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A prestashop module - A prezi presentation made for a Trump project a prgrammer needed for unlocking project - A print advert designed A print and design website with database - A private for my good freelancer(only Irvin) A private for Saif - A private project - Don't bid if you're not invited! A private project for 3D animation - A private project for msd007 A private project for Nadim, as agreed. - A private project. A Private Project2 - A Proactive Assistant Needed A proactive Unity3D/Vuforia developer with good communication skills - A Processing library that queries MySQL databases a processor simulator - A PRODUCT CREATED A Product Describer - a product of pet weight losser A product on eBay sold for me - A profesional newsletter a profesional website - A Professional Assistant a professional banner - A Professional Designer/Translator seeking fun work =] A professional directory, business networking and membership discounts portal - A professional helpout for small projects, bug fixes, maybe more a Professional high end magento freelancer for long term - A professional logo for a website A professional Logo for my business - A Professional Marketing Researcher is Needed A Professional MLM Recruiter - a professional powerpoint slides for my presentation A professional prestashop developer - A professional to drive prospective leads to my site - repost 2 A professional to start a mock up design for a website selling cute things online - a professional website a professional website - open to bidding - A professional who could jazz up simple powerpoint presentations with awesome infographics and mind blowing animations. A professional with knowledge in kamailio to add a new form of authentication the current platform (Kamailio + Elastix MT). - a professional, salesletter A professional, well-laid out powerpoint presentation - A proficient writer at $3 for 500 words required urgently. Topic: Food and Beverages -- 2 A Proficient Writer is Needed - A program A program - a program for an online browser game a program for clash of clans - A program in matlab (GUI) - open to bidding A program in python using while loops,if statements and strings - A program that automatically imports information, manipulates, then publishes to FTP A program that backs up my other programs every 30 minutes onto a thumb drive - A program that Connects to a web page for live hit stats A program that Connects to a web page for live hit stats. - a program that logs in to secure page, submits form and reads results from HTHML A Program that Makes Pages Based on Keywords on List - A Program that will download video of a given word based on user input (the videos would have transcripts) A program that will evaluate a prefix expression - a program the allows my clients to send and recieve e-mails to and from socila networking sites without having computer access A program to accept voice from computer audio and place it in a file - A program to create a graphical display(repost) A program to create a graphical display(repost) (376253) - A program to issue an Arabic invoice A program to load my proxy list and visit sites for feedback - A program to reside at the Smartphone and send out every SMS/MMS -- 2 A program to reside at the Smartphone and send out every SMS/MMS -- 3 - A program which can fetch data into MongoDB a program which is able to capture data base and search -- 2 - A Programer that knows PHP & Perl A programer who understands Corel Paradox Software - A programmer a programmer - A Programmer In AutoCAD Environment A programmer is required in C++11 - A programmer to get me an application done. A programmer to help with a new idea that myself and my brother are working on. - A programmer/coder/software achitect A programmin project - A project A Project Simple FTP retrieval app - a project building and other a project building and other - open to bidding - A project for adayonline A project for Adortalukdar - A Project for ArleMedina A project for ArmyMon only - A project for chxbs only a project for CierraGayle - A Project for devas1979 a project for developerhunk - A project for evenstar55 only A Project for EVERYONE - A project for guitar548 A project for guru004 only - A project for J! A project for Jain - A project for KPRIT Solutions - responsive wordpress theme A project for Krivcheva only - A project for manig4 only A project for manvillar only - A project for moustafaa-1400 words for $ 2.35--12 hours deadline A project for mrmallick144 - A project for parvinsultana A project for PascaleN only - a project for qualitysofts a project for radu - A project for Sergii A project for shamsulislam - a project for singlar social A project for slavi1967 only - A project for templatesale only A project for Temur - A Project for VikashThecoder A project for Visrta - A project for xerlynlanaza9291---2870 words for $ 6 a project for yoou - A project for Zdenga only!!!!! A project for zdrenga - A project in the middle A project involving a network design and report needs to be completed - A project manager for a posted project A Project manager for long term VERY interesting work - A project on Datamining A project on - a project on risk and reliability in civil engineering A PROJECT ON RISK MANAGEMENT - a project relate to arts a project relate to ITN - A project that is based on Advertisement Design, Covers and Packaging and Photoshop A project that is based on Advertisement Design, Covers and Packaging and Photoshop - open to bidding - A project to make your Mother Proud! - Group cooking website (for Pablo Azorin) A project to meet new businessmen & women. - A project you are working on by buffbloom, will not pay you. A project you've done for another - A promo/walkthrough video for a kids\' ipad app a promosing job - a promotional film for islam 1 A Promotional Poster - A proofreader for a thesis A proofreader for crochet toy patterns - A Proposal and PM Plan for Version of 2 of Web App a proposal essay - a proposal to piezoelectric footstep project A proposal to provide manpower to oil companies - a proto type of a train -- 2 a protocol for exchanging data between, potentially heterogeneous computer systems in a distributed environment. - A Prototype of Applcation A prototype of modular design in maven, spring, hibernate, webwork velocity - a prromoter
a PSA on anorexia - A psychic site homepage A psychologist with experience in developing psychometric tools; expertise in tourism and travel is desirable but not essential - A Publishing House is looking for a sales executive A Pump System and Water Pipeline Simulation in SimHydraulics (Matlab Simulink) - A python developer a python developer for a - a python programmer A python programmer for financial data work - A Q/A like site, A Qlikview Expert - A qualitative research report using IPA A qualitative research study on the effects of using oral fluency in 11th grade intensive reading student - a quality smtp server with for 1 million emails -- 2 A quality telemarketing service to successfully establish our business to business leads and appointment bookings - A question - open to bidding A question ... - A question for Hindu coder a question in a coupling solver ANSYS FLUENT - A Quick 3D logo A quick 3d Model - A quick associate analysis following a detailed instruction in R (apriori) A Quick Asterisk Help - a quick data entry job A quick database/GIS project - a quick flash menu A Quick Form Made - A quick learner is required A Quick Letter Head & A Price list - A quick overview of Drupal Moodle and Install on machine - repost A Quick Printable Image - A quick short video montage A quick short video montage - A quick webpage including background image with few links A quick website for give away free stuff - A quiz a quiz app - a quote A quote / general price - A quote translated to greek. A quoting system - A random Generator A randomized algorythm between 1 and 8 users. - A ranking system for users ( just like for my website A rap Site needs SEO.SO I want you to Start Today!!!!!(READ DETAILS) - A re direct app a re edit of an existing 3 minute video - A ready made Audit Templates in MS Access to generate, store, search, & print -- 2 A ready to go Blog website in HTML - A Real Estate Portal A Real Estate Portal Plus - A Real Quick and Small SEO Task A Real Solution to Financial Struggles - A real-time countdown A Real-Time Data Driven Web Application for Quality Management - A really cool and funky jQuery slider for my homepage A really creative unique graphic artist - A really simple iphone app A really simple iPhone application $$$ - a recharge website with oxygen api - open to bidding A recipe app and a soccer game app - A recording transcribed accurately A recreation of a name tag - A redo on our church logo A Redraw of Key memeber art - A registration service via Web a Registration system for a gaming page - A relatively simple website for an innovative mobile entertainment company A relatively simple website - A remake for a video A remake of my bands current website. as well as some traffic generating - A replica of a smiliar website up now A replica of Freelancer with some feature of Quikr Required - A report about coud computing a report about energy need to be rewriting - A Report based on National Statistics Data for 2 Cities a report for advanced signal processing - a report of 3000 words a report of how a business would affect a area - A report on environmental issues A report on FEA and stress analysis - A report on Shenzhen manufacturers, you have to be residing in Shenzhen a report on structural change to our back veranda for council approval - A report/ summary for MENA power conference. a reporter - a research about derivative markets a research about organisations and behaviour in business. - a research oriented project 1- repost 2 a research oriented project 1- repost 3 - A research paper - open to bidding A research paper - repost - A research paper that compares a story to a mental illness - open to bidding A Research paper written about Romania - a research questions a research questions - open to bidding - A Residentia; Builder Brochure A residential building project - A responsive form widget with drag and drop video upload A responsive graphical web interface needed - A Responsive Web Site that has Custom CMS in PHP-- No Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal please A responsive website - A rest webservice to search linkedin 2 A rest webservice to search linkedin. - A RESTful API A RESTful API class (in PHP) - A retail box designed for a children's product A retail box designed for a children's product - A Reversible Iterator for Binary Search Trees (Java) A review and planning event online - A Review on Research Methodologies in Software Engineering Management [n1] A Review on Research Methodologies in Software Engineering Management [n1] - a revolutionary backpack design A revolutionary idea for a Social Network - A ringtone creator iPhone app A risk management plan - A robotic and embedded knowledge providing website in present and in future the same website should also be used as a e-commerce website A robotic car controlled by dcs motor and sensors - A romantic fiction or an eroticaHelp me write something A romantic themed illustration similar to those you did for me - A routine that will set the FontStrikeThrough Property of individual ListItems in a listview when checked off. A routine that will set the FontStrikeThrough Property of individual ListItems in a listview when checked off.(repost) - A RUSH : ACTIONS SCRIPT 2, SEARCH, ADD COUNT TO FIELD & SORT 2 DIM ARRAYS A russelogo - A sale and marketing website A sale copy - A Sales man to bring customer to our product a sales manager - A sales superstar wanted A sales template that runs our logo at top of page and approx 9 boxes for different products with a part number and brief description created - A salesperson to approach florists and nursing homes with a new floral product. A salesperson to generate leads and appointments - A sample ebook for iPad/iPhone A sample Excel VBA - A sample project to hire longterm native writers a sample project to write for ujuugwu - a sauce label created A Saucy and Naughty Website - A Schematic and PCB Design layout for an automotive test light A Scheme program that operates on list - A school Rate site, Classifieds,Social Network, search. - repost a school registration system - A scientific report 1000 words with harvard referencing and appendix A scientific word article transalted into a wikipedia article - A screen-off feature on Android A screened in Porch / Deck design to replace existing deck - a script needed to upload files a script - bulk filling a web-form - A Script For developing PPC site