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Add a custom chating to my 2 websites (No Buddypress) - Add a custom font to Squarespace (CSS) Add a custom module for Joomsocial - Add a custom text field in shipping plugin Add a custom tool to shopify store - add a datepicker Add a datepicker field to Bigcommerce's Checkout page - add a did on UC 540 Add a different date selection option to an excel sheet - Add a Div to my wordpress site $5 Add a Domain Entry to an Existing server.. - Add a Drop Down Menu to a secondary nav on website Add a drop down menu to my video player - Add a dynamic page in wordpress existing site Add a dynamic page, scraped from another site - Add a extra feature to an existing app. add a extra function linux-java - Add a facebook type wall(video, link, message, photos) feature Add a facebook welcome tab to our facebook page - Add a feature in my running website project Add a Feature in the web - Add a feature to a Symphony app Add a feature to a website - Add a feature to an existing Wordpress website Add a feature to an exiting HTML5 game (written in Haxe/Flambe) - add a feature to my app Add a feature to my current iPhone app - Add a feature to shopify store theme add a feature to TPDJDBEditDate - Add a Features(within 1 day) Add a Feedback system for a Cre6.15 osc store - Add a few features to an iPhone news app and also upgrade it to an iPad app Add a few features to my IOS app - add a few modules in my site Add a few new fields to Profile page - Add a few things to my site. Add a few things to my site. - Add a file upload to my website and email notifications add a fileupload script to a ready site - Add a flash floor plan tool to our website Add a Flash Gallery to a Joomla Site - Add a forest for town model - открыт для заявок add a forgot password feature - Add a form to existing website add a form to magento - Add a forum to an exsiting CMS Add a forum to my site - Add A Friend On Facebook From Push of a Button (Objective C) Add A Friend On Facebook From Push of a Button (Objective C) - open to bidding - Add a function and some fixes to a Flash game(repost)(repost) Add a function FILTER to my PHP Webpage / Javascript - Add a function to current app Add a function to d3.js program - add a function to the jw player Add a function to upload an image from a webview - Add a gallery of images with categories to joomla website Add a gallery page to our Magenta Website - Add a GPS with Estimate Time Arrival to implement into my software Add a graph to a website created from 3 information the user enters - Add a header to phplist campaing Add a header to wordpress site built on evanto themeforest template - Add a hovering side bar to an existing magento theme Add a HTML 5 ad on top of the webpage. - Add a intro overlay over a video Add a Invision Power IP Board Forum to our Wordpress Site (Same Layout & Styles) - Add a Jquery grid to my project Add a jquery jtable to my theme - Add a landing page to my Squarespace website + Add CSS buttons and banners. Add a language option to an existing website - Add a Lightbox gallery into website Add a lightbox gallery to an existing wordpress site - Add a link quick project Add a link to a flash banner - Add a list of referrals (US, Canada and other countries) onto a wordpress site add a list to wp-posts - Add a location on existing banner Add a lock to folder and other features - Add a login on an existing desktop application(repost) Add a Login Page for a Moblile Page Web - add a logo to 100 videos Add a logo to 2 banners - add a logo to some images Add a logo to the background of my website - Add a map search on a Wordpress Website Add a map to Joomla that pulls data from others sites - Add a menu and custom fields to Client profile page Add a menu bar and banner to a word press blog - Add a Minimal Blog To an Existing Site -- 3 Add a Minimalistic Blog To an Existing Site - Add a module in magento 2 Add a module in magento 2.0.7 - Add a MP3 Player to a Joomla 2.5 site with Virtuemart Add a multi currency management button in PHP/mysql website and Paypal API - add a mysql logging funcion to a unix C program. Add a name to my facebook page with 4 letters - Add a new domain to webmin server add a new drop down menu to navbar - Add a new feature to users profile in joomla website Add a new feature to website - PHP - Add a new form to my KPI Application add a new function in a script - Add a new layer with a new effect over an existing PSD Add a new location to website - Add a new page to existing WIX website Add a new page to my Flash Site - Add a new payment gateway WordPress add a new payment way on online esrore Integration with OneCard - add a new Search Word game to a mysql database Add a new section : Top earner of the week - Add a new web to multisite Wordpress Add a new Wordpress install to a dedicated server with one non-WP site already on it. - Add a Novell DOS 7.0 Network to a Windows XP Pro Network add a number of dmains to a dedicated server - add a oscommerce module for ebay add a page - Add a page on existing website (slider and download to .pdf using JQuery plugins) Add a page template to my wordpress theme - Add A Page To My existing Website ASAP add a page to my forum (tab) vbulletin - Add a page to our website, a nav tab, and an online form Add a page to Perch CMS website & update - add a password recovery process to a my website ( add a password recovery process to a website - add a payment gateway to our website add a payment gateway to script - Add a paypal button add a PayPal button and edit text on Celebrity Bodyguard Services page / form - Add a phone cart to website Add a phone number to the top of a homepage - Add a PHP Captcha to 7 web forms Add A PHP Code - Add a phrase to Google Auto search Add a picture and document how to do so. - Add a plugin to PHP website Add a Plugin to word press site on a windows server - Add a pop-under function on my simple site Add a Pop-Up Signup Form to my Website - Add a preference activity to the previous app created add a prefix to the data taken from the form field - Add a product add a product - add a programm to existing software Add a progress bar functionality for File - Uploads Contact Form 7 - Add a question bar to wprdpress website header Add a questionaire to existing site with built in reporting - Add a Recent Activity Screen to a Workout App Add a Recommed Page to my website - Add a relationship tab to my website
Add a remote extension to my existing FreePBX system - Add a rewrite URL containoing question mark in .htaccess add a rich text editor to existing joomla site - ADD A SALES PHONE NUMBER TO TOP OF WORDPRESS HOMEPAGE ADD A SALES PHONE NUMBER TO TOP OF WORDPRESS HOMEPAGE -- 2 - Add a script to my website Add a script to my wordpress site - Add a search database to existing PHP website Add a search database to existing Wordpress site - Add a second Banner option to our CMS Add a second Banner option to our CMS - repost - Add a Section to Wordpress Blog(repost) Add a Section to Wordpress Blog(repost)(repost) - add a service fee to sripe transactions Add a set of sliders to a website - Add a shopping cart system and some products Add a shopping cart to a Drupal site - no online payment needed - customer just places order online and customer pays picks up product at the store - Add a sidebar and fix CSS issues. Correct some bad design. Add a Sidebar to a WordPress Theme - Add a simple blog to my website + a form -- 2 Add a simple button from my questionactivity to my - Add a simple feature to my classified website Add a simple Feature to my Website - add a simple jquery plugin to my website Add a simple mail form to a website - Add a simple UI for a existing application and give support for compiling add a simple video chat interface from into my website - Add a skin to a Win32 application Add a Skype logo and Link to a website... - Add a sliding menu to an app. Add a sliding menu to an existing app. - Add a small online order module Add a small part to our website - Add a special contact form to website using Contact Form 7 Add a special effect (a few seconds) between two videos - Add a sticky header button to existing Wordpress Website Add a still image to the begging of 3 45sec video ads - Add a style, design on my alerts in my website -- 2 Add a stylised Twitter Feed to existing joomla website - Add a survey to my website Add a Survey to WordPress website - Add a Table to my Label PDF file Add a table to this opensource applicazione - Add a text banner scroller to a PHP site Add a text box to my website - add a theme and set up Add a theme to my website - Add a topic tag to my OpenX ads... Add a topic tag to my OpenX ads... (I keep trying!) - Add a tweak/feature to Wordpress Add a tweak/feature to Wordpress - repost - Add a Update Trigger to My SQL Server 2000 Table Add a upload mod to our ClipShare site - Add a value to our site, and propose your own project's to be accepted.More than 1 free lancer could be awarded for different added values. Add a value to the search function of a zend framework/dojo/mysql application - Add a video reward to a Unity Android app. Add a video reward to a Unity Android app. -- 2 - Add a view style for flexslider Add a View to existing project - Add A Web Page to Existing Website Add a web page to my site. - Add a Webview Window to a existent iOS App Add a weight tracker to GETOFFYOURAPP + New Design - add a widget area to storefront add a widget to a website - Add a woocommerce 'add to cart' popup to authorize third-party product Add a word into my logo, using the same (unknown) font - Add a wordpress blog to our site , customize it Add a Wordpress calculator App to My Website home Page - Add a WowSlider Slideshow to my Volusion Store Add a writeable field into a php file table grid - Add ability for users to upload image and video to our yahoo store website using youtube api and flicker api Add ability to build templates within websites - Add ability to to act as a deal aggregator Add abilty to create a customer quote on a php website app - Add accepted payment methods to footer of website add access data base vbnet 2005, - Add Account Type/Alter Login/Registration Script/Mod_Rewrite/Smarty Script Alteration Add Account Type/Alter Login/Registration Script/Mod_Rewrite/Smarty Script Alteration - ongoing work - Add action module for Magento Add Action to costume page template - Add ActiveX control button to an Excel template Add Acuity scheduling widget to my WP website - Add Add booking class system for existing website Add add ons and create certificate - Add additional Column to OS Ticket Add additional columns with data in table ExOrders - Add Additional Features To A Flash Game Add Additional features to a Scraper, increase speed and move server - Add additional features to my ROR application share tribe Add additional features to our Magento Webstore - Add additional functionalities to a social site Add additional functionality ! - Add additional ICON resolutions Add additional images and a zoom on hover to OpenCart - Add Additional Options to ACF Drop Down and Edit HTML Display Based on Selection Add additional options to an already developed custom theme options panel - Add additional query to php file Add additional questions to my booking form. - add additonal payment eg stripe, Change theme, update to mysqli Add additonal WordPress Menu Locations - add aditional information and change some format Add Aditional Module Positions to Joomla Template - Add Admin Section to Site Add Admin Section to Site(repost) - Add admob banner and interstitial to android source code add admob banner and intertitial ads - Add Admob SDK (Banner & Interstitial) Add admob sdk to eclipse project - repost - add ads admob to application Android Add Ads Admob With - Add ads to my app Add ads to my game developed with xamarin(mono for droid) and monogame. - Add Adsense Code And Google Analytic Add Adsense Code in the Wordpress Theme of my Website - add adsense to wordpress Add adsense to wordpress - Remove encrypted links - Add advanced search tool to Drupal 7 website Add Advert Banner and Link to XML PHP Auto Email - Add advertising SDK (supersonic & nativeX) for Unity3D game Add advertising slot on bottom of existing webviewer based app - Add AES encryption to MySQL database on website (for sybian phone app) Add AFC Form to Frontend - Add Affiliate Links to CSV File Add Affiliate Links to Existing Website - Add affiliates to my global network marketing business Add affiliates to website - Add airfare and concert tickets to my website. Add Airline Frequent Flyer number - Add Ajax Chat to my OpenCart Website / Create Gambling Script with Store Credit Add AJAX Clear Cart button + AJAX feature to "remove item" icon + "click to scroll animation on WordPress Website - Add AJAX Navigation to Wordpress Website Add Ajax on dynamic site - Add AJAX to sliders and toggle effect to tab Add AJAX to Update 2 Existing PHP Pages - Add Album Art Image to MP3 File on Mac OS X Add album categories or photo tagging to Jomsocial - Add Alert to My Existing Metatrader 4 Indicator Add Alert to my forex indicator - Add alipay for php script Add Alipay payment gateways to my Agriya site. - Add all the items from a website to my ebay account with all the details at double the price Add All-in-One SEO Plugin and Blog - add amazon affiliate links to my blog Add Amazon Associates Program to Wordpress Theme. - Add Amazon Payments to our website Add Amazon Product API to my website - add amazon reserve payment function to website