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    PayPal Brute-Checker Завершено left

    You need to create a PayPal checker checker Check for validity Check for address Check for Secured CC / BA Check for last transfers

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    Project for Diamantis F. 6 дней(-я) left

    a program that can scrape info on certain subjects and build word lists. need to say for personal use. current lock out with 2 factor authentication. The story is I had been putting off securing my password across all my accounts for months even after split with crazy girlfriend. just taking half measures. so after I changes passwords on 3 main accounts with 2FA. that night my phone got stolen. I ...

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    build small PoC Завершено left

    Auth Application (Angular8/Node12/MongoDB) Create SPA based on Angular8 and material-ui that will contain: Landing page; Sign-in/Sign-up page; Dummy user/admin page; Logout btn; Node app with MongoDB; App will support 2 types of roles (user, admin); Put in place any security mechanism to prevent brute force/DDoS attack;

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    Trophy icon Optimize an Algorithm 22 дней(-я) left

    Edit: Support functions may be included, but please ensure there is a function which takes the test case array as the only argument and returns an object in the format: { i: [0, 0, 0], weight: 0 } wherein the x = i[] values map to test[n].b[x] (with -1 for "ignore") and match the order of the test array (like in the linked jsfiddles below.) I am adding the tester to be utilized for c...

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    Избранный Скрытый Топ-конкурс
    job search website development Завершено left

    this is for the development of a website that is specifically aimed at assisting Venezuelan refugees get work in English speaking countries. specific integrations would be x automated translation (we will have human oversight and review) x smart forms x online payment for employers (free to job hunters) x credential based log on, x hostes sms and mail interface for messages and updates x web base...

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    Zadanie podzielone jest na dwie części. Szczegółowa treść drugiej części będzie zależeć od wyników części pierwszej. Na dostarczonych danych (csv) zlecę wykonanie: Część 1 (brute-force parametrów aby wybrać najlepsze): • MANOVA + test post-hoc MANOVA (np. Bonferroni lub Tukey) • Drzew decyzyjnych (+ kroswalidacja) Część 2: • XGBoost, Random Forest (+ kroswalida...

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    Соглашение о неразглашении
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    PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW CAREFULLY BEFORE APPLYING. I am not currently very happy with the way my website is looking. So, I need someone to install a new wordpress theme do some customization etc. The SKU DB is already setup and working, no changes in categories, payment gateways. There are a few plugins for slider, login security (brute force attack) and for certain other features...

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    Hello Experts, The company has online services in the form of websites, APIs and Mobile Apps in several front-end and backend languages/technologies. We need the best performance from our servers. Following are the required tasks and goals to be accomplished for the server reconfigurations to be done by best-selected server expert/team: Failover/Mirror/Backup VPS: 1. Setup a secondary failover VP...

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    Hello, we need to increase the security of our existing application: > Change certain parts in JAVA to C code > Increase the cryptography in the code > Increase the functions of application > Increase the encryption of data and DB Short intro: We have a JAVA written communication application that we want to secure with a higher level of coding. The coding part of the application must...

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    Scrape college contact info Завершено left

    I want to scrape [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] Skills I'm looking for: • Parsing DOM • Cookie-based authentication • Handling rate limiting • Brute forcing tactics I specifically don’t want this to be done with automation frameworks like selenium webdriver, because it will be too slow. More detailed job spec in messages.

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    I've attached an image of the problem. Looking for someone with excellent English to work on this, as well as someone who is not aggressive. If this goes well and communication is good, I have a few more projects coming up. I've also worked with some freelancers before who brute forced a lot of code and it ended up causing more problems along the road. Please send me a project you...

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    I am working on an RPG system project (like Dungeons&Dragons and Savage Worlds). It is a universal system, which means it is like "Savage Worlds". I need 6 colored characters: 1. A guy similar to Indiana Jones 2. A cool, dark samurai with red glowing eyes 3. A future soldier as in Halo 4. A female warrior with a sword and plate armor as in DnD, smiling and seems like she is expecting...

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    hosting mailwizz on QNAP NAS Завершено left

    On my qnap nas there is webserver and I can create virtual hosts and virtual machines too if required. I can create ubuntu easily and if required can add CentOS VM to it. I have mailwizz configured on a VPS. I want to migrate all mailserver functionalities to my QNAP NAS. Earlier I was given following list for a mail-server. • Install LAMP • Bind to name server • Install Postfix f...

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    i already have the code and Comment my code and explain to me simple C/C++ Brute force algo

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    Exshaustive search (Brute-Force) Завершено left

    Hello, I have a code that will do an exhaustive search in ascii table. I need the code to be explained to me so I can present it. The code is in C programming language. Parallelism methods OpenMP and MPI. The freelancer is free to suggest changes to the code if s/he see it suitable.

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    Honey Pot Login Page Завершено left

    I would like a simple webpage with a username/email and password field that will capture any attempted login and password and send them to me via an email for the login UI something like this [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] or [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] the sending code should be configurable by me to send via a Gmail account. the page will be hosted on a Linux Godaddy server and should be...

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    safe setting in server for protecting brute force attack server OS: OS: ‪CentOS Linux 7.6.1810 (Core)‬ outgoing in server is not working, incoming is ok.

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    About you You’re a self-starter: a highly enthusiastic and motivated Javascript-centric developer used to adapting to and learning new technologies, design patterns and architectures as the need arises. You love building product that people actually use and just as importantly you care passionately about quality: not just in the end product, but also in delivering code that other developers...

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    FOR Kuldeep N (only) you will install and configure all the server side things like setup CWP as site portal for old or new site management & also add securities on the server , like firewall installation, anti-virus installation, etc - Server Securing and Hardening - CSF Firewall Installation & Configurations - LFD Alerts on Brute Force Attacks - SMTP Tweaking -PHP Hardenin...

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    (2) Phase Brute. Phase 1: EXP DATE Typical Cards are issued with a 5yr EXP DATE (60 months) So guessing the expiration date takes at most 60 attempts. I am guessing this can be done easily by doing one of the following: Testing 60 Non-CVV required eCommerce checkout sites simultaneously. Testing 1 eCommerce checkout site simultaneously (Bruting x60 using proxies) or Teesting 20 eCommerce c...

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    Insurance Pricing Research Завершено left

    We are doing some pricing research and need to go through a few flight aggregator websites across different countries to scrap the ancillary add-on products (mainly insurance) for a different combination of departing country, destination country, trip duration, round vs one-way, flight fares. 0. Flight Cost Some of the insurance is dependent on flight cost, you need to pick two-four random f...

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    Title - Analysis of Online User Behavior and Mechanism to Restrict the Access for Suspicious Users by using Web Mining 1) The work should fulfill the given objectives (attached herewith in notepad file) 2) Suspicious user behavior will include mentioned attacks (SQLI,XSS,CSRF,LFI,RFI,Brute,Bad Bots) as well as other non attack suspicious behavior (as per discussion, should not include good bots)....

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    We have a one website [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] based on wordpress CMS. We recently got an attack on our website and we restored from last good state backups. We applied all few security plugins prevent from brute force and move the all the DNS Records to Cloudflare DNS. Now the website has some potential malware which needs to be scan and fix as quickly as possible.

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    Image Classification Завершено left

    Require Format • a pdf file with the source code (excluding libraries), the output and a brief explanation of the implementation. • the code. Problem : Image Classification. Using the images in the Images directory. The objective of this problem is to classify each image of the test set into one of three classes: coast, forest or “insidecity”. The representation will be in t...

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    Group formation algorithm in VBA Thanks for getting back to me. I am looking for an algorithm that will help me group people. The basic problem is when you are trying to group people, the numbers add up very quickly. this is a standard combinatorics problem. for example, if you have 36 people and you want to group them into groups of 6 with no repeats in the group (because you can't be in th...

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    Look at the attached file. Job Scheduling(Genetic Algorithm: one of Karp 21 problem). You will "solve" this problem in 3 ways: a) Brute Force Algorithm. You may use code found on the web for this part ONLY. b) Random Algorithm. Since GA template can be used for the random algorithm. So apply following GA step for Random Algorithm: Step 1: all the parameter list (maintain parameter f...

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    Hi, I have a website that is receiving brute force attacks of file manipulation. some mitigation work was done. the files were not very affected but it is necessary to control this attack and close back doors.

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    I need very simple and small project by three algorithm: 1. brute force 2. random 3. genetic algorithm That help me to visualize the difference among tree algorithm.

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    Genetic algorithm job scheduling Завершено left

    I am looking someone who can do job scheduling by following algorithm 1)Brute force 2) Random algorithm 3) Genetic Algorithm

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    I had an error this morning from cpHulk, and I got it disabled as two other firewalls were still running. However, I am now getting 20 emails each minute from alerts about bots attempting to gain root access to my server. I need cPHulk to be re-enabled, and the earlier errors to not start occurring and being reported again.

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    0-1 integer programming in Java Завершено left

    please follow the instruction and give me a quality job please, thanks. a) Brute Force Algorithm. You may use code found on the web for this part ONLY. b) Random Algorithm. Since GA template can be used for the random algorithm. c) Genetic Algorithm. As to which selection/crossover/mutation algorithm you use is left up to you.

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    Knapsack in Java Завершено left

    please follow the instruction and give me a quality job please, thanks. a) Brute Force Algorithm. You may use code found on the web for this part ONLY. b) Random Algorithm. Since GA template can be used for the random algorithm. c) Genetic Algorithm. As to which selection/crossover/mutation algorithm you use is left up to you.

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    Genetic Algorithm (Job Scheduling) Завершено left

    Code my project in 3 way: Brute force Random algorithm Genetic Algorithm

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    Greeting! We have a program originated from "3D Bin Packing project" of GITHUB, which you can find it at this link [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] We have written a wrapper program for interfacing "3D Bin Packing" engine and our back-end application. Now, we need a few enhancement and bug-fixes to this "3D Bin Packing" java project, as follows: 1) To add a...

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    We are looking for a Creative writer to write unique content for a design agency's portfolio pages. We have 6 pages on a web site, each page show cases the clients web site design that we did and associated graphic design like business cards. We need someone to write two sections on each of the 6 pages. The first part will be about the client and will be this long approx: Nec an natum vocent ...

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    Quote the Minimum Price as I can do it myself too.... but I am Lazy! I am a penetration tester and take training sessions.... I need someone to make a custom html website from a template ( i have the [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] and css files ) and add common vulnerabilities in it... like 1. SQL injection 2. XSS Reflected 3. XSS Stored 4. File Upload Vulnerabilities 5. Command Injection /...

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    Brute force a DMG file (256-AES) Завершено left

    In short: you know that moment when you want to encrypt your file, but want it to be totally safe and secure, and you come up with a total new, long and above all random password. Well I do the same for most of my stuff, until lastly: I was under huge time pressure and wanted everything to be secure, so I made a DMG-file on my MacBook and secured it. Several weeks later, when I wanted to re-use ...

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    Project for cockroachlatoz -- 3 Завершено left

    Hi Farid, this is the first project for humans, the playable race which also will be the most common non player living being within the game. Since it is most important to have everything fitting here, please feel free to ask / mention if you feel that i missed something or if something is unclear. Male/Female Differences: faces, hair, underwear and breasts (not oversized), everything else is th...

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    Penetration test Завершено left

    I have a website in php which I need to be tested for sql injection, brute force, cross site scripting etc. A full security and vulnerability testing

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    Fix Website on Linode.com Завершено left

    Site https://www.somethingtodo.ca. The previous project manger was able to fix the site and have it up and running in just a few minutes. However this would occur every few months. Looking to see if this can fixed permanently. Site is on Ruby on Rails on Lindoe.com. This was reported about 3 months ago and I don't believe it has been resolved: ----------------------------------------------...

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    We have a website on our Plesk 12.x shared hosting server that is infected and performing WordPress brute force attacks. We've been unable to find it, and need an expert that can help us. Successful bider will become our go-to person for all such future jobs. The gentleman that was our go-to before had a stroke and thus we are looking for a new person. Would prefer an native English speak...

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    I need a medical application Завершено left

    I need an application where it will use neural neural networks analysis, where a medical dna algorithm will be provided and the program will try to calculate and to brute force the variants of the algorithm and detail the changes.

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    Crawling and web scraping Завершено left

    Crawling and parsing webpage with captha: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] for city Nowy Dwór Gdański County. This is info about real estates in Nowy Dwór Gdański county. Example of code: GD2M/00000550/6 Pass it to the search input First you got basic data - I want them in separated fields, most importand are: "Numer księgi wieczystej", "Położenie", "Właści...

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    DoS and Brute Force attacks Expert Завершено left

    Looking for DoS and Brute Force attacks expert to help and prevent server

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    Bonjour, Je recherche des personnes compétentes et motivées pour faire la vente de mes deux formations en ligne. Voici les deux formations. -Apprendre les approches data-driven du webmarketing à 399€ -Doubler ses ventes shopify grâce à la donnée à 99€ Les deux formations sont disponibles à la vente sur [войдите, чтобы посмотреть U...

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    Website Security Audit Завершено left

    We need a web security specialist who specializes in the below-listed points. We are looking for an expert who can track the website and resolve the CODE and DB challenges and make them secure in terms of every aspect. * Security Audit * Penetration Testing * Malware Removal * Authentication * Vulnerability analysis * Site performance analysis * Risk Analysis * XSS scan * Brute Force Pro...

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    1) No any ready-made online tools should be used for this project. 2) No any existing (previously) self-made tool should be used for this project. 3) Initially collection should be done of all possible features/patterns/footprints which get stored in any web server log file while performing the mentioned attacks (SQLI, XSS, CSRF, Brute Force, RFI, LFI) on web application. The features of these att...

    $781 (Avg Bid)
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