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A save the date card illustrated - A Scheme Tutorial a scholarly paper on Nursing - a school registration system a school registration system - open to bidding - A scientific word article transalted into a wikipedia article A scientist can change the alignment by assuming that an insertion or deletion, of one of the bases has occurred. They could make such a change, called an indel for short, to see if it improves the alignment - A screened in Porch / Deck design to replace existing deck A screenplay - a script - bulk filling a web-form A script cron in php -Interface two data base - A script for radio advertisement in URDU or HINDI! A script for Twitter - A Script of Online Affiliate Program a script of student of fortune - A script that has to run over a software A script that is compatible with TamperMonkey(Google Chrome) that displays the lowest listed marketprice value of the item upon clicking a single button on the page - A script to Download full Wix website and remove the ads A SCRIPT TO ENTER UNIQUE NUMBER IN DATABASE - A script to retrieve app names from app store. A script to scrape articles and post to a website - A script written for an animation instructional video A SCRIPT WRITTEN TO AUTOMATICALLY PULL DATA FROM EXCEL AND SEARCH IN A WEBSITE - A search a search and quote website - A search Engine Optimisation Specialist / Guru required. a search engine powred by google API - a searchbox for affiliate sites a searchbox for affiliate sites - open to bidding - A section on my forum need style A secure client area for my site - A segue to other file A selection / compilation of Quiz Questions in FINNISH - A sell person A sell sheet for a product I am developing - A Senior Brand Designer Wanted Urgently A senior DotNetNuke Developer - A seo optimized elearning website which allows the students to watch the contents seemless on all devices in secured way A SEO product Descriptions Writer - A Series Of 10 Lifestyle Articles. A series of 12 small/short Data Structures projects. - A series of beautiful illustrated / typographic quotes. A series of blog posts (1 - 2 a week) on menswear fashion topics - A series of illustrations for a book on Aboriginal history a series of illustrations for a children's book - A series of simple online games. Long-term cooperation A series of small digital drawings/sketches depicting a (mad) scientist character doing various things - A Server Administration Services. Pro Apache skills needed a Server and a Client to communicate with each receiving and sending data - A service docket A service engineer - A set of 250 Vector Silhouette icons A set of 35 to 40 Animated gifs in high quality. - A set of English / Swedish /Finnish / Norwegian banners A set of functions to set ntfs permissions. - A set of SEO actions to be made for a website A set of seven archetypal figures for my book. Simple sketches. - A seven-project for SEO A severe error occurred on the current command. The results, if any, should be discarded. - A sheet with common errors A shell for WP - a shop website A shopcart - memberships website store. - A Shopping Cart A shopping cart & checkout Web Application for software subscription - A Shopping Hall - open to bidding A Shopping Hall Entrance - A Shopping Service website. a shopping site and product admin site - A short 3-4 minute explainer video A short 3-4 minute explainer video - Rehire - A short advert jingle for radio A short analysis of 19 promotional materials - 5 easy questions each analysis, 1-2 sentences each question - a short animation A short animation for a web landing page. - A short Article on Finance A short assignment - a short computer game A short conversation-monologue with a 93-year woman - A short essay on water sanitation and hygiene intervention A short essay on water, sanitation and hygiene - a short film for youtube non profit project A Short Film named 'Beat' - Around 17 Minutes in Length - a short image A short implementation of instant runoff voting - A short movie 'Chingari' based on a child works as garbage collector. A short paper on Andy Warhol - A short report on - A multiple linear regression approach to find the relationship between the mileage per gallon of a car with price and foreignness. - Repost - open to bidding A Short Research - A short story about misunderstood love, ending with a good climax A short story about misunderstood love, ending with a good climax - Repost - A short summary of an article - repost A short term sales associate for assisted living in westchester county - A short video animation A Short Video Clip for Website - A short writing project for CMaureen only! A short writing project for Schemz! - A SHOWSTOPPING LOGO FOR MY WEBSITE & BIZ CARDS OR PAMPHLETS. I BUILT A $5 MILLION DOLLAR COMPANY WITH $50K& A $25 LOGO. a shrinking box design shown in 3d - A silent bitcoin miner a silhouette picture i designed but i need it redone symetrically - A similar site to Ebay a similar site to ratemyprofessors.com - A similar wordpress site or create a similar one using wp! A Similar WordPress Theme - A simple Flyer a simple game in javascript - A simple 1st person map a simple 1x3 cycler - a simple 3 model of our product A Simple 3 Page Product Launch Website + Logo Design - A simple 5 page HTML website A Simple 5 pages website. - A simple admin dashboard (and requiring Charts&fetching data from MySQL) A simple administrative web application for schools - A simple and beautiful iPhone App needed A simple and clean website with only 10 pages - a simple and unique logo design a simple and unique logo design - A simple android app coded for personal use. a simple android app develop - A simple Android application that performs a tic tac toe puzzle with an easy setting and a hard setting A simple android application with just 2 interfaces - A simple android project a simple android shootting practice game, - A simple App developed. A simple App developer required for Android and iPhone - A simple Apple App A SIMPLE APPLE DEVELOPER PROJECT - A simple AR iPhone App using vuforia SDK or other A simple AR iPhone App using vuforia SDK or other -- 2 - A simple audio android app to build for google play - repost A simple audio pitch and rate control interface - A simple BigData exercise A simple Birthday App - A simple BOX price calculator app A simple Browser 2D/3D Game - A Simple but elegant nice professional and readable text logo 'Celeste Design' A simple but elegant one page website and logo needed - A simple C project task A Simple C# Application - a simple c++ program to store information about staff and to perform routine payroll tasks. a simple c++ programing - a simple captcha braker A simple Car Controller for toon cars like in the game pako - A simple class to save BMPs to disk A simple clean STATIC website - A simple coin sized communicator - open to bidding A Simple College Payroll Assignment - A SIMPLE COPY PASTE WORK
A simple copy-paste job - A simple currency converter script A simple custom image - A simple data entry job about website information A simple data entry job about website information, 118 x pages - A simple DB java project A simple deal and coupon listing website-New project - A simple diagram to visualize data A Simple Dialog Box - A simple e commerce site in Magento a simple E-commerce homework ill pay only 30$ - A simple ecommerce banner A Simple eCommerce Website - A simple error need fixing...Need a fast html ,php coder A simple eshop (university homework no payment gateway is needed) - A Simple Facebook App Guessing Game A Simple Facebook Application - A Simple File System A Simple File Transfer Protocol - A Simple fix Website. A Simple flash animation - A simple Flash work a simple flash/java game - a simple fully client side game A simple functional rails website - A simple game in java A simple game in unity - a simple gift site using amazon A Simple GIS Desktop Application - a simple HFS HTTP TEMPLATE FROM SCRATCH A simple hide and seek android game - A Simple Html Parser A simple HTML theme for a Tumblr blog - A simple integration job for Android A simple interactive Android App for a comic book - A simple iPad/iPhone application A Simple iPhone & Android AR application - A simple iphone application needed!!! A simple iphone application needed!!! - repost - A simple Java GUI a simple java input and output project to develop - A simple Java Web-service A simple java work(repost) - A simple job, requires photoshop mostly copy paste A simple job.log into a blog - A simple Landing page, with 3-4 price tables/ ORDER buttons a simple landing page. - A simple location detect App for ios A simple lockscreen app for Android - A simple logo A simple logo - A Simple Logo Design A simple logo design - A simple looking but smart e-commerce website A simple looking ROOM Mate Finder PHP application - A Simple Matlab Excersize a simple matlab program to detect negative content on videos on news content - A simple method in Java a simple MFC OpenGL program - a simple modification to a logo A simple modify to an existing app - a simple multiplayer Flashgame A simple muse Template - a simple one page referral coding project A simple one page website - A Simple Opinion Poll Andriod App A simple oracle data miner application - A Simple Perl Script a simple Perl script - A simple PHP Database A Simple PHP Edit - A simple PHP Script A simple PHP Script needed - A simple PHP,Smarty,CSS, HTML website A simple PHP-based Quiz Web-based application. - A simple poster/wallpaper design. Image to be used to make a print an A0 poster. A simple power-point presentation - A Simple Program A simple program - a simple program to mass Convert DTS packages's servername A simple program to predict upcomming random numbers by using history - A simple project for theexperienced technical writer. a simple project in java - A simple prolog programm(Logical programming) A simple Property website - A Simple Quiz application for iPad 2 A simple quiz game with some background music. - A simple report using telerik reporting. A simple report using telerik reporting. - repost - A simple sales funnel application along with the reporting structure A simple sales tracking tool added to my website - A simple script to put search term into an array of URLs A Simple Script to set a Windows password based on an sql query - A simple shell scripting project to mount an image A Simple Shipment Tracking Web app - A simple Slot machine program for unity3D A Simple Small Business Website - PHP - Admin Panel - a simple software for chatting with other users -- 2 A simple software that can Retrieve Vehicle No from a Image - A simple strategy on NinjaScript (based on C#) A simple styled logo for my makeup buisness - A simple task--but you should have a website - 05 A simple task--but you should have a website - 05 - A simple three page countdown timer app and application of the U.I A simple tic-tac-toe game in pyhton - A simple translation from English to Spanish A simple translation spanish to english - A simple UNIX assembly ELF Program a simple unix project to develop - a simple vb script for excel A simple vb.net application - A simple video to make A simple video to make20150625 - A simple web app for converting a google scholar search to an RSS feed A simple web app for converting a google scholar search to an RSS feed. - A Simple web based Script for domain sales a simple web based videogame - A simple web project a simple web radio page - A simple web-based business administration system - open to bidding A simple webbased payroll - A simple Website A simple website - A simple website A simple website - a simple website coded a simple website create for an online vintage store - a simple website for boutique a simple website for my company .. - A Simple website template A simple website that let's people know what we do. - A simple website with user registration A simple website(repost) - A simple wordpress based homepage customization project A simple wordpress based Site Need..Urgent..!!! - A simple wordpress site A simple wordpress site - A simple work needs to be done in hybrid-windows mobile app made using PhoneGap. A simple work regarding Social Api (Google+ and Linked in) - A simple, custom calculator app for in house house A simple, custom wordpress site - a simply and responsive portfolio site A simply game - a simulation of rescue robot team A Simulation of the Banker’s Algorithm in Java - A Singaporean Citizen Or PR Wanted As A Representative For Our Company A Singaporean Citizen Or PR Wanted As A Representative For Our Company - A single 8 by 11 "Ninja Turtle" comic illustration. A single animation with more work to come - A single Dimension line chart