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Created Advertising Network Platform - Created new pages for existing website Created New Site - Need To Not Loose OLD Site Pages - createe email phishing page creategmail account - CreateRemoteThreadEx API Working Code(repost) CreateRemoteThreadEx Working Code - Createspace PDF Interior Formatting createspace project - Creating a dll about drawing pie and bar chart for a web ap Creating A Mobile Version of my site - Creating "Help Menu" section for a Windows Desktop base software with C# Creating "popup" for website "under construction" - Creating / Importing Users creating / updating form for filemaker - mac/ipad/iphone - creating 100.000 profiles Creating 1000 accounts in a free sign up site and apply. - Creating 2-d or 3-D beautiful colored illustrations of new designer shoes Creating 20 HTML5 banners of different sizes and proportions (URGENT) - Creating 3 simple quizzes (text only) Creating 3 small banners - creating 3d mesh for virtual modelling in 3ds max Creating 3D Model for Single Story House based on provided blueprints - creating 4 to 6 page website with blogging capability Creating 4 Web-Services using PHP & MySQL - Creating “ 2 Minutes ANIMATION VIDEO” including “VOICE-OVER for 2 Minutes” Creating “2 minutes animation” and “voice over for 2 minute” - Creating a 3 minutes Music video “anime” for upcoming artist. Creating a 30 second movie trailer - Creating a 5plus button an a wpcasa site for bedrooms Creating a 9 Workflow using Sharepoint 2013... - creating a backlink Creating a Backoffice For Online Courses - Creating a Beer List Creating a better contact form for my website - Creating a blog website, need to be creative! creating a blog with comments - Creating a brand name and logo Creating a brand name for the Company - Creating a calculator survey webpage with Wordpress Creating a Calendar - Creating a class for java. writing a set of classes that define the behavior of certain animals. Creating a class rectangle using a header file! - creating a company digital marketing report Creating A Company Logo - Creating a content management website (small project) Creating a control panel for wordpress woocommerse pages - Creating a custom (MUD) Multi User Dungeon Creating a custom basic joomla + cart (virtuemart or open c - Creating a custom Wordpress template - repost Creating a custom WordPress website based on existing HTML website - creating a database creating a database - Creating a Dating Script Creating a dating site - Creating a Dissolving Tablet - open to bidding Creating a DIY SEGWAY - Creating a duplicate ONE Page For Site Creating a duplicate/Clone of Youtube Apps-A video sharing apps - Creating a Fannie Mae 3.2 file Creating A Fantasy Baseball Application - Creating a flash player Creating a Flash Scrap Book - Creating a Free report for skin care Creating a friendly touchscreen interface. - Creating a game map(single page) in HTML Creating a Game on Xilinx Virtex II Pro - Creating a GUI for PCA classification Creating a GUI for PCA classification -- 2 - Creating a Internetshop including Design Creating a internetsite - creating a Joomla site Creating a Joomla template - Creating a library for iOS Creating a lifestyle video of our company's Director for TV Channel in Italy. - Creating a Logo Creating a Logo - Creating a Logo for Zoo park in Limassol Creating a logo in 3D using a plugin I already have - creating a mailing list with individual document attachments Creating a manufacturable mechanical design. - Creating a Menu homepage and Wordpress Template creating a menu on a html page - Creating a mobile game for children creating a mobile game. - Creating a Music Video Creating a Music Web Tool for creating tabs/chordsheets - Creating a new name in the category of electric hand tools Creating a new online magazine on Australian politics. - Creating a new website creating a new Website - Creating a Packaging Design Creating a Packaging Designs, landing page design, images, renderings, web design - Creating a PDF template Creating a PDF template in SugarCRM Vtiger SuiteCRM - Creating a PHP script to send whatsapp bulk messages Creating a PHP script to send whatsapp bulk messages - Creating a plugin that will allow me to upload and set fonts for post and page titles on a WordPress Creating a plugin that will allow to batch add authors to po - Creating a preview before Gravity Forms post submission Creating a price calculator for a print agency - Creating a Professional CV Creating a professional logo design - Creating a Professional Travel Website like, Creating a Professional Travel Website like, - creating a pseudorandom number list Creating a PTC Script - Creating a referral website creating a register activity for my app. I having an issue getting my info stored in parse. - Creating a Russian landing page Creating a s - Creating a script to manage affiliate payments creating a script to scrap info from a website - Creating a short MP4 Animation (5sec) Creating a short MP4 Animation (5sec) -- 2 - Creating a simple dailydeal website similar to Creating a simple data base, and web pages in .Net to access data base, for apartmnet booking - Creating a simple SQL Page retrive results from a database with quiz engine Creating a simple squeeze page - Creating a Site for a Movement/Cause with Event elements Creating a site in - Creating a Social Network creating a social network app - Creating a Splash Page with pixel pass through capabilities Creating a Splash Page with pixel pass through capabilities - repost - Creating a storyboard/script for a two minute animation Creating a Strategy for changing Prices with Excel - Creating a TEAM - For my Website Creating a Team to Develop - Creating a theme from a website design Creating a theme plus implementing some existing functions - Creating a tree Creating a trip planning and booking portal - Creating a VBA macro in Outlook 2010 32 Bit Creating a Vectgor Logo & Business Card - will provide .psd template - Creating a Video Bumper creating a video chat - Creating a virtual interior decor display for leather sofas Creating a virtual interior decor display for leather sofas (1485673) - Creating a web design Creating a web design for various shop systems - Creating A Web Site For A One-Person Business Creating a web site template with images - Creating a Website Creating a Website - Creating a Website Creating a Website - Creating a website for an Olive Oil online shop
Creating a website for coupons of online stores and local shops. - Creating a website from a dynamic template Creating a website from a dynamic template2 - Creating A website To View Image gallery and standard information Creating a website using a template - Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Thursday Evening... -- 3 Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Thursday Evening... URGENT - creating a widget to install on all social networking sites Creating a WiFi Captive Portal - creating a wordpress or joomla blog for a web site Creating a WordPress Plugin - creating a wordpress version of Creating a WordPress website for a business by customizing a pre-made WordPress theme - Creating a youtube player Creating a youtube short video maximum 4 minutes - creating accounts on website Creating Accounts(repost) - Creating AdSense sites creating adsvertising website using orbit script software - Creating an Access Database from a template Creating an Access Interactive To-Do List - Creating an adsense account for me Creating an AdSense Site - Creating an animated explainer video Creating an animated GIF - creating an app creating an app - Creating an auction site! (have design) Creating an audio delay - Creating an eBay Store using HTML Creating an eCommerce site - Creating an Excel formula to aggregate underlying reports into a master report based on conditions Creating an Excel formula to aggregate underlying reports into a master report based on conditions - Repost - creating an ftp server and securing it against bounce attackk Creating an HTML 5 Game Basic with Restaurant Logos and Food Pictures to make the customer help him order food - Creating an interacting website Creating an Interactive 3D enviroment using Unity - Creating an Iphone app Creating an iPhone App - Creating an online investor slide deck Creating an online learning area in my joomla website. - Creating an oracle stored procedure -- 2 Creating an ordering food system. - Creating and APP Creating and app on the Iphone - Creating and editing of online shops. magento oxide and shop Creating and editing professional videos (short duration 90s) - Creating and Managing a New and Entrepreneurial Venture (5,000 and 3,000 words), Case study MHC (5,000 Words), & Managing Human Capital Entrepreneurship (2,000 words) creating and managing adwords accounts - Creating and using a Class (Bank Account) Creating and Using a Profitable Trading plan - Creating animated music video Creating animated video - Creating App Like Blackberry Messenger without Chat Feature Creating app reading playing card - Creating Articles creating articles - Creating Autocad and 3Dmax projects Creating automated script - Creating backgrounds for a Multi format project Creating backlink for Holiday related blog. - Creating banners for homepage Creating Banners for Website - 20 Banners - Creating blogger templates creating blogs - Creating Bulk VoIP Phone Numbers with TextPlus API Creating Bulk VoIP Phone Numbers with TextPlus’s API - Creating caricatures / illustrations for training workbooks Creating Carpool Website to Run on Blogger - Creating cheap hand drawn or CAD logos Creating Checkers Game for School Project - Creating CMS Enabled Website Creating CMS listing system - Creating Configurable products using MAGENTO. "MAGENTO EXPERT REQUIRED" creating configurator - creating controls at runtime, and they show up on the page, but when the page is submitted, I can't find them. Creating Converting Visual Basic OCX using GDI + to C ++ - creating crypto currency Creating CSS Drop-down - Poroject for Webproind - Creating custom SAP program for system validation with ABAP Creating custom SAP program for system validation with ABAP - Creating Dashboard Displays in HTML Creating dashboard incl. kpi's etc( see assignment) - Creating Datamart in lieu with preoting needs Creating dataset+model for Caffe+DIGITS - creating desktop layout/theme for mobile site which is already working perfectly Creating Desktop Toolbars (Deskband) - Creating Drupal based website based from flash website Creating Drupal based website based from flash website (1578719) - Creating E-Commerce portal for Selling Plant related products(repost)(repost) Creating e-commerce website using - Creating Email Creating email account automatically - Creating Ethical Backlinks Creating ETSY account and get it confirmed. - CREATING EXCEL SPREADSHEET Creating Excel Spreadsheet - Creating Facebook Group Post Download/Sync App Creating Facebook ID - Creating few blog videos for youtube Creating few Custom Image with my text and Requirements Instant - Creating flash game page using php and maria db Creating flash games (long-term relationship) - Creating forms Creating forms and responsive menu (Joomla 3.x) - Creating Front/Back End Web Server For Follow Liker Creating Front/Back End Web Server For Follow Liker - Creating Game Fansite including database (League of Legends) creating game from scratch - Creating Google+ Circle Group.. Following / Add to Circles creating grant proposals - creating high quality back links Creating high quality graphic images - Creating HTML5 CSS Layout Creating HTML5 Facebook game leader board - Creating image magic commands to run in AWS Lambda Creating Image Of Web App ''Sugar CRM'' For Each User in Membership Site using Word Press - Creating individual product packshots Creating Info Product - Creating invoice templates with a new program Creating invoices and forms - Creating Java environment for running .jar apps Creating JavaScript or Visual Basic function to wok with GoogleMaps. - creating landing page Creating Landing page | Desktop & Mobile Friendly - creating leads Creating Leads and or closing deals. - Creating LIVE Online Auction + User Login + Adv Item Search Creating Live Streaming and broadcasting PHP script - Creating logo for company creating logo for e commerce company - Creating magento product Creating Magento Shipping Method - Creating marketing analysis for unilever Creating marketing analysis for unilever - Creating Mega Drop Down Menu Creating Mega Drop Down Menu for cubecart store - Creating MMORPG in CryENGINE 3 - repost Creating Mobile (wireless) content site CalgaryHomes, XHTML - Creating Models in DAZ Studio using Face Shop plugin Creating modern/nice background with creative text - Creating multiple blog clones on Wordpress MU creating multiple charts - Creating MySQL Database for Current Website Creating mysql servers on amazon EC2. Need Amazon webservices guru - Creating new landing page and fix issue on travel blog wordpress site Creating new layout - Creating new Website
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