review through email. The instructor will t...

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    we are looking for someone who can write content for our link will be...content for our link will be give in private message for interested for cheap and budget friendly need to be original. the below are the pages for which we need content to be written about us read more testimonials faq privacy policy terms of service refund policy login page register page For courses 4th std 5th std 6th std 7th std 8th std Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Precalculus Calculus statistics the whole project need 5000 to 6000 words including all the above for someone who can do this in 1 week time and send us page by page so we can review and we can release payment for each 1000 words once we receive as it is difficult to check the whole.

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    Need a quantum / computational physicst 4 дней(-я) left

    I need some help in being able to compute travelling wave solutions of vortex dipoles in python. Computational / Quantum physics experience needed. PhD is a must - if you don't have a PhD and experience in this discipline, do not waste my time - I will report you.

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    I am looking for someone with knowledge in computational biology. Who can do literature review fo analysing RNA seq data methods.

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    Create a feature worthy level in Geometry Dash 3 дней(-я) left

    I want someone to create for me a level in Geometry Dash that will be feature worthy. The difficulty should be from Auto-Hard Demon. I don't want an insane or extreme demon. The length of the level is up to you. The song also is up to you. The name of the level will be "Alpha" and I will do the verification. Max payment is 10€. For more contact me

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    artificial intelligence 2 дней(-я) left

    1. Case Studies in Data Science (no need to memorize formulas). 2. Big O and its use in AI 3. Model Development (Deep learning and classical ML). 4. Computational Thinking and Artificial 5. ML Challenges 6. Art and Craft of DS 7. Big o basically need overall knowledge about AI

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    C# code to OpenCL -- 2 2 дней(-я) left

    RU: Необходимо перенести C# код PBKDF2-HMACSHA256 + AES GCM256 в OpenCL/CUDA. Язык программирования C/C++/C# Исходный код предоставляю только пользователям с рейтингом! ВНИМАНИЕ! Я НЕ ЗАПУСКАЮ ИСПОЛНЯЕМЫЕ ФАЙЛЫ НА СВОЕМ ПК! ВСЕ СДЕЛАННЫЕ ПРОЕКТЫ ПРИНИМАЮТСЯ ТОЛЬКО ИСХОДНИКАМИ! КОМПИЛИРОВАТЬ И Я САМ УМЕЮ! EN: It is necessary to transfer the C # code for PBKDF2-HMACSHA256 + AES GCM256 to OpenCL / CUDA. C / C ++ / C # programming language I provide the source code only to users with a rating! ATTENTION! I DON'T RUN RUNNABLE FILES ON MY PC! ALL DONE PROJECTS ARE ACCEPTED ONLY BY SOURCES! AND I AM ABLE TO COMPILE!

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    I am a freelancer in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics. I need help in creating a website to showcase the projects I have done.

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    3d Modelling of mattresses 2 дней(-я) left

    We have a pretty decent number of mattresses that need to be converted to 3d model. The following procedures should to be respected: - geometry creation - mesh as low poly - texture recreation from real pictures - object size should be 1,4x2x0.25 m - blender, c4d, obj are accepted This is a time sensitive project! Only the qualified members of the community will receive the files. Please attach previous projects and time estimate/object. Thank you! Tiberiu

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    Fire dynamics simulator 1 день left

    You are required to carry out two CFD simulations for the specified fire sizes and locations by use ...opening. The ambient temperature is 20C. All solid boundaries are assumed to be 150mm concrete. The size of the fire bed is 0.5 m(L) x 0.5 m(W) x 0.1m(H). The fire locations and their heat release rates of your two cases are: Case 1: x=2.1m y=-1.3m Q=1659 kW Case 2: x=4.5m y=-2.0m Q=1199 kW You are required to submit a report at least with following items. 1. Description on the setting of the geometry 2. Description on the setting of boundary conditions and initial conditions 3. Comment and explain on the different simulation results of the two cases including hot gas temperature, height of smoke layer, etc. 4. Attach necessary plots (color plot or grey scale) to support your com...

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    Crash Test Pony Завершено left

    I have been tasked with recreating a life-sized version of the Canterlogic Crash Test Pony from My Little Pony: A New Generation. I need just a simple, unrigged, untextured model. While the surfaces should be smooth, the model surfaces should need the absolute minimum level of detail. The surface geometry itself must be kept relatively simple, with few holes and intersections, so I can modify it easily for 3D printing and to add features to the internal structure. These will include things like attachment points for an internal PVC pipe skeleton, places to attach lights and/or laser diodes to the eye sockets, and other internal structure pieces that shouldn't affect the surface. There are relatively few images of this character. The attached image is all available concept art...

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    We want to put together a fast system for vision processing. We currently have a Intel Core i7-9700 CPU with a Nvidia Quadro P1000 which we use for both CUDA and OpenCL. We are using this for a custom vision system. We're looking for a hardware expert who can suggest Windows 10 system hardware that will give us roughly four times the image processing ability than what we have now. We need it to go about four times faster than it is now. The images we are using are 4096x3072, and the vision system uses a neural network which is processed using GPU: CUDA, with additional processing using OpenCL.

    $23 - $196
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    I have one task related to Knowledge Engineering and Computational Creativity and I want to hire person who have depth knowledge in python languages and software architecture.

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    Looking for a senior 3D artist Завершено left

    A character should be created. It is a madam. She is a housekeeper and is working at a house. You should create the housekeeper by using a 3D software,... At a moment the model is working in a living room and bookroom is seen in the background. Every 3D model should look like real ones with high quality. Skills and abilities required • 5+ year experiences with 3D modeling and asset creation tools, such as Blender, Maya, ZBrush, Substance, etc.; • Full skills of 3D project technology, from conceptualization to rendering; • Required knowledge of geometry and space, material properties, optics, anatomy, kinetics, etc.; • Ability to focus on a point and not to miss a very small detail and nuance; • Professional strong sense of artistic imagination; • Commun...

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    Information technology (IT) is an area of business that emphasizes areas like computer technology support, computer network and database management, business software operations, and information security. In this current global scenario, information technology is facing new challenges and issues related to diverse aspects like the growth of the internet, additional computational capabilities, latest operating systems, web security, wireless and mobile communication protocol systems, etc. This article lists information technology projects for engineering students. What is Information Technology? Information technology (IT) deals with diverse fields, and each field has its own key focus areas and roles to achieve certain tasks. A few of such areas are discussed below: Computer Hardwar...

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    need someone who can make 3d quadmesh models, or textures. with a limit on the number of polycounts.

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    Looking for experience in Real Estate HDR editing. Need someone who has high skills in using Adobe Lightroom for real estate photo editing : - Correct / Adjust lights - Correct / Adjust Colors - Correct / Adjust Optics - Correct / Adjust Geometry - Correct the horizontal and vertical - Put blue sky - Pool photos : remove stagnant water an put blue water - Improve the green color of the grass - Treat walls with faded paint - improves sharpness And the link to download the 50 photos :

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    Hi, I am searching for a freelancer who can explain algorithm 2 to find an intersection between two edges. The two edges in my code are specified through (a, b) and (c, d). 0 is the x-coordinate and 1 the y-coordinate. a, b, c, d arrays are float. Would be great if you could keep the structure. Ideally you have some knowledge in C and geometry. The first algorithm is an implementation I wrote using determinants. But I just noticed that it fails in some scenarios. The second one is an algorithm I found online. But I cannot wrap my head around the triangle calculation. The job should be finished within a day. It should not be too hard. If you have some ideas to optimize the solution please let me know. (1) Construct some examples and test both algorithms. pts1 and pts2 are just arra...

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    You need to understand What is a topic, topic of a question, question problem in information science? What lead you to this question, problem, or topic? Should have knowledge of Computational Social Science, tech ethics, CS education, and related field. More details will be shared. 2 pages of writing in a specific field of information science. Looking forward to receiving quotes.

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    Computational complexity topic: Parallelism Uniformity Conditions Alternating Turing Machines and Uniform Families of Circuits NEED EXPERTS THAT UNDERSTAND TURING MACHINE ALGORITHMS VERY WELL.(Computer Science)

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    We are looking for someone to research and put together two spreadsheets of Network Science and Computational Fluid Dynamics professors and directors (preferred) at Canada and United States post secondary institutions. One spreadsheet will be for Network Science professors and directors (preferred), and the other spreadsheet will be for Computational Fluid Dynamics professors and directors (preferred). Information we are looking for: First name, last name, email, position, department and post secondary institution name. See attached file for template. See uploaded file for the spreadsheet format (each spreadsheet on separate tabs). Looking for at least 250 names and information to be submitted for each spreadsheet. Please indicate in your bid if you are planning on com...

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    mechanical engineer Завершено left

    1. Design the Stirling engine based on thermal and dynamic analysis 2. Develop thermodynamic analysis equations of the Stirling engine 3. Develop the dynamics equations (forces and motion geometry) 4. Communicate a design through sketching with one of CAD/Solidworks/ANSYS software 5. Perform the numerical simulation for more than one input using the suitable software such as ANSYS/MATLAB/COMSOL 6. The numerical simulation should provide the behavior based on different inputs to get wide spectrum of responses. This step allows you to select the operation window of the generated design. 7. The simulation responses should be taken to select the best operating and environmental conditions 8. Communicate project outcomes in writing 9. Communicate project outcomes orally

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    Turing machines algorithm -- 3 Завершено left

    Required to make a video lecture explaining a topic. mathematical computational complexity expert needed. Turing machine and algorithm.

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    Trophy icon Logo for Education Technology Startup Завершено left

    Our name is "Imirsiv" and we are a learning company at a very early stage. We envision a logo that includes a fontographic treatment of our name, "Imirsiv," and a logo. We are creating immersive, digital learning experiences for young learners. Think about kids learning ratios and proportions, for example, by making music with beats. Or kids designing sneakers while they're learning geometry concepts. Kids choose their learning environment, learn by doing something online that engages them, and captures their interest. Engagement is key as so many kids are bored with poorly constructed online experiences that basically feel like PDFs made from boring paper worksheets. The logo should communicate: - Immersiveness - Learning - Engaging...something that sugge...

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    postgres2SQL Завершено left

    ...export all objects from an postgress database, tables, views, schema's, constraints to CSV. Then we need an T-sql script to create all these objects (tables, views, schema's, constraints) The script should be able to create a sql database with all the database objects from Postgres. Be aware that some datatypes may need extra attention, such as geometry. It should all be fully functional once created, so geometry column, also needs to be a geometry column in SQL. The last step is also to load all table data from postgress to SQL. 1) query tabels and columnsto csv with PS 1 Copy (select table_schema,table_name,ordinal_position as position,column_name,data_type,case when character_maximum_length is not nullthen character_maximum_lengthelse numeric_precision...

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    If someone available now for tutoring maths on CBSE term 1 along with complete help on practicing until the exam. Please message please include the price for the chapters for cbse term 1 for teaching CIRCLES TRIANGLES TRIGNOMETRY REAL NUMBERS LINEAR EQUATIONS PROBABILITY POLYNOMIALS QUADRATIC EQUATIONS COORDINATE GEOMETRY

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    Project for Oleksandr T. Завершено left

    Hi Oleksandr I’ve been studying Speos software for approximately two months. My goal is to achieve a better understanding of the basics and to have a practical approach to creating the geometry of lighting design/optics specific to different projects with different lighting requirements. I have an understands of the basics of lighting physics. Would you be willing to teach someone with my experience, or do you require your student to have a more advanced knowledge base? Thank you for your time

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    Outputs Required: •Convergence report for each case, a detailed description for the case of mesh scheme-1 and turbulent model-1; •Analyse the impact of mesh scheme on numerical outputs for turbulent model-1; report airflow patterns in cross section area, Plane Y=1.2m and Z=2m inside the room; •Analyse the impact of turbulent model on the numerical outputs for mesh scheme-2; •Each student submits ONE report.

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    This project deals with Finite volume schemes for convection-diffusion problems. The analysis is to be conducted in Ansys and detailed report writing is also included in the project. For this project matlab is also required. More informations with detailed problem discriptions would be provided.

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    RU: Необходимо реализовать программу на языке C/C++ для работы с хэшем PBKDF2 Подробности указаны в техническом задании EN: It is necessary to implement a program in C / C ++ to work with the PBKDF2 hash Details are indicated in the terms of reference Sorry, I don't know English, so I use a translator. If you do not understand something, please let me know and I will explain for you

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    Geometry and logos to be supplied after NDA agreed. Output of .jpeg renders.

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    I am working on a research project and performing different experiments. In that project, it requires lots of data research. I want someone to work with me on this project and review few research papers for me and point out key findings related to that paper alongwith some more research. Research paper is "Effect of long c...research project and performing different experiments. In that project, it requires lots of data research. I want someone to work with me on this project and review few research papers for me and point out key findings related to that paper alongwith some more research. Research paper is "Effect of long chain branching on non isothermal characterisation behaviour of polyethylene synthesized by geometry constrained catalysts. More details can be share...

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    Computational Thinking and Coding Завершено left

    • Work with real-life datasets • Demonstrate the competencies and skills needed to perform fundamental data analytics • Write and present a brief executive report of findings and recommendations

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    Data scientist Завершено left

    ...and communicates results and insights to stakeholders. Designs various mathematical, statistical, and simulation techniques to typically large and unstructured data sets in order to answer critical business questions and create predictive solutions which drive improvement in business outcomes. Drives analytics and insights across the organisation by developing advanced statistical models and computational algorithms based on business initiatives. Codes, tests and maintains scientific models and algorithms; identifies trends, patterns, and discrepancies in data; and determines additional data needed to support insight. Processes, cleanses, and verifies the integrity of data used for analysis. Use data profiling and visualisation techniques using tools to understand and explain dat...

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    A two-page motivational letter in which you (1) explain why you want to earn a Ph.D. within the ELLIS network and (2) include a research statement describing past research projects and interests as well as the future direction of your research. (Optional...Machine Learning Algorithms Machine Learning Theory Optimization Deep Learning Interactive and Online Learning Reinforcement Learning and Control Computer Vision Computer Graphics Robotics Human Computer Interaction Natural Language Processing Causality Interpretability and Fairness Robust and Trustworthy Machine Learning Quantum and Physics-based Machine Learning Symbolic Machine Learning Computational Neuroscience Earth and Climate Sciences Bioinformatics Health I have a master degree with a project not thesis in "image-e...

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    Hi, I would like to test the Artificial Compressibility Method in MATLAB. It should be quite straightforward to do using collocated mesh, since I would like to use explicit time integration (Explicit Euler). For spatial derivatives, I would like to use central differences. If you feel it is necessary, you helpful to see how they are doing this: p222, 256). This information can be extracted from the previous three grid resolutions mentioned above. Please let me know if you have further questions! - You can validate results using Ghia, U. K. N. G., Kirti N. Ghia, and C. T. Shin. "High-Re solutions for incompressible flow using the Navier-Stokes equations and a multigrid method." Journal of computational physics 48.3 (1982): 387-411. Please let me know if I can clari...

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    Hello, Peter O.! I drew attention to your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss the details in the chat.

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    Main task: translate JS code from website to OpenCL to run on PC using GPU power Operating system: Only Windows 7-11 Supported GPU devices: Nvidea and AMD GPU Programming languages: С/C++ (and those close to them) Program type: Console Source: Main site () Enter the top field: {"data":"jT/M86sHkxLqm0K0//R5s6dRGtuai271Sup5JgT7vZ9isxY9cSlIYI5kanDZFcnwgf2jeUNMvnVH/Zdt6b+b5zxs2tbGDrsTOAIzpvl4p5FQ5V2wTE0XBRV3wwRZrrF6a76AR0Z6m0g3Gk1tHUzo7+kF6fFoma+DZxkyd0Zb34ZyZn0Gq6H+7GgH/pt3lXypihxl34ETvxBHf2rGR6t7rpvD7A6FdcDk6u2uiYiTMBnqVBVIYEta0RD8KkHw","iv":"HuSa0jN+eW/L8Jl/X8bihQ==","salt":"ohwQ4zm5UbfSxf2YSqtbjJZBDL+Xv49Qf2P/8In4vJI="} Enter the password field: Qaz12345 As a result, we get a password from a cryptocurrency wallet [{&qu...

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    Children's video game development Завершено left

    I am looking for a couple of simple kids games that can be played on a touchscreen windows. (ages 5-11). Perhaps either soccer, basketball or PacMan like. Needs to be colorful and simple to score. Uploaded an example of one we currently use but looking to develop 2 to begin with and perhaps as many as five over all in the future. It's for a touchscreen display colorful and simple to score. Uploaded an example of one we currently use but looking to develop 2 to begin with and perhaps as many as five over all in the future. It's for a touchscreen display provided at our location to occupy their time. No sound needed, but plenty of action. Would like our logo displayed as part of the game. Example of a game we use currently:

    $933 (Avg Bid)
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    The final essay must be 1500-words (not including footnotes and bibliography). Your assignment must include footnotes and a bibliography (Chicago style) This assignment encourages you to follow your own interests and start articulating your emerging interests in interior design. You will also develop skills in independent scholarly research.   The ability to develop an argument which is based on evidence and critical reasoning is an important skill for a designer. You will develop these skills in this class through the development of an essay.   An essay presents a well-argued discussion or response to a question or proposition, using analysis and critique of relevant literature and visual analysis. It establishes a proposition or thesis and presents a point of view. T...

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    ...‘segmentation’. Suggestions: 1. For better training the annotated data can be increased by image augmentation, both for the ‘detection’ and ‘segmentation’. Our image data is currently on CVAT. 2. Since we want to use Jetson Nano, we suggest we implement the complete pipeline using DeepStream. 3. We suggest that we use Yolo v5 for the ‘detection’ (or any other model with high accuracy and less computational cost which is compatible with DeepStream). 4. We should find out the most suitable ‘segmentation’ model compatible with Jetson Nano (and DeepStream). 5. Since we want to do live ‘detection’ and ‘segmentation’ of clothes on the conveyor belt, we suggest that we use the tracking module available ...

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    Washington Terrace Elem - FM Завершено left

    Hi Fariz M., I 'm setting up 3 Milestone Payments: 1) $150 Geometry, Schedules, Equipment 2) $125 Calibrate Energy Model to 2019 Utility Usage 3) $175 Parametric Run for EEMs provided after Calibration (3 Parametric Runs)

    $450 (Avg Bid)
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