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    Hi, I need bids/proposals on these two applications: _FTP AUTOMATIC FILE TRANSFER:_The application permits automatic upload and download of a user's files to and from an FTP server. Voice files are automatically uploaded, Voice files are captured from all the folders in a memory stick or digital voice recorder (via a USB port) to a predetermined folder and from there are backed-up t...

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    web based outlook clone Завершено left

    ASP wants to provide outlook type features, calendar, task manager etc. to subscribers. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Exclusive and complete copyri...

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    URGENT... Please only bid if you can complete the job (pretty straightforward job) Following is required: Based upon the VTapi component by Softcab ([войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]) you will need to develop a command line application in VB (no console) that dials a number, when answered it then plays a text to speech message. The VTapi component includes an example that just does that (Predict...

    $25 - $30
    $25 - $30
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    A complete website development.? The web site will provide an interactive price guide for collectors of “Moorcroft?? pottery.? Moorcroft Pottery is a unique type of art pottery which has been produced for over 100 years and is still being produced today. It is highly collectable, with 1000’s of collectors all over the world. 1.? ? ? ? Overview of requirements There are many differ...

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    Web based chat system Завершено left

    As the name suggests. I want something like Liveperson including all facilities that Liveperson gives. You would be resopnsible till the system is up and running. ** ONLY SERIOUS BIDDERS PLEASE!!!** I have a bitter experience when I hired some coders and they came out to be school or college students. And I had to fight on petty things. Furthermore...**You should be online on messengers f...

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    Interface-Based Sample in VB.Net Завершено left

    Hello! I need a working sample, written using VB.Net, implementing a plugin-based application. Specification: - The sample must have a MDI Parent (called frmMain) form with a toolbar that calls a child form (called frmChild). - The frmChild must contain a ListView docked on the left, a panel1 docked on the top and a panel2 with docked property set to fill the form. - The Panel1 must c...

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    I am urgently looking for a VB developer with strong experience with TAPI who can develop following: a command line application written in VB that dials a number and when the phone is answered it then plays a text (by using SAPI, text to speech conversion). There is a component out there named VTapi (by Softcab - [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]) that does just that. I do not wish to buy that compo...

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    E-mail Program like [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] this is what i need: when person A send an email to Person B the email is held up until it is allowed by puting the user on a saflelist. When the person A sends an email to person b the person A will recived and email that will ask person A to verfiy by puting in an code of some sort. the then reply with the code and whrn verfied the email ...

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    Looking for a full hosting site similiar to the one below based around oscommerce. Hosting is windows and linux based in the UK and Usa so this will be a choice for the customer. We are going to offer oscommerce for free installed for free to our customers. The domain name is domainsforall we aim at a very user freindly and easy to understand site i.e domains for everyone. customers should be ...

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    Need a clone of a Flash-driven portfolio scroller used on [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]'s "client list/portfolio/case study" page. Would like for the scroller interface to be set up for 6 links (adjustable for adding or subtracting links later) and a Launch button, all listed along the bottom, with a preloader, all like the one on the referenced website. Finally, would like two ...

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    Web Based Software wanted Завершено left

    Hi, I am looking for someone to find/install a piece of software that is similar to [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] and [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] There will be some customization work potentially. But basically I am looking for a web based piece of software where people can signup for free... they are then emailed when people in their network upgrade... so it motivates them to upgr...

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    CBT ??" Computer Based Training Program I would like to have a simple CBT program made to I can input Questions and Answers into it and be able to use for studying certain Computer Certification Tests. I have tried several tested several CBT's out and instead of having to buy a new one every time I want to study for a new test I would like to be able to just enter my own questions and a...

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    map a drive based on user input Завершено left

    this should be a simple task i would think. All i want is a application that i can copy to a pc that when launched will do this: 1. clear mapped drive p: 2. ask the user for their USER NAME 3. map drive p: to [serverusername][1] 4. end thats it. I have very specific reasons for NOT doing this in windows server group policies. This needs to run on 95/98/me/xp/2000 machines...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    I have a C++ (MFC) control that I need to utilize in a Visual Basic 6 application. Complete C++ source code will be given to you and you will add the necessary steps to convert the C++ code into an ActiveX control. I don't care if ATL or MFC is used, whatever makes the most sense to you. The finished ActiveX control needs to work as a constiutent control within my test ActiveX control. T...

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    Hi, This project will allow me to... 1) Send Annoucements using the built in Windows Messenger Service. I can select objects whether they are computers, users, groups out of AD. I can pick a object by double clicking on it, if I select a OU (such as Finance Office), all the computers are then added. I do want to use the built in Windows Command - Net Send 2) Allow AUP. Basically whe...

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    c based unix Завершено left

    Write a program that will accept the monthly sales for the twelve months of a year. Declare two arrays in main, one for the sales, and one for the the names of the months. Use three additional functions: * One to get the monthly sales and store them in the array * One to print out the average monthly sales, and the name of the month that had the highest sales and the name of the month that ha...

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    PLEASE NOTE; UK ONLY. 7 Positions to be filled! Check us out! We’re the #1 business development company worldwide. Our clients are in the Information Technology Industry. We are present in 18 countries. Our economy of scale makes that no one can compete with us and we are delivering the best value for the $ to our clients and to our members. Are you a highly experienced sales professional? Are you...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    web based activeX installer Завершено left

    I would like someone who has extensive knowledge in vc++ to make me a web based installer which will be very flexible, look good, act simple and do what it is suppose to do. **requirements** : 1) Built using vc++ 6.0 using either ATL or MFC. 2) should be a web based active X control which will download the components, possibility in compoennts will be : 1) creating folders....

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    Simple Web Based Report Завершено left

    I need of a web page [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] that has multiple forms that when updated will spit the updated fields into some data source (db, excel/csv, xml, txt) from which a second web page called [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] will pull those fields to display the data along with the last time the field was updated. Mock ups for [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] and [войдите, чтоб...

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    SQL Based Stock Control Завершено left

    We currently have a website that runs on OSCommerce (Exchange Project) and as such have a fully populated SQL database. What I now need is a simple stock control system using barcodes. I would like to host the SQL server localy and then be able to access the database from any PC on our site. We also need the ability to print barcodes for new products. Front end needs to be reasonably attractive bu...

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    We are a group of software developers. We need a few programmers and designers who can start work in 10 days ,who are proficient and costs reasonable. Basically , you will be added to our team and work under a project leader. All the work will not be given to a single team or coder and we accept mulitple bids. We do not prefer a coder who has several ongoing projects ready to be spoiled w...

    $500 - $1000
    $500 - $1000
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    I would like a clone of [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] What I am looking for is the typical free web based e-mail site with the most popular features. Here are my special requirements. 1. I want the option to e-mail any one or all members of the service to their free e-mail account. 2. I want the option to e-mail any one or all members of the service to their real e-mail address. 3. I wan...

    $60 (Avg Bid)
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    Text Based Role Playing game Завершено left

    **C++ Advanced Programming** **Project proposal** This program in a text based role playing game. The game’s objective is will be to collect particular item(s) and then escape the dungeon by way of a designated exit. At each room, gamer can choose the direction (East,West,South,North) or an action(pick up, use,..etc). By solving the possible problem, picking up the key item(s), or fighting...

    $18 (Avg Bid)
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    Web-based Multiplayer Trivia Завершено left

    I am interested in starting an online multiplayer trivia game. I just wanted to get a feel from you guys about how difficult it would be to do such a thing using ASP. I was in an mIRC chatroom and they had a “trivia bot?? ask questions and whomever answered the question first, got the points. It kept track of the scores for the day, week, and month. Does anyone have any suggestions or ...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    Internet based Fantasy Football Завершено left

    Here's my question.. I am interested in running a totally custom Fantasy Football League, on the Web. I would like to add and drop players, make trades, etc.. through the browser. I'd also like the site to add up the points itself. Very similiar to Yahoo Fantasy Football. A self sustaining site on the tech side. Message boards would be nice. An added bonus would be a salary cap (not...

    $652 (Avg Bid)
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    300551 Mobile Minds Media projects Завершено left

    The attached document outlines the specs or reuirements of the projects

    $600 (Avg Bid)
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    Web-based interaction back-end Завершено left

    Video, Audio, Chat server with multi-thread support and several other specific options. Must be scalable; could need to handle 10's of sessions at a time sustained for long periods of time. Must be made with a focus on dynamic creation. Will be used by an intermediate/advanced web developer as a component of overall website. ## Deliverables Web based 1-on-1 interaction media that must supp...

    $148 (Avg Bid)
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    template based resume service Завершено left

    We want to offer a very simple fill in the blank template based resume service on our web site. It should be simple and easy to use while giving the users options in order to make the resume the best possible it can be. We like shutterfly template for cards...but there are others. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete sourc...

    $156 (Avg Bid)
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    CD-ROM music based application Завершено left

    This project is fairly straight forward. The programmer has to have knowledge of a couple different technologies for multimedia, as well as a fairly good knowledge of music programs like ACID, Cakewalk Sonar or any other audio based recording software. The application will do something very simple. It will read the contents of a CD-ROM which contains audio sound clips in ACID, MP3 and WA...

    $255 (Avg Bid)
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    Our company requires a linux Guru to help us build a custom linux based distribution. The distribution will be labelled as our own and require certain components to be installed. The distribution must have a simple, easy to use gui installer, much like those found on Redhat or Xandros. The distribution must have: - KDE and GNOME libraries installed - Default to the xpde desktop after logon ([войди...

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    Description : Postprocessing of existing postscript output by overlaying a editable form over the Postscript. The output on printer consists of the original output, the form and the data Provided interactively by the user. Program will consist mainly of this parts : formeditor to create forms with a graphical userinterface A form consits of a number of rectangles of variable size and positi...

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    Design a web browser based system to allow the classroom recording and searching of a students attendance record Current system •Requires lecturers to pass around a sheet of paper to be signed •This is later entered into a database in the faculty office. New System •Secure system All areas of the site password protected. ***_Three level of users_*** &bull...

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    Flash Based WebSite Завершено left

    Hi, I need roughly abt 50 page html website, with a flash header, a flash based facility tour, an email link response form along with a logo. I have a website which we can look at remodelling it, h/w I am pretty much looking for a similar kind of a work and not exactly a cut copy paste job. My Company will be a small call centre company and the website which i am suggesting happens to ...

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    Tomcat based Game Application Завершено left

    Quite a simple application, but it does take a bit of understanding to see how it fits into the existing infrastructure. We wish to run an interesting Casino-like game in an auditorium that allows input via keypad. The graphics that will be displayed on the screen are already being developed separately in Flash, using excellent graphic designers. The raw messages coming from the keypads are alrea...

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    This is a three tier, J2EE based email subscription service program. The frontend of the service will be a web tier. A servlet will request the name and email of the new subscriber and at the same time, it will display the list of existing subscribers. The business tier will be an EJB. The EJB will keep the list of existing subscribers and will implement methods to insert a new one and to return t...

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    Web-based Job Scheduler Завершено left

    This is an interactive web program used for job scheduling.? See the attachment for details. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Exclusive and complete co...

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    300265 Server Based Email System Завершено left

    This will be a plain vanilla email system. A data file and a letter file will reside on the Unix server. The data file will contain First Name, Last Name, email address, and several additional fields. The script will read the data file, load the Names into the header, load the email address, and load a canned letter. The script will ignore the additional fields. The data file will be a text file,...

    $40 (Avg Bid)
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    flash based auction Завершено left

    We are looking to develop an online auction tool. Boardly its requirements are a) a seller section where users can set up new auctions and monitor the bidding in existing auctions. b) a bidder section where users can view existing lots and place bids. Auctions will be run over short time frames so a key requirement of the tool is to have a dynamic interface showing new bids in real time. W...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    300168 School based Project! Завершено left

    This project is completely a different then the other projects that you do in everyday life. Its not web development or anything like that. I m basically a lecturer in a college and teach IT and multimedia. Now a days I m preparing/developing a new course for multimedia which is a two year Advanced Diploma of Multimedia. So why I m here???? Basically I have done pretty much have of the co...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    $100 Ср. ставка
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    Web Based CRM Solution Завершено left

    This project consists of the development of a Web Based CRM Solution. In order to effectively complete this project, the developer should have a knowledge of CRM, the banking industry, MS Outlook, MS CRM, and other MS Office products. The developer will definately need to know .net technology and programming. Attached you will find a document containing some more specifics of this project as ...

    $2002 (Avg Bid)
    $2002 Ср. ставка
    15 ставки

    I require articles for my website that deliver great content to visitors and are keenly optimised for search engines. I will require approx 25 one page articles plus various tips and trick lists which all need to be creative / conversational / inspirational in writing style. I will give a brief for each page + keywords and densities. The articles should be between 200 and 800 words. The articles m...

    $62 (Avg Bid)
    $62 Ср. ставка
    8 ставки

    I am looking to develop in PHP a web-based solution for sharing information. More specific details will be provided upon acceptance, however I can say that I will need an experienced PHP programmer who is capable of the following: Password protected logins User level access rights (Admin, superuser, regular user, etc) MySQL and SQL Server (the scripts must be compatible with both) Uploading/Downlo...

    $596 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking to take advantage of the Hyperion Essbase API while incorporating into an Excel based template. Essbase experience required. Basic locking/sending, option selections, calculation selection, printing output, etc. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. This would be an excel file with all rel...

    $100 - $500
    $100 - $500
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    VB/SQL/ASP Projects Завершено left

    I'm looking again today for some coders to work 10-20 hours every week for me on various projects. VB and ASP and SQL Server. Prefer someone who has access to SQL Server on their machine for testing and development. I also have my own SQL interface object/company naming conventions which I will want you to learn to use. Today's project you are bidding on will be a 4 hour VB project...

    $32 (Avg Bid)
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    25 ставки

    Hi I am looking for someone to compile / write articles related to a list of different keywords relating to “home based business??. I will provide the keyword set and keyword density ranges. These articles are for creating content-rich pages to place on a “home based business?? website for the purpose of improving search engine rankings for the entire site. I am interested in c...

    $21 (Avg Bid)
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    3 Domain Name Projects in 1 Завершено left

    Hello, I seek to purchase "brand new" and "original" custom scripts created in Perl, CGI, PHP, MySQL or any combination of these, in that my host provides support for these. Note the emphasis on ORIGINAL, the scripts CANNOT exist but rather must be brand new with NO OTHER individuals or groups having copies of them. I will not purchase existing code, especially if its...

    $148 (Avg Bid)
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    2 ставки

    I require a TradeStation 7.x trading strategy that implements the system found on [[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]][1] ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request....

    $30 - $200
    $30 - $200
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    Flash or Html based pages Завершено left

    I have a programme for designing forms and reports (Seagate Crystal Ver 8.0) for VB 6. The programme designs the form writes code, designs the report. The images and breif description of the programme is included I need a flash movie or multiple HTML pages for putting on the web site for advt. Preferably it should be flash movie. In case of movie if the size increases the file shoul...

    $38 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for someone with a fairly good knowledge of PHP and MySQL a web-based application for DESIGNING Internet-based market research survey sites ? both front end and back end (database). The site should provide the administrator with user-friendly interface where he would be able, for each page of the survey, to (1) enter the question (up to 10 questions per page), (2) select the type of c...

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    Graphic Based on Brainwashing Завершено left

    I need a fairly good quality picture depicting a demon standing over an individual with his hands over his head, appearing to suck something out of his head (IE smoke/mist). Most of this can be whatever you'd like to do, I just have these basic requirements, although I can be more specific if requested. Again, this shouldn't turn out very complicated, huge elaboration is not needed ...

    $69 (Avg Bid)
    $69 Ср. ставка
    5 ставки