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C - C # - Line / Bar / Pie chart code C # - VISUAL STUDIO 2010 - ALREADY AWARDED - C # project: translated from Italian to English C # Re factoring codes and unit testing - C ++ Add Functions to existing Project c ++ assigmnent - c ++ programming and solutions for the problems C ++ programming assignment - C - sharp programming - open to bidding C - Simple sum program. - C 2 C chat with Skype C 7/07 - C and Unix project: file I/O and pointers C api for iphone CoreLocation Framework - c assignment C ASSIGNMENT (ADDRESS BOOK) - C Box Prefabricated Structures Rework C bubble sort - C code and C test bench of an existing matlab code for face detection - open to bidding C code built in linux environment - C code for web enabled alarm clock: PIC24, wifi module C code for ZL4PIC development kit - C code translation c code tree implementation.. - C concepts and data type C console program - C DLL - Visual Basic Callback Function C dll comunicating with VB Form - C file programming C File Scrambler - C help C help with the test - C IV in training and assessment C JOB 6/07 - C L Posting Jobs - Finance/Accounting section C L Posting Project Available - C language Android C Language Array Homework - C language stats C Language Task required urgently - C linux developer C Linux File Manipulation Program - C Ncurses Mini Chat Server C Network Program - C or Java Program C or java program for Implementation of cache access algorithms - C plus plus job C plus plus or fortran expert needed on urgent basis - C Proggaming c proggraming - C program "Tower of Hanoi" C program (cache.c) - C program Airline reservation project c program algorithm fix - C program for Class C Program for Currency Conversion - C program in eclipse C program in eclipse -- 2 - C program program stdin to file converstation C Program Project - C program that maintains information for an online bookstore C program that maintains information for an online bookstore - C program with pthreads concept C program with using data structure - C programing C programing - C programme to Matlab C PRogrammer - C programmer expert C programmer expert required - C Programmer required C programmer Required - C programmin C programmin - C Programming C Programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - c programming c programming - c programming c programming - C programming (GCC) C Programming (I need someone that can help me in real-time) - C Programming - Microcontroller (Atmel or Microchip Prefered) C programming - MySql - C Programming 7 assignments in 70 minutes C Programming — Virtual Memory - C Programming Assignement C Programming Assignement #10 - C Programming Assignment - E-Mail Simulator C Programming Assignment - E-Mail Simulator # - C programming code for Bluetooth module HC-05 for a Propeller Clock C programming code modification - C programming for a school project C Programming for Analysis on Artificial Neural Ntworks - c programming help c programming help - C Programming Job C Programming Job - open to bidding - c programming on imaging C programming on Linux - C programming project C programming project - C Programming Project 14 C Programming Project 2 - C Programming Project21 C Programming Project22 - C Programming Safety C Programming School Project - C programming task - 7 C Programming Task - another task - C programming under Linux system C Programming under Unix -- work to be checked and corrected - C programming work C Programming Work ++ - C Programming/ Fixing a code C Programming13 - C Progrme for DMA controller C Project - C Project easy C Project Fix a little issue in program - C Project4 C Project5 - c script to communicate with modem c scripting language - C sharp assignment! C Sharp Auto Web Scraping Software - C Sharp program add-ons C sharp program with UML - C Shell assignment C shell modify command project 1 hour max! - C Socket/Network Programming C Sockets Backend - C to Arm Assembly Optimization c to c market - c walid C web service request in VM linux C not response - C# c# - c# crossle game - ongoing work C# delveloper - c# #to convert
C# & ASP.NET Development - C# (Mono) program to control VLC on Linux(repost) C# (VS2012) Facebook offline posting app - C# , WCF OAuth2 Implementation C# , write a software to send login data to a website, get the response - c# - charge a credit card or bank account C# - ClickOnce, Parsing, Clean Code - C# - Help With Assignments C# - If app not installed, redirect to web page. - C# - Simple Modules Dev. Full Time work One Month C# - SL/WPF Reactive Ex, Drawing project - C# -- WinForms APP -- “Rebuild” fails C# -- WinForms Oracle APPs via ClickOnce - C# .NET 3.5 Class Library to Read MS Outlook 2007 C# .NET 3.5 Datagrid (repost) - C# .Net control based on a well known .net library c# .Net copy mysql data to access DB , fix small bugs - C# .NET dll to gather computer information C# .NET DotNetNuke + Telerik control expert - C# .net Microsoft Outlook COM Object c# .NET modification - c# .net small project C# .Net SOAP Webservice to access accounting database form MSSQL - c# .net website enhancement C# .net website, build a backup and delete feature - C# .Net2.0 small winforms application C# .NET4 Selenium ChromeDriver -hide console application - C# / Delphi / COM / ASP / ASP.NET / ADO Job c# / flash web developer needed - C# / wpf - Databinding specialist needed! C# / WPF expert needed for various tasks - C# 2.0 Graphic design logo C# 2.0 Guru needed for help some GetSchema work - C# 4.0 XML XSLT File Import an Manipulation C# 64 bit support - C# Accounting Software C# Accounting Software Source Code - C# Affiliate API Integration C# AJAX fix 2 details drop boxes and one query - C# and ASP.NET (Web Forms and MVC) develpoper required (urgent project) C# and ASP.Net Developer for Ongoing Work - C# and Java Programmers for Automated Tool Developer C# and Java Programmers for Automated Tool Development - C# and SWI-Prolog Integration c# and UML - C# API for C# API for - repost - C# app for stock trading, working with NinjaTrader C# app for test - C# app with three advanced features. -- 2 C# app(preferably) - If file is changed, delete file with the same name in a different folder. - C# application - Convert the image to the SQL tables and simple operations on colors c# application - repost - c# application for C# application for social networking - C# application to authenticate against Joomla 3.2 website C# Application to Catch Email and Chat in MY PC - C# application with SQL Server Database c# application with with encryption - C# ASP.NET c# school management software - C# File Uploader C# ASP.NET gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, msn email address book importer - C# ASP.NET MVC developer (fulltime) #2 C# ASP.NET MVC developer (fulltime) #2 - C# ASP.NET Senior Freelancer C# ASP.NET Senior Freelancer - C# sql server developer - ongoing work C# ASP.net2+ Website - C# Assignment 1 C# Assignment 2 - C# auto reg. soft C# AutoComplete dropdown box pop by SQL - C# based wordpress poster C# Basic App w SQL Compact Edition - C# Booking Process Module + JQuery Form c# booking/reservation optimization algorithm - C# cAlgo cBot coding C# cAlgo cBot coding. - c# Check for Change C# chess game - C# class library to c++ com library C# Class Library to Generate Image - C# Class to Login and navigate in my account pages in Amazon(repost) C# Class To login and Place Orders in Mt4 or mt5 - C# ClickOnce app requiring debugging C# Client (Outlook Extension) for Rest API implementation - c# code fixes for video software (ffmpeg related) -- 2 C# Code FlowChart APP - C# Code Required - Download MSAzure Blobs - Quick, Easy c# code required for bug fixes and more - C# Code to Log on to a web site and Get (scrap) some content C# code to login and scrap data from website - C# code, which get all available resolutions from any TWAIN DataSource. c# coded image filter for adobe photoshop (as plugin) - C# coding project 1 C# Coding - Game Fix - c# ComboBox c# combobox storage - C# Connection to VerticalResponse c# console - C# console program - open to bidding C# Console Quiz - c# Country Selector with auto submit 20second time. c# coupon creator - C# CSV file editor C# Curve Progression - c# data binding wpf simple project C# Data Entry app - C# Database Persistence And Ca C# database task - C# Design Forms C# Design Pattern Project - C# Desktop-Anwendung C# Desktop-Anwendung (Wie abgemacht) - C# developer C# developer - C# Developer for Windows Visual Studio or Xamarin for Apple C# Developer for Windows Visual Studio or Xamarin for Apple -- 2 - c# developer needed from pakistan c# developer needed from Pakistan for work - C# developer to integrate API to PHP site c# developer to make RSS system - C# Developers (zona Retiro) URGENTE!! - 111064 C# Developers + .NET SDK & C++ Experience (Fluent English), Mathmatics/Statistics Knowledge - c# development on an existing programme: improving licensing and some optical design C# Development on windows desktop software - C# Display Alpha blended icon in a picturebox control C# Distributed app with api - C# Download all files from a gmail account to a folder and archive the messages they came off of C# Download Silently With Webbrowser Control (No Dialog Box) - C# EDI to other format C# Editor Devlopment - C# eSignal API/Active X C# Event Ticket Library to provider event ticket information . - C# Expert Needed C# Expert Needed - c# expert to add feature to our software C# expert to build WebSocket Server using WinForms - C# Facebook post photo C# FaceBook SDK 6.4.2 with MVC 4.0. Facebook Template Project - C# file/ server encrypter C# FileSystem Watcher svn integration - C# Flag project cont... C# Flash Video Web Downloader - C# form with open access .net 4.0 mvc 4.0 - repost