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Adaptation of the Xoops Forum module - Adaptation/ Finishing of Tier One Design Brochure Adaptation/redesign of templates between CMSMS and Impresspage - Adapte a rectangle with background for my text Adapte a Website - Adapter Framework design/development adapter from quik to ninjatrader - adaptible artist that has skills on the computer as well as print Adaptieren Mediawiki Extension (1.26.3 - 1.27.0) - Adapting an existing R code Adapting an installer for a package - Adapting html template to TomatoCart Adapting iOS app to iOS 9 - adapting project for nayyer Adapting psd Layout (almost css colors) to ready responsive template - Adapting Zen Cart payment module Adaption checkout process / Wordpress / Woocommerce - Adaption of order website Adaption of Samba VFS module - Adaptiv Payment API paypal integration - repost Adaptiv Payment API Paypal integration web iphone android - repost - Adaptive design (one page with report) Adaptive Design (Wireframe, and html5 slicing) - adaptive huffman audio compression in visual basic adaptive hypermedia education system - Adaptive Online Application form with user profile - mobile and desktop platform on AWS EC2 Adaptive Overlap-and-Add Technique in MB-OFDM based UWB Receiver Design - Adaptive Payments Paypal Marketplace Adaptive Payments Paypal Marketplace -- 2 - Adaptive Zen Cart Theme - Mobile Friendly Adaptive-neuro-fuzzy inference system approach for transmission line fault classification and location incorporating effects of power swings - - worth USD 10000 - competition adassdaasddfdfgfgfgfgfddfsdfsdfffffffffffffffffffdfdssfdsdfssdf - Adauga Jocuri Flash Adauga referate pe un site de referate - Adavance Use of Forms for Client on a Job Adavanced Craigslist Posting Team - Adblock Detect - Wordpress AdBlock detection Script - Adblocker for android Adblocker JavaScript script - Adbrite Clone Adbrite Clone - Adbrite website created with ads for high earnings. Adbrite Website needed - ADC and data acquisition with Raspberry pi ADC and data acquisition with Raspberry pi -- 2 - adcademic assignment - IT security managment AdCalls Script - Adclas Design AdClassi Free Classified Post Free Classifieds Ads online - Add "Like/Share button" for facebook and "Google +1" to my oscommerce Categories pages. add 'tagline' to logo - add crypto to UCN for verok add currency filter - Add image upload functionality in mobile website Add image/file links at the bottom of a PHP page - Add new features to existing web platforms add new input for existing mt4 expert advisor - ADD TEST DATA IN ACCESS 2002 TABLES add the handover to the matlab cod - Add "change view" option on search results page (Wordpress) Add "coming soon" to my menu drop downs - Add "Houzz Button" in product pages Add "Infinite Scroll" from Jetpack to our custom WordPress template - Add "quantity" to attributes Add "Rank #" element to a Photo Contest plugin in Wordpress - Add "Stock" to VirtueMart after every size Add "Studio" as an option in to search fetatures in Real Estate component Joomla 3 - Add "Wood Etched" Logo to 62 Product Images Add "world cities array" to my Wordpress site - Add & Fix funtionality of Online Mall and create mobile app Add & fix the following points to our website core php ooops basis .. - Add "back" link to Lightroom gallery created via xslt / xml Add "blog" to our home page - Add "image upload" feature to classifieds add "In app Purchase" to my iphone/ipad app - Add "size variation" to 110,000 active ebay listings Add "Subject" to PMS - Add ''Prototype'' Links on Ruby Rails Site Add ''recent files'' to application toolbar - Add 'Clone' button in for the 'Opportunity Product' List View within 'Opportunity' Add 'close' link on Fancybox (Wordpress) - Add 'kbc paypage' payment method to woocommerce (tutorial included) Add 'kbc paypage' payment method to woocommerce (tutorial included) - Add (1000+) products to OScomm add (2) slideshows - Add *NEW* features to existing website Add + Change content to a WordPress template - content & full template will be given! - Add -on to previous work. - open to bidding Add -ppassword option to ssh - Add .php Add .php pages to existing website - Add / Edit Current Wordpress Template Add / Edit our API for our admin panel - Add 0 byte in linux elf file Add 03 pages in Open Cart footer - Add 1 Field To PHP OsCommerce Invoice Add 1 image to another - Add 1 page to existing website ADD 1 PAGE TO JOOMLA WEBSITE WITH TEXT AND IMAGES - Add 1 small feature to existing VB program Add 1 small popup HTML page (WDLA) - Add 1,000 products to website Add 1,000 products to website(repost) - Add 10 000 members to my facebook group (real users, no fake members). Add 10 000 members to my facebook group (real users, no fake members).(repost) - Add 10 profiles to social network app Add 10 Profiles to Social Network Website - add 10,000 followers to your account at Twitter Add 10,000 friends to a band myspace account - Add 100 (or more) products to our Prestashop webshop add 100 article with high qulity asap - Add 100 jokes to joke website Add 100 jokes to joke website #2 - Add 100 Products To BigCommerce Store Add 100 products to Ebay using Inkfrog - Add 100 Products to WooCommerce Store Add 100 Products to WooCommerce Store - Add 100.000 facebook fans to fan page Add 100.000 Facebook Fans to my fan page - Add 1000 google map points (phoca map joomla) add 1000 items to my woocommerce site - Add 1000 Products to Amazon Add 1000 Products to Amazon SellerCentral - Add 1000 real Malaysian Facebook fan Add 1000 Real US-based Profiles to my Social Network Website - Add 1000+ Targeted Facebook Fans Add 1000-+ Targeted Facebook Fans - add 100k facebook fans for my sites add 100k facebook fans for - Add 10k FANS For Facebook Add 10k Fans To Facebook Page - Add 12,250,000 Keywords into AdWords Account(s) Add 12,250,000 Keywords into AdWords Account(s) - Repost - Add 14 items to OS Commerce shop Add 14 Products plus sizes -and check prices of over 1000 items - Add 150 attending on event facebook event - repost Add 150 facebook profile + 2 steps votes in 48hours - Add 150,000 likes to Facebook Fanpage Add 150,000 likes to my new biz page - Add 1964 to an existing logo -- 2 Add 1964 to an existing logo -- 2 - Repost - open to bidding - add 2 asp pages add 2 banners to website. - ADD 2 colums to a GRIDVIEW dynamically Add 2 contribs to a modded osC - add 2 features
Add 2 features (posts-based single Map and live-update refine-search), to a WordPress-based website - add 2 features to TProfGrid Add 2 field for site store - Add 2 Images to the default template add 2 images to web page - Add 2 list with a few hundred subcribers to my mailchimp account Add 2 list with a few hundred subcribers to my mailchimp account -- 2 - Add 2 new features on custom Yii framework Add 2 new features to koken - add 2 pages Add 2 pages + complete modifications - wordpress website - Add 2 PHP Sites in Drupal Add 2 PHP Sites in Drupal - ADULT - Add 2 simple functions and 2 features to DB Add 2 simple functions to invoice script (Logic Invoice) - Add 2 views to existing iOS application Add 2 way Relay email like on craigslist. CodeIgniter. Jquery. Java. Google Maps API - Add 2-image codes Add 2-way video chat to website - Add 20 WooCommerce Products for My Client Add 20 Zen Cart Product Fields - Add 200 facebook adress Add 200 followers + provide 150 permanent plays to soudcloud account - Add 200 products from category listing Add 200 Products in Woo Commerce Site Urgently - Add 200 products to the zen cart with the product part#6 Add 200 products to the zen cart with the product part#7 - Add 2000 India, Woman-Only Targeted Facebook Fans Add 2000 Keywords a day to our Yahoo Pay Per Click Account - Add 2000 Studio Records To Web Database Add 2000 twitter followers - Add 230 names/email addresses to my Mailchimp account Add 230 products into database (can be scripted) - Add 250 Business Listings to My Website Add 250 ebay listings from a dropship company to ebay store. - Add 2500 Facebook Fans Add 2500 India, Woman-Only Targeted Facebook Fans - Add 2nd payment type dynamic and update daily statement accordingly Add 3 adveritsing modules to RocketTheme Template - Add 3 email notifications Add 3 feature to current iPhone application. need expert for ios app made on swift. - Add 3 fields in WP Store Locator plugin (WordPress) add 3 fields to ajax wordpress site - ADD 3 HTML pages to a site Add 3 hyperlinks to a swf (fla) file! - Add 3 multiple-author wordpress blogs to social network site Add 3 new banners in a scrolling gallery - Add 3 pages to existing website programmed using Word Press Add 3 pages to Joomla! I got HTML and CSS - Add 3 simple fixed buttons on the side that scroll along the web page Add 3 simple page to my web app - Add 3-D Secure (3DS) to our mastercard payment gateway Add 30 (Invodo) videos to a Magent website. - Add 30,000 signatures to an online petition by 31 July, 2016 Add 30,000 Twitter followers from KUWAIT without admin acces - add 300 real Facebook Likes or Twitter followers or subscribers add 300 real Facebook Likes or Twitter followers or subscribers - open to bidding - Add 3000 Products into an OpenCart Store add 3000 products to prestashop 1.6 version online - Add 360 Degree Video Streaming to a Published Android Media App add 365 ''day advent calendar'' to blog - ADD 3MM BLEED TO ARTWORK Add 3rd field in products.csv - for non quantity based items (eg Discount, Dine-In) - Add 4 features to our school management website (PHP) Add 4 features to Site Builder application(repost) - Add 4 Missing Wordpress Theme Pages Add 4 new editable regions to the bottom of an existing Mailchimp Template - add 4 points read project Project Description: and make bid with good price Add 4 Redirect Rules to a htaccess file - add 400 facebook followers add 400 product to opencart from supplier website 2 -- 2 - Add 4000-6000 Products to Cart Add 400o votes in 2 days - Mask Prxy - Add 46 products to Magento Site Add 46 Products to Wordpress Store, Copy/paste & basic picture editing involved - Add 5 column footer to Drupal website Add 5 content pages to a Dotnetnuke commerce website. - add 5 pages to existing php website Add 5 Pages to Wordpress Site - Add 5-6 products to current WP site Add 5.000 Google+ users in my circles and 1000 Facebook likes on my page - Add 50 Products to eBay store Add 50 Products to eBay store now - Add 50,000 fans to my facebook fan page Add 50,000 fans to my facebook page - Add 500 embeded wideos with original title Add 500 embeded wideos with original title - for ViableVA - add 500 listings to ebay - Repost - open to bidding Add 500 members per hour from Egypt to ShopO - Add 500 Projects Using FrontPage Or HTML Editor Add 500 simple advertisement - Add 5000 facebook friends in Australia to my own personal face book account Add 5000 Facebook Likes to my company FB page - Add 5000 Products to Magento Store Add 5000 Real USA Facebook fans for 1 Page #90 - Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers from India - add 590 products to oscommerce shop Add 5k words to ebook - Add 6 page to my WebSite Add 6 Photos to flash.swf - Add 600k twitter followers Add 60k Twitter followers - Add 7,500 Facebook friends to The ShopO Group of Albania in Two Days Add 7,500 words to Existing History Ebook - Add 7500 with images to prestashop Add 8 products to store and do a few simple tasks - Add 9 properties from old site to new site Add 90.000 images to Magento - Add \"NetVideoHunter\" in Crawler (Check Description Easy Job) Add \"Play\" button to beginning of Flash movie - Add a Process button to our competition website Add a similar drop down Calendar - Add a "Guest" access button to an existing app add a "How did you hear about us" to the register - Add a % variable to prices received via API. Add a "Blog" page to a custom built Wordpress site - Add a 'Buy Now' Button on Product Pages | Shopify Add a 'category' section in a photo app - Add a 3D retouch of a photo Add a 3D retouch of a photo - Add a alarm system to my site Add a Android to SQL uploader - Add a background image to pages (IMMEDIATELY) Add a Background image to POSTS only - Add a banner to a Prestashop website Add a banner to Lesti-FPC - Add a better layout to 2 powerpoint slides Add a BG music to a 1 minute video - Add a Blog Section to Website add a blog system to my site ( code ignitor) - Add a blog to my website in footer Add a Blog to our site - Add a box in a custom plug in for Wordpress to prevent spam add a box to website - Add a button for Beko Add a button in a Java open source software - Add a button To shopify store to enable toggling between two currencies Add a button to the top right of our menu (wordpress) - Add a calender to a HTML5 website - repost 2 Add a calender to a HTML5 website - repost 3 - Add a CAPTCHA to my contact form Add a captcha to my existing page's website - add a change password field to my admin panel add a changing Image Slider for My site Header. - Add a check out -Create a check out for existing website Add a check, change text and insert date in invoice - php joomla work - Add a Circling Tool to Adobe Acrobat