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    IT Consultancy Company, specializing in IT Architecture and IT Technical Solution Design and Implementation for the Private and Public Sectors. Business name is: Nucleus Consulting Limited

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    Project for Nucleus S. Завершено left

    Hi Nucleus S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Capability Statement Завершено left

    We are updating our capability statement and want to show how we can assist businesses and explaining the services that form part of an overall service, Facilities Management. The image will have facilities management as the centre or nucleus with the following points branching off. Communication, Business and Finance, Business Continuity, Property Management, Human Factor, Quality, Operations a...

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    Good afternoon all! We would like 2no. videos in MP4 created - clean and simple. Please include the Adobe Premier Pro file. 1) The ATOM logo requires the outer dot (proton) to circle the nucleus. 2) A clean loading logo as attached - similar to Apple's loading wheel or Windows loading symbol. You have free 'reign' over design and creativity. Similar to attached for inspiratio...

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    Design of product box packaging Завершено left

    The packaging box is made of 2 pieces (top cover and bottom – see attached). Box Color will be all Matte Black. All PRINT will be in SHINY finish so it will stand out against the Matte Black background. Top of Box Cover: Put an outline of the product ‘NUCLEUS Central Core Pro’ diagonally across the top of the box. Using SHINY BLACK print, the product would look like it is &...

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    We want to study the movements of cells. For this, we have a series of images taken under an optical microscope at the rate of one frame per second; each series contains 60 images, which are in the same directory. The cells (we see 30 in the photographed field), about 10 μm in diameter, are colored so that their membranes appear in green and their nucleus in blue. The objective of this project ...

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    Cell Biology You are required to write an illustrated report that includes the sections outlined below. Section 1 Show that you understand basic cell structure by providing written commentary that covers the following criteria. You should use diagrams and/or comparison tables to support your commentary where appropriate. • Discuss the selected characteristics of living cells. • Compar...

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    Very basic project. Need entirely base electron-forge project with working publish and autoupdate functionality. I will provide you with a nucleus server to get publish/update info from.

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    The deliverable is a working English language ROM for the Xiaomi Mi Bunny (MITU) Watch 2 that supports Australian mobile networks. The phone runs on the Mediatek MT62xx platform, running the ‘Nucleus OS’ operating system (I believe). This is a pre-Android smartwatch, very popular amongst Chinese smartwatch makers. THIS IS NOT AN ANDROID SMARTPHONE I can provide URLs offering more i...

    $9 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Watch App development Завершено left

    We are looking for a developer with the understanding that has developed Smart Watch applications. The platform is for IOS and Android the app needs to run on the Smartwatch platform as well nucleus io and android watches.

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    Build me a Project or software Завершено left

    "Automate the process of nucleus detection in microscopy images" I want this project with machine learning..

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    3D model for a plant cell Завершено left

    I need a 3D model of a plant cell shown in the picture, but need only nucleus, mitochondria and cloroplast. should be able to use it in power point.

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    We have a new clothing brand which name is CUASAR. Cuasar means is a galactic nucleus. You can read about Cuasar from here: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] We want a logo relevant with clothing and Cuasar also...

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    Nucleus, central management system, is an award-winning 3D unified management system that provides the most comprehensive situation awareness for smart buildings and cities.

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Project for Nucleus S. Завершено left

    Hi noorudheen123, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. call me on 66366939.

    $5 - $5 / hr
    $5 - $5 / hr
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    Java development Завершено left

    '[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] Right here I'd like it brought up to API 7.1; I and if it can't already I'd like to beable to apply a color change to the portals Nucleus integration if it doesn't already have it is a must

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    I need programmer Завершено left

    Small app required to be installed on mtk62XX chip nucleus Os

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    Urgent hiring for HR executive Завершено left

    Nucleus the hub of knowledge company Urgent hiring for HR executive Part time job Interested candidate Contract me I'm Tanushka saxena

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    Project for Nucleus S. Завершено left

    hey I have a tizen simple basic demo movie app need to be [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] you do it.??

    $10 - $10
    $10 - $10
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    We need to develop a backend Api and Database as the nucleus of a platform where different applications related to retail business will be connected in future. These applications are from Android app to IOS app, from consumer side app to in-house employers app. And different websites will be also connected to all the project using this backend Api and the Database. Proposed technologies: Tech...

    $567 (Avg Bid)
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    Project for Nucleus S. Завершено left

    Hi @Noorudheen123, I noticed you are based in Bahrain which is where I am and where I need my developer to be. Can you contact me on Ruqayasaleh@[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] Regards,

    $5 - $5 / hr
    $5 - $5 / hr
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    I need a native speaker to check grammar, punctuation and sentence structure and correct all needed. The book is about quantum physics but the text is quite simple and the scientific terms are my responsibility. If some places would still be questionable I want us to discuss them all. I also want the freelancer to be ready to discuss places rewritten by him if I have questions about them. The ...

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    Trophy icon Logo of atom with camera lens as nucleus Завершено left

    Design a logo of an atom with a camera lens as nucleus. Bonus points if it looks futuristic or high-tech (see References below). An atom, as you perhaps know, consists of the nucleus and electrons which are rotating by their orbits. At the very least the orbits, or some notion of them, should be included. Requirements: * Vectorial * Use a camera lens, not a whole camera * Do not include...

    $150 (Avg Bid)

    Create a comic strip or Universe model detailing the formation of the Universe. Details should include everything from Big Bang (quarks, plasma, energy and matter, dark energy and dark matter, the 4 fundamental forces), Atom Formation (from the formation of protons and neutrons in nucleus and the joining of an electron to make the 1st Hydrogen atom), a star forming from the fusion of Hydrogen to H...

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    Biology writing and charts Завершено left

    Create a diagram that flows from the largest to smallest, using the following substances: atom, neutron, electron, carbohydrate, cow, sugar, element, proton, lipid, nucleic acid, protein, water molecule, corn, nucleus of an atom. You may use a word more than once. If you are not sure which of two items is larger, place them side by side in your flow diagram. Describe any relation thst might exis...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Завершено left

    I need a logo for work (Air Force) ASAP. We are the "Panthers" We are the Operations section and are the nucleus of the squadron. We are the 344th Recruiting Sq which I'd like on logo somewhere. We are over two MEPS in Shreveport, LA and Dallas, TX. Colors blue, gray, black, white etc. See attachment. Thanks

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    Project for theartisticflow Завершено left

    Hi theartisticflow, you did a project for me before can you help me again.I need a 1600x700 banner for Empire Glassworks, Chameleon, Glass, nucleus bongs and purr smoking. I need something simple but cool. I have no images but you can find some online. Can you do this?

    $250 (Avg Bid)
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    multivendor shop bitcoin multisig Завершено left

    Market Script - Full Escrow Multi Vendor Bitcoin Marketplace You should be an experienced PHP and MySQL coder. The timeframe is two weeks. It is recommended for the coder to visit the current Nucleus Market Marketplace to get a look and feel to the recommended functionality. alphabay market There should be a possibility for a user to register either as a vendor (sellers account), or a buy...

    $184 (Avg Bid)
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    I would like to hire a Coder Завершено left

    Im looking for a developer-coder for MTK platform, MT6261 and MT6260. NUCLEUS OS Looking forward for business.

    $219 (Avg Bid)
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    Write some Software Завершено left

    I want application for chinese(dz09 or other) smart watches with the "Nucleus OS". The app must do the following: I will enter some texts maybe 3-4 text and when I start the app it will show texts each by each with 1 minute interval. If I want to turn off the app, it must be hard(for example pressing power button 4times or smth like that)

    $65 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon The Big Bang Wine Завершено left

    We are FARMER & THE SCIENTIST and I am working on a design for our new wine - The Big Bang. I need someone with working knowledge of illustrator or similar to produce my concept in a more polished design ready for a retail wine bottle. We are after some PROFESSIONAL ART that looks of HIGH QUALITY. 1. ATOM PICTURE - 3D look with our logo provided (see attached 'farmer logo Crop - Copy...

    $83 (Avg Bid)

    Project Description Market Script - Full Escrow Multi Vendor Bitcoin Marketplace You should be an experienced PHP and and MySQL coder. The timeframe is two weeks. It is recommended for the coder to visit the current Nucleus Market Marketplace to get a look and feel to the recommended functionality. [ [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] There ...

    $2472 (Avg Bid)
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    Help me write an essay Завершено left

    Writing assignments After completing the reading, answer the question or questions. Use a word processor (like MS Word) to write your 300-400 word response. Once you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place, and submit a copy to the writing assignment inbox.  Do not upload a separate attachment. I will evaluate assignments for the following:a....

    $51 (Avg Bid)
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    I need help with the following problem: (A) Show that a system (A, B) is controllable if and only if [sI-A B] has rank N = dim X for all s ∈ C. (B) Show that (a) is equivalent to saying that every eigenvector on the left of A is not Orthogonal to B, that is, if h ∈ Cn Such that h´A = λh´ , For λ ∈ C then h´B 6 not equal to 0 (Hautus' contro...

    $26 (Avg Bid)
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    I would like to have an Ant Formicarium designed in AutoCAD so I can take it to a supplier and have it manufactured. Ideally I would like 2 designs, 1 for a basic formicarium and another for a more elaborate and expensive one. As an example you can base your designs off the below: 1. Basic Formicarium - [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] 2. Elaborate Formicarium - [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] P...

    $23 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Graphic design for biotech company Завершено left

    Dear designers, I would like to create a 3-dimensional (3D) graphic from the attached image. The image shows formation of cancer in an organ, with different cells and other elements surrounding the tumor. REQUIREMENTS 1. All elements in the attached 'Image for 3D' picture must be included in the 3D graphic 2. Every element in the picture is shown in cross-section. However, th...

    $328 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Завершено left

    The logo is for an educational company called "nucleus" that teaches STEM students, I would like some logo that can reflect the idea of a nucleus (say an atom) as well as "education" (like a student figure). The targeted students are aged 15-18 years old, so it shouldn't be aimed for children. I am short on time as I need this to be done for this easter break! I am happy t...

    $263 (Avg Bid)
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    Review paper () Завершено left

    Review paper: histone and histone replacement proteins of dinoflagellate: properties, function, expression and evolution Abstract introduction (specially Dinoflagellate introduction+their nucleus diverse nature) Paper body contain: Major nuclear protein 1) HCc 2) Histone-like protein 3) DVNP 4) histone proteins -- each protein should cover its properties, function, expression during cell cycl...

    $439 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Design a Logo For Global Consultancy Завершено left

    Hey logo designers. I'd like someone to design a logo for a new consulting company specialising within the Information Technology playground. The company is called Nucleus Global Solutions & we’re a very niche specialist provider in & around ‘customer experience’ software solutions. We’re ideally looking for something that exudes a feeling of innovation, tec...

    $98 (Avg Bid)
    Trophy icon Design a Logo Завершено left

    We are looking to redesign our current logo. We work within the medical research domain and would like a new logo that is modern, simplistic and identifiable that still contains our company's name: Nucleus Network, minus the tag line. We would like to maintain our organisation colours - a light cyan. The wording Nucleus to be more prominent and Network to still be visible but in the bac...

    $213 (Avg Bid)

    We have an android smart watch app already built for our smart watch running on nucleus system OS with Mediatek MTK 2502C chip. Our app is compatible to only android 4.4 to android 5.0. Now we want to make the app compatible to android 6 and 7 phones also such that all functions of watch work perfectly.

    $164 (Avg Bid)
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    We have an android smart watch app already built for our smart watch running on nucleus system OS with Mediatek MTK 2502C chip. Our app is compatible to only android 4.4 to android 5.0. Now we want to make the app compatible to android 6 and 7 phones also such that all functions of watch work perfectly.

    $361 (Avg Bid)
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    Project for wisestdesign Завершено left

    nucleus homeopathic 2 similar labels 2in by 1.5 in label for a 1oz dropper bottle

    $70 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Restaurant Logo - 'Squid Ink' - $500 AUD Guaranteed Завершено left

    I need a logo designed. Seeking a high quality logo design to form the nucleus of a newly conceived hospitality project. Following completion of logo a complete suite of e-commerce projects will be required. The name is squid ink and the logo is to incorporate a cephalopod. The brand is to feel dynamic and is pitched slightly upmarket. The colour is leaning toward olive green, however creative col...

    $376 (Avg Bid)
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    Mobile development Завершено left

    Developent of a Nucleus Rtos customized app and interface for a Nucleus OS based device

    $1265 (Avg Bid)
    $1265 Ср. ставка
    40 ставки
    Trophy icon Design a logo for a video and boards games company Завершено left

    Hi, We are looking for a logo for our games company: Binary Games We make boardgames and videogames. The logo must be a vector image and submitted in AI file format. We don't have any particular design in mind. We would like it to symbolise the company name, which is Binary Games. The only design guide would be no more than four colors and those four colors should be in the CMYK c...

    $156 (Avg Bid)
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    App created for DZ09 Smartwatch Завершено left

    Hi I require a simple app developed for the DZ09. This runs Nucleus OS - It is a cheap chinese smart watch. It will require the following abilities. Countdown Timer split with stopwatch Ability to record numbers Ability to record voice with incidences I will also include a 4GB MicroSD Card with the product More detailed instructions will be given to the app developer

    $236 (Avg Bid)
    $236 Ср. ставка
    14 ставки