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Create 8 online interactive online courses Create 8 outline icon images Create 8 page Print Catalog/Brochure Create 8 pages for a project management application Create 8 pages for a project management application theme Create 8 pages for project management Create 8 product stickers Create 8 product stickers asap Create 8 professional looking ''product'' images Create 8 responsive simple webpages Create 8 second flash intro for website Create 8 second graphic with rotating words Create 8 Sexual Performance Tip Emails Create 8 simple images using template Create 8 simple monocolour flat icons. Create 8 simple mySQL queries Create 8 simple vector illustrations for trivia game
Create 8 Slider Graphics (5 for Muscle Supplement site + 3 for Healthy Lifestyle Site) create 8 sports session plans/diagrams? Create 8 unique SSH tutorials for my SSH Tutorial site! Create 8 videos - British/American/Canadian/Australian natives only Create 8 Views in SQL Server Create 8 x single page pdfs, using an existing pdf and matching its theme Create 8-10 Page Website with Lead Capture Pages for Marketing Funnel Create 8-10 simple 3d models of sanitary ware and then create few bathrooms using those models. Create 8-10min Voice Recording Create 8.5 x 11 brochure / double sided Create 80 digital Stickers based on my apps characters Create 80 high page rank backlinks using provided packets Create 80 High PR Backlinks Using Provided Packets create 80 instagram accounts Create 80 Mail And Facebook Accounts Create 80 Mail/Facebook Accounts Create 80 Mails+Facebook accounts