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Add Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of Albania - v5 - add Facebook icon on Joomla website add facebook icon to homepage - add facebook like button in mailchimp Add Facebook Like Button On My website - Add Facebook Like/Tweet button to Nextgen Gallery or similar Add Facebook Likes - Add Facebook Login &amp; javascript to Multicart 2.4 ecom site Add Facebook Login &amp; javascript to Multicart 2.4 ecom site - Add Facebook Login to Magento Store Add Facebook Login to my Chinese website - Add Facebook page feature(s) Add Facebook page like and counter to wordpress site - Add Facebook SDK for iOS in ios game Add Facebook SDK in proyect Xcode - add facebook to weebly Add facebook tracing codes to shopify store - Add facebook/google/twitter logon to a clipbucket site. Add Facebook/Twitter/Google login on my ClipBucket 2.8.1 page - add fake members or actual id members in channel telegram Add Fake Profiles to my new Site - add fans to facebook Add Fans to Facebook and Followers to Twitter biz account - Add FAQ and Article to my Wordress Add faq rollouts / convert doc to html - Add FB Connect to my site Add FB connect/ login and Google Translation for Uni Ecommerce Merchant Signup - Add FB/Twitter and iAD to my iPhone app (developed on Adobe flex) not C-obj!!! Add fbconnect to wordpress blog - Add Feature and Modify Design of Custom App Add Feature and Optimize Code - Add Feature In java App Add feature in my app ( AdMob ) - Add feature OpenVPN with Obfsproxy on connection -- 2 Add Feature Section to a wordpress Blog, and other small changes - Add Feature to a WordPress Plugin Add Feature to Affiliate Software - Add feature to current map tool project using C++ and Qt framework Add feature to custom jomla component - Add feature to existing magento extension Add feature to existing site - Add feature to Joomla 1 Add feature to JPEXS - add feature to my search engine -- 2 add feature to my search engine,, - Add Feature to PHP Website 2 Add feature to Pioneers Lunch - add feature to TEasyTable component Add feature to the Haskell project - Add feature to WordPress theme Add feature to Wordpress user registration - Add featured job banner image upload field. Add Featured Jobs to Pastor's Positions - Add features & improve the ecommerce website Add Features & Maintain Android App - Add Features and Customize my WP Based Price Comparision Site Add Features and Debug our website - Add features and recode parts of a Delphi app Add features and revamp software - add features in an existing mobile app Add features in chatt php - Add features into poker app only unity 3D developers Add features iOS photo/video mobile app - Add features to a cart for me add features to a codeigniter app - Add Features to a Jquery/PHP/MySql Report ADD features to a Laravel 5 School System - Add Features to a PHP/Smarty Web Page Add Features to a ping pong game thats made in java - Add features to a unity 3d game Add Features to a Web shop - add features to a working data-entry application Add features to a WPF application - Add features to an application developed with symfony (Billing tool) Add features to an application using its API - add features to an existing ea Add features to an existing Flash Game - Add features to an existing website Add features to an existing website - Add features to android application Add features to Android application - Add features to Bigcommerce mobile website. Add features to blogger website - Add features to current application Add features to current Application being developed. - Add features to DNN module Add features to document management system - Add Features to Existing App (Permanant iOS Developers)- Add features to existing ASP.NET WebForms Application - Add features to existing jQuery custom plugin Add features to existing Magento Plugin - Add features to existing project - skills in php, xcode, unity3D, Zend framework, objective C -- 2 Add features to existing project - skills in php, xcode, unity3D, Zend framework, objective C -- 3 - Add features to existing website Add features to existing website - Add features to Add features to Google Map based Bus Directory Admin Module - Add features to IPad application Add features to iphone and make changes to Iphone and Adroid app - Add Features to Joomla Website add features to jquery drag drop web app - Add Features to my android app - Third Party Tinder Client add features to my android app -- 2 - Add Features to my Online Store and Website Add features to my photo app - add features to my website Add features to my website - Phase 2 - Add Features To Online Billing System And Change Looks Add Features to Online Calendar - Add features to our international payment system add features to our mobile app - Add features to PHP site Add features to PHP Textbased RPG - Add features to Premium Wordpress Theme Add features to PrestaShop theme - Add features to simple SolidWorks part file Add features to simple wxpython application with CEF3 - add features to the already designed templet Add features to the current PC builder script and clean-up the PHP code - Add features to web application (C#, AngularJS, SQL) add features to web site - Add features to Windows based photo watermark sofwtare Add Features to Windows PDF Editing Software - Add Features to WP Plugin Add features to wp redux theme options - Add feautured image, and splitt div in to three, hide one for mobile. add Fed Ex Shipping API to Wordpress site - Add few best indicators in MT4 iphone application Add few change in android app - Add few features to existing software in .NET. Its about small tool to copy files from source folders/subfolders. URGENT Add few features to existing WordPress plugin - Add few functions to the linked list Add few functions to the program - Add Few Plug ins to my Wordpress Blogs ADD FEW REFERENCES TO A PAPER - Add Field Names to Checkout page Add field on Trip that counts related active campaigns - Add field to mysql database Add Field to OsCommerce Categories - Add fields 2 one page checkout in Opencart Add fields and AJAX power into my custom Drupal module - Add fields to a php page Add fields to a WordPress registration form and fix problems with the email it sends to users - Add fields to existing MS-SQL 2005 database table add fields to form - Add Fields to PDF Timesheet so it automatocaly fills out Add fields to php forms. - Add File Attachment Functionality to OSCommerce checkout process Add file check capabilities to PHP Script - Add FILE UPLOAD feature to webview to my app for android < 4.4
Add File Upload Field Into Registration Page - add file upload to existing PHP Add FILE UPLOAD to WebView app for Android < 4.4 - Add Files, Folders to MySQl DB Recursivly from a Directory With Auto Scan! Add Filewatcher to existing service software - Add filter to dynamic table Add filter to EA - Add filters to an embedded Google Calendar Add filters to an embedded Google Calendar - repost - Add finishing touches to Magento website Add finishing touches to website - add five features to an existing website Add five posts to four blogs - Add Flag to Country Page Add flags to cars overtaking - add flash banner and slice a page to html/css Add flash banner on the logo of the wordpress site. - add flash flipbook features Add Flash Gallery to HTML website + add Images - add flash slidshow to main page Add flash sparkle to swoosh on logo - Add Flashing Borders (GIF) to Adult Banners Add Flat Rate Shipping Method for US and International. - Add Floating Module to Joomla 2.5 Site - Mobile & Tablet Only Add floating social bar to WordPress site - Add Flyer Add Flyer and link to website - Add fonction airtme of sourcefabric Add fonctionalities to an existing site. - Add Food Order into My App and web api Add Food Order into My App and web api -- 2 - Add for Psychology Today Add force user to facebook like to login to exsiting script - add form fields to existing php web form Add form fields to PDF - Add form to existing application add form to existing site - Add form to website with 3 required fields Add form to Wordpress page - Add forms to existing OSCOMMERCE site Add forms to existing website - Add formulas, triggers, reports and alerts in Smart Sheets Add fortumo payment button to website - Add Forum to Web Site Add Forum to Webpage - Add frame moulding around images live. Add frame to webpage - php - Add French language to my CreLoaded site Add French to my website - Add Friends into Facebook Fan Page Add Friends into Facebook Fan Page 2012April - Add friends to my Facebook Fan Page Add friends to my google+ circles - add from one site to other site -- 3 add from one site to other site -- 4 - add fuctionality in existing app add fuctionality in existing app -- 2 - Add full youtube views. -- 2 Add Fullscreen button to slideshow (Wordpress) - ADD FUNCTION CHECK USERS Add function for a open source web system - Add function to a Bluetooth Gatt Service in Android Add function to a PHP script and redesign - add function to eas Add function to excel spreed sheet. Running total which place the players current are. - Add function to my WebGL script Add Function To My Website (Restrict Number Of Image Can Upload Based On package)! - Add function which would paste value of selected dom element instead of title. Add function with java in previous project for Procoder898 - Add functionalities to excisting app Add functionalities to existing Joomla v2 website - Add functionality + some graphical improvement add functionality - open to bidding - Add functionality for posting and bidding on projects to my website Add functionality for posting and bidding on projects to my website - repost - Add functionality to a custom website built using the Yii framework. add functionality to a custom Zoho Creator application - Add functionality to a website Add functionality to a website (2) - Add functionality to an website to send invite usings yahoo mail and gmail accounts. Add functionality to an exhisting flash project - Add Functionality to AS3 Flash Form Add functionality to ASP.NET 2.0 web application - add functionality to existing android and iphone app Add Functionality To Existing Android App - Add Functionality to existing Google Maps Application - repost Add functionality to existing ionic app. - Add functionality to existing theme and plugin Add Functionality to Existing Website - add functionality to javascript popup Add functionality to jMirc (java) to run on blackberry 9000 bold - Add functionality to member area Add functionality to MQ4 indicator - Add Functionality to Phonegap app Add Functionality to phonegap app, Reply, Delete, Favorite to Audio / Video - Add functionality to simple PHP script add functionality to site - Add functionality to website Add Functionality to Website - Chandigarh/Pune Developer Preferred - Add Functionality to Wordpress Site Add Functionality to Wordpress Theme - Add Functionnality to existing Project Under development. Add functions - Add functions in C program add functions in drupal - Add functions to a wordpress plugin Add Functions to a wordpress theme - add functions to Excel VBA macro for data entry form Add functions to exisiting PHP/MYSQL-site - Add functions to jquery logo maker. Add functions to my game C++ - Add functions to prestashop (MODULES) Urgente! Add functions to program - add functions to wordpress site Add functions to WordPress site. - add funds to my aacount add funds to my aacount - Repost - add futures and login to WP IQ test add futures and login to WP IQ test -- 2 - Add gallery and crop feature Add Gallery and shopping cart pages - Add gallery to wordpress Add gallery to Wordpress site - Add games to bitcoins site / laveral 4 Add Games To My Site (VERY EASY) - Add Geme center with leaderboard/achievements on existing app Add Gemstones to Asteria's app (English + Chinese) - Add GeoJSON to Mapbox map Add geolocation API on Shopify - Add German Localization to App Add German subtitles to a 30 second Youtube video - Add Gif to Word Press Header Add gifs of exercises and sounds (names of exercises) to existing Javascript interval timer - add glasses on person in image Add glasses to face using Photoshop - add GnuPG to outgoing email php scripts Add goautodial to my server - Add Google Ads To My website ! Add google ads to my website and get approval - add google adsense to 3 sites Add google adsense to creloaded site - Add Google Analytics Add Google Analytics - Add google analytics code and change email on enquiry form Add Google Analytics Code for 2 webs sites - Add Google Analytics for HTML site (Pages 1-50) for tripolisat Add google analytics for simple Android app and some edits - Add google analytics to an oscommerce website