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Addictive Site - Addin instagram to website addin new features to my site - Adding Push notifications to an MT4 Indicator Adding SQL application (?) to a working website - Adding & Multipling Matrices Adding & updating HTML pages based on a template - Adding / Populating Products into Volusion Adding / Resizing of photos to a wordpress website - Adding 1127 url redirects in shopify Adding 143 Products into Magento - Adding 2 folder(screen) to a facebook application (Part 2b) Adding 2 forms to a Website - adding 2000 products to ecommerce site need adding 2000 products to ecommerce site need. - Adding 3 regions and links to Script adding 3 small clickable boxes on homepage - Adding 5,000 selected Facebook Likes/fans Adding 50, companies, 5 products for each comapny, 2 to 5 photos for each product - Adding 60 products to Magento Go -- 2 Adding 60 products to Magento Go -- 3 - Adding a .FLV to Flash action script Adding a 3d model into a game we currently use - Adding a blank audio track to a WMV movie file Adding a blog and bio slots - Adding a buy & collect function Adding a buy & collect function - repost - Adding a competition onto homepage Adding a compiler option into gcc - Adding a CSS menu to an existing site Adding a currency module into CMS - adding a designing touchies with the index page with ajax adding a dialer - Adding a Feature to Classifieds Site Adding a feature to existing HTML website - adding a filter to our data base Adding A Flip Book and Download PDF to Wordpress Site - Adding a function to a NV9USB bill reader[Japanese programmers needed] Adding a function to exciting CLICK PLC program - repost - Adding a javascript code to the AJAX-based infinite scroll pagination. Adding a javascript code to the AJAX-based infinite scroll pagination. - open to bidding - Adding a little features to my existing IOS app! Adding a little PHP code to existing PHP page - Adding a minimum value of 0 to a javascript formula to avoid displaying if equation is negative value then we will add + 5 to the 0 after determining if the value is negetive Adding a minor modification for an existing script - Adding a New Payment Gateway Option to Paid Memberships Pro Adding a New Payment Gateway Option to Paid Memberships Pro - adding a page to existing website Adding a page to my shopify website - Adding a Photo Gallery to my Website adding a Php component to ning.com social network application(repost) - Adding a Promo code box to Modenacam script Adding a purchased pricing table Template to my site on Squarespace - Adding a search field Adding a season to a mysql database website - Adding a simple forum Adding a Simple Menu Bar to Webview Application - Adding a social share buttons integrated with my theme Adding a some modifications to PHP source based YII framework. - Adding a triger into SQLite DB Adding a trust value to Doku Wiki - Adding a webpage to a Shopify theme Adding a widget to the header of a Wordpress theme - adding additional calender to existing calender in a table Adding additional code to a built iOS app. [modify current API/JSON] - Adding additional galleries to existing website Adding additional galleries to existing website - Adding address shipping section Adding addresses - ADDING ADS TO UNITY PROJECT Adding adsense - Adding affiliate Links to Blog Adding affiliate links to site - Adding all web-store products to Yahoo shopping cart(repost) Adding Alphabetic sorting to PHP script - Adding an ebook for sale on my site and all that involves. Adding an edit and copy feature to a shopping cart - Adding an image to prestashop product images Adding an Image Upload to a Form - Adding Anchors Adding and altering a php online internet game. - Adding and Subtracting Game for resale adding and uploading data to db via xls - Adding Apple Smart App Banner to an Existing Website Adding Apple Smart App Banner to Existing Website - Adding artwork/images related to the Bible to a database using a web browser Adding ASP site functionality - Adding Audio to Optin Page Adding audio to video clips - Adding Backend Post features to iPay88 payment gateway in Jomres Adding backgroud at the bottom of the page - Adding Banners to Open Cart Website Adding Bar Code to invoice and packing slip - Adding blocks of fields dinamically in JavaFX in a screen created using FXML Adding Blog & RSS to my website - Adding branding type work Adding brazilian bank billet option - Adding calculators to a form in Alpha Five Adding calendar to an exciting asp site. - adding card form html Adding career link to the exisiting website - Adding Category list to a website adding category meny to my shopify (for xcoderx) - Adding cheats/trainer to flash games. adding check boxes and correct redirection of PHP page. - adding clicktag to flash banners Adding Client Login Area To Wordpress Website - Adding code to petstore demo Adding Code to Tile Products - Adding Comment Box Adding Commenting feature in MovableType Theme - Adding complex products for WooCommerce -- 2 Adding Componant1 graphs (OCX control) to SQL reports - Adding content boxes to 18plus Adding content for PDF - Adding content to existing html home page Adding content to flash website - Adding Content To Real Estate Website Adding content to RSS feed - Adding content web site adding content website - Adding couple of features to existing android app adding couples profile with his and her's/mobile install - Adding CSS to a link for a website form widget. Adding CSS to limit width of images uploaded via Comment Images plugin - Adding Custom Icons to IE Adding custom Image as Footer (Wordpress) - Adding Customer Forms to an OpenCart Site Adding customer refferal system to a website - Adding Database to the sms enabler adding database to volusion - adding description' text and a map in a media gallery Adding description, edit Name in My joomala site-Data Entry - Adding directory entries to UK website Adding disclaimer page - Adding DIVs to "Posted On" date of Wordpress. Adding DKIM to a domain - adding drop down function adding drop down menu on website checkout page - adding dynamic map functions to a website Adding dynamic photo gallery to static html site - Adding ecommerce shop to current website Adding eCommerce to existing Website - Adding emails in the address book and others Adding emails manually by copy and pasting from websites - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 21607 Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 3 - Adding Estimated delivery date in Magento Transactional Emails
Adding Estimated delivery date in Magento Transactional Emails -- 2 - adding existing logo to simple business card format Adding EXPERIENCED transcribers to my team- Must be completely fluent in English - Adding extra features to my quiz app ADDING EXTRA FEATURES TO THE 1st Prototype (Cancer Patient Database) - Adding Facebook 'likes' and 'recommends' to our website Adding Facebook and Twitter Friends (1,000 each) - ADDING FACEBOOK FRIENDS/FANS Adding FACEBOOK function into the PAGE - Adding Facebook Share button adding facebook share button to photo galleries - Adding Feature to a simple HTML 5 snake game adding feature to an existing website -URGENT- - Adding features adding features - Adding features on a Java game Adding features on existing Mustache app IOS code- - Adding features to a WordPress plugin adding features to a wordpress website - Adding Features to Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol Adding features to auction website Script - URGENT - Adding features to existing project(70 dollars MAX) Adding features to existing rideshare mobile app. - Adding features to my directory website adding features to my photo gallery page on website - adding Features to Small OLE php/mysql Project adding Features to Small OLE php/mysql Project - Adding Feedback Section to Existing Website Adding few c# functionality to an existing site - adding fields to a page Adding Fields to a Personals Profile - Adding finishing touches to Adobe Muse web site Adding fix call button on the right down side of our mobile site - Adding for week of 5/21 Adding form & editing contact form on Ultimo Magento template - Adding Forms and Queries 1 access database to another. Adding forms in Wordpress theme to be used by ad hoc users/roles - Adding friends to MySpace page Adding Friends to Social Networks - Adding function to existing Teddy Bear Website Adding function to flash files.Very simple - adding functionality on website adding functionality to a current site - Adding functionality to existing Swft3 & Firebase / Firebase Storage app Adding functionality to existing wordpress/woocommerece website - Adding functionnalities to a game Adding functions - to an existing apk - Adding funny pictures to my funny pictures webpage Adding Gallery and Calendar Mod to phpnuke website!! - Adding Google admob to my Cocos2ds Game Project Adding Google admob to my Cocos2ds Game Project -- 2 - Adding Google Analytics to Android app Adding Google analytics to new Wordpress Ppage - Adding GoogleMaps via API to a Community Adding graphical banner to responsive Drupal theme - Adding hedging to my current MT4 EA Adding Help to ActiveX inteface - adding html template to theme Adding HTML to Graphic Design - Adding id3tags to mp3s and wavs, including image Adding id3tags to mp3s and wavs, including image, genre and tempo - Adding image to website Adding Image Upload to Customer Order Form - Adding images to existing web site. Adding images to Magento products - Adding indicator and strategy functions into already functional EA and fixing sphaghetti code (fix EA speed backtesting issues) Adding Indicator to EA - Adding instant pay capability to existing site. adding int method level and string postorder method to given AVLTree program - Adding ip getting function to previous work - repost Adding iPad support for iPhone app - Adding items in Magento Go - repost 4 Adding items in Magento Go -- 7 - Adding Items to Header and Footer Adding Items to Magento Navbar *quick fix" - Adding Jetpack Infinite Scroll Module Support in Wordpress Theme - repost 2 Adding Jewerly products to OScommerce.. - Adding Keywords adding keywords to & alt tags mages Slugs , titile @ meta description to website - Adding languages to MODx multilingual site Adding languages to my descriptions on google play - Adding Lightbox to Magento product view on Joomla front end Adding lights ray to company sting - Adding Links to YouTube Videos Adding list of shops to mobile app - ADDING LOCAL FANS TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE Adding localisation support - Adding Logo on player, installing ssl on new domain and server Adding logo to our sales presentation - Adding Magento Products with Sizes to Clothing Website adding magnific popup to dynamic created element - Adding Mass Videos to adult video script via embeds adding materials and rendering - Adding merchant account to codeigniter open source program Adding Merchant in site, Post Deal and Admin work - Adding Mock test Features in existing WordPress website. Adding mod_rewrite to a few simple php pages - Adding money from Paypal account to visa card Adding Moneybookers & IntGold as deposit and withdrawal options - Adding more features to current social networking sites....long term Adding more features to the app - Adding Movies To Website, WP theme Adding multi level forms to word press - Adding Multiple Sizes & different quantity for each of the sizes to Cart magento 1.3 Adding multiple TableView to my project and seque to detailview - adding mysql-data into admin Adding Name to Existing Logo - Adding new feature for Woocommerce Adding new feature on current website - Adding new features in php Adding new features to a program - Adding new features to website, SEO and I.T. Support Adding new features to wordpress blog - Adding new functions into the Opencart admin Adding new functions to an existing Joomla site - Adding new page with new service information in existing website adding new page/button to site - adding new section on website Adding new section to an existing web - Adding notes and fields to two websites, small design upgrades to others. Adding object - Adding offers in Affiliate network platform! Urgently needed! Adding offers to online shops in Philippines & Australia - Adding one slider in my joomla site Adding online purchasing functionality to an existing website - adding options page to wordpress theme adding options page to wordpress theme for serge90 - adding our design to vbulletin + vbadvanced Adding Oversell Button On Shopping Cart - Adding Pages to our Website Adding pages to Website - Adding PayFlow Pro Gateway to WP Plugin Adding payment buttons to our site - Adding Paypal Adding Paypal API Features to my site - Adding PDF and Video to Joomla Site adding pdf magazine and video gallery to website - Adding Phone Images on my website. Adding Phone verification and E-mail verification plugin to website - Adding PHP scripts to the sample webpage created as attached Adding PHP(form submission) and cleaning up code of existing website - Adding Pictures To WordPress Site & More Adding Places in Google Map - Adding polynomials Adding pool to pictures - Adding Posts to WP