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    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Some of you already answer us and requested the CATIA API. If bidders has no CATIA installed on their system they are not able to use this API. This API is called CAT/Geo and it is freely included inside Installation package of CATIA. 2 possibilities for the bidders : => They have CATIA V5R11 (or any else release of V5 : it is the same). So they can use the CAT/Geo ...

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    E-Commerce Website. Завершено left

    We require a stylish ecommerce website for a confectionery company selling chocolates. The site would detail the history, shop and product range. The site would take credit cards offline VIA SSL. The theme would be sell chocolate in various box sizes and flavours. If you are competent with using an [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] package that would be OK. If you copy and paste your resume withou...

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    73800 PHP Website Завершено left

    I need a website built in PHP. The site is goingto be UK based. It is going to be a sort of raffle site. Where people pay money through paypal and then are entered into a draw, the winner is selected at random when the correct number of tickets have been bought from each particular raffle. The raffles will be set into 4 cats. Bronze Prizes, Silver Prizes, Gold Prizes and Platinum Prizes. On thes...

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    We need a web page and banners designed. I will provide copy to be used in the creation.

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    Using the Acrobat SDK the new code will allow the opening of a password protected PDF and control the reading and printing processes.

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    'I now doing a digital control on the ball and beam apparatus(CE106) using CE120. However I not too sure on writing a Turbo C software codes to interface with CE106. Attached are the relevant *.C and *.h files to interface with CE120. I would be really appreciate if anybody could write good documentation software that includes the reading and writing adc and dac channel.( can have an attached...

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    Poultry Program Завершено left

    Poultry Farm Program I am looking for a poultry program to keep up with my poultry or animals. I want to keep up with them from the Time the eggs are laid to the time the chicks reach adult hood or until I sell them or they die. I will need the complete history of them their health issued and their genealogy. I also want to keep up with my customers and their orders if the item that they are pu...

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    E-procurement system Завершено left

    I am lookig for a coder that would be able to come up with an e-procurement system based on either ASP or Coldfusion. It should be something similar to a online shopping site but in this case, it is meant for a company to place orders with a vendor with regards to their needs, be it office or production. Log in for authorised personnel to place orders and for a administrator is neccesary. Thes...

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    Database Help in VB 6.0 Завершено left

    I am looking for someone to tutor me on database programming in Visual Basic 6.0. I have done plenty with SQL in ASP pages and other dos languages but not really in VB yet. I need to work with databases and tables in VB 6.0 and after reading many times on it, I get so confused with ADO, DOA, etc. And I assume I will be using an Access database because its not going to be setup to have MSSQL or an...

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    73906 Header Footer Design Urgent Завершено left

    1. ) Header/footer for A limo Website. Urgent. May be if possible get it done today. The sample link is given below. [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] 2. ) A header foorter is needed for You have full freedom to design it as per your wish. The whole idea is to make the design look good .. Add a server image with a girl. Should look very professional website.

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    1 Introduction Reading files from disk is a costly operation - usually at least 10ms of time. In constrast, reading data from memory is much cheaper - usually less than a microsecond. Accordingly, operating systems typically set aside a portion of the computer’s RAM to cache recently read files. While the amount of RAM is much smaller than size of a disk drive, if many files are accessed re...

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    Hi, I’m looking to create an autonomous obstacle avoidance robot. Unfortunately at the moment I’m having problems. I have a microchip PIC16F872 which I wish to program to receive information from two ultrasonic and two infrared sensors calculate the distance of the robot to an obstacle and then send this information through a USB module to the robots on board laptop. I know this soun...

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    Resume formatting/editing/writing Завершено left

    Hello, The projects: - you will receive content from me in the form of raw text files. This is content I will collect from client, by conducting an interview, collecting form information, and otherwise gathering resume content. ~ you will format this content into a Word template that I provide. Basically, this will be cutting and pasting info, tweaking it, arranging it logically, stringing ...

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    73997 Who's Online Завершено left

    I want to be able to include a php document at the top of the .php pages on my website that tracks how many people are online (which can be set to within a number of minutes ie: within last 10 minutes to allow for people who are just reading one long page for example). Here's what it should be able to track: Within last X minutes (set by webmaster) -------------- Number of people (unique IP)...

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    ADVERTISE FREE HERE Завершено left

    Promotional Advertisers Needed Advertise with us for free for one year. We are looking to add 270+ banner adverts to our 27 country-communities and 1050+ TV adverts globally. [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] is a young portal for sports, organizations, students and more with over 2,000+ hits in 3 months for only one sport. We are finishing the other 7 areas and 4 sports by the end of May. Wh...

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    3 months full time web junior Завершено left

    We are looking for someone within easy daily travel distance from Reading (J12 M4) close to rail station and good bus links from town centre. Require someone with a good working knowledge of HTML, Dreamweaver and Fireworks (some on job training will be given) to provide in house work for 3 months during a very busy period. Other skills that would be useful are: Some idea of dynamic sites (Cold...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    site design Завершено left

    Merchant Zoo website needs clean, simple home page design based on existing logo and header tabs (these will be included along with content). Merchant Zoo has two main sections (Merchants and Affiliates). The home page is where the user needs to clearly understand that they need to choose either the Affiliate section or the Merchant section to find out more information. We want this choice to...

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    Articles writer Завершено left

    I need somebody to write for me around 35-40 articles regarding my software. (My english really sucks... and because of that) I can give you all m software infos, you will only must to write the article based on my needs. I also requering that this page will be SEO enables ( I mean have as many given keywords as posible, like business, e-comerce... script and so on) Also the article...

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    Programming Assignment from the book : Introduction to computer grafics, of Foley. from Exercises 2-13, 2-16 **1) Implement the pull-down menu package whose high-level design is given in the following pseudo-code fragments. The menu bar and menu bodies should be initialised by reading strings from an input file.** ***(a) high-level interaction scheme for menu handling*** ***(b) *** ***perfo...

    $15 - $20
    $15 - $20
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    **These exercises are from the book:** . "Introduction to Computer Graphics" of Foley, from Exercises 2-13, 2-16 . **1) Implement the pull-down menu package whose high-level design is given in the following pseudo-code fragments. The menu bar and menu bodies should be initialised by reading strings from an input file. *(a) high-level interaction scheme for menu handling*** ***(b)...

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    What i need to do here is send an array that is build client side using VB Script to the server. So, in a .NET project, i have an .aspx page that contains VB Script. This vb script builds an array that i want to store in a database, however to store it in the database i need to access the contents of the array from the server side code. Hosting a webservice would be perfectly fine! Ple...

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    english essay Завершено left

    write an essay in which you explain the reaction of a particular race or group of people to an "outsider" or "outsiders" who might accidentally enter its "space". use your experiences, observations, and reading as sources of information. for example, how might a black community react to seeing a pakistani family move in? how might a white suburban neighborhood react u...

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    74226 Reading AV Def Files Завершено left

    An application that will decrypt files from AVG definition Files so that the structure of the files can be understood.

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    Crawling Завершено left

    Web Crawling utility that crawls a specific site, parses the data according to a template, and then inserts the extracted data into a database. Inputs (with examples given): URL Root: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] Starting Integer: **10000** Ending Integer: **10100 **Wait Interval: **2** Template name: **[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]** Destination database: **testdb** Destination...

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    I need 3 very basic hash table functions - written in C and compiled using gcc: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]() - to create a hash table [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]() - lookup item in the table and return a pointer to it if it's there, or a flag representing it's absence [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]() - insert item into table This is to be part of a lexical analysi...

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    This is a school project that I would like to get the best code possible for. I need to write a program which uses the CArray class to create an array of pointers to [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] a progam a program to instantiate one as a Dog and another as a Cat. The program must be written in Visual Basic C++, using MFC. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) ...

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    Dear Scriptlance Programmers and Partner Companies, Please do not bid if you doesn't know anything about third party billing business solution because it takes too much time on explain what is all about. I need a complete the Clone of [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] or Most of feature must be available. Additional bank gateway must be functional such as Authorizenet, Linkp...

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    5 simple Java applications Завершено left

    Hi, Am a university student and I've alot of pressures from other modules and I need someone to code 5 simple Java applications using simple coding, it's not that I can't do them, but it's just time is not on my side. It's an assesed work with a deadline approaching soon so serious bidders only please, once the bid finishes I'll post you the details of each appli...

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    74321 Web Design, hosting services Завершено left

    Looking for a site design for a web hosting company who also offers services such as sharepoint,, and soon game servers. Some work now, more to come. Have a few sites want to intergrate the same look accross them, but initially only concerned with this site. As the other ones are temporarly on hold. I do not want a template, but to give an example of a site I very much like is: [войди...

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    Cat Program Завершено left

    The following will need to be completed in C++ I will need it completed no later than 2/15/04. + Write a program that places a cat into a pen, which can hold up to seven cats, each time a key (e.g. Enter key) is pressed. + Each cat is an object instantiated from class Cat??"defined in file cats.h + Each cat object, when dynamically instantiated, randomly choose a fur color (black, gray, or br...

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    I need an e-Commerce Solution and clone of The new site should have a MySQL database and PHP so that the there is an admin section to upload product images, descriptions, prices and weather the product is “In-Stock?? or “Out-of-Stock.?? The database should also save customer information and automatically create a customer number. After each other the customer succe...

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    CD storage device program Завершено left

    I own 3 “Century Cd?? cd storage units from project lab. The program that comes with them really sucks. The Search isn’t and the program doesn’t store any of the contents of the CD’s I want a program to store all the contents on the CD by reading it before it is put in the storage device. It has to work with at least 4 of these units and I prefer more. It has to be able to ...

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    Data-CD database Завершено left

    A Java SWING-AWT based program to read a directory (CD-name, path, file, date, time) and save it into a SQL database (mc-koi). The program has to: 1) provide a user-interface which folder to start reading (and descend into subdirectories) 2) provide a user-interface (like Windows explorer) to browse the database- that is to browse a CD which is not mounted on the computer (off-line browsing). ...

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    serial port data to table Завершено left

    I am purchashing a device that outputs data as an ASCII string ID# ,followed by followed by a Charater Return (Hex 0D = 13) and then a Line Return (hex 0A = 10)thru a serial port, I need a Visual Basic 6 program to be able to append this data with a time and date stamp then report this information in a table format. This program has to run on an XP MACHINE as a fully-functional working program(s) ...

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    Vector Charcters (animatable) Завершено left

    I need someebody to make at least 5 characters in flash to save as swf's, i will need to have then animatable and cartony. It is to be put in software for children age 12-16, the characters will be as follows: - A teacher x3(owl, dog, cat) - A chicken - A bear (cool bear, shades etc) all these characters will be humanoid meaning they will be in the same shape as humans but have differnt fea...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    I would like to develop a free tool / feature / gift that webmasters would be able to use on their own websites. The tool can be anything and should be of general appeal with benefits that are easily understood. I am completely open to suggestion ??" the tool / feature / gift can be downloadable or hosted on my server (providing bandwidth requirement not too high). Please reply with details...

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    **Ecommerce website ASP.NET VB.NET SQL 2000** Focused on vehcile hire and fleet management service. Programmed in **Visual [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL], Active Server [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] and Microsoft SQL Server 2000** as its database. **Code will be CLEARLY documented** with clear descriptions of what each section does, this is so i can clearly understand and after readin...

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    witing to ini files in Завершено left

    hi Coders I am in need of any solution, by which I could configure a windows service from an interface. basically I have a windows service in running which updates the db every 15 minutes, I need to configure it so the user can enter date and time from the interface when the service should start and end. I have been advised by someone that its possible only by writing to ini file and ...

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    File reading and parsing in C Завершено left

    The functions I require are as follows: Language: C Platform: ALL 1)File opener & parser The function opens a file (name supplied by another function) and parses it. The data contained in the file is in the following format: RESSOURCES { id;Nom ressource;commentaire quelconque; ...... } RESA { id;date;heure debut;heure fin;nom du demandeur; } The useful information is the lines that start with...

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    74571 Click Counter Завершено left

    I have a MySQL database that holds data from URL's being clicked. MySQL Table Fields: "id" "name" "cat" "url" "target" "clics" Another table: "id" "date" -(date field has a timestamp) WHAT I NEED: A php page with a table titled with each table field title and then display ALL the data in the table. I would lik...

    $40 (Avg Bid)
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    Hits and Misses Завершено left

    Questions #1: Computer the number of hits & misses if the subsequent list of addresses is applied to caches with the following organisations. i. 128 byte 1-way cache with 16 bytes per line (direct mapped) ii. 128 byte 2-way set associative cache with 16 bytes per line iii. 128 byte 4-way set associative cache with 16 bytes per line iv. 128 byte 8-way associative cache with 16 bytes pe...

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    Hiqh Quality Web Template Завершено left

    I am looking for someone whom can create very very very high quality website templates. These should be of the quality of [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] or even better! Each design should consist of: Home Page - This page should include a nice flash intro header at the top that is animated with music. The text within the flash intro music be able to be edited by using a text document. T...

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    74621 OSCommerce Modding Завершено left

    This project is to add the latest versions of the following contrib mods to OSC (CVS Version): OSC-Affiliate [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL],158 Order Editor [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL],1435 Giftlist [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL],1736 Administrators [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL],1/page,2 Cancelled Ord [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL],1744/page,5 Cat Descriptio [войдите, чтобы посмотреть UR...

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    74657 free lance Завершено left

    Looking for a well made freelance script in php with all rights to it. I am willing to share the rights as well, I want one that is already made, i want the script wihout bugs and simular to scriptlance php and the script must have been made with good coding that includes comments thru out it. Now with me sharing these rights, the cost should be to costly. Please leave demo urls in private message...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
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    Copywriting and Proof Reading Завершено left

    Need help with copywriting and proofreading of a new website. We have most material on an old website but would like to have some additional material on the new website and also have the material that is brought over from the old website proofread and improved. The actual work is quite minor, however we expect superb quality so native speaking English is a requirement. THE SCOPE OF THE WORK I...

    $55 (Avg Bid)
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    74679 Gallery Maker Завершено left

    It would be beneficial if you have experience in the adult industry before reading on. I need a script that will allow me to create individual thumbnail galleries to submit to TGPs It needs the following features. I can upload content via ftp in to a content directory. In the content directory will be sub directories depending on the niche of the content i.e. Teens, BBW, Mature etc. Within each ...

    $150 (Avg Bid)
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    Design and implement Webserver Завершено left

    Design and Implement a Web Server program that can understand (part of)HTTP and can return pages to real client like netscape or explorer. Requirements: 1)It will be in C++ running on a Unix system, 2)It will return pages to real clients, 3)It will be a concurrent server able to process more than one request in parallel using Threads not processes again using Threads not processes. 4)all socket I...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Translation Завершено left

    I have a small number of text in english to be translated to a number of language. Namely : Arabic,Danish,French,German,Greek,Indonesian,Italian, Netherlandish,Polish,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish I will accept bid for those who can convert individual language. Will need to accept the language for proof reading before paying. Please do not think of using online translator because i have trie...

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    74712 job site/portal Завершено left

    I need a complete website design of a job portal for English Teachers around the world. It needs to serve the same purpose as the site [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] but has to be way more attractive and less busy looking if possible. The banner layouts should be similar as well. Please have a look at the site before bidding. Please have a look at the job listings under (search database) especial...

    $800 (Avg Bid)
    $800 Ср. ставка
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    74763 Free Templates Needed Завершено left

    Hello, we are starting a free templates website and are looking for 500+ website templates to offer on the site. We do not plan on selling these templates, but giving them away. If you have some good quality templates sitting around that you've developed in the past, then now is a good chance to group them all together and get some quick and easy cash for them. Here are the requirements:...

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