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Add 200 Pinterest followers - Add 200 products to opencart! Add 200 products to the zen cart with the product details - Add 2000 Facebook Fans/Likes - only from Sydney!!! Add 2000 facebook friends - Add 2000 products, image description, and price to osCommerce Website - II Add 2000 products, image description, and price to osCommerce Website - Repost - add 20K youtube view to my video in 6h from now Add 2100 Votes and 1000 USA IP ADDRESS Fans For 4 Pages #80 - Add 250 ads from website A to website B (Wordpress) Add 250 ads from website A to website B (Wordpress) -- 2 - add 2500 auctions to my website Add 2500 Facebook Fans - Add 2nd payment type dynamic and update daily statement accordingly Add 3 adveritsing modules to RocketTheme Template - Add 3 essential things on my web site Add 3 feature to current iPhone application. need expert for ios app made on swift. - add 3 fields to ajax wordpress site Add 3 Fields to Mail Form - add 3 icon and 1 header (jus design work no code needed) Add 3 images to html website - Add 3 new domain sources to Domain Hunter add 3 new languages to my open cart - add 3 pages to my admin site Add 3 pages to my website from PSD format to HTML and upload to FTP - Add 3 Sub-Categories Add 3 subpages / sections to existing shopify webpage - Add 30 day trail to application Add 30 items to Wordpress gallery and update existing info - Add 300 Business Listings to my website. Add 300 domainnames as alias in Plesk Panel - Add 300,000 Facebook Fans Add 300-400 product images to Magento Store & SSL linking - add 301 redirect to Add 301 redirect to - ADD 3D EFFECTS ONTO TEXT OF LOGO Add 3D Glossy Effect to Logo and generate Printfile - Add 4 Banners to a Mobile Responsive Page - Super Quick Task add 4 boxes to home page - Add 4 function to My Android Source Add 4 functions to existing php scripts - Add 4 options with radioboxes to checkout Magento add 4 pages for existing website - Add 40 blog posts on a site Add 40 new fields to table and 4 php forms - Add 4000 Real USA Facebook fans & 500 Likes #132 Add 4000 Real USA Facebook fans for 3 Pages #114 - Add 45 products to the bigcommerce theme Add 45 Wigs to Excel file for Upload to Website - Add 5 .aspx New Url's to our .net Webpage Add 5 000 views on video from Russia - Add 5 new Content Pages to a WordPress website Add 5 new modules to oscommerce website - Add 5,000 Targeted Facebook Fans in a Week. Add 5,000 twitter followers - Add 50 products in opencart Add 50 products to a website - repeating job - Add 50,000 Facebook likes! Add 50,000 Facebook/Twitter Followers - Add 500 Bangladesh friends per hour to The ShopO Group of Bangladesh Add 500 best online games to my wordpress website - add 500 listings to ebay add 500 listings to ebay - Repost - Add 500 Products using FrontPage 2000 Or HTML Editor Add 500 Projects Using FrontPage Or HTML Editor - Add 5000 facebook friends in Australia to my own personal face book account Add 5000 Facebook Likes to my company FB page - Add 5000 Real USA Facebook fans for 1 Page #90 Add 5000 Real USA Facebook fans for 3 Pages #109 - Add 50K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add 50K fans to current fanpage - Add 5mm bleed and outline fonts on 1 page pdf Add 6 autoresponders to membership site - Add 6 Products to my website Add 6 slides to Power Point to match existing design and feel - Add 64-bit support to VC++ program ADD 65 URL's TO WEBMASTER TOOLS REMOVE URL - Add 70 Products to Magento Add 700 Products to Amazon SellerCentral - Must be Amazon Experienced - ADD 80 Products to Oscommerce Shop Add 80 Products to Oscommerce Shop - Add 95 products to my WooCommerce website Add « Edit profile » feature on Ios & Android native app through our JSON API - Add \"Vat incl.\" message in Magento Site Add \'Goes With\' or \'Recently Viewed\' functions - Add a "contact us" page to our website and remove a blog page add a "Delete" and "Hide" button for uploaded videos onto Portfolio page. - Add a "Remove Ads" IAP to an iOS App Add a "Saved credit card" or "Link paypal" extension to account on website. - Add a ''did you mean?'' mechanism to Drupal 6 search add a ''FORUM AND SOME BANNERS TO AN EXISTING WEB SITE - Add a 100% flash shopping cart into a 100% flash website Add a 12 Page PDF as a Form on my Website - Add a \"function post to\" from an xml to virtuemart 2 shop Add a \"like\" button to website - add a auto tracking number generator in a website Add a B2B menu to an existing B2C website - Add a Badge to App Logo add a banner and layers for me to edit text - Add a bar with email signup to a website that disappears when a visitor scrolls down same function as on Add a basic flash player to my site from my RSS - Add a blog feature to our website and some minor bug fix Add a blog for my php website - Add a blog to my HTML site!! Add a blog to my opencart website - Add a Booking System to an Existing Website -- 2 Add a Bookmark Link for FireFox on html page - Add a bundle plugin code to existing MAC sw in Objective C. -- 2 Add a Business listing - Add a button to my video site Add a button to my website - Add a calendar on my homepage that shops everyday with the events and their images from the backend of the events Add a calendar to products on my online store - WooCommerce - Add a captcha to a google form Add a Captcha to a Website Form (urgent) - Add a chain link fence around a structure Add a Challenge Management view to an existinf ASP.NET MVC application - Add a chatbot program to a test website Add a check out -Create a check out for existing website - Add A Client Automated Self Generating Invoice Portal Section To Our WebSite add a coat and nice background to this photo - Add a column to DataTables Add a column to DataTables - Add a conditional statement based on URL to my Wordpress site Add a confirmation prompt to single-action buttons in Workflow Extensions module D7 - Add a contribution on OS Commerce Website Add a contribution to existing Oscommerce website - Add a couple fields to an .ASP checkout page Add a couple functions to my admin panel - Add a Create PDF button to my web page add a credit card charging system to my website - Add a custom feature to existing facebook app Add a custom feature to existing facebook app - Add a custom permalink in a Wordpress website and other URLs rewriting -- 2 Add a custom product attribute under price in shop page, product page and featured products. - Add a Customer Module to the Open Source SplendidCRM based on the UI's, Pages, and Database Structure attached and change look to match the UI's Add a customised CMS to existing site - Add a design and create a code for a website. Add a design for a project proposal - Add a directory to an existing Joomla 3.6.x site add a directory to an existing joomla site - add a download button Add a Download Button to Jooforge Jukebox in Joomla 1.5 - add a dropdown menu in ocart checkout Add a dropdown Menu(sliding down from top bar) to an existing view in project - Add a email form validation & backend to a mobile app add a email newsletter functionality to a banner on magento go - Add a Facebook like instant message feature in an ASP.NET/C# website
Add a Facebook like pop-up window to my website ! - Add a feature android games Add a feature box sign up form - Add a feature to a google form using google apps script Add a feature to a php project - Add a feature to an existing iOS app Add a feature to an existing Magento website - Add a feature to existing website - $50 Add a feature to iOS App + PHP/MySQL Backend - add a feature to my website . Add a Feature to Open-Source PDF Viewer - Add A Featured Section To My Social Exchange Site Add A Featured Section To My Social Exchange Site - Add a few features on a Wordpress Theme (Edit it) Add a few features to a android app - ADD a few items into New Order Email [WooCommerce] Add a few layers of text lines on slider - Add a Few Simple Search Forms to PHP Classifieds website add a few small options to a flash-based upload applet - Add a field to registration form with PMPRO and a little plugin Add a field to the existing CSV upload functionality of a wordpress site - Add a Fitness Module and a Dynamic Menu / Content System to our App Add a Fixed Header to an existing website - add a floating search box over a flash game Add a Flyout Menu to Yahoo Store - Add a form to a website Add a form to a wordpress site - Add a Formula to a Crystal Report Add a Forum or Community Blog To Our Website - Add a french side to my website. Already have the translation Add a french side to my website. Already have the translation -- 2 - add a function (asp) Add a function and some fixes to a Flash game - Add a function to an existing website developed using php + SQL add a function to an Iphone app - Add a function to our PHP website add a function to our website and app - Add a further gateway in Donate and Download Add a future a php online soft (Quickly) - Add a google map as popup popup Add a Google search Engine Tool to my Website to call google engine - Add a header to a Woocommerce website Add a header to a Word Press (Woocommerce) website - Add a Hover Tooltip (Unordered List) Add a hovering side bar to an existing magento theme - Add a intro overlay over a video Add a Invision Power IP Board Forum to our Wordpress Site (Same Layout & Styles) - Add a Jquery grid to my project Add a jquery jtable to my theme - Add a language option to an existing website Add a language switcher to Wordpress website - Add a lightbox to display images dynamically Add a lightbox to Shopify lookbook - Add A link to A Flash Movie/Banner Add a link to a manual slider made with spans - Add a listing category Add a listing type to phpProBid - New listing format! - Add a login and membership page to our website, where users can complete an account add a login and register to my website - Add a Login Management to Csharp Application Add a login on an existing desktop application(repost) - add a logo to 100 videos Add a logo to 2 banners - Add a logo to the background of my website Add a logo to the header - Add a map to Joomla that pulls data from others sites add a map to our site with different arrows - Add a menu bar into my blog Add a menu bar to my blog and some links - Add a mobile & tablet site to an existing website Add a mobile design to an existing website. - add a module position to a joomla template add a module prestashop and some trouble to fix - Add a multi currency management button in PHP/mysql website and Paypal API--2 Add a multi-condition branching logic to survey website - $50 - Add a new 3rd column to existing template Add a new a language feature on my website - Add a new event response option to Joomla Event Booking Add a new FAQ page in a particular format on my Shopify Store - add a new fee in checkout on OC Add a new field "page link" in edit page on WordPress website - Add a new function to a script. Add a new function to my html5 chat. - Add a new mobile style drop down menu to navbar Add a new MVC theme to my site - Add a new page to website Add a new page with a specific content to a Wordpress website - Add a new product to an external prestashop module - Zend & DOJO Add a New Product with Size Option in OpenCart - Add a new tab and a downloads page to my website Add A new template - add a nice graphic menu to an existing Delphi application Add a nice looking blog to custom WordPress theme - add a open source Email template maker into our CRM Add a Opt in Bar to a WordPress Website - Add a page in a .net nuk site Add a page in a .net nuk site - repost - Add a page to an existing Wordpress website Add a page to current website - Add a page to my wordpress site Add a page to my wordpress website - Add A Paramter to MS Acces DB Add a participation element in WP Courseware Pro - Add a payment gateway to my social network website ADD A PAYMENT GATEWAY TO MY WEBSITE - Add a payment process to Wordpress that allows file uploads and option selection Add a payment type to a classified site - Add a person to a photo Add a petition section to my current site. - add a photo gallery to my website (catalog) Add a Photo to an ASP.Net Page - add a php upload feature to existing website Add a PHP/MySQL login script a website template. - Add a plugin on my wordpress website Add a plugin to myBB Forum - Add a pop up window to the shipping page in shopify website NEED TO KNOW SHOPIFY PANEL WELL Add a pop-under function on my simple site - Add a preference activity to the previous app created add a prefix to the data taken from the form field - add a product ADD A PRODUCT CONDITION TO EXISTING OPEN CART WEBSITE - add a programm to existing software Add a progress bar functionality for File - Uploads Contact Form 7 - Add a questionaire to existing site with built in reporting add a quick estimate form on home page - Add A record DKIM DMARC on Digital ocean and Cpanel so I have a better mail record Add a record to a table using Ninja Forms - Add a report feature into an app Add a report to website with a mysql backend - Add a Rig to my 3d Player Model for use with Mecanim in Unity 3d Add a ringtone to a digital Christmas card - Add a Save Feature to my Software Add a save-settings function to my browser extentions - Add a scrolling footer Add a scrolling footer - Add a search field in existing db and homepage. Add a search field on homepage - Add a second page with some written words in invoice plane Add a Second price in article - Add a self maintained blog to our website Add A Semantic Text Feature to Task App - Add a shipping rate on product page add a shop - Add a shopping cart to existing wordpress website add a shopping cart to my joomla website - Add a sign in with Linkedin verificiation feature to my PHP website