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Add resize image for Tynymce editor - Add Responsive Design to Existing Website Add Responsive Design to Existing Website - Add Responsive Slider on Menu Page - ongoing work Add Responsive to Absolute Water Treatment - Add restaurant and menu to website database Add restaurant and menu to website database - add restricted access to website Add restruants to my website along with the menues - Add Reverbnation like song sharing features for Facebook in Jamroom site Add reverse and filter trades - Add RevMob to GameSalad Android app Add Revmob to iOS game - Add rich snippets/structured data add rich text editor + multi currencies - Add Role-Based Security Functionality to Existing WinForms App Add Roles Permisison to Laravel 3 - Add rotating image and text to homepage add rotating image to wordpress site - Add RSS Aggregator feature Add RSS capability to Cold Fusion based publishing system - Add RSS Feed to my Website Add RSS feed to php/mysql web site - Add RSS feeds to WP site Add RSS Feeds with Images to Wordpress Site - Add RTL to WP theme Add rtmp stream in ios app - Add Safari Push Notifications for Site / App Add Safari, Opera, Mozilla funtionality to webform - Add samples functionality to a website Add Santa Hat and detail to product image for Matcha-Me! Urgent - Add scenic background into family photos (25 photos) Add schedule feature to an Facebook App - add scorm 1.2 to flash Add Scraper Content to Wordpress Website - add script 4 add script 5 - add script for tpl product and add hidden field Add Script Into WordPress Header / Add HTML into Single Page - Add script to the website for ios/android Add script to web template - Add scroll effect to Landing Page & some categories - repost Add scroll for subcategories.. - Add SDK file Add SDK file - open to bidding - add search and fix product template Add search and Google Maps to Cake PHP drectory) - Add search box to html template using ajax/javascript Add search box to web page that queries a database and add (2) .pdfs to different web page - Add Search Engine button and Capability Add Search Engine in existing - add search functinality in wordpress website Add search function and pages to a Website - Add Search option to my script + 3 Bonus job's Add Search Plugin and Rev Slider plugin to current Wordpress theme - Add searchable forms and reports to existing MS Access database Add searchable map with locations and reporting pages to WordPress site - Add second loop for one category on side of blog Add second Magento store with different URL - Add SECTIONS to 5 existing web-pages . . NOW Add Sections To CBB Database FOR YUGOLANCER - Add Security Feature to iPhone App Add security features to my vcx coded program - Add security to my website Add Security to PDF files - Add Selections to Contact Us Form.(repost) Add selector map to terms in custom Wordpress taxonomy and store Latitude + Longitude - Add sentiment section to website add seo & product feed in opencart - Add SEO\Marketing Keyword Tags for Videos Add serach engine for city and country in Event Pluggin - add settning to one of my apps add several commands to script - add share button in my website add share button on the website - add shared component Add Shared SSL to Joomla/Virtuemart Site & sh404SEF - add shipping cost and tax to my shopping cart add shipping cost and tax to my shopping cart (repost) - Add Shipping Rate Dropdown in my eCommerce Add shipping rates for a certain country - Add Shopify to my website **Urgent - need done now. Add Shopify Widget - Add Shopping Cart and Checkout toWebsite Add Shopping Cart and CMS to site plus a few other things - Add shopping cart functionality to existing site Add shopping cart funtionalities to joomla site - add shopping cart to my HTML website Add Shopping cart to my Internet marketing site. - add shopping facility on existing listing pages Add shopping function on our website - Add side panel to Chromium Add sidebar and style WordPress Plugin - Add sider to website Add Sign in with Facebook and Twitter functions to our website - Add signature function to existing application Add signature online to our sign registration - Add signup profile, payment system, search listing functions for our website add signup/login page to my website , and fix stuff - Add simple cart/checkout etc to existing site add simple category feed to wordpress home page - Add simple feature in my plugin Add simple feature to existing MySQL database for Web page - add simple functions to excel VBA macro for data entry form Add simple geocoding service to existing google map - Add simple page to existing website and make minor changes Add simple page to vBulletin forum web site - add simple shopping cart to website add simple shopping cart+wiki pages to twitter bootstrap template+ convert it into Wordpress theme - Add Simple Webpage to Yahoo Website Add simple WordPress/Joomla/Other Script to Site - Add site features and modify - repost Add SIte Map and Site Links in English and Chinese - Add site to website directories Add site to Wordpress to act as CMS - Add sites to our directory Add Sites to our Web Directory - add sizes to oscomerce shop Add Sizes to osCommerce - Add SKU code to all pages based on login Add SKU search feature to wp ecommerce - Add SlideDeck plugin to homepage Add Slider (Revolution/Layer) to home page, Wordpress - Add slider to existing oscommerce webshop add slider to html file - Add slideshow on existing website Add slideshow side registration on site SocialEngine - Add slogan to logo Add smaato ads to my Android app - Add small feature to Existing magento extension Add small feature to Existing magento extension -- 2 - Add small functionality to Drupal Add Small Functionality to Java Script Form - Add smart point Add Smarty Pages & fields to Mysql Db - Add SMS module to Add SMS Module to Website - Add SMTP Mail Functionality and Fix Responsive Issues Add smtp server in my vps, to send the php forms from my site to my email .. - Add social buttons to website Add social buttons to website - Add social login functionality to php site add social login to a website page - Add Social Media buttons on my WP Website Add social media buttons on posts on my wordpress website - Add Social Media icons to 2 Tumblr blogs and find new Tumblr followers Add social media icons to a specific area of my Wix website. Can only spend $10. - Add social media links to the website header
Add social media links to websites - Add social media, logo carousal and video to a Wordpress website add social network - Add Social networking to our website. add social networking to phpcow - Add socks proxy capability to a software. Add SOCKS4/5 Functionality to HTTP Class - Add some additional features on my script Add some additional functionality (html, css, jquery) - Add some backend features in website Add some background processes to complete and unfinished web form. - Add some changes to a Laboratory system Add some changes to existing software written with c# - Add some code to existing site Add some code to existing VB6 project (IF....THEN Statement) - Add some content (free public restrooms) to my database Add some content and forms to my wordpress site - Add some content to WP site Add some content/video links to web site (Joomla) - Add some data fetching capabilities to my EXISTING Instagram Plugin on my website -- 2 Add some data on our website - Add some effect like fire on 360 rendered video Add some effects to an image - Add some featues and changes into a working cloud (upload/download[dropbox like]) website add some featues to an non finished website - Add some feature to my Navigation Bar Add Some Feature to My Web Project - Add Some Features In My Current App - Cookbook Add Some Features In My Current App - Cookbook -- 2 - add some features to a Delphi grid (CIV 2005-12-12) Add some features to a File Sharing script - Add some features to access DB - repost Add some features to access DB - repost - ongoing work - Add some features to C# progarm. Add some features to C# progarm. -- 2 - Add Some features to my Ekattor script Add some features to my iPhone App - Add some features to my Zoho Creator project Add some features to our iOS Camera app - Add some features to the website Ruby On Rails Add some features to Web Mail Server based on JOOMLA - Add Some Fields to Wordpress Woocommerce Checkout Cart Add Some Fields to Wordpress Woocommerce Checkout Cart urgent - Add some function on my website Add some function to existing WOWZA CMS - Add some functionality in custom uploader add some functionality in existing website - Add some functionality to existing railsproject Add some functionality to existing railsproject - ongoing work - Add some functions in a Html/Javascript Formular Add some functions in existing PHP script - Add some functions to wordpress plugin Add some functions, implement Stripe payment and fix some bugs - Add Some Idea's & function To Templaye WP Add some images to a .psd file - Add some javascipt functions to a html form. Add some javascript and CSS. - Add some links, text and menus to website built with Wix Add some links, text and menus to website built with Wix - open to bidding - add some mods to MS SQL server SSAS OLAP cube Add some module website in ASP.NET (VB.NET Class) - Add some new features and improve UI to existing online food delivery app Add Some New Features including Bug Fix and Layout Change on PHP Site - Add some option in FLASH Add some option in my script - Add some pages to my Yii site Add some pages, products , categories to my website - Add some PHP to a smarty template add some pictures to finish illustrator flyer - Add some references to my e-book - very quick job Add some references to the bottom of an infographic - Add some simple content to wordpress Add Some Simple CSS To Wordpress Drop Down Menu - Add some Statistical Data facts to Journal Add some stuff to a GPL PHP app - add some text in flash- must be flash 8 add some text in flash- must be flash 8(repost) - Add some transitions to a Xamarin Forms App Add some treatment to PrestaShop signup process - Add some Wordpress pages and existent content to my site (EASY TASK) Add some Wordpress post excerpts to homepage of custom theme - add something special to an existing web design layout add something to a logo - Add somthing to my two photos Add sone functionality in an existing Online Exam system php script - Add sort users by letter to userpro plugin member directory Add sortable lists for posts on 2 Wordpress sites - Add Sound Effects To Video Add sound f/x to Children CD - Add sound track background to mp3 voice files Add Sound Track To Flash Presentation - Add Spanish language to OS Commerce Add spanish language version to my website, not necessary to speak Spanish - Add special offer products to site Add Special Shipping Costs to Magento Store - Add spellcheck and buttons to WYSIWYG editor on a Social Engine site Add spellcheck capability to editor. - Add Splashscreen + Google Admob in Android App add splashscreen java code - Add Squeeze Page and Tracking Capabilities to Site add ssh key using putty - Add ssl certificates and Ip address to websites -- 2 Add SSL certs to my website+other website touchups - Add SSL to osCommerce Add SSL to our website - ADD Startapp Ads Add StartApp Ads to an Android app - Add static route to 1841 to allow accessing local web server from public IP (hairpinning) Add Stationary Top Bar To Drupal Website - Add stock photo and page to CMS Add stock photos to site - Add store front to magento Store Add store functionality to my wordpress online catalog. - Add streaming audio to my website Add streaming radio links to my website - Add Stripe payment API code to my Wordpress Woocommerce website Add Stripe payment API to Website - add stripslashes to php form, add javascript to form Add structured data tags from to our news - add sub admin with limited access. add sub catagory to website - Add Subcategories (Categories) In Wordpress Add subcategories possibility in a clone GAF script - add submit button to pdf docs so they can be sent by email Add Submit Email Form - add subscription module to existing Joomla site and create member only area. Add subscription option to current website - Add subtitle to video permanently Add subtitles and header banner to a 6minute video - Add Subtitles to three videos ADD SUBTITLES TO VIDEO - Add suppliers products (from their website) to my website -- 2 add support for 2 taxes for my pc repair tracker. - Add support of h.264/GSM conferencing to c# SIP server/client Add support of Maxmind's ISP and NETSPEED databases to the "ngx_http_geoip_module" module - Add SWFUpload to PHP Script Add swipe (touch) supprt to existed slideshow - Add Tab and few tweaks to Joomla site Add tab and text to a Joomla site - Add table functions simple php/ajax Add table in cpanel user plugin - add table2 - viya Add tables and procedures to SQL database - Add tabs to product description for my Shopify store Add tabs to rproduct page and disable copy - Add tag on the header of a specific page in CS Cart