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Create and Manage Online Dating Profiles - create and mapping products from prestashop to amazon and ebay using API Create and Market Facebook Page for Musician - Create and Online Store on Shopify with minor changes to an existing Shopify Template Create and Opencart module - Create and post daily entries to our barter and trade blog Create and Post Feed File of 50 Listings to Sears - Create and provide a Facebook account for dental surgery Create and publish 10 articles on - Create and rearrange table of content and back page index of a book Create and record 15 - 30 second radio advert for real estate portal site. - create and sen for me a master card Create and send a professional promotion marketing email - 12/11/2016 20:53 EST - Create and solve Exponential Growth Create and Some Edits to Wordpress Template - create and Submit some Articles -- 2 Create and submit to 300 web 2.0/social networking sites - create and upload 6 pages urgent create and upload a new firmware on ARM based wristband through bluetooth. - Create and vector a simple logo Create and verify 450 Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail email accounts - Create Android & Facebook App From Existing iOS Application Create Android & IOS app from PSD files - Create android and IPad GUI for Tablets 10" and 12" Create Android and iPhone App - Create android app Create android app - Create Android App 2 Create Android App 2 - open to bidding - Create Android App From Website And Fix Wordpress Site create android app like badoo or skout - Create Android Application Create Android Application - Create android application to connect via bluetooth to escooter Create android application to connect via bluetooth to escooter - Create Android Developer Account Create Android Developer Account - Create Android launcher to open web apps Create Android layout files and images from PSD files - Create Android Screens (36) - IOS Screens are ready for reference Create Android SDK/library - Create Android wrappers for several URL apps Create Android XML from design - Create angularjs controller that parses an xml file Create AngularJS directives - Create animated butterflies, fun project Create animated Buttons and Logo - Create Animated Gif Banner 2 Sizes Create animated gif for banner ad - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 28 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 29 - Create animated icons and smileys Create animated icons and smileys as gif - Create Animated Promo Video Walking Through Our Product Create Animated Promotional Video - Create Animated Video based on existing photo Create Animated Video for about 3 minutes - Create Animation Create Animation - Create Animation 3D Maya /Rendering - Funy animation for MMO GAMES PORTAL !! Create animation according to storyboard - Create animation for Online casino! Create animation for promoting website - Create animation of building being constructed (3DS Max Vray) + 3D photo realistic images of 5 building designs from CAD drawings Create animation of dispensing tickets - Create animation video Create animation video - Create animations Create animations for 2D character - Create Animoto Similar Web Application Create Anki Flash Cards From Course Resources - Create another Play account Create another product page on my website with 6 new products - create any app that will be useful in pharmaceuticals Create Any Application - Create API and share button for new social network Startpeeps create api and share emails from 1 site to another - Create API for Ruby on Rails Backend create API for scraping hotel booking web - create API with software bought w/ licence Create api's for login an singup - create app create app - Create App for android Create app for Android and iOS about our web (invoice app) - create app for iPhone,iPad,iPad touch apple Create App for iphone/ipad - Create App Icon based on existing logo Create APP Icon for a Mobile Website in both Android and iPhone - Create app promo animation for youtube Create app promo video - Create app to play/select list songs from SPOTIFY Create APP to post and receive https messages through secure webserver - Create Apple accounts for me (US, Canada&Japan) Create Apple Developer Account 1 year - Create Application form submit based on requirements in existing modules -- 2 Create Application form submit based on requirements in existing modules -- 3 - Create application to output specificlly formatted csv file Create application to search website for data and email notifications - Create Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android Create apps for shopify store to add functionality - Create architectural drawings Create Architectural Drawings _ Floor Plan, Site Plan, Demolition Plan & Electrical - Create around 360-380 products in Magento from XLS Create around 40+ custom products in Woocommerce - Create article for our blog everyday Create Article Form - Create articles in Joomla Create Articles on Sports Betting Software - Create Artwork For a Wedding Design Create artwork for an outdoor A-Frame sign - Create ASP Script Create ASP web pages to add/edit/delete three Microsoft SQL table items with listers - Create ASP.NET Web Service Create webpage to receive data from a curl command - create atlas website Create atmosphere at GPU with Muslim Aid - Create auction logo for ( Auktion$Börsen) Create Auction site like Ebay - Create Audio Files for Prank call website Create audio files from multiple audio tracks - Create audited accounts from spreadsheet an quickbooks data Create augmented reality app on android with translation functionality - create auto cad drawings for given Aluminium section images Create Auto Cad of Idea of Product - Create Auto Reply in Outlook 2013 & create a folder with different template to auto reply when is move in that folder Create auto rotate ad portal for me - create autocad from my sketchup file Create AutoCAD from pencil sketches - Create automated delivery system for digital goods I sell on my website through paypal. Create automated e-mail after PayPal purchase - Create automatic email using date (customer history) Create automatic emails from an Access database - Create Autopost Schedule For Instagram Create autoposter software to post in OLX - CREATE AWARD WINNING RESPONSIVE WEBSITE - NEW RETAIL STORE - ANIMATION + CREATIVE CREATE AWARD WINNING RESPONSIVE WEBSITE - NEW RETAIL STORE - ANIMATION + CREATIVE -- 2 - Create AWS CF Template to monitor CloudWatch alarms for EC2 Create AWS CF Template to monitor CloudWatch alarms for EC2 (Reposted) - Create back end management system for website create back end website that pulls data from shopify website - Create backend and system to update news in flash(repost) Create Backend API layer - Create background image for website Create background image for website - Create backlinks for brazilian web hosting Create backlinks for brazilian web hosting - repost - Create Backlinks on related Blogs and Forums
Create Backlinks through comments - Create badges for charity fundraising Create Bakgrounds in 3d effect - Create Bank Statement Template Create Bank Statement Template - create banner create banner - CREATE BANNER AND LOGO Create Banner And Logo 10$ Project - Create Banner for Website Create Banner for Website - Create Banners Create Banners - Create banners for 3 websites Create banners for a new brand - Create Banners in HTML5 (Design Provided) Create banners of various sizes - Create basic SIP we have the API Create basic website - Create Basic Excel worksheet from .PDF - 3 pages / Quick! Create basic Facebook app snippet - Create basic logo, theme, and Sharepoint website Create basic map from google map screenshot - Create basic user forms in Word or Excel Create basic VB.NET application that will read / write XML file to DevExpress Treeview - create Batch file to monitor folder for file canges and trigger events actions create Batch file to monitor folder for file changes and trigger events actions - Create Beautiful Inspirational Video (KMP)(repost) (1043590) create beautiful logos, advertising, a banner - Create better create better and different interface for my software program which is written in VB - Create Bigcommerce Template -- 3 Create BigCommerce Theme - Create Birthday banner Create birthday cake image (big head and cartoon body) - Create black and white outline activity worksheets create black and white video - Create Blog Create blog (reference) - Create Blog for website in PHP Create Blog From Avada Theme - Create blog posts for students Create blog posts from existing Swedish internet pages - Create blog, forum, chat etc. for my website. create blog, online shop and services site - Create Blood donation Website Create Blu-ray Menu Template for Encore CS6 - create book doctor appointment slots system code for our exiting web portal Create book effect - Create Booklet and webpage Create booklet from supplied blogs called Truth, Lies & VDI - Create Bootstrap responsive templates based on existing web site create bootstrap template of SEEDDMS script - Create BOT using Ubot studio Create Both Vector & Real Graphic Repeating Images - Create box with 2 cds Create Box with 3 cds and book - Create brand name for online pilates business Create brand name for yoga leggings - Create Breadcrumbs create breadcrumbs for a php project - Create brochure design (Web Hosting company) Create brochure for a Construction Firm - create browser extensions Create Browser Extensions from existing Bookmarklet - Create buildable House Plans from my sketch create buildbox games - Create Burst Images from Text create busienss paypal account - Create business card layout for Create Business Card PSD Mockups - Create Business Email Contact Database Create Business Email Contact Database - Create business name and design logo Create Business Name and Logo - Create Business Website Create Business Website in Wordpress - create buttons for web site. Create Buttons for Website - Create C# code save and load jpeg after hiding text message Create C# code to create CDX (IDX) indices for DBF files - create c++ code Create C++ coding - Create CAD drawing for Small Lock Create CAD drawing of belt buckle product - Create CAD/Vector image of ship from photographs Create CADs for baby garments - Create call preference options for international calls Create call screens identical to stock Android for an SIP application - Create CANVAS map from PSD PART 2 Create cap design - create card create card - project for umesh - Create Cartoon Album Artwork Create cartoon and graphic illustrations - Create cartoon images of me Create cartoon images of my face and torso - Create Case Study for B2B Software Company Create Case Study in PSD and PDF formats - Create Catalogues for me across a multitude of products -- 2 Create catalouge - Create category icons Create Category Images - create CDR or PSD file from four JPG files - Repost create CDR or PSD file from four JPG files - Repost - open to bidding - Create character and Animation For Game Create character and set sketches for a pitch - Create Characters, and their attack animations for a mobile game Create Chart - Create chat application for Android Create Chat Application for existing Phone gap app - Create checkout and payment pages Create checkout for custom webshop | Zend FW - PHP - NuSoap - Create child theme with Genesis Framework Create child theme with WooCommerce support from main theme - Create Chrome Extension Create Chrome Extension - Create chronological index Create CHrooted SSH enviornment for PHP 5.6 and magento 2.1 site on plesk server - Create class diagram for a given business logic Create Class Enrollment and Event Attendance Live Shopping Cart. - create clean and simple website buttons that match the website Create clean Excel pricelists from data - Create clickable prototypes based on sketches Create Clickable Rubrics on Blackboard Portal template - Create Clipart style images of peoples pictures Create clipart/vector drawings based on photographs - Create closed caption for 6 videos in a SCC or MCC format Create Closed Polygons on Google Maps from Database and edit / determine if within. - Create CMS and deploy the content by javascript create CMS and embed front-end - Create CMUSphinx training script -- 2 create CNC file to cut spur gears using laser CNC - Create code samples from a sample database for Oracle DB 12c(PLSQL) and SQL Server(SQL) Create code snippet in VB.Net 2008 to calculate variables for a power curve trendline/regression curve.. - Create coffee machine images Create Coffee Mug Image - Create Color Variations of Tote Bag CREATE COLORED 3D STORE - Create Coming Soon Page (1 page only, splash) Create coming soon page from instructions. (NEED QUICKLY BUILT) - Create Company Catalog and Marketing Material Create company contact information artwork from supplied details - Create Company Logo Create company Logo - create company logo