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    I recently launched my new web site and now I need help to optimize parts of it to get me top 10 results in all major search engines. You should be able to suggest keywords, changes in text on the site to improve keyword frequency, and also submit it into the engines. You tell me what engines you will submit to. After you successfully got my site indexed at high ranking, you should continue to sup...

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    Time countdown Завершено left

    I need a script that will countdown the time (not day and year,but hours mins and secs only) to a particular event Mon - Fri only. I want this to reset after the event has arrived and start the countdown all over again. I need this so I can configure it to countdown several events. I have 6 different internet radio broadcast mon-fri that I want to use this for. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and f...

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    78103 Minisite Headers Wanted Завершено left

    I am building a collection of minisite templates, for clients to edit and add their own text. The templates are all similar, but with different headers. I have made some headers myself, but I need more. These are jpg's with dimensions 600x120pix(approx) They can be plain, or contain images of business people/computers/money. You can view some examples of these at:- [войдите, чтобы посмотре...

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    Servlet/JDBC/DOM Завершено left

    This application had been working in PHP and need your help to move it to java/xml. Every single file has been written, and should probably be about ready for debugging to getting the whole thing working. I appreciate your time and energy in reviewing my request. PROJECT FILES: (will all be sent in a zip file to you) #collections/[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] collection of User objects #objects/...

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    78149 Mortgage Forms and ASP App Завершено left

    Need 3 Active Server Pages (ASP) forms with a MS Access database backend. The forms data needs to be submitted to 4 e-mail addresses as well as stored in the database. The data must be accessible from an administrative section of a website using a username and login. Also, the 4 e-mail addresses need to be able to be changed from the administrative part when logged in. Each of the 3 forms need to...

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    78181 data base and feed + Завершено left

    I need to replace my current cgiemail with similar, this upgrade should log information into a data base at the same time continue to allow send the emails directly to me so that I can continue to update my results pages by hand, At the same time I should like to create a feed so that I can replace my 'by hand' listings at some time in the future. I shall need the feed (and the data co...

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    Net Radio Scheduler Завершено left

    We have a windows media server (v9) and wish to have scheduled show base script that will dynamically create ASX files depending on the time. (UK) Most of the time the net radio station will play a default random play list which is hard coded on the media server. At certain times we want to schedule pre-recorded shows to be played is if they were live. We have 8 audio channels playing different ty...

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    MS Access 97 Database Setup Завершено left

    I need a database set up that will run in Access 97 for a small advertising company that rents ads on bus-stop benches. Here's what I envision: I need a screen where I input my company's information 1. Company Name 2. Company Address 3. City State Zip 4. Phone I need to input data about each bench. 1. Bench Number 2. Bench Location 3. Date Placed in Service 4. A radio button or check box...

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    ASP Web Based Exam Application Завершено left

    I need an online testing application. The application should allow for classes, instructors, students, tests. There will be one instructor for every class. Instructors can have multiple classes. Students can take multiple classes. Both students and instructors are required to log in. When instructors log in, they can only see their classes, students and tests. When students log in, they can only s...

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    Socket program in JAVA Завершено left

    Socket program in JAVA, which a GUI version and support multi-thread on blocking I/O. Requirement. 1) GUI has system parameter panel providing the fields >peer hostname name >peer port >local hostname name >local port >refresh rate in ms >packet size (bytes) >Sending Rate (bps) >no. of packet to send >Two radio button, namely TCP and UDP. 2) GUI has statistcs display pan...

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    "EASY MONEY" for experienced programmers! this is a basic project which uses php on an apache server with an ms access databse. The databse has three main tables vocal samples, abstract samples, instrumental sample. the user info table. i have createdthe basic tables as a relational databse..which will giv me userid with e-mail with the type of sample. ie tab vocal..or tab intrumental! t...

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    I know how to use Dreamweaver very well and have created many websites in it. I make my living as a freelance webdesigner doing very artsy static websites for my clients. I would like to expand on my skillset and have someone teach me how to use Macromedia Dreamweaver MX to code some Dynamic websites. The technology i expect to use (because i am vaguely familiar with it) is MS ACCESS, DREAMWEAVER,...

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    HTML madlibs Завершено left

    Web page 1, [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] This is a static page in the public_html subdirectory . This page offer the user a choice of at least three stories. The use will select a story with a radio button and then submit the choice to the Perl cgi script that will generate the second page. Web page 2 This page is generated by a Perl cgi script you will write and store in cgi-bin The script wil...

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    IQ Test website Завершено left

    Hello, my website provide a chatting platform for Arab Youth. I want to add a new one page IQ Test related to current affairs, containing 50 questions of common sense. The questions are not difficult. They are very logical and I will send a copy of those questions to selected bidders for their comments. I would need your idea to implement the IQ test in most effective [войдите, чтобы посмотреть UR...

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    IQ Test website: Iraq vs USA Завершено left

    Hello, my website provide a chatting platform for Arab Youth. I want to add a new one page IQ Test, containing 50 questions of common sense. View attached document for the list of those questions. Over here I need your idea. I want to make this IQ test interactive. You can add nice prompts or you can add radio buttons etc. I would like to see something interesting that inspires the vistiors. Next ...

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    $100 - $500
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    Form handling Завершено left

    We need a form with 10 text fields and 3 radio buttons. The text for each radio button contains a description and a price. {radiobutton} product x - $10 {radiobutton} product y - $10 {radiobutton} product z - $15 By clicking a "send order" button then the following should happen; 1) The form with all information will be mailed to a specific e-mail address. 2) The user will be diverted to...

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    XML-based database Завершено left

    This is a very simple project idea, with many similar sytems already [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] is a popular format for storing references to research( books, articles, journals etc. Please see LaTex Users Manual for other set types of research)along with a say a URL to where the paper may be found. BibTeX, a flat file format stores these references. Using this as a guide, generate an XML DTD...

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    I want to sell several products of the same type on my website. The products are printed reports. I have an Access database that contains 1 table ("reports") and that table contains 3 fields: "report_name", "no_pages"(the number of pages in the report), and "content_link"(a page on the web that shows a sample of the report). When users open my "products...

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    I am looking for a VB6 programmer that can fix up this program. The program allows you to load an image and compress it into a class and then saves the image in a compressed format to disk. I am having trouble loading the uncompressing the image and displaying it in a picture box. The program uses a [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] The programmer will need to add a few modifications to the interfac...

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    DoubleLinkedSequence Завершено left

    To understand how to implement an ADT with a Linked List. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Implementation of DoubleLinkedSeq class In this assignment, you will implement the ADT sequence as a class called DoubleLinkedSeq. Double specifies the type of the elements in the sequence; Linked indicates the data structure for storing the elements; and Seq i...

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    sound card software gui/ drivers Завершено left

    Looking for coder to re-write software, drivers, gui for existing sound card located at [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] pdf manual [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] or you may use a soundcard of your own choice. The requirements are: 8 outputs- output 1- mono sub woofer- with adujustmest for level, and frequency managment output 2- center channel- with adujustmest for level, and frequency managment ...

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    Survey Generator Завершено left

    1.I do a number of periodic market research surveys for my company, and I want to automate/web-enable my surveys. I need a survey generator to: -create surveys -define questions/answers -publish the surveys to my site -collect results in a MySQL database -display survey results to users The follow is an initial list of screens/requirements. Each screen is linked to a prototype with more info about...

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    A program, that must be written in the "Scheme" programming language, that: -allows users to input the graph by adding vertices and edges with their weights.[core] -keeps a collection of algorithms and allows users to compute them on the inputted graph. (such as : Depth-First Search, Breadth-First Search, Topological sort, and dijkstra's)[core] -returns the shortest or best path for...

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    Access database help needed Завершено left

    This work is for an Access database issue. I have a database in Access with 600,000 business names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. My problem is there are several duplicates in the database that I need to pull out, and I am looking for an automated way to do this as much as possible. I do not want to go through all 600,000 records to find duplicates. Some examples of records are a...

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    78572 Scripts for Sell Завершено left

    ello This is a project which will be of interest to many programmers I have a huge collection of cgi scripts. cgi scripts for all purposes Dating script web based email script Mailing List Management and Autoresponder Script Classified script Website Builder scripts Domain availability and whois script Bulletin Board Chat Scripts Auction Scripts Shopping Cart Website Replicator Affiliate Managemen...

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    Text file generated in report format, would like to extract 'pieces' of data from the report and write to a table in Access. Example of 1 page from report with header on each page (sorry but the text is wrapping when it is posted here): DATE 02/25/03 ABC HATTANOOGA PAGE 1 TIME 10:38AM LIST OF COLLECTION ACCOUNTS SELECTED RESIDENTIAL CALL LIST 2/25/2003 CUSTOMER # CUST NAME METER # COLLEC...

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    Protected Artwork Distribution Завершено left

    I need someone to develope a Royalty Fee Collection system for distributing Artwork. I am selling an inkjet printing system to print car tags (license plates). I will sell CD’s that contain various artist artwork, these artist will collect a Royalty Fee when their artwork is printed on the car tag. I need a software program to run on the users computer that will Keep track of all print-outs ...

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    Mouse UP/Down VB6 Завершено left

    I am currently using the following code to detect if a left or right mouse button has been pressed using a VB6 application that is hidden. The problem I am having is if the user holds the mouse button down I get more results then I want. So I am looking for a way to detect a mouse button up and mouse button down for the left or right mouse button. 1. Create a VB6 Application that can detect an up ...

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    Easy LISP program Завершено left

    Small LISP program. Read in a line of positive integers (only integers, no char's or neg.). The max number that can be read is 20. The first number specifys the number of integers that will be entered. Here is one possible list. 8 20 4 20 4 120 0 321 20 Then output the list Forward, Backward, sorted, the sum, the min, the max, the second largest, and the frequency. The frequency for the ...

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    LAN (TCP/IP) Properties Changer Завершено left

    Hello I have a network of a number of computers, that have windows 2000 Pro, and a main server (Win 2000 Server with AD). i use group policy objects to secure my network. each computer has a network card, and the ip address, subnet mask, gateway and 3 DNS entries. I want a program that i can use to clear all entries of my LAN (TCP/IP) connection properties for specific computers that i can choose ...

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    Ver easy LISP assignment. Завершено left

    I need a very small program in LISP. Read in a line of positive integers (only integers, no char's or neg.). The max number that can be read is 20. The first number specifys the number of integers that will be entered. Here is one possible list. 8 20 4 20 4 120 0 321 20 Then output the list Forward, Backward, sorted, the sum, the min, the max, the second largest, and the frequency. The f...

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    Really cool product logo needed Завершено left

    I need a really eye-catching and memorable logo for a new company product. It needs to be a GIF file, approx 162 x 67 pixels, with a transparent background or, if not possible then the following colour background(R:25,G:39,B:115). Various other sizes and background colours will also be required. The product name is "GText" (note the case). The product itself is a software package for sen...

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    MP3 Radio Playlist Program Завершено left

    I need to find an mp3 playlist program that can do the following if it exists: 1.) Allow the user to set a number of times a specific mp3 file appears in a playlist to be played. 2.) Takes an audio file(.wav) from a specific folder on the desktop and places it after every mp3 file in the playlist. 3.) Assign some sort of rule prohibiting repeats of this duplicated mp3 file in a playlist (within a ...

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    Management 2 Завершено left

    Begin to build the Contact Management System. a. Part 1: Create a Microsofe Access database with the following fields: Id number, date added, last name, First name and middle initial, address, city, state, Zip code, telephone number 1, telephone number 2, fax number, and e-mail address b. Index the database on the Id number and last name + first name, so that the database can be searched by Id or ...

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    jsp bank Завершено left

    Provide a form to input a date, radio buttons (Check or Deposit) and the amount of transaction and a Submit button. A jsp that displays an account consisting of Account#, Name of owner and balance of account using the values of a java object instantiated by a servlet. Upon initial load of the server, there are zero transactions. Performs session tracking and displays in a table the transactions th...

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    Windows base utilities needed Завершено left

    I need a collection of utilities. Browser Popup blocker(needs to work on IE & Netscape), eMail Havester, IP Harvester, Mass eMailer, eMail Manager, IP Ad sender, etc... Here are some of the details. All programs need to be built in VB6. Each program must have the following: ============================= 3 day limited demo version for each program. Each program should install the following: .ex...

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    HTML to PDF Generator Завершено left

    I have a web based software application developed in IIS and ASP. The program is accessed via the internet using a secure connection. The application allows users to create documents using an html editing tool. I would like the user to be able to click a button and have the file converted to PDF format and then either displayed and/or emailed to them. I will handle the email portion but I need som...

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    Home Inspection Software Завершено left

    We need to rebuild our current inspection software: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] to download and preview what we have now. This software was built using Filemaker Pro and we are not interested in continuing with this platform. A few very important aspects of the new software would be usability on multiple hardware systems (desktops, laptops, handhelds, PDAs) Reestriction of use to either a mont...

    $13149 (Avg Bid)
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    VB Screen designer Завершено left

    I have some code that needs to be put together. I have module/class that is essentially a blank VB form and allows users to create controls on that form on the fly the controls should be able to be positioned and colors set and basic properties set. These details can then be saved in a database table (via an ADO connection) to with a form design name. The user should then be able to run the progra...

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    Web Page Graphics & Template I am putting to gather a RC “Radio Controlled?? Classifieds Ad web site. The site name will be [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] On this project I will need a good logo for the [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] site And two web page templates, one with low graphics for customers with slow internet speeds, and one with more spicy or more graphical for customers wi...

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    Develop an Access-based database to collect Survey information from the field. Survey Questions use a weight scoring model. Some question are rating (1-5) and others are amounts based on a form calculation. Must track Date, Location, Supervisor, Assessor also. Historical survey must be able to be retrieved at a later time with the correct questions and scoring that were in place at the time of the...

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    Bear Завершено left

    BEAR (A Question Answering Program) I would like a general purpose question answering and reporting program. All of the questions are range questions. That is, the answers fall within a range. See the example below. The program accepts four lists as input; the category of each set of questions, the questions themselves and the names of the upper and lower bounds of the answers. Example: Category: ...

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    Create a usercontrol that dynamically updates it property values from a bound collection with no reliance on a timer in the container form or iterating through the [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] collection doing a "for each ctrl". The user should be able to drop the control on a form during runtime. Right clicking will bring up a property page that will allow the control to be bound to ...

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    Need PHP MySQL Database Завершено left

    I need a PHP/MySQL database of dolls, which will allow the end user to "login" to his/her account, be able to build a "collection" of dolls and grade them "open" or "sealed" along with a price. There must also be a place for a trading/selling forum where members can put dolls up for sale/trade and other members can make postings of dolls they are looking for...

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    78980 Internet Radio Playlist Info Завершено left

    I need a script for my web site that can return the song and artist for a 24/7 streaming radio station hosted by I have seen the stats on other sites who have such a script. I'd like it to say something like: "Currently playing "(song title)" by (artist name)." My station is streamed from a static IP address on the host's server. I want to be able to alter ...

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    Assignment #1 Begin to build the Contact Management System. a. PART I: Create a Microsoft Access database with the following fields: ID Number Date Added Last Name First Name and Middle Initial Address (2 lines) City State ZIP Code Telephone Number 1 Telephone Number 2 Fax Number E-mail Address b. Index the database on the ID Number and Last Name + First Name, so that the database can be searched ...

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    royalty-free images Завершено left

    We need royalty-free images with people for our specific categories on the sites. 4-6 images per topic. If you have a large photo collection, we are interested. Plase make sure that everything is legal - no copyrights violation! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that wi...

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    tracking web presence with outlook Завершено left

    This program automatically and regularly scan the web (using the data of a crawler) to figure out if one's contact are referenced. For each contact, the list of presence on the web are stored, with their entering date; it is also possible to know all the pages where other contacts of the database are mentioned. Environment: a contact manager (Outlook), with its scripting language (VB), access...

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    Goto [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] to download the project because the project is too big to upload to this site. For this project I need help with testing the multiplayer games and giving suggestions for improving the game. I am not planning on selling the package. What I plan to do is to distribute it to family and friends. I know the single player games work. I even know the multiplayer games...

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    Net Radio Airplay Winamp Plugin Завершено left

    See zip file attachment. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Windows 98

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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