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    Есть Raspberry Compute Module, к нему подключены Ethernet, SDcard, Wi-Fi, 2x UART, для тестирования вы можете использовать модель B/B+ (так как она практически идентична Raspberry Compute Module) Задача: 1. Установить загрузчик, управляемый через UART. 2. На флешке должно быть 2 раздела: 1-й - основной раздел системы, 2-й - запакованный образ для восстановления основного раздела. 3. Во врем...

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    Создание веб-сайта Завершено left

    Собрать Software RAID 1 и написать мануал действий, для того чтобы можно было повторить сборку. сервер у hetzner OS Debian-77-wheezy-64-LAMP Disk /dev/sda: 3000 GB (=> 2794 GiB) Disk /dev/sdb: 3000 GB (=> 2794 GiB) Нужно привести к виду аналогично: Personalities : [raid1] md2 : active raid1 sda3[2] sdb3[1] 2921220352 blocks super 1.2 [2/2] [UU] md1 : active raid1 sda2[2]...

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    Необходимо настроить под нужды виртуального хостинга (для нескольких доменов): 1. РНР5 2. Apache 2.2.22 3. MySQL Установить из репозитариев и настроить: 1. Bind 9 2. Postfix+Dovecot+SASL 3. Оптимайзеры Zend, АС или аналогичный По сути, работы на 1 день. После переноса сайтов на этот хостинг, будет необходима тонкая настройка PHP и MySQL. Это вся работа, которую необходимо сделать.

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    My wordpress is running on Debian 7.1(Wheezy). It PHP mail() which does not work. Now I have to use 3rd party SMTP plugin to send registration email. Now the SMTP server always block my mail because too many spam register from my email. I need some solution to block spam register to send email from my server. Also I have phpmyadmin in my server. But since I upgraded from PHP5.x to PHP7.x, the ph...

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    Right now I develop projects with the board beaglebone black Rev C. I has installed Linux Debian, wheezy distribution, 3 serial ports enabled; ttyO0, tty01, tty02, it works with a screen adafuit HDMI, USB touch screen, the software is developed with Qt5, so the file system includes a toolchain and packages for cross compiling from windows. Now I am planning to use a waveshare screen, model SKU02...

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    We are [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] We are a company focused on the timeshare industry, specifically the secondary market for buying, selling, renting, and exiting timeshares. We are looking for writers with experience writing content for the travel, vacation, and timeshare industries. Through this (and other) mini-projects we would like to find writers to continue working with on a more per...

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    Setup L2TP VPN on Debian Server Завершено left

    We need to establish a VPN connection to a remote server in order to securely access a video feed. The remote server is hosted and operated by a third party who have provided access credentials. The job required is to setup our server with the correct routing, applications and configuration settings. The protocol is L2TP and we are using Debian Wheezy. Deliverable will be a working server and a sh...

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    Top Level Specifications: 1) combine three types of well-known RTSP servers into one, or provide a command line that implements the three types or RTSP servers simultaneously using an existing open-source video streaming application such as ffmpeg or gstreamer 2) run under Raspian Wheezy Linux with all configuration parameters specified in a command line (no GUI required) 3) accept a l...

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    Project features: Hardware: Beaglebone black revC. : [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] Operating system: Distributor ID: Debian Description: Debian GNU/Linux 7.8 (wheezy) Release: 7.8 Codename: wheezy Kernel Version: 3.8.13-bone84 Other Libraries: Windows toolchain for Beaglebone GCC compiler for C and C++ languages GDB debugger My system is based on the image of the Sy...

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    This project requires the setup, configuration and hardening of a web server and the installation and configuration of BlueMind. The server must be hardened and well secured (paranoid) and setup with Let's Encrypt SSL (certbot) BlueMind is supported and provides installers on any of the following OS distros: - Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-bit server - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit server ...

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    This is a very simple and easy project for someone who knows what he is doing: I need a Procmail Recipe to DECODE Base64-encoded email SUBJECT content, and to do a little filtering depending on the email subject content after the decoding on my email server. I know how to do the filtering part, I only need the decoding part of the recipe. I only need the recipe, I will do all the testing. ...

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    FFmpeg install on Debian Wheezy Завершено left

    Very simple.... I need someone to intall ffmpeg on a debian wheezy server I have. It should be the most current version of ffmpeg available for wheezy. Needs to be FFmpeg 1.0 or above with libx264, libavfilter and AAC codec (libfaac, libfdk_aac or native ffmpeg aac codec) at a minimum.

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    Hi, I have several raspberry Pis running in different local networks, these rPI are currently running on Raspbian Wheezy and with software mopidy running as a MPD (music player daemon) player. I need in the first phase: 1. Be able to monitor the status of all of the rPI from a web interface (are they up or not, the local ip addresss, mac, serial, hostname, last checkin time, etc) 2. Be ab...

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    I need you to get my Linux VPS bindet with my SSL . You will receive: SSH Login (fresh Linux Debian 7 wheezy) Domain Certs: .cert + .key File

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    Debian wheezy is already installed. We need vserver support compiled in, though.

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    I have installed Magento 2 on an Nginx server but getting an 503 error when logging in to the backend. Your job is to configure the website/server so that the Magento 2 installation works as it should. The installation will be used as an intermediate Migration installation so no need for optimization, just full compatibility. No upgrade to PHP 7, No Varnish. Server specs: - Debian VERSION=&...

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    Compile a Debian Kernel Завершено left

    We are looking for a Linux Kernel Developer, ideally with experience of the Freescale [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] ARM926EJ-S core. The current project is to solve a hardware issue on the Embedded Arm TS-7670 Rev D (256MB) units using U-boot. Hardware being used: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] We are currently seeing an issue where the Freescale FEC PHY driver [SMSC LAN8710/LAN8720] on t...

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    Избранный Срочный
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    Compile a Debian Kernal Завершено left

    We are looking for a Linux Kernel Developer, ideally with experience of the Freescale [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] ARM926EJ-S core. The current project is to solve a hardware issue on the Embedded Arm TS-7670 Rev D (256MB) units using U-boot. Hardware being used: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] We are currently seeing an issue where the Freescale FEC PHY driver [SMSC LAN8710/LAN8720] on t...

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    Erstellen eines Softwares Завершено left

    Debian GNU/Linux 7 (wheezy) Repair SOA Records in MysqlTable PowerDNS with mysql, Poweradmin one ns not responding, config problem with SOA

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    www.knihomol.sk Завершено left

    Hello, I need to fix the issue regarding the projecet - an eshop (books) , we have been using for 3 years (slovak languague). The problems started aprox 2 weeks ago, I dont know the reason so far. Sometimes the page is frozen (the response time to refresh is too long - 10-20 sec), sometimes there is a problem wtih a database connection, the page doesnt work There is csv and xml import running...

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    Project for manutorres Завершено left

    Buenos días Manu, Me llamo Francesco y tengo una tienda en Prestashop 1.5 especializada en mancuernillas. La tienda esta’ en 4 idiomas (el Castellano es [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]). Hace unos días hicimos un upgrade del servidor de Debian 6 “Squeeze” a Debian 7 “Wheezy” y surgieron unos problemas. Hemos decidido aprovechar y pasar a Prestashop 1.6 a...

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    Trophy icon Apache fails to restart after Завершено left

    I just tried to install (renewal) an extended value EV SSL certificate; after that, Apache failed to restart. Something is wrong with the configuration file, definitely not a big issue for someone who knows Apache and SSL. I have a Debian wheezy server. Who can help quickly? Regards, Mario

    $50 (Avg Bid)

    Witam! Poszukuje kogoś kto szybko i sprawnie i co najważniejsze poprawnie przygotuje mi VPS'a do tego zainstalować jakiś darmowy panel zarządzania. Roboty nie jest wiele bo na VPS jest zainstalowany debian wiec przez apt-get wszystko pojdzie w miarę gładko.

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    We have a Debian 7 (Wheezy) (64 bits) VPS hosted with OVH. This VPS used to have 100 GB allocated to it. We have upgraded to a bigger package that provides an additional 100 GB because the hard drive is almost full. The repartition process has to be done manually according to this manual provided by OVH: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] I don't know linux stuff myself and am loo...

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    Hello, I have bought a SSD VPS from [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] i didn't bought Cpanel mistakenly i want to know can you install Cpanel into it or can you make an account for my domain and install wordpress in it. I have experience with Cpanel only but it is debian and i don't even know how to login into it without SSH. For example i login to my SSD VPS which have cpanel like myip/W...

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    Modify/clone this freeware program : [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] (source code package available to download on page above) Using the open source library below instead [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] Target platform is Raspberry Pi 2, Raspbian Wheezy & Jessie OS versions Code in C not C++ Supply all source code and Make needed files to generate output binaries Final...

    $971 (Avg Bid)
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    Will try and explain as best I can. Any queries please let me know. Host machine is Kali Linux - (Debian wheezy) A Python script to do the following: I have a CSV file - this is our "input sheet called "[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]". The CSV file which contains several fields, Briefly the format is as follows: ---------- "SITE","FROM","URL&q...

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    its 5 min job I want to uninstall and install latest version of youtube-dl you will have to access through teamviewer. the server is debien 77 wheezy. Thanx

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    Need someone experienced in Debian 7 (Wheezy) to walk me through upgrading our server so it runs latest stable version of PHP. We don't have cPanel, everything is done by command line instruction using PuTTY client. You will NOT have access to our servers. Instead you will have the somewhat boring task of walking me through the process using Skype messenger. Communication will done by text,...

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    Greetings Friends!!! I am looking for linux (debian)professional who had worked with Advanced linux sound architecture(ALSA) need to develop drives for DMX 6Fire USB from terratec.

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    I bought a SSL certificate at Namecheap company and i want to install it on my linux debian wheezy server No more than 20$

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    Audio-Read in Raspberry Pi -- 2 Завершено left

    I need an Embedded Developer expert with Raspberry Pi. What I want to do is to create a software for raspberry pi (running Debian Wheezy) that can provide me audio signal in real time so that I can perform some processing on it and display results. I repeat again I don't don't don't want to save audio to a file and then retrieve that file. I want the audio signal in real time like...

    $185 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a Raspberry Pi B running Debian Wheezy and equipped with 2 x EW-7811UN USB WiFi dongles. I have attempted to follow guides I have found online: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] I constantly encounter problems with setting up the RPi correctly. I have the hardware but I now need someone to either guide me on remote access to my RPi (best) or to Down...

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    You install me "proxmox" under my Dedicated server and you explain me the different stages of installation with Skype. We share the screen to see you working. Dedicated server OS: Debian Wheezy Flex UP

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    Hi guys, I have a server with installed an application running on Debian 7.8 Wheezy (Turnkey Linux) version.rnWithout upgrade to the latest Debian version I would like only to upgrade some application to the newer version. I had some problems update the php, I get things done but php5-memcached and curl got some erros and need some dependency. rnI would like you to install single package from...

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    We need a recent version of the Chromium (or Google Chrome) web browser cross-compiled for an older version of Ubuntu Linux for ARM: * Chromium 37.0.2062.120-1~deb7u1 from Debian wheezy or newer * Must run on Ubuntu 11.10 ("Oneiric Ocelot") for armv7l with Kernel 3.0.35 We do not have a cross-toolchain available, you will have to sort things out using the official Ubuntu repositor...

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    LAMP server peformance tuning Завершено left

    I am running a PHP website(wordpress) in a Debian 7.5 (Wheezy) server. The server has only one website(not sharing with other people). The Apache,PHP,Mysql are all using default configuration. Server is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1650 v2 @ 3.50GHz with 3 x 300 GB SSD My problem is that my website often runs very slow in peak hours and I don't know the reason and solution. I want someone...

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    Audio-Read in Raspberry Pi Завершено left

    I need an Embedded Developer expert with Raspberry Pi. What I want to do is to create a software for raspberry pi (running Debian Wheezy) that can provide me audio signal in real time so that I can perform some processing on it and display results. I repeat again I don't don't don't want to save audio to a file and then retrieve that file. I want the audio signal in real time like...

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    Write some Software 2 Завершено left

    Dear programmer SIMPLE GUI software for (raspberry pi 2- 1GB ) device running raspbian wheezy all code provided by me but need to testing it at your end so you must have a (raspberry pi 2- 1GB ) this is personal r&d project so i m looking for good Python programmer for long term i need to 1-main window for pi-camera preview 2-4-6 buttons connected to execute codes 3-clear ...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm interested in hiring someone to walk me through how to connect my Rpi 2 (running openhab with Razberry z-wave module), to work and control a nema stepper motor with Easy Driver. Openhab is how I need to control the stepper motor from my android phone. I have all the hardware, and have installed z-wave and open hab on my raspberry pi (rasbian wheezy). Write, "wheezy" , a...

    $155 (Avg Bid)
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    A Java library+sample application which will run on Debian Wheezy Raspberry Pi. This library will utilise libbluetooth (Bluez), and an appropriate sound library, to implement HFP, HSP, HFP-AG and HSP-AG with digital audio input and output. The Raspberry Pi will have 2 bluetooth USB adapters connected. One USB adapter will behave as a HFP/HSP (Handsfree/Headset) and be connected to a mobile phon...

    $2102 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I want to install android OS and windows OS on Raspberry pi 2 board.I have installed raspbian wheezy image on board .Now I want to do above task.

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    A little background on my dedicated server. It is running Debian 7.5 Wheezy 64 Bit OS. Its a 16 GB Server. The server itself is from Kimsufi, OVH. Im Looking to install McMyAdmin on a dedicated server that I run, in order to play Minecraft. Id like to put aside 4 GB for 2 instances of Minecraft that I can set up a server for. Currently my server is in need of repair. I can only get one instance...

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    802.11ac wireless driver for Linux Завершено left

    I need a device driver for Debian Linux (>= wheezy, >= kernel 3.8) that provides full use of an 802.11ac USB wireless dongle (but I am not sure if this is even possible/realistic). This driver can be written from scratch or a modification of an existing driver ([войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]://[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]) The driver/dongle requirements are: - dual band (2.4 or 5G) wi...

    $316 (Avg Bid)
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    I need someone to write a script that will inventory Debian (Wheezy) servers. The script will collect information of the versions of software installed (for example, what version of MySQL and PHP are running) and OS installed. In addition, it also needs to include PHP directives and MySQL info (such as how many and what tables are running on the server). The code needs to be clean with pr...

    $164 (Avg Bid)
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    I need you to set up/configure Socks 5 proxy server on Debian, Wheezy. It's a VPS server, it has 5 IP addresses and 5 interfaces already set up. What is required is to configure it to be able to take traffic from a single IP (my desktop IP) and depending on which 1 of 5 IP addresees I use to connect to it with http requests it can pass this traffic with socks 5 to the same outgoing/exte...

    $44 (Avg Bid)
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    I am in the process of researching a new website featuring a search engine with faceted search functionality. An initial choice has been made to use SOLR. This project is to create a prototype of that website. You will receive access to: - A VPS server with Debian Linux 7 Wheezy Installed and operational are Apache, PHP, MySQL, Java and Tomcat You can have root access as this VPS is used for...

    $587 (Avg Bid)
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    Bash shell script inotify Завершено left

    I am running Debian wheezy. I need to monitor a specific folder for 2 different file types, .rtl and .svg. Then have the rtl file moved to a cifs mount point and have the svg file moved to a different cifs location. The source directory is /home/caldera/Desktop/vutekled Destination for rtl file is /mnt/vutekled Destination for svg file is /mnt/bucket/maverick production/2015/zund cut center ...

    $22 (Avg Bid)
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