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Convert .xls, xlsx to .exe Convert .xls, xlsx to .exe Convert .xls, xlsx to .exe (Macros enabled and save/save as blocked) Convert .xlsx data to mysql table Convert .xlsx to mysql Convert .XML file to .ENV files Convert .XML files to .ENV file format Convert .XML files to .ENV format Convert .XMZ files to readable text convert .xps file in template of word Convert .yaqut format to epub Convert .yaqut format to epub Convert / add responsive page to my site Convert / Copy EPS layers into new PSD file Convert / Copy PHP, Html Website 25 Pages to Wordpress with formatting Convert / Create Directory Site in ASP.net (vb language) Convert / Create Indicators for Amibroker Convert / Create Wordpress Template
Convert / Enter PDF into Excel Convert / exchange a Template to an existing Website (WooCommerce Store) Convert / export 3DMAX file (2012 version) into both STEP and IGES format Convert / extract old .EXE screensaver installer to work on Mac. Convert / Integrate a php Store to Virtuemant or Oscommerce Convert / Integrate an online Store to Joomla / Virtuemart Convert / Migrate html site to Joomla 3.0 Convert / Migrate Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 Convert / Migrate Joomla website 1.5.9 to 2.5 Convert / Multithread an existing php scraper script Convert / Optimize a PHP code loop to update a database, in Python or similar console language Convert / Rebuild an old website to make it mobile and seo friendly. Convert / Redesign a document Convert / Redraw into Vector image Convert / Redraw into Vector image(repost) Convert / Replace IFRAMEs pages with AJAX CONVERT / REWRITE SMALL PUZZLE GAME FROM POCKETPC TO ANDROID/APPLE