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    Logo and Web Site Desing (Full) Завершено left

    **Purpose:**For the Database Services and Certification Web Site. **Development Language**: PHP **Back End Database**: MySql **Hosting Environment**: Apache, Free BSD, CGI **Methodology**: Object Oriented. Internally documented. Written in a simplistic format as to make future modifications and maintenance easy. Minimal graphics to make loading of web pages quick. Purpose of W...

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    RMI fingerprint server Завершено left

    The purpose of this assignment is to create an activatable RMI fingerprint server. The server will implement a remote accessible method that accepts a document as input and returns its fingerprint (hash value). The communication between server and client needs to be encrypted via SSL. Instructions: 1. Create client and server code in separate directories (e.g. ~/assign5/server and ~/assign5/client...

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    Personal Security Eraser Завершено left

    I want an online privacy software made in Visual [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] (clearly commented). This application has to have the functionality of "windows and internet cleaner", downloadable at [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] and “evidence-eliminator 5 “ [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] with a good looking skin. It has all the features related to deleting cookies, ...

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    Program to repair a FrontPage discussion forum group. Program cannot rename the actual discussion group entries but must repair the forum files; "**TOCPROTO**" etc. Search capabilities and all basic operations are to be restored after running the repair utility. Whenever the forum crashes, we pretty much have to re-install FP extensions to get our site working again. Every time we re-...

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
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    This project is to produce a multi-page report by using [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] on W2K platform. The report will have a header section, which contains the logo, some fields from the database table in various fonts and sizes. The body of the report is mostly from the database table. The report also has a footer that optionally contains the page number, some copyright info and a cre...

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    os implementation Завершено left

    a os implementation in C language ## Deliverables Description: implement the MEMORY module of OSP, need code for the internal functions of this module according to instructions in an osp manual.(will provide pages if needed) need to implement the least recently used (LRU) page replacement policy. There are eight internal functions for MEMORY. memory_init() is an initialization function prepage(...

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    I need a package that is complient with the rules of HIPAA and HCFA-1500 paper bill is also needed to produced. FAQs about HIPAA can be found at _<[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]>_ (also look into HICFA forms from medicare). I would like this to mostly be written in VB6 or vb.net. The database to be in SQL or Access will work as long as it can do crystal reports. This software will be for ...

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    Personal address book / C++/ Unix Завершено left

    Your task is to design two separate applications in C++: * a personal address book the system should store the name, address, postcode and telephone number of an individual. The application should read a number (>1) of peoples details from a file. You should provide the ability to add and delete new entries as well as the ability to search for an entry by name. On completion your program sh...

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    Left Behind Games site remodel Завершено left

    The current remodel, with problems that need to be addressed is at [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] We will need to change the following things about it, as well as the overall look and feel. I want to keep many of the high-impact visuals, though, and the general navigation (functionality, not implementation) is fine. 1) Title page is fine. 2) Functionality when new links are selecte...

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    It is done via VB.net compact framework. This is built on the pocket pc. I need to nake a form that will enter some IP address and then this address will then be input into an external application on the pocket pc. And by clicking a button, the external application will be able to perfrom a specified function. This is so becaused the external program is unable to be incorporated in to the VB form ...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    ROUND ROBIN Завершено left

    Design two different versions of a dispatcher, one based on simple *round robin*, another based on two round robin queues with different priorities, where processes from the queue with the higher priority get twice as much time as processes from the queue with the lower priority. Make the following assumptions: a) the size of internal memory is 120K, and it is divided into 30 page frames; b) th...

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    .NET wrapper for a DLL Завершено left

    I have a 3rd party DLL that is written for the pocket PC. I need a wrapper created for the DLL so that I can use it in Visual Studio 2003 with compact Framework. Basically, we are creating an application that uses a Lifeview compact flash camera. They provide an API for use with various development environments except VS 2003. We need to use the API in VS 2003. The DLL and documentation from Lifev...

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
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    Need to make a application on the pocket pc to control powerpoint from the pocket pc. It should provide functions like forward slide, reverse slide, as well as pen tool for drawing on the pocket pc and then displaying it on the Screen of the presentation. ## Deliverables To make a software on the .net compactframework for the pda as well as a software version for the pda able to control the pow...

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    corporate web site Завершено left

    I need a professional looking website for a software company selling windows and internet privacy solutions...basically windows utilities. The site must look very professional, fast loading. please take a look at [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] as an example. Site navigation must be just like [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] including side and top navigation. *IMPORTANT* 1- Code...

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    Create a Small Web Site Завершено left

    I have created a web site on [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] and not published yet. I need to re-design my web site using a fresh new look. My site will provide database servirces and digital products for technical certification. The deliverables are: 1. Pages: Home (Home, Mission, Profile) Certification (5 pages) Database Services (4 Pages) About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy Disc...

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    Corporate Website Завершено left

    We have a website design in Photoshop that requires customization. The design includes templates for the following pages: home, contact, about, services and solutions. These designs have been put into Adobe Image Ready, sliced into layers, and have been used to generate HTML. The winning bidder will be a Photoshop and web design expert. The website will consist of the following pages: about,career...

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    Explorer Shell Extension in Delphi Завершено left

    Explorer Shell Extension in Delphi Ideally, I want to create a Virtual Drive System in Delphi otherwise the following: I want to create an Archive Folder system where users can drag and drop Files/Folders to/from and view all of them from within Windows Explorer. Basically a ‘Zip Folders’ type namespace extension. The system should use the following libraries: ShellPlus: [войдите, чтоб...

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    This is a project to deliver a **custom template and "how to" lists.** custom template has place holders for specific modifiable graphics elements. "how to lists" are to save time going to oscommerce forums and notes. You can make reference to those resource, but the lists have be easy, standalone. **User level is novice.** Most of this is adaptation of generic oscomme...

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    Design Artist ASAP!! Завершено left

    NEED GRAPHIC DESIGNER ASAP!! Please do not bid if you cannot do this work within one week. Please include links to your work with any bids. Need someone who is extremely creative to either finalize working design now and rebuild later,OR,if possible within time constraints, redesign entire site. We are a company that liases between the music industry and high school media outlets. This is a new si...

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    Email Client Завершено left

    We require an email client application similar in functionality to Outlook Express, for further details see the attached file. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid reque...

    $1176 (Avg Bid)
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    iPAQ Pocket PC Завершено left

    Need to make a software on the iPAQ that transmit and receive voice in full duplex using RTP. ## Deliverables A software that can transmit and receive in full duplex using RTP. ## Platform VB.net compact framework or others

    $1062 (Avg Bid)
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    Dispatcher Program Завершено left

    **Need a Dispatcher Program implemented in C++.** **Program should include two different versions of a dispatcher**: 1)one based on a simple round robin 2)another based on two round robin queues with different priorities, where processes from the queue with the higher priority get twice as much time as processes from the queue with the lower priority. **Make the following assumpti...

    $51 (Avg Bid)
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    Program to repair a FrontPage discussion forum group. Program cannot rename the actual discussion group entries but must repair the forum files; "**TOCPROTO**" etc. Search capabilities and all basic operations are to be restored after running the repair utility. Whenever the forum crashes, we pretty much have to re-install FP extensions to get our site working again. Every time we re-...

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
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    Windows GUI Завершено left

    We need a GUI that saves settings to a xml file. The GUI will be used to configure an existing device driver's configuration file (an XML file). The GUI will have three different main entities, Computer Groups/Computers, User Groups/Users, and Policies (special policies just used by our device driver). List of Computer Group/Computers and User Groups/Users will be retrieved should...

    $203 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for a C++ coder to write software which is similar to historykill - www.historykill.com. we own a software license and full source code to a similar software but is basic and doesnt have popup killer part. We can supply this source code also. The source we have uses a demo GUI library so a new gui and look would be great. A coder with this type experiance would be great.

    $300 (Avg Bid)
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    Privacy Protection Завершено left

    I need a program that will erase the following things: SWAP File Registry Streams Common Dialog History (Open/Save History) Recycle Bin Clipboard Data Start Menu Run History Start Menu Find Files or Folders History Start Menu Find Computer History Start Menu Recent Documents History Start Menu Order History Start Menu Click History Wordpad Recent Files List MediaPlayer...

    $76 (Avg Bid)
    $76 Ср. ставка
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    I have a windows xp pro need for an application which automatically detects one more more USB storage devices (example: compact flash) with propritary data on it and transfers it to a directory on the local hard drive. The folder created will be the date/time the card was auto detected. All data to be transfered to the HDD and then all data removed from the memory card. ## Deliverables Software...

    $108 (Avg Bid)
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    4 ставки

    Compact/External device for Video Storage: Platforms: it will be necessary for programmer to understand the Macintosh programming language/IPOD scripting as well as understand basics of software/hardware communication. Overview: The objective is to enable the IPOD macintosh storage device to accept input of raw video footage. The previous versions of the IPOD have a firewire device that will al...

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
    0 ставки

    We are looking to have 100 unique one-page websites created around 100 domain names we currently have in inventory. The website designs should be appropriate for the items, services, or information we are selling on each particular site (i.e. anti-aging products, e-books, jewelry, clothes, shoes, cookware, travel, etc.). Each unique website Home page will have the following links: Home, Links, A...

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    MLM Project Завершено left

    Each phase will represent 2 versions of the script Phase one: --Fix MLM script so payment from stormpay, paypal, egold and 2checkout are record to the database properly --Stop it from overwritting the free members when a paid member signs up. --FIx all syntax errors and problems with the said script. --Make sure the matrix can be set at unlimited width and height and double check all other...

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    excel /VBA dynamic graph Завершено left

    Excel 2002 VBA Need sample code that I can expand on I want to create a graph, line, that is controlled by a form. On the form the user can select from a list of data sources with check boxes and the graph will update to show the data they have selected. I am not hooked on check boxes, another method such as a list box would be fine. The data sources are spread across various sheets,...

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    New website [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] New owner needs assistance immediately. Software provider has failed to respond to 7 requests in 4 days for help. Software is DomainTrax. See [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] for info. Not sure of version. I bought domain and script 2 weeks ago. Transferring to my new host for 4 days now, cant get it to work. I copied all files/director...

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    Single Webpage Design Завершено left

    Hi all; Before you read anymore; this single page design is not in English, the page is required fully in **Arabic Language**, all references here are also to **Arabic websites**. Here we go; we are internet Solutions Company. We are gurus in programming, development and solutions; but we are short on design, art, and animation. We are looking for designers who are professionals in design and ar...

    $44 (Avg Bid)
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    List of websites and Link Creation Завершено left

    This project is in two parts. I would like an overall bid plus the price for each component. I am not looking for search engine optimisation and submission. I am looking to place by website in a number of webhosting directories such as [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] etc to increase the number of links to my site (which will help boost my sites popularity whe...

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    P3P policy development GUI/ IDE Завершено left

    Hello, I,m looking to implement an Application Service Provider type of solution for a GUI/IDE to develop P3P policies. The following would be written in a combination of PHP/Perl & JavaScript using which ever language is best suited to complete any particular module or task. The GUI would contain a tree viewer to retrieve and examine policies. The inclusion of a wizard...

    $1752 (Avg Bid)
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    Site Page Redesign -- Urgent! Завершено left

    We own the site [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] and require a new "template" page designing as a matter of urgency. Here's the scoop. We own [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] however it has come to our attention that the design MAY have been stolen from [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] by our designer. As such, we urgently require the inner page redesigning so as not to violate an...

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    I need someone who can help me with some customizaton of the open dialogue box of a windows financial accounting application. The application on launch shows a window listing all files opended in that application in the the past so that one can select from this dialogue box which file to open now. I want that this dialogue box that opens automatically on start of the application does not remember ...

    $58 (Avg Bid)
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    I want to put a website together that works just like E-bay but NO Money is transacted. It will be a service that people will trade Services for Services, Services for Product, Product for Product etc. When a transaction is established the site will get $2.50 per side of the transaction i.e. $5.00 total per completed transaction. Example Dr. John is a plastic surgeon and he needs his house painted...

    $203 (Avg Bid)
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    Physician's Medical Office Software to manage Patients, Appointments, Billing, Cases, Insurance, Services rendered The system must able to handle: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] data 2. Appointments Calendar(allow mutiple) [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] demographic data (patient's data,guarantor, profile, referral,etc) [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] medical data ( pres...

    $2845 (Avg Bid)
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    windows2000 LOCAL SECURITY POLICY Завершено left

    I have windows 2000 professional installed.I am logged in as [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] i run mmc and i try to open the local security policy i get a error ACESS DENIED. MY SYSTEM IS PART OF THE WORKGROUP. Even when i try to open the group policy folder i get a message ACESS denied. can anybody help please it is urgent. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working p...

    $12 (Avg Bid)
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    2 ставки
    Putting data into Active Directory Завершено left

    I have a small network that is running Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003 as well as MySql. I also have a mail application that writes data into the MySql db every time a new user signs up. I need two things two happen * When a user signs up, I need the following things to happen: 1. The user must become mail-enabled in Exchange 2. A forwarding address must be automatically enter...

    $358 (Avg Bid)
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    php - Gamers Tournament Site Завершено left

    This is just a _brief_ overview some of the things we would like to do with this site. My partner and I need an entire website done in **php** for a Xbox Live tournament site we are planning to launch. This site will need member **sign-up/login**, **forums**,and the most important piece of the site is a **bracket system** for the actual tournaments. The bracket system needs to be able to be c...

    $503 (Avg Bid)
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    7 ставки

    We have just produced a commercial Web site selling "HTML encryption" software ([войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]), and are looking to collect the e-mail addresses of other author Web site owners we can swap links with. We need a Web-savvy user with good research skills to go out and spend a good few hours getting the contact details for these individuals -- namely NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS...

    $56 (Avg Bid)
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    8 ставки

    We have just produced a commercial Web site selling "evidence erasing" software, and are looking to collect the e-mail addresses of other author Web site owners we can swap links with. We need a Web-savvy user with good research skills to go out and spend a good few hours getting the contact details for these individuals -- namely NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS. We do not want an automated pr...

    $66 (Avg Bid)
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    School Media Network Завершено left

    I am looking for someone who has innovative design ideas as well as backend capabilities. I am looking for all inclusive price and someone who will assist if there any bugs once live. Because I am not a tech person, there may be specifics I've neglected in the following that will need to be assumed in order to execute. Definitely ongoing opportunity for right designer/developer. Please read a...

    $1373 (Avg Bid)
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    27 ставки

    I have an app created in evb that ran on PocketPC2002, that I now need to have run on a ce.net4.1 handheld. I need to discuss the posibility of the original app running on [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] 4.1 or the cost of rewriting the code. I have rewritten 95% of the code in vb.net but when I attempt to run the cab file, I receive a message that .net compact framework needs to be installed...

    $53 (Avg Bid)
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    Bussines Information Technology Завершено left

    **_Bussines Information Technology_ *_(B.I.T) _***You are a Project manager of a team of 4 software developers Your company has accepted a contract for the production of a piece of software from a travel company called 'Bright Tracking". They require a web based information system linked to a database. The databese will hold travel times for the road, locations, distances, traffic...

    $84 (Avg Bid)
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    AVI Video on demand project Завершено left

    Hi the project we are offereing is a windows based AVI (divx) style video on demand website with registered content to be served thru a web based and specifaclly designed player outside of winows/real player etc, the player will be designed to deliver content and data as say in 'athletics race' show footage with finishing order in XML file etc etc have something we can show should we n...

    $442 (Avg Bid)
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    Design small system Завершено left

    You need to design part of a system. Two separate designs are needed, one using top-down, functional methods and one using object oriented. High level details must be included for each of the two designs. Low level derails will be very similar for both designs and so only one set Is required, for the functional design. 1st) of all there is no programming at all. I don't want you to implem...

    $207 (Avg Bid)
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    We are a lingerie wholesaler, our url address is [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] We require some minor changes to be made to our site by someone who can program X cart software. The largest of these changes is to have a Front Login page added to our site whereby our wholesale customers can log in, however, they then need to be directed to the wholesale pricing structure that they are set up...

    $202 (Avg Bid)
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