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C - C # - Line / Bar / Pie chart code C # - VISUAL STUDIO 2010 - ALREADY AWARDED - C # Re factoring codes and unit testing C # Shopping Cart Program - C ++ Add Functions to existing Project c ++ assigmnent - c ++ programming and solutions for the problems C ++ programming assignment - C - Simple sum program. C - Translating a transcript and subtitles to 8 min video from English to Hebrew and encoding the subtitles on the video - C 2 C chat with Skype C 7/07 - c and sparc assembly project C and Unix project: file I/O and pointers - C assignment C assignment - C Blackjack Program C bot beeing detcted, possible to avoid this? - C Code C code - C code for micro-controller C code for MPLAB C18 project - c code to c++ C code to Java Conversion - C coding needs to be done C Coding or correcting a program - C developers needed to work on several ongoing projects C development - C Expert Needed to develop Client / Server application C EXPERT needed URGENT - C graphics C graphics and graphics design for 2 providers - C implementation of the BLAST algorithm C implementation using files - C L POSTER NEEDED C L poster needed - C language c language - C Language Implementation C language in Unix environment - C level programming to interface android programming and IP camera C lib for word counting - C microcontroller firmware C Microcontroller or DSP decoder project. - C or C++ console application. C or C++ demo code - ping multiple clients via multicast - C parallel programming task..very urgent - open to bidding C parser based on java - C Prog Sudoku C prog that reads records using a linked list - c program c program - C program - Multiply matrices using loops only (no arrays) - open to bidding C program - Multiply Square Matrices Using Loops (No arrays) - open to bidding - c program code C program code - C Program for round robin scheduling C Program for round robin scheduling - open to bidding - C program of a small job for University C program of a small job for University - C program scheduling c program sec - c program to implement trees C Program to interact with Microsoft Word. - C program- adhoc C Program. - c programing c programing - C programmer C programmer - C programmer for Minix OS - repost C programmer for our team - by the hour. - C Programmer to 'Convert' Python Network Code and Add Multithread C Programmer to modify Postfix server setting - C PROGRAMMING C Programming - C Programming C Programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - c programming c programming - c programming c programming - c programming and binary decision diagram c programming battleship - c programming - 31/08/2016 19:29 EDT C programming - 4 - repost - C programming - Quadtree C programming - Repost - C programming algorithm C programming algorithms - C Programming Assignment C Programming Assignment - C Programming assignment structs C programming assignment that needs to be completed in one day - C Programming code to calculate and show the output of the interest-bearing investment C Programming Code with Matrices - C programming for multi process and multi threading -- 2 c programming for operating system course. - C programming homework C programming homework - c programming lab test C Programming Language - C programming on Linux C programming on Linux - C programming project C programming project - C programming Project 11 C programming Project 11 - C Programming Project16 C Programming Project17 - C programming questions C programming questions - C programming task (2) C programming task - 2 - C programming tutoring C Programming tutoring - - C programming with Visual studio & .net C programming with Visual Studio 2013 - C programming-2 C programming-2 - c programs c programs - C Project - Need Help Finishing C Project / - C project using command line arguments on Linux c project with some sparc - C r a i g s l i s t live ads needed C R A I G S L I S T poster needed - C sharp Amazon Automation/Robot C Sharp and ASP.NET MVC Project - C Sharp Google Adwords API Conversion to Vv201109 C Sharp Google Adwords API Conversion to Vv201109 (1836070) - c sharp script required c sharp source code parser tool - C socket example C Socket excercise - C string obfuscation C subset compiler other - C to Python Translate C training based on Demo MCU proj - C works
C wrapper - C# and Magento C# and Outlook calendar - C# project help C# Project. - C# & PHP : web service C# & SQL programmers required - C# , Create, Read, Update, Delete, Access DB(repost) C# , Multi Client and Server - SocketPrograming - C# - AxWebBrowser control issues C# - Barcode Label Printer / Inventory Managment Program - C# - Fluent API for Type Reflection and Filtering C# - FoxPro 9.0 Project - C# - Plugin Architeture - Repost C# - Print PDF Files - C# -- Microsoft Report (.rdlc) DataSet C# -- Multiple Apps - C# .net 1.1 to 3.5 upgrade problem C# .net 2 dekstop application bug fixing, testing and packaging - C# .NET class to Silverlight Class C# .NET client for Sabre XML Web Services - C# .NET Development Project C# .NET Development Project - repost - C# .net httpwebrequests coder wanted C# .NET HWND Windows Application WindowInteropHelper - C# .NET project C# .Net Project - C# .NET Web Application Assistance - Repost C# .NET Web Application Assistance - Repost - open to bidding - c# .NET Winforms help with validation C# .Net with HttpWebrequest skilled coder needed - C# / ASP.NET Senior Developer C# / ASP.NET Tree View based project - C# / Developer Required (Windows Automation) C# / VB.Net wrapper for Nikon D90 camera SDK (c++). - c# 2.0 component (DLL) zip/unzip C# 2.0 component Image merge (text onto jpg image) - C# 3.5 Application Creation and Amendments C# 3.5 or 2.0 Micrsoft P2P Chat - C# a small piece of code is required C# A4 PDF page using iTextSharp - C# Address + Barcode Label Printing Program C# Adfly bcvc other pages bot - C# and algorithms: Trie, data partitioning, caching. Implement 3 methods. C# and algorithms: Trie, data partitioning, caching. Implement 3 methods. -- 2 - C# and Entity Frame work software need an expert on datagridview events and control to fix C# and Entity Frame work software need an expert on datagridview events and control to fix -- 2 - C# and Python data scraping c# and python programming - C# API Client Development C# API Client Development - c# app for PoS terminal C# App for simple filemangement / XML creation, urgent - C# app using ComponentOne Modules. Modify source code C# app with Drag Drop Support - C# application (new request) C# Application (pretty simple) - c# Application for GPS ( server side only ) for GT06 GPS C# application for operating a android phone. - C# Application that Creates Text Files C# Application that Generates Page Hits at Specified Websites - C# application with MSSQL C# Application with MT4 EA - C# ASP.NET C# ASP.NET - c# development C# ASP.NET DevExtreme Emailing Application - C# ASP.NET MVC and EntityFramework Bug fixes C# ASP.NET MVC application with EF, WebAPI webservices, Azure Media Services - C# ASP.NET PDF IText document overlay C# ASP.Net POS / ERP source codes - C# ASP.Net Website C# website - Phase 1 - C# assignment C# assignment - C# Assignment-1 c# Assignment2 - C# backgammon game C# Band Object Calculator - C# binary Zip-archive Reader C# Binding - C# Browser with HTA permissions c# Buffer Overrun in deployed application - C# capture control image c# capture scrolling window image - C# class for Merak Mail integration C# class for mirror effect and adding border - C# class to create a PDF (new) C# Class to Create MigraDoc PDF - C# class to set status on twitter (no API) C# Class to To Process Excel Spreadsheet - C# Coaching in Budapest, Hungary C# Cobol Copybook to XML Parser Class - C# code for Unity 3d game - open to bidding C# Code Help - C# Code to create XML with complient XSD c# code to detect illegal characters pasted into rtf box and replace them with a space - C# Code to read SMS Modem C# code to retrive data from Database then show the resualt in HTML -- 2 - C# Coder to develop Microsoft CRM Extension c# coder to join game start up - C# Coding with explanation C# Coding Work - Project As Per Brief - C# component show servers, workstations etc. (repost) C# component to Manage Active Directory - C# console application C# console application - c# Contact import library C# Contact List Control (like outlook) - C# Credit Card validation Control C# cross platform RESTful web service to maintain employee database. - C# Custom tree view control C# Custom Win Form Desktop application - C# Data stuctures problem and Unit Testing C# Data Visualization - C# Debugging of WMP SDK problem C# debugging task - C# DESKTOP APPLICATION - %75 COMPLETED, NEED FINISHING C# Desktop Application – VPN client - C# Developer C# Developer - C# developer (websrapping & database expertise) C# developer - 2 websites and 1 WPF application - C# Developer needed for small projects C# Developer needed from Pakistan - c# developer now C# developer on .NET 4.5 - C# developer with knowledge of ETL and Data warehousing concepts C# Developer with mysql and websraping expertise - c# development C# development - 2 websites and 1 WPF application - C# Directory Rename/Transfer file REST XML POST C# DirectShow capture image - C# documentation C# DOM Browser - C# EasyHook example C# Ebay API integration - C# Encryption Software -- 2 C# Encryption Utility - C# expert 5-6 hours of work C# expert 5-6 hours of work -- 2 - C# expert needed for minor task C# expert needed for my application - C# export WAB to VCF C# Extract Act 2005 Data to CSV - C# File decoder