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add few features to phpsunchat immediately - Add few module positions a Joomla 3.6 website - Internal Project # 20160729A1 -- 2 Add few modules for a sharetribe project - Add ffmpeg php on my server. Add FHL Lamps and Bookmark - Add Field to Donation Form Add Field to Email Receipt - Add field to registration. Add field to responsive form and copy form style to another form - Add fields in a form for a website build in asp. Add fields in already exsisting web site form, convert to csv, character manipulation. text changes - Add fields to booking form Add fields to Check Out page and fix Order Details in admin - Add Fields to JSP Page Add fields to my Open Source Shopping Cart - Add fields to Quote Detail View Add fields to Registration form - Add file manager (add/upload/list/download/delete) Add file reading to C source - Add file upload progress bar and file uploaded messages to custom file upload/manager program - david ADD FILE UPLOAD SCRIPT TO WEBSITE - add filemanager to codeigniter 2.2. CI DB Session/filemanger integration Add filename in large online mysql - add filter cars marke model add filter cars marke model - open to bidding - Add Filters and need changes in the website.. Add Filters ASP.NET - Add final module to Java project Add final module to Java project - URGENT - Add First Data Merchant Service to our virtuemart cart. Add First Data payment processor to Virtuemart - Add fixes to content recommendations widget - 2 Add fixes to new CMS + Data import+ Few bug fixes - Add Flash animation to Drupal homepage Add flash animation to existing SWF file - Add flash effects to image Add Flash Effects to Video - Add Flash Preloader to Existing .swf Add flash preloader to existing swf - add flash type banner to Joomla template Add flash upload to my site - Add flipbook to html5 website for publication of a 2 page brochure Add Flippa Code to Website - Add Flsh MP3 player to website Add Flsh MP3 player to website(repost) - Add follow/unfollow user relationships to YII PHP Script Add follower to twitter - Add FONT to an OCR scanning software Add Font to Apache Fop project (Java PDF library) - Add Footer row in RDLC report Add footer to a web page - Add Form Cookies to Codeigniter Form - ongoing work Add form element button to Yootheme Zoo Products - Add form submission to live chat Add form submission to scheduling plugin - Add form to select items Add form to select items - repost - add forms and new fields on program build in Delphi without source code - repost Add Forms To 2 Pages W/ MySQL DB Access - add forms, csv download of forms plus avoid repeat form scri Add forms, tabel and product comparison to a Wordpress website - ADD FORUM TO MY WEBSITE Add Forum to My Website - add fotos toghether, fix light if nide Add four javascript games to current web application - Add Free Shipping Ribbon to product thumbnail photo on a bigcommerce site - repost Add Free Shipping Ribbon to product thumbnail photo on a bigcommerce site - repost 2 - Add Friends Add Friends - Add Friends to a MySpace Account Add Friends To Communtiy - Add friends to Myspace profiles Add Friends to MySpace(repost) - Add FTP account Add FTP feature to an existing iOS app - Add full screen carousel to shopify store Add full screen option to video player. - Add function Add function - add function in web app Add function key to existing Sharepoint application. - Add function to C++ dll to Display Text Box VS 2008/2010 Add function to Cartodb.js map - add function to my plugin Add function to my shopping card - add function to wordpress plugin Add Function To Wordpress Site - Add functionalities to existing ruby web application Add functionalities to iPhone application - Add Functionality - THE7 WP Theme Add Functionality - THE7 WP Theme - repost - Add functionality in existing I-phone application Add functionality in existing PhotoGallery (AS3) - Add functionality to a membership plugin Add functionality to a node.js webapp - Add functionality to a Wordpress site with a custom directory feature Add functionality to a Wordpress Template - Add functionality to an existing competition application Add functionality to an existing driectory - add functionality to custom iOS library (display image from server) Add functionality to custom News/Blog system - Add Functionality to Existing Art Website Add functionality to existing ASP .Net - Repost - Add functionality to existing jquery plugin. Add functionality to existing macro - Add functionality to existing wordpress website Add functionality to existing wp plugin - Add functionality to JPlayer (Drupal) -- 3 Add functionality to JPlayer (Drupal) -- 4 - Add functionality to my existing blog via plugin or customization Add Functionality to my Square Space Website - Add Functionality to PHP web application Add functionality to PHP website - Add functionality to stored procedure Add functionality to the calculator - Add Functionality to Website, HTML/CSS is Already Completed. Must be able to compare distance between two postal codes as part of it(See description) Add functionality to website, then convert into a Wordpress template - Add functionality to wp membership plugin Add Functionality to WP Plugin - Add Functions to my Android App Add functions and check website - Add Functions In Wordpress Template Add Functions In Wordpress Theme - Add functions to an android app. Using Android Studio Add functions to an existing custom-made wordpress plugin - Add functions to existing Google Map API / MYSQL app. Add Functions to Existing Google Map Route Finder. - Add Functions to my Website Add functions to my website - Add functions to project. Requires mysql programming, js, java, html5 add functions to purchase-script - Add functions to WordPress site. Add functions to WordPress Web site - add funds to my aacount add funds to my aacount - Repost - add futures and login to WP IQ test add futures and login to WP IQ test -- 2 - Add gallery - repost Add gallery and crop feature - Add Gallery to Wordpress Add gallery to wordpress - Add Games To My Site (VERY EASY) Add Gantt chart to Rails Page - Add Gemstones to Asteria's app (English + Chinese) Add Genetic Algorithm in DSR by NS2 - add geolocation cookie
Add geolocation data to 1350 address records - Add German translations to product options -- 2 Add GET request for video to my Node app - Add Gift Card buying option on our website - milestone 1 - html prototype Add Gift Card Module to Oscommerce Site - Add glasses to faces Add glimmer effect to image links - Add Godaddy Merchant Account to my site Add gold price on my Wordpress website - Add google ads to site. add Google Ads to two wordpress sites - Add Google AdSense to Joomla CMS Add google adsense to my site. - Add Google Analytics Add google analytics - Add Google Analytics Code for 2 webs sites ADD GOOGLE ANALYTICS CODE IN MAGENTO SITE - Add google analytics for simple Android app and some edits Add Google Analytics goal tracking to my Contact 7 forms (Wordpress) - Add google analytics to ios app Add Google Analytics to iPhone and Android game - Add Google analytics User-ID Feature on log-in page + more Add Google analytics,and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Links to my Wordpress site. - add google check out cart Add Google Checkout and fix some issues - Add google docs exporting capability to our iOS app. Add google dynamic remarketing tag to magento - Add Google Map API in PHP webpage Add Google map function to my Android App - Add Google maps into drupal website Add Google maps link to installed website. - add google places / yelp reviews / open table to wordpress Add Google Places API to my Website - Add google remarketing adwords code to newsletter script/page Add google reviews and create google seller rating - Add Google Sitemap to WordPress MU site Add Google stats and tags, reach 1000 unique clicks per month - Add Google Wallet to a Php Pro Bid Website Add Google Wallet to - Wordpress - Add GPIO Expansion PAd -- 4 Add GPIO Expansion PAd 2 - Add graph in a yii 1.0 app - *MUST BE YII NVD3 Javascript expert* Add graph plotting capability to existing program - Add Graphical Statistic Counter in My site Add graphical Thank You e-mail to already existing registration script - Add graphics to website Add Graphs to Existing Reports, Improve Design - Add Grid view in reports Add Gridster.js dynamic grid - Add GSM/GPS to RASPBERRY COMPUTER MODULE IO BOARD schematic and Remove also some devices from the IO BOARD. Add GSPay Credit Card payment to xFilesharing - Add hand drawing to my logo add hand-written data to an excel sheet - Add Header Bar to Site Add Header Design to Website - Add headers footers and delete pages from the pdf files and edit content. Add Headers, Articles, SEO, V-Bulletin, etc - Add Help Links that can be admin user edited to Rails app Add Hibernate Support to a Java Web App - Add Hiperlink to existing very simple .fla (CS3) add hippy to my code ignitor based website - Add honeypot fields to 4 forms Add hook to woocommerce for adding uploading input in the product pages - ADD HOTEL STAY SEARCH BOX CONNECTED TO MAIN BOOKING SITE. -- 2 Add hotels feature to my site (PHP/MySQL) - Add hReview Microformat data to template (repost) add hsbc e-secure to osCommerce - Add HTML content to website Add HTML drop down of States for list of sellers - add html pages Add html pages to my opencart site - Add HTML to a Shopify template add html to amazon description - add html5 video and feature boxes to slider Add HTML5 Video to Background of Custom Wordpress Theme 2 - Add Hyper Links to Flash file add hyper links to my website - Add hypertext to 4 playlists Add I accept check box and terms of condition text area to html overlay - Add IAP and some tweaks to an existing iOS app Add IAP to iOS game - Add Icon to PhoneGap Project and Send APK Add Icon & Plug In | Wordpress - add icon to shopify theme Add icon to site - spanish speakers - add icons to my site, easy!(repost) add icons to theme via workaround or inserting into font - Add if else statement in a pinterest clone script Add if function to show old price - Prestashop Product List. - Add Image and link to Magento Store Add image and link wot Wordpress site - add image editing tools to wordpress add image field in customer group prestashop - add image on image product same size add image on pop up - Add image to menu Add image to my WP website. - Add image to wordpress blog pages add image to wordpress home page - Add images , and create new pages inn wordpress Add Images and 2 Purchase order forms to the site & add SSL to the Site - Add images and videos to wordpress articles Add images files to CDN and clear some other issues - Add Images Name to Excel File Add images on an existing site - Add images to carousel slider on website homepage Add images to Computer product price list - Add images to pages Add images to PDF - Add images to website add images to website - Add IMEI check on my website Add imgly-sdk to Ionic project - Add in a clean pop-up form that requires the user to enter in their email address in order to download. Add in a custom "next" and "previous" button for my wordpress website's posts - Add In App Purchase to remove advertising for Existing iOS Game Add in app purchase, fix some bugs - Add in for Business Contact Manager, Outlook Add in for MS Access dialer - Add in page simple ecommerce product module Add in Photo/Video Lightbox display in Wordpress Template - PHP Expert - Add in wordpress system to existing website add in-app billing for free adroid app - add in-app purchase to app again Add in-app purchase to existing app - needed fast - Add in-app store to existing iOS along with other updates Add In-App-Purchase for cocos2d-x project - Add Index Follow Tag for Wordpress Page on Magento website Add index pages to a new squarespace website - Add Indicator to EA - ongoing work Add Indicator to existing EA - Add Infinite Scroll to WordPress Site Add Infinite Scroll to WordPress Theme - Add info to component Add info to my website - add information Json Wordpress Add information on CMS - Add Input field on Checkout Add input field on Flash - Add inside app purchase meny in Xcode and help me arrange it in iTunes. -- 2 ADD INSIDE PAGES TO A WEBSITE - Add installment payment system in joomla virtuemart Add Instant Messaging Functionality to a C#/.NET Peer-to-Peer Windows Application - Add Instant Messenger to Users on a PHP Portal
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