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A catalog design - A CD Software that Builds an Instant Mobile Web Site Like A CDR for Electrical Engineer - A challenging Automation task in powerpoint/excel a challenging job. i am able to do multiple tasks - a change of words on video A Change to a PDF(repost) - a character design A character design made in Fire emblem style. - A charity organization website design A Charity website - A Chat System A chat system in MVC - A Cheat App Project (URGENT) A cheat for a very unpopular fps MMO. - A chemical business banner for a trade show A chemical business banner for a trade show - a children cartoonist illustrator a children cartoonist illustrator - repost - A children's book illustrator A children's book illustrator - a childrens book illustrator A childrens illustrator - A Chinese to English translator needed A Chinese translation group seek cooperation partner - A Christian writer who has some experience with flying aircrafts A Christmas Calendar 2012 - a chrome plugin A chrous for a song - A Circular Linked List Program A circular logo - A civil court transcriber -- 4 A civil enginee - a class called date A class Diagram for an online platform like - A classified ads website A CLASSIFIED APP - A classifieds Website A classifieds website - A clean SEO for Website - no tricks! A clean site with app - A client page A Client Portal - A clone desigin website with word Pless template! A clone desigin website with word Pless template!! - A clone of A clone of -- 2 - A clone of or similar A CLONE OF MYSPACE.COM - a clone of A clone of wordpress website with content - A closeble div over a iFrame a cloth designed - A clothing/workout gear logo A cloud app to handle data input and processing at the back end - A CMS ( in dotnetnuke) website required A CMS author website [PHP SQL ] - A CMS to be built and Install templates A CMS very similar to CushyCMS - A Cobol programming job I can do from home. a cocktail dress - A code to be written using c++ a code to like/unlike all profiles in - a coder to code a custom arma 2 epoch server A coder to edit my php script - a collaboration with my company providing research services 2 a collaboration with my company providing research services 2 - open to bidding - A collection of skydive petroglyphs A Collection of Tattoo Images Required to Illustrate a Book. - A collision based soccer game app for iPad and iPhone A collision based soccer game app for iPad and iPhone - repost - A Colourful power point dipicting Barbados A Columnist on Love and Relationships Needed - A Comic Compilation Project a Comic portrait - A commercial ad for a local beauty and slimming product company A commercial adult website - A Community clone A Community driven website - a community webcam A Community website - A Company Fanpage/information page on Facebook A company homepage. We have a sample homepage. - A company logo A company logo - a company logo a company logo - a company logo - repost a company logo - repost 2 - a company now website A Company Portfolio - A company that does my campaign with leads email provided A company to create a custom marketplace store - A company website in Wordpress. - open to bidding A company website in Wordpress. - open to bidding - A Comparison between parameter estimation techniques of vector controlled induction motor A Comparison Between Structured and Object Oriented Methods - A COMPETENT TEAM TO FINISH WEBSITE! A competent telemarketer to call around 100 Australian businesses to verify certain details - A complete 3D animated book trailer creation A complete accounting solution for your business entity - A complete copywriting for a travel website A complete copywriting for a travel website - A complete e-commerce website for my comopany a complete ebook on permaculture, moon phase farming and biodynamic agriculture - A COMPLETE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DATABASE for Service Industry A complete Mangento webstore - A complete redesign of our oscommerce site a complete registration process of a partnership deep with TIN number - A complete site A complete Squeeze Page System Design - A complete website A complete website - A complete website revise. a complete website with a associated database - A complex finance peer to peer lending website - repost A Complex Flash Game - A composite rendering A composition in after effects - A comprehensive university portal A comprehensive website for affiliate programs for major online retailers in India - a computer hacked A COMPUTER INSTITUTE WEBSISE - A concept or plot plan for developing our property A concept paper - A connection between Technology, Business and Society A connection from C# to SQL Server - A consultant to help my start-up make more effective use of my 1,200+ contacts on LinkedIn. A consultant to help with a NEC3 Tender before /on Friday 22nd January 2016 - a Content management A Content Management Module - Build over DNN Framework - A Content Writter with Good SEO Expertise A contest for all marketers and web experts - A contract Translated from english to Spanish a contractor who can from time to time make enhancements to our site - A cool 3D shooter game with zombies and stuff A cool 3D shooter game with zombies and stuff - ongoing work - a copper name plate A coppermine theme - a copy of with wordpress a copy of ecommerce website - A copy of is needed written in ruby on rails a copy of wallpaper in a lager pattern 12" scale with metalic colors Mockup - A copyright free image I can use in promotional material A Copyright Notice, Legal, Disclaimer for a PDF Ebook. - A copywriter with a wedding industry background A Copywriter With Impeccable English - A corporate Identity for De Les Roches( DLR)
A CORPORATE IDENTITY VIDEO - a corporate website a corporate website for a web design company - a countdown clock for a special promotion A countdown in flash - A Couple Hours of Wordpress and Javascript help A couple hours of work into finishing an existing solid works model that I started. - A Couple of Excel Macros A couple of fixes of my site with PHP HTML - A couple of PNG images made A couple of simple jobs in php - A couple pages Desinged - open to bidding A couple pages Desinged - open to bidding - A Couple Writers for Erotica Stories Needed!! a couplf of fast tasks - a cover design for a book A cover design for a new age album - A Cover Photo For My YouTube Channel A cow face appealing to children - A creative architectural design for a single story house A creative content Writer needed - A Creative Graphics Designer Needed A Creative High Caliber Graphic Designer wanted - A creative new logo that grabs the attention of my customers A creative one pager that is a combination of a bio/resume/flyer - A Creative wed design and development on it A Creative Write For Website Write Ups - A creative, savvy graphic designer who uses their initiative A creator and developer - A crime game A crime game - open to bidding - A critical review of an journal article with the consideration of Ottwa Charter A critical review of one empirical research paper (empirical paper will be given by me) - a CRM type of program / Php / Mysql(repost) A CRM WEBSITE - A crossword puzzle program A Crosswords Solvers Assistant - A cryptographer with good knowledge on computer security is needed A cryptographer with good knowledge on computer security is needed -- 2 - A CSS Designer to bring a website design to life. Urgently A CSS Developer Needed - A CTP application on TinyOS and Test it on FlockLab -- 2 A Cuban that can help my friend fill out some English documents (in Cuba). - A Custom Application development in Bangalore A custom art peice as a gift - A custom designer for t shirts, bags, hats, hoodies, and future accesories added A custom desktop app to implemet markov generator - A custom Facebook Bot to Easily Go Viral! A custom Facebook Project ! (only for advanced programmers) - A Custom Hybrid Mobile Application, written in Java & HTML5 using VS Cordova & onsen / ionic. A custom iOS/Android app for museum tours built with a content management system. - a custom made metal detector a custom made metal detector - A custom Mobile Friendly and Responsive Design for A custom module for opencart - A custom Plugin for magento 1.8 community A custom plugin for our website. - A custom script/shader in Unity3D A custom secure website to house client data & perform calculations - A custom video and audio recorder. A Custom Video Player - A custom WordPress plugin - mortgage calculator affordability A Custom wordpress search box - A customer review website to be created a customised bodywarmer waistcoat with lots of specific pockets - a customization of to my small business needs as a recruiting firm A customized web page for HTTP 404 error. - A customized Plugin A customized powerpoint presentation - A cutting edge Social Network to be developed A cutting edge toolbar to "unmask" websites when paid - A dairy that can be shared and used on-line a dance group performing dance within malls - a data base site more or less like a portal A data base to track my weekly payments from my customeers - A data entry job a data entry job - A Data entry project - Repost - open to bidding A Data entry project - Repost - open to bidding - repost - A Data recovery tool that recover corrupted pst and convert it into pst , eml and msg. A data scraper for Thomson Local, Yell and BT - A database count system A database design including data dictionary and ER Diagram - a database of NT services A database of travel agencies (name company + email+ site). - A DATABASE WITH EVERY STREETS IN ALL 8 STATES IN AUSTRALIA A database-driven website with relatively hight graphics - A dating site A dating site - A day without internet A day's work to correct bugs and minor changesto a magento website - A deals website for redesign and development - open to bidding a decal for my truck - A dedicated photographer A Dedicated PHP developer to move a 1.0 version of a SEM proposal builder to 2.0 - A demo Android App a demo app wirh sencha and datatables - a descriptive profile highlighting experiences and where for a targeted job a descripton of gym ebook - A design concept, including logo for a wine bottle label, a website, social media tools design, communications templates, business cards A Design Created for a coin and medal - A design for a folding chair A design for a graduation dress - a design for a tshirt a design for a warehouse distribution center - A design for new dog food plastic bag - repost A DESIGN FOR OUR NETWORKING EVENT. - A Design Job. A design made - a design question.... A Design Studio - a designer a designer - A designer required A designer that can design ads CMYK save fonts to outlines & send finished artwork to us for approval. - A designer who has knowledge of asian matrimonial designs A designer who is very familar with Indesign and illustrator. - A desktop application development with C++ or C# (Windows OS) A desktop application that clicks a few buttons on a website - A desktop tool to find patterns and cross information on a database a desktops software for my Photo Studios - A detailed solar project report to be written a detailed strategic marketing plan for marketing water - A Developer For Voice Recognition Framework Needed. -- 2 A developer for Web project - A developer to make a website A Developer to optimize a Magento website script to avoid abusing CPU resources - A developer with Augmented Reality experience A developer with experience in native java and php - A develper for eccommerce portal A deveoper with Open WRT skills for a project involving WiFi Routers - A DHCP client in java with some modification - open to bidding A DHCP client in java/C# with some modification - a diary application A diary that can be used on-line - A different version for the logo Hoop·Hope -- 2 a difficult anki deck - A digital download store using myCRED plugin A digital downloads website - A digital version of Lupus in Tabula playable in public places with a lot of people A Digital web designer/developer - A directory website A directory website - A discussion to understand the feasibility of the SIM STK app A discutir los detalles... - A disscussion website similar to facebook