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Add new features to Spanish Rental Site - add new features to website .net/ c# Add new features to WHMCS Affiliate System - Add new field to dantocart/opencart checkout page add new field to existing calendar project - Add new fields to wordpress jobroller template Add new files to my VPS! - Add new front end features to existing template ADD NEW FUNCIONALITY TO USER ACCOUNT AND ADMIN - add new function to my shortlink script Add new function to my website (Wordpress) - Add new functionality in existing mobile app for commerce store Add new functionality iOS app - Add new functionality to the existing website Add new functionality to the plugin. - Add new functions to a job portal. Add new functions to an eCommerce Store - MVC, OpenCart, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript required. - add new funntion on my website Add New Furniture Sofa Chair Wordpress Template that is mobile and SEO friendly - add new hdd to linux (another one later) Add new header to wordpress blog - ADD NEW ITEMS TO CATALOGUE. Add new items to webstore, cut pictures - add new links missing in link market 4 Add new location settings feature to an Android application - Add New Module and Modify existing one. Expert Freelancer Needed. (Urgent Task) Add New Module and Modify existing one. Expert Freelancer Needed. (Urgent Task) -- 2 - Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone App (only for coders that know PhoneGap) Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone App (only for coders that know PhoneGap).... - Add new page and update header Add new page in admin side in the code created by PHPMAKER - Add new page to web application Add new page to website, and edit header and footer of the remaining pages - Add new pages to existing website Add new pages to existing website, mainly typesetting of existing material - Add new payment gateway to wordpress plugin Add New Payment Gateway to WordPress Plugin (Event Espresso) - Add new privacy tools to Cryptoip.info Add new Product - Add New Products to ECommerce Website - Data Entry Add new products to my website - add new recaptcha on php foam pages Add New Record in PHP to MySQL table with a button - Add new search page and visitor analytics page into my blog engine website Add new searching to the Joomla Website per the PSD and discussion and update css and article contents - Add new single page add new site for remote upload on xfilesharing - Add new tab to link dialog of CKEditor 4 Add new tab to php page - Add New Theme to Magento Site Add new theme to OpenCart site - Add new unit in adminsystem2 database -- 2 add new upload button - Add new way for a user to submit images on my website using google api images search. Also I will need some changes made to the site. Please read details. Add new web page in Current Web Site. - Add news and download list system to flash site PHP/MYSQL/Flash -- Add news and download list to flash site PHP/MYSQL/Flash -- - Add News letter subcription Add news letters and fixes to website. - Add newsletter subscribe optionr Add newsletter to contact form 7 - Add NICs and changing MAC addresses in AWS EC2 Add night vision capability to PCB design - Add not attending option to bp simple event plugin add note and flower to my Tumblr blog - Add notifications to existing webview app from XML API add notifications to mobile app - Add OCR (text recognition) business card reader to form on mobile website. Add OCR functionality to a PHP web app - Add offline functionality to one page in my swift app Add offline payment method to daily deals script - Add on a Text Form in my Website, and to be saved. Review Submit form. Teamviewer Only Add on a Text Form in my Website, and to be saved. Review Submit form. Teamviewer Only - Add on feature to web portal Add on features and Bug fixes to an Existing PHP website - Add On For exitisng App Add on for GPS navigaton - Add on hours Add on ilance script marketplace - Add on Modules for 2.2 OSCommerce Add on modules for original project - Add on Shopping Cart Add On Site for Comparison Marketing Page - Add on to database and website for phpexp Add on to ecommerce - Add on to my IOS app ADD ON TO MY WEBSITE - Add on update add on vbulletin - add one butoon on my sites Add one class and main in C++ program - Add one feature to our virtual pet game in php Add ONE feature to photo sharing website - Add one line of html into a php based file. add one line to a php script "php mail functions' - add one number to stl add one page and content in joomla - Add One part CMS & Fix 1 Error of CMS -- 2 Add one payment gateway to plugin Paid Membership Pro - Add one subdomain for blogs Add one tab with ads in Android app and reduce loadtime - Add online ordering menu for restaurant - to existing App Add online ordering to my Pizza Website - Add online store to existing website and a few other items Add Online Store to my website - Add ons to existin php site Add ons to existing script II - Add open close addon on top of a slider, Fix a datepicker conflict and fix responsive issues of theme Add Open External Url on Intel XDK Webview App - Add OpenID login to flynax script Add opening hours to main page - Add option for user input in an existing mobile application. -- 2 Add option for users to favorite other users - Add Option to Multipane Graph add option to my script mysql and file backup - Add options to a software Add options to ABTW - Add options to WP Deals (wordpress deals) Add OptmizePress template to my site - Add Oracle Data Connector in Spotfire 'Managed Data Connections' Add order comments to checkout page magento - Add OS Commerce Packages to existing site Add osc contrib to oscmax - Add other social media to 'J2T Reward Social' moudle Add other social media to 'J2T Reward Social' moudle -- 2 - Add Our Drop Shipping product to Shopify Add our English Subtitles to a Brazillian Video - Add our link your websites Add our link your websites! - Add our researched keywords+description to our Overture/GoogleAds Account Add Our Site Search To IE7 Search Options - Add Over 15000 Males as Facebook Friendsin Roughly One Month Add over 230 products in Bigcommerce admin panel - Add Own Recipes (original) - American, European or Mexican Add Own Recipes (original) or get users to share recipes - Add page content to new design add page creation functionality to BreezingForms WP plugin - Add page template with sidebar to existing theme. Add page titles and descriptions to website - Add Page to Joomla site Add Page to Magento Catalog - add page to website Add page to website - Add page-turn sound effects/ New buttons to Flip Book Flash Add page/fix browser incompatibility. - Add pages and features. Add pages and forms to our current website. Ongoing projects - long term availability required - add pages on phpnuke Add pages on shopify site - Add pages to an existing website and make it all look better
Add pages to an existing wordpress sight, enhance that entire site, and similarly enhance a sister site to it ( meaning changes on one can head to the other. - Add pages to existing website wordpress and shop plug in Add pages to existing website. Build a website - Add Pages to my GWA Autoresponder Add pages to my Shopify site for wholesale customers - Add Pages to Website Add Pages to Website - Add Pages/Content to Adsense Site Add pages/Make changes to our website - Add pagination to file sharing database - repost Add Pagination to Isotope Javascript plugin - Add paid listings to existing system Add Paid Members With Secure Access - Add parallax to existing webpage in Joomla -- 3 Add Parallax, slide in and fade in effect to content on my WordPress website - Add Part Compatibility onto eBay Listings Add part number generator to Woocommerce Site. Ajax/Database/Javascript skills required!! - Add Password protected RENTAL / Database scheduling section to website Add password protection for Admin section in VB.net - Add pause button to three .PSD files - 5 to 10 minute job Add pause feature to gallery on my website - add payment api to web site Add payment api to website - Add Payment Gateway Add Payment gateway - Add Payment Gateway for Floreant POS Add Payment Gateway in Ablecommerce - Add payment gateway to existing Django website Add payment gateway to existing ecommerce site - add payment gateway which works in india Add Payment Gateway-Bitcoin - Add payment module to creloaded pro / edit php pfiles Add Payment Option for Credit Cards to Allow Store Owner to Receive (Order # + Credit Card #) Safely Using Encryption - Add Payment Processor to my Payment Gateway Add Payment Processors & Wallet System - add payment/subscription services to my website Add paymentgateway - Add Paypal & Stripe Payment Functions to Website Add Paypal & Merchant Account To Website - Add Paypal and other changes to a WordPress website Add PayPal and stripe checkout - Add PayPal button to e-commerce website Add PayPal button to Joomla Website - Add paypal code to a blogspot page Add PayPal credit card payment facility to existing website - Add paypal gateway and fix error Add PayPal gateway to a site - Add Paypal Options To My Site Add paypal ordering to website - add paypal payment option to my website Add Paypal payment to an existing IOS project - Add Paypal shopping cart to the site goeach.com Add PayPal Shopping Cart to Web Site - Add PayPal to IPB Forum Threads Add PayPal to my existing checkout - Add Paypal to website Add Paypal to website - Add Payumoney gateway to my online store Add PayUMoney Payment Gateway on an NGO website on WordPress. - Add pdf invoice to WordPress booking site Add pdf invoice to WordPress booking site -- 2 - Add pencil effect on picture Add pending orders to EA - Add people to Twitter list Add per-logged in user notes to a table cell - Add personal chatting feature to my existing Android app Add personality to exisitng Robot models - Add phone number in menu bar of my wordpress site add phone number module in desktop & mobile - Add Phone Number To Wordpress Theme css Add Phone Number To Wordpress Website - Add Photo & Video Galleries to my website Add photo & video gallery to a website - Add photo features and meta info to custom component Add Photo Filter & Lens to My App - Add Photo Section in my Android Apps Add Photo Section in my iPhone Apps - Add photos Add photos and captions to site - Add Photos to Gallery Page on HTML Website Add Photos to LightBox - Add php and form field value to JavaScript (WordPress plugin) - repost Add php and form field value to JavaScript (WordPress plugin) - repost 2 - Add PHP code to template driven site Add PHP code(repost) - Add PHP Functionality to my project Add PHP functionality to my site - Add php script for comments and fix responsive on 3 web pages Add Php Script To Existing Website - Add PHP Zip Archive Script Add PHP-Extension to Webspace - Add Physical Therapy Products to ProductCart Shopping Cart Add Physics Engine to Existing Game - add picture on Flash web site(repost) Add picture preview - Add Picturebox and Text at runtime add pictureligthbox and redesign product page - Add pictures to front page and shopping card change Add Pictures To Homepage on my Open Cart home.tpl File With Responsive Code - Add pictures to website Add pictures via serial print function into WORD - Add pinterest pin it button and enable video on wordpress site. add pinterest pins of our products to our pintrest account - Add play/pause buttons to visualiser Add Play/Stop buttons to Flash video - add PLU, barcode and change wording to existing bag Add Plug in for COD charges on Magento 2 - Add plugin PDF viewver to WP, add payment gateway and redesign layaout Add Plugin Project - Add plugins to wordpress.com site Add plugins to x64dbg - Add policy links to website Add polish & remove distortion from 3 product images - Add pop up to joomla website add pop up to my wordpress site - Add popover to webpage similar to example site Add popunder ads to my website - Add popup to HTML site Add popup to HTML website - Add position to joomla template Add position to joomla TR french - Add Post Job add post method to html file - add poster Add poster for Backpage.com - ADD POSTING ADD POSTING - add posting add posting - add posting - open to bidding add posting - Repost - Add posting on Criaglist & backpage - repost add posting on different websites. - Add posting Worker Add posting, sms sending - add PPC adnetwork like adsense to my website Add PPT export function support - Add Prescription Glasses to Eyewear Frames Ecommerce Site Add Press Article - add price comparison from our website to psd flyer Add price comparison from products_opt1 field - Add pricing info to web pages Add pricing options into my store - add print function to website - repost add print functionality - Add Printing support to .net 11 application Add Printing Support to Safelog - Add Prodcuts to our Linkedin Page Add Product - Add product + content in Woocommerce only WordPress WooCommerce guys need to start right away