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Adapting brochure -- 2 - Adapting MS Access database Adapting my breast cancer blog into an e-book - Adapting shutterstock image to fit website Adapting simple user interface in excel and macro to copy data between files - Adaption eines Wordpress Themes (Menü, Slider, Kontakt & Impressum) plus 1h Erklärung - Offen für Angebote! Adaption of a VB.Net Picture-Upload Script with Upload Bar and Preview - Adaption of Wordpress Theme - repost Adaption on WooCommerce Theme - Adaptive Caching Directives ADAPTIVE CHANNEL EQUALIZATION (MATLAB SIMULINK NOT IN CODING) - Adaptive E-Commerce Site(s) Parsing/Scraping Program Adaptive elearning platform - Adaptive layout 6 pages Adaptive Learning ( Vark & Honey and Mumford ) Phd Paper Requires Completion - Adaptive Overlap-and-Add Technique in MB-OFDM based UWB Receiver Design -- 3 Adaptive Payment API Integration Costume - adaptive planning duplicate(repost) Adaptive Prefix Coding: Modification of the Encoder and Decoder parts of a written code - Adaptive/Responsive Webdesign and static HTML for Dating Site Adaptive/Responsive Webdesign and static HTML for Dating Site - Adatbevitel táblázatba Adatbevitel táblázatba - Adaugare formule de calcul in site php Adaugare functionalitati suplimentare intr-un magazin online - AdBeat Account Marketing Adbeat Market Research - Adblock webview for android AdBlocker Bypass - AdBrite Clone Adbrite Clone - Adbrite website created with ads for high earnings. Adbrite Website needed - ADC and data acquisition with Raspberry pi ADC and data acquisition with Raspberry pi -- 2 - ADC10 usage of MSP430F2274 and interfaced with a LCD Display adcademic assignment - IT security managment - Adclas Design Adclick detector required  for advertisement company - Add 10000 articles Add 12 New Icons in Font Awesome - Add Customer Display to my Project Add drop down menu to a website - add interactive page and CC to a flash website and video Add jmail script - Add poster needed to post on site Add poster needed to post on site - Add VOIP and Video Call features to Buddypress Add Windows Computers to created Zentyal Domain - Add "Contact Us" Page based on the home page, plus checkboxes Add "Contact Us" Page based on the home page, plus checkboxes - repost - Add "load more" like YouTube HomePage Add "local" page to skyfall - Add "receiving shared data from other app" feature to existing PhoneGap/Cordova based application Add "Register" and "Login" section. EASY WORK - Add "Supplier" attribute to product management in Magento admin Add "Tabbed" Content Area to Theme - Shopify Store - Add "world cities array" to website Add # of Displayed Items - Add & Integrate 4 plugins to my wordpress theme & Add & modify features to exisitng software built on an SQL Database. - Add "click to call" to about 30 websites, for ambidextrousbd Add "delete" function for PHP website - add "Link-Buttons" to fck-editor Add "Make An Offer" module to creloaded site - Add ''Autopilot'' Mode to Software Add ''buy 3, get 1 free'' deal to OSCommerce installation - add ''the daily tip'' text box to my WP blog(repost)(repost) Add ''UrlToOpen'' property to DSOFramer for use in web page - Add 'create user' endpoint to public GitHub project Add 'Drag & Drop' to HIDDEN StopLoss and TakeProfit - Add 'Speakers' to Website Add 'static page' content management to my e-commerce framework - add (FFMPEG) functionality to php upload script with mysql add (FFMPEG) functionality to php upload script with mysql - Repost - Add +200 simpel posters "copy past" job. Add +3000 fans to my Facebook Fan Page - Add .flv player to "Handshakes" script add .gif watermark - Add .swf to invision power board header add .txt parsing file - Add / Modify ASP.Net & Devexpress Add / Modify / Delete Script for PHP4 SQLite Database - 3 tables - add 1 edit to my site Add 1 extra language to Wordpress (for example Polylang) - add 1 line of code to website Add 1 Link To A HTML Website For Me - Add 1 Page to my Wordpress (HTML to Wordpress) Add 1 page to website (HTML,Java,CSS) - Add 1 Tab to Flash Navigation Bar(repost) Add 1 text field to a PHP form - Add 1,100 contacts to MS database Add 1,200+ people to my Twitter Account Each Week - Add 10 Ips To My Server for LinuxFreakz Add 10 likes and comments for each of our post in 2 days - Add 10,000 Bands to my myspace Account. add 10,000 facebook fans for my facebook page - Add 10,000 Real USA Facebook fans for 1 Page #92 Add 10,000 Real USA Facebook fans for 1 Page #95 - Add 100 Fake members $30 Add 100 followers each on 25 different Instagram accounts - Add 100 Products Experienced Amazon Product Adder For Clothing Different Sizes and Colors MUST Prove Experience Add 100 Products Experienced Amazon Product Adder For Clothing Different Sizes and Colors MUST Prove Experience - add 100 products to my site add 100 products to my site - ongoing work - Add 100,000 fans to my Facebook page Add 100,000 real fans to my facebook page - Add 1000 fans to my facebook page Add 1000 Friends to a MySpace Account - On going work - Add 1000 products in my magento shop Add 1000 products into Wordpress affiliate Store, Need a Team - Add 1000 real estate listings to website Add 1000 real Malaysian Facebook fan - Add 1000+ likes to our Facebook page already with 59k - repost Add 1000+ Targeted Facebook Fans - add 100k facebook fans for my sites add 100k facebook fans for - Add 10k fans to my Facebook page Add 10K fans to my fanpage. - Add 120 backlines from ANGELAS & PAUL PACKETS? TIME? PRICE? EXPERIENCED ONLY Add 120 images to Drupal categories - Add 1400 products from an excel doc to a prestashop store Add 141 Posts To WordPress Blog - Add 150 facebook profile + 2 steps votes in 48hours Add 150 friends to a Facebook account - Add 1500 likes to a Facebook page Add 1500 posts to a textfile. - Add 1:st page image to 50 documents Add 1:st page image to 50 documents(repost) - Add 2 boxe to a Flash-PHP form Add 2 buttons and 1 feature to JavaScript Form - Add 2 comparison charts to WordPress Add 2 contribs to a modded osC - Add 2 features (posts-based single Map and live-update refine-search), to a WordPress-based website add 2 features and 2 small fixes - add 2 features to TProfGrid Add 2 field for site store - Add 2 Images and Text to a Website - Easy Project Add 2 images on a Video - add 2 lines to php code-Zen Cart add 2 link in menu and compile c++ project - Add 2 new countries in the registration screen of a modified OSCommerce shop add 2 new domain - add 2 oscommerce contributions Add 2 Page Sign Up form on WordPress Site (For Catering School) - add 2 payment gateways to our asp mvc e-comm site (stripe + paypal)
Add 2 payment Options to Virtuemart - Add 2 search search artifacts to a home page Add 2 side bars to an eBay template - Add 2 tags to a video add 2 task to php/json/jquery chat script - Add 2-3 facebook opengraph actions to existing script Add 2-3 Functionality to Joomla component - Add 20 Products, rename products and upload to shopping cart and test Add 20 sites/domains to dmoz directory twice each. - Add 200 E commerce products **IMMEDIATE START** Add 200 facebook adress - Add 200 products from category listing Add 200 Products in Woo Commerce Site Urgently - Add 200 products to the zen cart with the product part#7 Add 200 products to Virtuemart 2.x (Joomla) from Word document - Add 2000 Keywords a day to our Yahoo Pay Per Click Account Add 2000 Likes ,admin access - Add 2000 USA IP ADDRESS Fans & 1000 Votes For 3 Pages #83 add 2000 words - Add 230 products to a prestashop installation Add 2356 Locations to Manta - add 250 listings to ebay Add 250 Listings To My Website - Add 260 Pages to an existing wordpress website Add 260 Products to an OSCOMMERCE site - add 3 API services on my android application Add 3 blocks of code to shopify product pages. Must be finished by TOMORROW morning as our shop goes live! (Will pay extra for fast delivery) Much appreciated - Add 3 feature to our SMS software add 3 features and 19 enhancements to php/jquery chat script under budget 2200 INR only - add 3 files to a1 locksmith site. Add 3 Fixed Icons Down Side of Wordpress Site - add 3 icon and 1 header (jus design work no code needed) Add 3 images to html website - Add 3 new banners in a scrolling gallery Add 3 new domain sources to Domain Hunter - Add 3 pages to Joomla! I got HTML and CSS add 3 pages to my admin site - Add 3 simple page to my web app Add 3 sponsor logos to existing image & resize for postcard flyers - Add 30 (Invodo) videos to a Magent website. Add 30 accounts to whmautopilot - Add 30-day Trial Feature to Drupal Website Add 30.000 Real Facebook Fans to a Fanpage - Add 300+ product to my opencart shop Add 300+ products with options to Magento from BigCommerce - Add 301 direction in Htaccess Add 301 redirect - Add 3D Animation to an existing Project Add 3D depth to already existing images - Add 3rd party API to Phalcon PHP add 4 ad/tracking SDKs to iOS app - Add 4 fields into wp_usermeta table, create a map data input plugin and PHP to output XML from wp_usermeta table - v2 add 4 flex features to gyaro paying 5000inr only - Add 4 New Pages to Existing ASP.NET Site Add 4 new pages, make existing site google friendly - Add 4,000 Friends to My Twitter Add 4,000 friends to MySpace - List of profile IDs provided! - Add 4000 Facebook fans - repost Add 4000 Facebook Fans to my Fanpage - Add 438 facebook likes to my page in the upcoming 5 hours Add 4400 Twitter users from website - add 498 posts (that are already written) to wordpress add 4pages to part 4 of auditing report - Add 5 images to joomla image gallery Add 5 languages and translated content to a website - Add 5 tabs to my wordpress sidebar(repost) Add 5% surcharge for PayPal payment on Magento - Add 50 Independent escort cms Add 50 Independent escort cms - Add 50 Products to Shopping Cart Add 50 Products To Woocommerce Site - Add 50,000 Quality Facebook Page Likes Add 50,000 Real USA Facebook fans for 1 Page #91 - Add 500 friends per hour to The ShopO Group of Egypt Add 500 games to my gaming website - Add 500 products to an opencart site within 24 hours Add 500 products to database - Add 500-1000 Articles on my website through Add 5000 products to shopping cart - add 5000 names and emails to our database must be done in 3 days no more add 5000 names and emails to our database must be done in 3 days no more (for anhgun)(repost) - Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers - Add 5700 Real USA Facebook fans for 4 Pages #116 Add 58 Uttermost Lamps and Bookmark - Add 6 More IP's to Dedicated Server Add 6 page to my WebSite - Add 600k twitter followers Add 60k Twitter followers - Add 7,500 words to Existing History Ebook Add 70 listings to website - Add 8 products to Woo Commerce add 80 locations to foursquare - Add 900 names & addresses to a spreadsheet Add 91 books to my book store - Add \"request invoice\" in checkout! Add \"request invoice\" into Prestashop checkout - Add a "camera app" to my social network site add a "Change Password" - Add a "Lazy Load" at the bottom of my Responsive Website Add a "Log Out" button within my program in C# .net - Add a "settings" page to a wordpress plugin Add a "tip" functionality/mod to an adult webcam site - Add a 'Trust Bar' to our website. Add a ( like button) on my website - Add a 4 minute Scheduler to a WC_Payment_Gateway WooCommerce Custom Gateway Class Add a 6 second text animation to a video - Add a redirect Add a audio track to another one (260 times) - Add a background slideshow to the profile page of my users add a background to a logo - Add a banner to Lesti-FPC -- 2 Add a Banner to my Ebay listing - Add a bill of sale ADD A BILLING SYSTEM FOR ROKU BUILT ON INSTANTVCHANNEL - Add a Blog Page to Existing Website Add a Blog page to existing Website - Add a BLOG to my website Add a blog to my website - Add a booking system to a wordpress site Add a Booking System to an Existing Website - Add a bunch of textboxes and html (no graphics) to page from a static .jpg.(repost)(repost) Add a bundle plugin code to existing MAC sw in Objective C. - Add a button to HTML website Add a button to IE toolbar - Add a calendar / event system to our CUSTOM cms site. Code ignighter. Add a calendar booking to my website - Add a Captcha in a simple contact form Add a Captcha in a simple contact form - Add a case in a C# program Add a cashier feature to a script - Add a chat button to my post item page Add a chat module - Add a CKEEDITOR addon to vBulletin's CKEEDITOR Add a Class to Githib Minify Project - Add a collapes (show/hide information) facility in my bootstrap table each row Add a collapes (show/hide information) system in my bootstrap table each row - Add a compare listing and Suggest a Listing Function Add A Compiler - Add a contact form to all four of my directory sites Add a Contact Form to HTML Page - Add a cookie to a filter Add a cookie to a filter. - Add a couple of features and make adjustments to existing wordpress real estate theme add a couple of fields to a custom report in Magento - Add a couple simple features to a cocos2d game