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Create and style a table in a Joomla site - Create and Supply Large Plush Toy Create and Support number of social media pages - Create and upload Amazon ebook file create and upload amazon listing - Create and Virtuemart Gift Voucher within existing site Create and voice-over a 15 minute demo walkthrough of our software - create Android & iphone Application Create Android & iPhone Application - Create Android and Iphone apps similar to ScanVid Create Android and iPhone apps with GoodbBarber - Create android app Create android app - Create Android app by google maps.... Create android app developing course - Create Android App to Bluetooth Control Arduino Script Relays & Logs Create Android App To Capture Images & Videos - Create Android application Create android Application - Create android application. Create Android applications - Create Android Full Screen Browser Create Android Game - Create Android layout XMLs from PSD/Template (some Design required). - Repost Create Android layout XMLs from PSD/Template (some Design required). - Repost - open to bidding - Create android shopping cataolg create android skin (with Open Home) - Create Android Xposed Module - Bypass keyguard at boot time only Create Android, Iphone and Ipad app - Create animal scenery for children game Create animal textures on cars - Create animated cartoon Create animated cartoon for IT-related presentation - Create animated GIF from logos Create Animated GIF Logo - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 29 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 3 - Create animated HTML/CSS website from designs. Create animated icons and smileys - Create Animated Promotional Video Create Animated Promotional Video - Create Animated Video for about 3 minutes Create Animated Video for my website - Create Animation Create Animation - create animation and designer maker Create Animation And Implements Design - create animation for web site Create Animation for Website - Create Animation of Nursery Rhymes Create animation of png character images - Create animation Video - 04/09/2016 21:39 EDT create animation video (4mins ) - Create Animations for an HTML5 Application Create animations for children songs - Create Annotations on Kindle Create Announcement section Jomsocial Frontpage - Create another set of email Templates. Create another simple animation. All graphics provided. - create any mobile app for android device create any mobile app worth $100 - CREATE API APP ( Create API to be called by html web page to activate/open camera of Andriod phone, user take pic …and pic (or pics) are sent to an email address. -- 2 Create API between Card Payment Processor and PoS software - create api for xfilesharing Create API from our checkout solution to integrate with Shopify - Create APK create apk and IOS files for my website - create app ActionScript 3 create app and admin panel similar to uber - Create app for iOS Create app for iOs - Create app for Smartphone Create app for students - create app in flash Create app in Phonegap - create app similar to facebook and ig Create App Similar To Instagram - Create app using cross platform Cocos2d-x for iOS, Android and Windows Phone Create app using ffmpeg to convert files - Create Apple Pages template from PDF Create Apple Passbook in 3 days - Create Application Icon Files From Example Create application icons - Create application using Facile Forms - Joomla Create application using Facile Forms - Joomla(repost) - Create APPs to work with Vtiger - open to bidding Create Apps which store url - Create Architectural Exterior Bungalow Elevation Design From a Floor Plan Create Architectural Exterior Bungalow Elevation Design From a Floor Plan - Create Array Using C+ and Java Create Arrays as per sample array - create article in english create article in english - Create articles on the topic: Immigration to the United States Create articles on writing - Create Artwork for Boxes Create Artwork for Cds/DVDs - Create ASP web pages to add/edit/delete three Microsoft SQL table items with listers CREATE ASP.NET (C#) DLL/CLASSES FOR JQUERY BASED CHARTS - Create Web pages Create ASP.NET Web Service - create atlas website Create atmosphere at GPU with Muslim Aid - create attributes for my cvs and categories and create cvs or excel file - repost Create auction logo for ( Auktion$Börsen) - Create audio files from multiple audio tracks Create audio for 10 second animation - Create audited accounts from spreadsheet an quickbooks data Create augmented reality app on android with translation functionality - create auto cad drawings for given Aluminium section images Create Auto Cad of Idea of Product - Create Auto Reply in Outlook 2013 & create a folder with different template to auto reply when is move in that folder Create auto rotate ad portal for me - Create AutoCAD Drawings from A3 Plans Scale 1:100 Create AutoCAD Drawings from PDF's - Create automated bot or script to do fixed activity on other website Create automated bot or script to do fixed activity on website - Create Automatic cPanel and Databases Backup Script Create Automatic Directory Listing Site - create autonews-aggregator site with wordpress Create autoparts web shop based on TECDOC database - Create AVI files from DIB data buffer Create AVI+SWF from logo PNG - Create awesome quirky and cool mobile cover designs Create awesome screenshots of my game.. - create b2b joomla website Create B2B logo in Illustrator - Create Backdrop Create backdrop for a booth - Create background image and sliders for website Create background image for advert border - create backlinks Create backlinks - Create backlinks for website - repost Create Backlinks for website and build SEO - Create backup system for real server MYSQL , FTP Create Backup System for Web Server - create bank statement temeplate for wells fargo create bank statement temeplate for wells fargo - Create Bank Statements, Earning Statement (Pay Stub) & Google Chat transcript Create Bank Statemrnts - Create Banner Ads For Facebook And Websites Create banner ads for google (all dimensions) - Create banner for Linkedin Create banner for mobile service - create banner style .gif logo Create banner templates - Create Banners (PDF + GIF)
Create banners (private project) - create banners for our online store Create Banners for Products - Create Barcode Label - Bianco #1 Create Barcode Label - Milano - Create basic Animation for 1 image with text Create Basic animation for an Archer and a Zombie - Create Basic images Create basic Indesign ''booklet'' template - Create basic OpenGL ES 2 rendering application for iOS Create Basic Oracle/SQL Database - Create Basic Website Promo Video Create basic website with about 3 or 4 static pages - Create bbs Template Create Beach House Emblem - Create Beginning Affiliate Website Create Behavioral & Personality Surveys - Very Challenging!! - Create bevel and extruded version of lettering Create Bi-Folded Business Card - create bill of quantities Create Bill Pay page and program using info. - create bitcoin merchant payment app for iphone & android Create Bitcoin Module for Zen cart - Create Blank Photoshop Files at certain sizes Create Blank User Area in Application - Create blog and store in Wordpress from graphics files Create blog articles for website (corporate business in finance/retail/hospitality) - create blog on website Create Blog or advise which platform to use - Create Blog Site With 3rd Party Tool Ultimatum create blog site with store - Create blogger media list Create Blogger Template - create blueprint illustration Create blueprints for a manufacturer - Create Book Layout in InDesign Create book online scheduling software for junk removal site - Create Bookmarklet Create Bookmarklet - Create Bootstrap-Compliant Joomla 3.6.X + phpBB 3.2.X Template from PSDs Create Bootstrap/Jquery/Parallax website with WOW Animation - Create Bottle Label for Eliquid Create bottle labels - Create Boxes For Ads On My Site create br0 in dedicated server and install vnc server in centos - create brand names for services Create brand new Wordpress Wedding theme - Create Breakout style minigame Create Bricologe Demo installation - Create Brochure for Computer Company Create brochure for direct mail campaign - Create Browser Extensions from existing Bookmarklet create browser extensions with my current c# project - Create buildable House Plans from my sketch create buildbox games - Create Burst Images from Text create busienss paypal account - Create Business Card Images for Vistaprint Create Business card in Abode Illustrator - Create Business Email Contact Database Create Business Email Contact Database - Create Business Name Create Business Name - Create Business Video Presentation Create business web page for new franchises business - Create buttons for my website Create buttons for my website. - Create C# Application to Perform Perspective Transformation of User Defined Coordinates Create C# Class - Create C# wrapper from C++ source Create C#.Net RDLC report on Windows Desktop Application - Create cache for categories drop-down menu create cache system for bulk php mail system - Create CAD layouts for construction from SketchUp model Create CAD layouts for construction from SketchUp model - ongoing work - Create Calendar Cake PHP create calendar in php or javascript - Create Camtasia/Flash Video Tutorials of B2B Software Create Can label - Create car game off-road desert sand dune BY Unity Create Car Icons in different formats and sizes - Create Caricatures & Animation Create caricatures of 4 people - Create cartoon characters from a real persons Create cartoon characters out of real persons - create cartoons - open to bidding create cartoons for anti nuclear energy position - Create catalog in excel format Create Catalog in PDF using spreadsheet and images. - Create categories in BigCommerce Create categories in BigCommerce - Create CD / Video Menus, Autostart, Add Music & More create CD album cover and graphics - Create CentOS server with control panel Create Central Database and Then Web Tool featuring convenient Search, Filter and Output Options - Create Character Illustration and an Animation Create Character Image - Create charting control in C# Create charts - Create Chat Website Template like Create chat... - Create Child Theme and secure Original WP Theme on host server Create child theme and static page that displays large search box - Create Chinese questions for learners Create Chinese Version of Existing Website - Create chrome extension that auto fetch coupons on aliexpress Create chrome extension that using browser click action - Create citations on Wikipedia - repost create Citations to rank up my google maps/places listing - Create Classifieds Website Create classifieds website - Create Clever Slogans for Businesses Create CLF / Skin - Create Client Server app in VB.NET Create Client Side Word document from Servers side data - Create clone of three SpendMap Module Create clone of tinder - Create club flyer for promotion CREATE CLUBHOPPER NIGHTLIFE APP - Create CMS to update our website Create CMS web site shell - Create code from Schema Create code generator - Create code to update wiki plug-in posts onto home page of Wordpress blog Create Code to Use user inputs to generate Meters in mobile app (iOS/Android) - Create collection of Excel spreadsheets and links(repost) Create collection of Excel spreadsheets and links(repost)(repost) - Create column graphs on excel that display the results of the 3 questions attached. One graph for each question. All axis must be labelled according to the questions and you should note on the graph what each column represents Create Column Pagination in Excel Sheet just like Word does for Columns - Create common crawl script Create common crawl script - Create Company Letterhead Create company Letterhead - Create company logo - 2 Create Company Logo - ongoing work - Create Company Overview Video + Voiceover Create Company Posters- You need to be creative. - Create Company video - open to bidding Create company video for website - Create Compelling Sales Powerpoint Presentation Design Create competition page on wordpress website - Create complex E-Mail Alert Function / Customization of Real Estate Script based on Smarty PHP & CodeIgniter Framework Create complex form mysql data - Create Computer Player - Big 2 Card Game Create Computer Player - Big Two Card Game - Create configurable products in Magento store Create configuration pages for web based software we are creating. - Create Consult Limited
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