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    An addon program script that could make an online game play itself. Its a gangster game that you just need to do crimes every fixed interval of time. Sometimes it has a 3 letter security check . It is a browser based text mmorpg game. And no this is not a script for a game . Its a program that would replace a person playing a game and would act like the person playing this game .

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    Pure Arduino project I need help making my program do what it's suppose to do: 1) AutoStart Generator; 2) Fire Alarm; 3) Park Assist (tied to stop light (Green, Yellow, Red) to avoid backing into generator house. 4) Anti Theft Alarm (piezo sensor). I need help getting the kinks out. Is this something you can assist with.

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    Java windows based program -- 3 Завершено left

    I’m looking for a java expert to solve an issue in my java windows based program

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    I have a program that I purchased and I need assistance installing on my Xampp Server with MySQL. On the local machine in Windows 10 Professional I will not create any milestones until I see a working Demo, then I will create a milestone, but will not release it till I have the code and test it on my PC in Xampp, MySQL Workbench, Brackets to build and render properly. Then I will release the mile...

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    Smart Parking System : A Java Servlet developed as a part of JAVA and Database Management System course. A very simple coding and design pattern has ben used to autoate the browsing through the parking lots, checking out empty spots, finding out whether it is available for advance booking, etc and fare calculation. Smart Parking System A Java Servlet developed as a part of JAVA and Database Manag...

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    Optimize Program Завершено left

    I would like to create software optimize and track data, It must me run on locale network It will involve uploading .CSV file to software [ what we gonna make ] optimize, maintain database.

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    Internet Radio Program Coordinator Завершено left

    We are looking for a Program Coordinator for our internet radio station to upload content, change schedules daily, edit audio clips, etc. on a daily basis.

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    I have a source code but I need to run it on my system using tensor flow python

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    Scheduling Program Завершено left

    I work for a small business and i am looking for someone to build me a scheduling program. Program that integrates with a employee timeclock, gps and quickbooks and able to collect and analyze data.

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    Do some research on Ant Colony Optimisation Problem Write programs (as both serial C and parallel Pthreads C programs) to simulate, in two dimensions, the Ant Colony Optimisation problem. Note: both programs must be written in the C programming language. The parallel program must use Pthreads. Write an additional program, in a programming language of your choice, to visualise the movement/evolu...

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    Hi there. I am looking for someone proficent and competent with Excel to help comb through one year's worth of data. I need help with organizing, formatting, and coding dimensions and variables accurately in order to load it easily into a very strong data viz program called Qlik. The job pays $100 upfront, after it is determined you are able to take on the project). Project is simple enough, ...

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    An addon program script that could make an online game play itself. Its a gangster game that you just need to do crimes every fixed interval of time. Sometimes it has a 3 letter security check . It is a browser based text mmorpg game. And no this is not a script for a game . Its a program that would replace a person playing a game and would act like the person playing this game .

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    Looking for experienced data acquisition engineer/programmer to provide estimates and input for initial project budgeting. Project outline is as follows: Temperature Data Acquisition and Robot Control Temperature Data Logger Program Create a custom Thermistor Temperature Data logger program for recording multi-channel inputs. Program will be the property of Corporation. Program shall be written ...

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    The title of my course is Social Network Analysis. I am supposed to deliver an assignment of 10 to 30 pages by August 13. The assignment consists in using R for analyzing certain data I have at my disposal, running it through the program, obtaining certain graphs, and finally describing my work in written format. The title of my topic is Citizen Platform. In these assignment, I will study network...

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    We hired a programmer to develop a custom script using Microsoft Azure and MongoDB. The script pulls in data from our restful api CRM and creates spreadsheets on our local server so that we can calculate monthly commissions for our sales team. The program has worked great for the past but recently it has thrown error messages and is no longer pulling the correct jobs and the "original" ...

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    Fix a software program. Завершено left

    Have a program that is 90% done. Their are a couple of issues that need correcting that I have not been able to get corrected. Need done quickly. ( end of week) Should only take a few hours. You will have to fix a few issues in current program. Then they need to track projects for several people (under5). Example of how simple. Order comes in. It is given a 4 digit number by manager. It is assig...

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    mini program Завершено left

    i have UI already [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] program [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] air flight number , same flight will be match , if they want , they can contect , 3 post the city where you want to go, show 30days who will fly , meet the one you want to meet then buy sameflight ticket [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] photo,location

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    We are a training center, and have developed an airlines industry (ground staff and air crew) training program few years ago. Would like to update it a bit (textual content) and improve the visual aspects (graphic design) of the materials. So would be good to have somebody who can create content, and also match with appropriate modern, easy-to-follow design. Current books are at around 200 pages e...

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    Hi, I want to develop one windows based automated program which works on "TOR" browser and each time it will open a specific URL, after load that URL hit on like button, One popup will came that no need to close directly open again "TOR" browser as new identity. This must be run in infinite loop until we press Esc key. this show be run on windows system. i want its raw script...

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    I Require a stand alone EXE program to run on Win 7 or Win10 which re formats a data file. The input file is from a high speed data logger, which collects readings from various instruments and sequentially writes them to a text data file. There are 9 different types of lines written to the file, each line type relates to a different instrument being sampled. The Re-formatting pro...

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    Pgp encryption program Завершено left

    Need a pgp encryption code using java

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    Patient Rewards Program Завершено left

    PRP is a product containing Four Diffrent Dashboards with rewards system on the basis of different Memberships (silver , gold , platinum )and different registered Clients with PRP. Paypal and [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] Payment gateway integrated.

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    Background The LMS has a membership function that can be used to control access to the various LMS Courses. When a user completes a transaction in Delavo (either for a price or even for free depending upon the setup in Delavo) then thru DelMem it creates a new user in WP and tags that user with the membership as created in Delavo and DelMem on the WP site. Pages and Posts can be protected in thei...

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    Hi I am a sex therapist and psychologist who is looking for an artist to create some drawing of adult content for a sex education program for adults. I am looking for images which are realistic but cartoonish. I like them in a watercolour type design. The picture/drawings would consist of a: * Condom wrapper *Penis *Vulva * lingerie * Various contraception devices including condoms, the pill, ...

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    I would like to have a complete application to set flying records (basically an electronic logbook) along with mobile apps and a website all connected to one data. So for each user who gonna log in they will be able to have a complete modified table as per their needs to record their flying hours. similar applications are there as an example of what am looking for: LogTen, MCC Logbook Registered...

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    Hi - I would like a simple python program that can: PLAY audiofiles located on an USB stik,- and play them on specific time of day . The time should be read from the filename - so for example: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] should play at... 15:20 . This could be done with crontab I guess ? ... but the more simple the better - Who can help ? ... best regards, Jonas Vest

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    my music program Завершено left

    Hello im interesting to build a music program where people can listen free music with internet connection. download their favorit music in that program create playlist and share it with other user and so on.

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    I want to be able to copy some of my sites with the httrack program, and put them back up as astatic sites under a name that has changed the extension – e.g., [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] to healthwrights.info. I have downloaded the sites I want to work with, and they can be re-produced on my personal computer with a browser. I have also placed the files in the public folder of the site ...

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    I need you to make software for value betting on bet365.

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    Connect my program to Web Mysql, to viewe DataGrif in Visual Basic 2010

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    Create a program that can create [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] and then store them in a db. also allow for editing those entry's to allow for shipping, edits , damaged on arrival, missing qty etc c# , desktop application , visual studio , php , html , software architecture

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    Hi we have a book that we can't get the side bar editors notes off of we contacted Microsoft word many times and they helped us get the side bar note off the book, but then when we would go to save it and then reopen it, they would then all return. So we need a person who knows this feature who can get it turned off so we can get the book printed.

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    I am looking for someone with good python skills that has either used Vapoursynth before, or is familiar with video editing and manipulation. The initial ask is just python based. I need help with system and user path settings ... i have instructions on how to get vapoursynth working but i am failing at the python setup. So the initial task is to remote to my computer and adjust the settings ...

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    My mother has recently become the manager of a trailer park with 29 spaces. The previous manager had a very confusing setup in excel that is really easy to mess up. She needs a program that has the spot for her to enter the tenets name, deposit amount, monthly rent, amount paid, utilities. It would also need to calculate the price of power and lp gas used based on meter numbers for each tenet. Aft...

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    === maximum fixed price of $150: any other higher offers will be ignored! === Hi! I would like to contract a freelancer to provide me with a working demo program for the bluetooth microprocessor Holtek-BC32F7611 (application notes and demos are attached), which involves: - Push button, - RGB Led, - BMP280 temperature & pressure, - MPU9250 accelerometer & gyrometer & compass, -...

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    I need a Developer to build a Solitaire Bot to solve the game "Solitaire Rush" on this page [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL], this one may similar than this bot, [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL], I need the code at least less than 1 month. The budge is 300 usd.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I want a simple program that I can put on my website. basically the user in puts a set of numbers and the program will predict the 3 most likely next numbers. would also like the ability for the users to save the pattern and have a library of patterns.

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    I want to change from UTC 0 to UTC 8 in Unix time. Contact me for more details.

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    Program scraping software Завершено left

    I am looking to gather information from a website. I was hoping someone could build a scraper for me to gather specific data within a specific time frame. Message for more details.

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    hello i need simple appcelerator titanium program for two page in android [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] code code only in js

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    Project for UNIX Завершено left

    Anyone who can give training on: UNIX File System, UNIX Commands, Piping, Communication commands, Networking Commands, Disk Utilities, Shell Scripting, UNIX File System Architecture

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    java program windows base Завершено left

    I am looking for a java expert who can solve en error in my java windows based program

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    Python Program for simple tasks Завершено left

    I want to build a simple program executer via python program

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    hi need to create dashboard in php dashboard have 8 to 10 main topic every main topic have 15 to 20 sub topic create user table create main topic table create sub topic table create screen to add data in sub topic create dashboard showing % complete of main topic create some report will explain total project

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    I am working in Chinese Word Segmentation. I am using deep learning/machine learning Method. I am currently using Python Programming for my Project. I am using two methods. One is Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) and another one is Conditional Random Field (CRF). I am using the datasets of BACKOFF 2005 for my work. While i use RNN model, my program is getting good results but when i use CRF for my w...

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    Program developer Завершено left

    I m looking for someone who can write a program to read data from a spreadsheet and navigate weebly site builder to fill in all the seo and page settings. After the site has been built.

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    Соглашение о неразглашении
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    Program created Завершено left

    Would like to create a program for emails

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    I need help creating an online training courses. It will be a simple course on buying real estate that I will give away on my website for lead generation. I have content for the course that you can use as well as an outline. It should not be a very long course. I am an expert at the material, I just do not have time to put it together right now. With that said, I will be available to provide guida...

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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