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Create The Top Logo -- 2 Create the tshirt you want. Create the UI for a web app Create the UI for mobile game Create the UI front end for a live streaming app Create the ultimate Facebook (like) campaign image / cartoon Create the ultimate hollywood scenary! Create the url links for a newsletter to send by email Create the user manual and online help for a SEO software create the user profile page Create the vector format for a logo already design in psd Create the vector format for a logo already design in psd Create the very simple excel macro to retrieve the simple web data Create the views only for a Mobile Website using react.js and CSS Create the Virtual Router Create the visual design for a mood tracking app - "Vectorminator" only Create the VPN connection
Create The Walkthrough Videos Create the web application for the stock and logistic features. Create the web section of a City Hall in WP Create the web-project based on Yii. Create the Website create the website like Create the website with database, ability to upload images and purchase from Create the website/ simple e-shop Create the Wireframes of an existing website responsive Desktop-Mobile Create the Woocommerce order import Java library Create the WordPress Site (7 Pages inlcuding a FAQ page w/Dropdowns) Create the World\'s first oBook create the xcode (iOS) project for game in cocos2dx v. 2.2.6 create theme Create Theme & Mods to current WeBid Auction Website create theme and functionality on worpress theme create theme and logo for tumblr