Каталог проектов : create a ''checkers game'' - Create a (really) small HTML 1-page website

Проекты, начинающиеся с символов

create a ''checkers game'' Create a ''click and hold to drag'' slider (jQuery) Create a ''coppar'' feeling Create a ''Donate Now'' button Create a ''fill in the blanks'' online program Create a ''My Page'' for members on existing website Create a ''Proposal of Service'' document for Internet Marketing Services Create a ''time-limited'' web page Create a ''What is twitter'' animation video Create a ''wireframe'' landing page for a Connected Device App. create a 'cartoon' video explaining the value of my website Create a 'chat' based web application which is mobile friendly Create a 'coaching' workbook - content provided.. Create a 'creative' Excel dashboard using data in spreadsheet Create a 'fan page' for me in Facebook (for business) Create a 'freemium' iPhone app for royalty share Create a 'From' Publication Date field in the back end of two Directories Create a 'How it works' Explainer Video
Create a 'matched betting calculator' to embed into my wordpress website Create a 'mission badge' style logo - with revisions Create a 'Release and Assumption of All Risk Form' Create a 'rewards' module for Magento Create a 'Savings Calculator' for a Shopify website Create a 'share' content locker for facebook tab app Create a 'spinning' sign from logo Create a 'state of the art' user interface presenting data from a sql database Create a 'Storybook' Website Create a 'Where to Buy' zip-code-search application Create a (1:30) Hi-tech Video Create a (dating) site Create a (interactive) GIF animation in Bounce House Theme Create a (iPhone + android + mobile website) 3 items Create a (jQuery) parallax website with the help of a tutorial Create a (rather simple) short-film competition website Create a (really) small HTML 1-page website