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Create Database for my mobile app (iOS/Android) Create Database for Non-Profit Web-Site Create Database for small Internet business Create database for small training business Create Database for start up business Create Database for Training records/Student data create database for vessels. Description of vessel, lifecycle of the vessel. i.e what field, location. availability of vessel. Create database from emails create database from excel spreadsheets Create database from Excel Workbooks Create database from existing excel files/ write software Create Database from existing FTP files (Product Information, Photos of old site, etc included) Create Database from list of 70 companies Create Database from Site content Create database from spoke.com Create Database from Stubhub API Create database from text files Create Database from Website
create database from website Create database from XML file with web front end for data manipulation Create database from XML file; Web Front End for searching and data manipulation create database in access with forms and queries create database in excel from external websites Create database in Excel from html pages Create database in filemaker Create Database In Microsoft Access Create database linked to online survey API Create database list of PAs and EAs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Create database model for iOS application Create Database Model for MySQL Database Create database models for Ruby on Rails ActiveRecord Create database MySQL in php Create database of 1,634 companies' email addresses Create database of 2,116 companies' email addresses Create database of 3 fields in CSV or MySQL format