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Construct a website for sharing photos &creating photo portfolios Construct a Whitepaper from an existing template - add graphics where applicable Construct A WordPress Site Construct a WordPress site with WooCommerce Construct ability score construct already purchased theme construct already purchased theme - repost Construct an activity diagram Construct an Automatic Database and Create 7 PDF Outputs Construct an automation tool to send emails campaign Construct an ebook about 31 Vegetarian recipes construct an efficient news service Construct an eshop construct an example of a class OOP for a teaching purposes Construct an histogram from time series and calculate bandwidth in R Construct an Igloo Construct an improved Health Management Information system (HMIS) Construct an Index
Construct an index Principal Component Analysis using stata/ eviews Construct an Indicator with PDF & instructions Construct an Investor Presentation Pitch Deck Construct an iPhone app (travel-related) Construct an online database (taking cues from Microsoft Excel) Construct an SQL Parser Module in Java Construct and send out a daily brain teaser email Construct ASP.NET Class and Service to verify user geolocation and determine if a user is using a VPN Construct Banner for social media platforms from images/fonts supplied Construct blog layout for new blog to match existing blog Construct Blog Posts (Copy/Paste) + Format Text (No Writing) Construct chart in jpg Construct Charts, Diagrams, Tables and Maps using Data for Corporate Presentation. Construct Clone Construct clone with few more required features. Construct Consulting website Construct Convertible Note Agreement