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Add hyperlinks to book - Add iAd to iPhone app Add iAd to my existing iPhone App and upload to App Store. - Add iCloud Support To App Add iCloud Support to Existing Project - Add icon to ameneties and other banner like featured in wp rentals add icon to Buddypress menu - Add icons on home page - For SRIHARSHA Add icons to a website - Add IDX to existing website and setup help also move hosting add IDX to real estate site - Add IM feature to footer bar for online friends Add IM functionality to iPhone app - add image crossfading on joomla specific pages Add image display/upload functionality to existing .Net page VB - Add Image Into Wordpress Home Page Add Image Map - add image to invoice net Add Image to Javascript Rotating Banner - Add image to stock photo via photoshop - open to bidding add image to template - Add Image URL to 552 products in spreadsheet. Add Image Verification to Form - Add images and descriptions in webshop Add images and descriptions to directory - add images into my website into the correct listings add images into my website into the correct listings - Repost - Add images to an existing image remove background from 9 images Add Images to Articles - Add images to dropdown menu in myshopify store Add Images to Existing 8 institutions - Add images to photoshop mockups Add images to products / webshop - Add images to website and fix - Repost - open to bidding Add images to website pages - Add Important website features + Graphic Design work Add importing image capabilities to Text box - Add in a page Add in a page slideshow feature to my website - Add In app to iphone /ipad app Add in ASP simple CAPTCHA to prevent automatic bot submission - Add In Foward to friends page on my website nylime.com add in full width header and full width footer responsive design - Add in Side menu to existing website add in simple drop down menu, using superfish or whatever you want - Add IN-APP payment on iphone APP Add in-app payment to existing iOS and Android - add in-app purchases freemium model to existing multi-page Cordova iOS & Android app Add In-App Purchases to existing iOS Application - Add inapp and Facebook share in Android application Add inapp purchase in current iPhone/iPad app - Add indicator (filter) to buy sell condition in Amibroker AFL Add indicator (filter) to buy sell condition in Amibroker AFL - Add Infinite Scroll Functionality To Website Add Infinite Scroll to Ajax Loaded (Wordpress) Category Query - add infinity to wordpress site add infinity to wordpress site -- 2 - Add InfoJobs results into my jobs search engine add information (prefix for each network) to twilio price list - Add Information to a Revit Model Add Information to a website from existing website - Add input text option for Shopp plugin Add input to woocommerce checkout and woocommerce pdf invoice - Add Instagram Feed and Scroller add instagram feed to magento website - add integration of bitcoin payment process to my website add integration of bitcoin payment process to my website - open to bidding - Add interesting content to my new Massage Blog Add interesting content to my new Massage Blog - Add international postage options to auctionit.org.uk Add International shipping to diaper site - Add Intro & Outro to 18 Videos Add Intro and Outro to 11 videos - add invite friend Add invite by social icons/links into website - add invoicing to kayako fusion Add Invoicing to partly finished event management PHP MySQL - Add ip location based Map to landing page Add IP location to site - Add iPad views to existing iPhone app Add iPad views to existing iPhone app -- 2 - Add IPTC info to Images From Database Add IPTC info to Images From Database(repost) - Add item detail block into project module in vtiger 6.4.0 Add item listings for Etsy store - Add items to 3D Simulation. Add items to a picture and make it look real (Easy job for a pro) - Add items to my oscommerce store Add Items to my Shopify Store - Add Items to Soft Menu and Make Header Picture Show Right Below Search Menu Add items to store - Add Japanese translations of place names to Excel file. Add jar to coldfusion classpath and execute from code - Add JavaScript and classic ASP to web page template add javascript and css - Add Javascript form validation and more Add javascript form with custom styling to home page of three websites - add javascript to auto submit FORM by clicking button Add Javascript to Block - Drupal 6.2 - Add javascript Validation to Web page Add JCal module to website with XML files for auto event add - Add Jobs Board To Existing CMS Add jobs lsting page to Website with an admin area - Add Joomla Modules Add Joomla Modules(repost) - Add jPlayer to my website and an upload field to a form Add Jquarry seach with my PHP /MySql system - Add JQuery cursor trail blur effect on a Wordpress page $30 - $250 AUD Add jQuery date picker to form - Add Jquery Order Form to a Template and some customizations Add jquery paging on a list - Add JQuery Stars plugin to page add jquery swip event to wordpress plugin - Add JQuery/AJAX Search to my Page Add jquery/javascript and clean up css to html page - Add jsMath to wmd editor, Javascript (or otherwise add math support to wmd) Add JSON markers to Google Driving Directions Page - Add kerning to font previewer add key words to my existing www - Add Keywords to Articles (onsite SEO) Add Keywords to Articles (onsite SEO) -- 2 - Add Ktools Photostore to existing site Add Kwicks Slider with video enabled to wordpress theme - Add landscape rotation capability to 1 view in iPhone app Add lang plugin - Add Language to a website (RTL) Add Language to App (Android e IOS) - Add languages to OS commerce Site -- 2 Add languages to os commerce site. - Add latin characters/glyphs to an existing font add latin percussion to midi track - Add layers to PSD template in Adobe Photoshop. Add layers to YouTube videos - Add Leaderboard API to Flash Game Add leaderboard functionality to wordpress site - Add Lettering to the Previous Badges you made for me. Add letters to logo - Add Light box feature to a Lasso webpage add light box for video in wordpress - Add LightBox Pages and Transfer Form Code Add lightbox plugin to my current portfolio site - Add lights to an existing AutoCAD file (dwg) Add liJQuery Slider to front page and 5 images - Add liking functionality to a WordPress gallery that connects to BuddyPress and an iOS app. Add Limesurvey Assessment and supply API provisioning - Add link 200x to del.icio.ous from different accounts Add link and pop-up window - Add Link to Button
Add link to Events page and other minor thing - Add link to text in existing pdf (Python) add link to the Form search easy job for php dev - Add LinkedIn login to a Sencha Touch application Add LinkedIn pending invitations - Add links page to my website Add links pages and make a few small site changes - Add links to java website (Job for begineer)(repost)(repost)(repost)(repost)(repost) Add Links to Korean PDF - Add links to search engine add links to show products on searchpage - Add links, video etc to swf file (swfcombine) Add Lip-sync in After Effect to toys in the video - Add listings Add listings / category pages from another site - Add listings to map locator Add listings to my eBay and Amazon Web Stores - Add Live Chat function Add Live Chat Function (Olark code) - Add live scores to my software Add Live streaming and web conferencing in current site - Add livefont and transfer video to web Add LiveHelp Chat to my site - Add Local Dirctories sites to Senuke XCR - Via script recorder Add Local Dirctories sites to Senuke XCR - Via script recorder - open to bidding - Add location tags to photos Add location tags to photos - Add logging to existing code Add Logging to HR Application - Add logic to scraping script -- 3 Add logic to student email - Add Login Form Add Login Form to Module position. - add login to actionscript Add login to Admin panel & Make to work an existing search/visualization - Add login with Facebook and Twitter Add login with Facebook, login with PayPal to an existing Java/Struts website - Add Logo and Company Information to Letterhead Add Logo and content to a purchased template - Add logo in banner Add logo in header - Add Logo to Clothing Pictures Add logo to eight product images - Add Logo to Joomla Site Add logo to JPEG image - Add logo to poster---have AI files of logo and poster Add Logo to Product Images - Add logo to website + some text. Add logo to wordpress header - Add Logos to a Joomla website Add logos to footer - Add Lync Mediation server Add Lyrics Database to Existing Wordpress Site - Add Magento and AffiliatePlus plugin Add magento extension for sizes and colors, and advise in the recomemnded extension - add magento stock inventory control to websites- Add Magento to Joomla 1.5 with JFusion - Add Mailchimp Newsletter to Single Webpage Add Mailchimp Newsletter to WordPress site - add making Add makros to 2 x existing spread sheets - Add many features to my sample game using Unity -- 2 Add many gift certificate codes to WooCommerce (INZAGHI-ONLY) - Add Marker to Android map app Add Marker to Android map app -- 2 - Add martingale to EA Add Mashup page(s) to site - ADD MATERIALS TO AN EXISTING RESPONSIVE TEMPLATE TO MODIFY THE CONTENTS Add Math based security question to two generic sites - Add me 450 facebook fans every day for 2 weeks Add me 500 facebook friends - Add Me Fast Point add me fast points - ADD ME, contact me Add Measurement feature to range slider - wordpress - Add member login & admin function on existent site Add member login function to bookings website - Add members to site 2 Add members to site 3 - Add membership subscription to my web app add membership that automatically bills and charges a wordpress using stripe - add menu bar nd stuff in ticket system Add menu bar to the bottom of app screen - add menu on homepage and add link page Add menu structure in Wordpress website - Add merchant boxpay to webpage Add merchant processing to existing website - Add meta keywords and alt tags to Expression Engine site Add Meta Keywords and Description to Virtuemart - Add Metadata to Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 Add metadata to photos - Add Metro Tiles to a website as per design Add mgid code on my site - add minor features to MVC PHP framework and reinstall Add Minor Functionality to Wordpress Theme - Add missing information to website Add missing leader lines and labels to Pie Chart created with Google Charts - Add mobile friendliness to existing non-responsive sites based on html/css/php -- 2 Add mobile functionality for a current website - Add mobile phone emulator to my site Add Mobile Phone products into Woocommerce - Add mobile/tablet image alighnment to shopify store Add mobile/tablet image alighnment to shopify store -- 2 - add Modification to file add modification to my dating website - Add Mods to scripting Add modul notification when product is successfully "added to cart" - Add module to existing Drupal website Add module to fresh osCommerce installation - Add Modules to a PHP/Yii Application Add Modules to an excisting website - add money to autosmo add moneybookers as a payment processor on my website - Add more 1000 words Add more Adds to Ebay and my shop - Add more columns to "Email Campaign Statistics" page of Interspire Email Marketeer 6.1.4 -- 2 Add more conditions to the update stock script - Add more facebook likes add more facebook real fans and promote facebook page - Add more Features on my Site Add more features to a completed Android application - Add more features to Wordpress plugin ADD More Features WordPress Website - Add more function to my Google map Add more function to my Online Tshirt Design Tool - Add more functions to existing website/project management system Add More Functions to My Site - Add more options to this PHP page Add more pages and content to existing site - Add more products to Volusion site Add more round robin groups to kontakt interface - KSP - Add more trading pairs and exchange to BitcoinBeeper Add more trading pairs to BitcoinBeeper - Add motion or action movement to my iweb/MAC portfolio Add motion to a few simple compositions - Add moving Images to the website & linking HMTL pages together to get a link Add Mower product line to Wordpress site for BartleyTrailers.com website - Add MPU6050 IMU support and inverted pendulum control code to STM32F4 based controller Add MQTT/HTTP client to STM32F4 Discovery using GPRS - add multi day reservation, blocked (blackout) reservation and e-mail notification to working JONGman component for Joomla 2.5 Add multi file fields and progress bar to upload form - Add multi threading to existing python code Add multi user funtio to script - add multilaguage plugin to my website Add Multilanguage - add multilinguage feature for my existing ASP.Net site