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Shopify is the ultimate solution for e-Commerce. This program gives you the opportunity to create your own store and sell your goods online. It currently plays host to about 25,000 companies.

Shopify jobs include managing inventory, HTML and CSS code editing, creating discount codes and coupons, and accepting online payments through Credit Cards and Paypal. Jobs are usually offered by employers who are looking for experts who can upload items on their Shopify stores and make them optimized for better search engine results. Shopify jobs do not only relate to online selling, they are also available for application developers as well. That's because Shopify has an API platform and App store that give developers the chance to create programs that can be used by Shopify store owners.

Designers, too, can apply for Shopify jobs as the Shopify theme store allows creative minds to create themes and sell them to shop owners. They can also create enticing product galleries for owners who don't have time to beautify their stores. Those who would like to take Shopify jobs can learn more about the program by consulting with the company's guru program that gives newbies the opportunity to communicate with e-specialists. These gurus can help them improve their online store sales and profits.
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Проект/Конкурс Описание Заявки/Работы Навыки Начался Заканчивается Стоимость (USD)
Доработка сайта. Редакция Мне нужно внести коррективы в веб-сайт Шлифовка сайта. Убрать не точности. И редакция 15 Системное администрирование, WordPress, MySQL, Shopify Dec 8, 2017 Dec 8, 20175ч. 42мин. $138
Доработка сайта на платформе Shopify. Редактирование Шаблонов Страниц Необходимо внести изменения в 2 страницы (Home и Product) Необходимо изменить шаблоны данных страниц для возможности редактирования новых полей (блоков) страницы через визуальный редактор. Создать 1 новый шаблон страницы. Внести новые поля (блоки) для данной страницы в визуальный редактор темы. 17 PHP, Дизайн сайтов, HTML, Шаблоны Shopify , Shopify Oct 17, 2017 Oct 17, 2017Завершено $427
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