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Create Design Portfolio - create designs in STL format for 3d printer Create designs on t-shirts - Create Detailed & Organized List Of Facebook Friends Create detailed 2D manufacturing drawings from SW CAD models. - Create device similar to shopkick Create device similar to shopkick - Create Dialux report for a few small commericial projects. Create Diary Application for Android - Create different sizes for 10 banner designs Create different sizes for 27 banner designs - Create Digital Magazine Using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Create Digital Marketplace (Laravel ADMIN/FRONTEND/CRUD/HTML available) - Create directory and copy files and cell value from excel to excel create directory and copy folders/files - Create discount system in webshop Create disk image with Autorun.inf and custom windows/icons for Mac and PC - Create dll file for ninjascript to compile create dll file in C to be used in VB - Create DNN website for static pages Create DNN website for static pages quick time - create documentation Create documentation or Assignments for HND and Degree IT students - Create domain authority checker using MOZ free API Create domain hosting shop with functionality like godaddy or hostgator - Create DotA2 banlist application Create DotNetNuke extension for CopySafe Web - Create Drag and Drop Create Drag and Drop Access Form - Create drawings in AUTOCAD Create drawings in AUTOCAD - Create drop down menu Create Drop Down Menu For Aviation Website - Create Drupal 7 theme from supplied HTML/CSS files Create Drupal 8 module from Drupal 7 module - Create Drupal template from graphical PSD Create Drupal Template, Based on Existing Site(repost) - Create Drupal Website/theme with 2 sample pages Create drupal work task management platform - Create Duplicate Shopify Theme Create duplicate site - Create Dwg from video walkthrough Create dxf (cad) file from photoshop file - Create Dynamic Flash or outstanding website2 Create Dynamic Form to submit customer info on webpage - Create dynamic PDF documents from images in Wordpress Create Dynamic PDF File using Python - Create Dynamic Stamp for use in Adobe Pro Create Dynamic Subdomains - Create dynamic word report Create Dynamic Wordpress Menu (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) - Create E-Book Create e-Book Cover - Create e-commerce web site Create E-Commerce Website - create e-mail list on excel - 1000 e-mails - Hairdressing Salons in Canada Create E-mail List Using Web Searches - Create EA from indicator Mt4 create ea mt4 robot - create easy scriptt Create easy service selling/reselling site - create eBay item template (Html+JS+CSS) Create Ebay Listing - Create Ebay Listings With Turbo Lister 2 Create Ebay Lsiting Template - Create ebay store page listing template CREATE Ebay Store SLIDESHOW - create ebook Create eBook & Video CD Cover - Create ebook from existing page Create Ebook from Indesign - create ebooks Create ebooks for Kindle - Create eCommerce Site Banners Create eCommerce site based on interspire - Create ecommerce website with Content Management System(repost) Create ecommerce website with Content Management System(repost)(repost) - Create editable chase checking bank statement Create editable chase checking bank statement - Create editable PDF form Create Editable PDF Form (1 Page) - create EDM/Trap Beat create EDM/Trap Beat -- 2 - Create effective business page on Facebook Create effective email copy Ad for Backup Service. - Create electrical component part libraries Create Electrical Drawing and Program xlogic PLC to control DC motor - Create email create email accounts - Create email address Create email address and vote a project - Create email contact list of 1,200 contacts - Repost - open to bidding Create email course with existing content - Create email invoices/templates with custom tags Create email launcher based on CSV File - CREATE EMAIL MARKETING NEWSLETTER Create email Marketing server from a dedicated server - PHPlist - Create email signature create email signature - Create email template in HTML - Required to be worked on immediately. Short deadline. Create email template responsive - create embedded dynamic content in banner ads create embedded pages rails - Create employment page of website using provided template and iframe content -- 2 Create empty phonegap IOS project - Create English course (words learning) Create English Dictionary - Create entry animations for 7 SVG image files Create Entry Page for Website - create er diagram create er diagram - repost - Create essy shark writing account -- 3 Create essy shark writing account -- 4 - Create Event Listings API and Enhance Events Page Create event location map - create exact score software create exact score software - repost - Create Excel Chart Create Excel Chart - open to bidding - Create Excel Database by manual searching Create Excel Database for 5 industries - Create excel document from list Create excel document from list - create excel document from scanned pdf pages - repost 2 create excel document from scanned pdf pages - repost 2 - Repost - Create Excel For Products Create Excel Form - Create excel macro create excel macro - Create Excel Macro. create excel macro/vba - create excel sheet and edit pdf Create Excel Sheet and Organize Data - create excel spreadsheet create excel spreadsheet - Create Excel Spreadsheet of 1500 Inspirational Quotes - repost Create Excel Spreadsheet of 1500 Inspirational Quotes - repost - Repost - Create Excel Tax Forms Create Excel Template - Create excel with formulas Create Excel with name, email and phone number from 1000 resumes - create excell file to make it to cvs Create Excell From HTML + PHP Table - Create EXE Generator(repost) Create Exe installer - Create expansion pack for existing application Create Expedia Like UI 仿制 expedia app 的 UI - Create Explainer Video for Donations Website
Create Explainer Video for Mobile App - Create expression stickers Create ExpressionEngine site with my Photoshop design - Create ExtJS form from XML create extjs forms & grids: encrypted form & decrypted grids - Create facebook account (simple sign up) Create Facebook Account and Add 5000 Friends - Create facebook ad Create facebook ad - Create Facebook Ads -- 2 Create Facebook Ads -- 3 - Create Facebook App Create Facebook app - Create Facebook Apps Create Facebook Apps - Create Facebook Content Pages Create Facebook Contest App - Create Facebook Fan Page, Increase Twitter Presence Create Facebook Fan Pages - Create facebook marketing page Create facebook marketing page 1 - Create Facebook Page Good Quality - Example in Description Create Facebook page like - Create Facebook Poll App Create Facebook Post Images by adding Logos and url (50 Needed) - Create Facebook votes for Mission Main Street Create Facebook Welcome Page - create fake app screen Create fake driver's license - create fantastic design for my photographic portfolio Create Fantasy Sport Optimizer For Windows, Mac, Etc... - Create favicon based on logo Create favicon for a website - Create FB, Twitter and LinkedIn apps -- 2 Create FBML Page - Create Feedback and Rating popup or page wizard -- 2 Create Feedback Block (simple) - Create Few images for me Create few layout pages using Framework7 - Create File Management Program for Mac Create File Manager .net And angular - Create fillable and savable PDF forms create fillable and signalble forms from word documents and PDFs using PandaDoc - Create fillable PDF form with a button that will send the results to me by email - repost Create fillable pdf form with auto email - Create filter options for hotel booking create filtered reports in survey monkey and email filtered reports to list of recipients - Create Financial Website - 100 Pages Create find a friend - Create Firmware for Marvell 88MC200 Chip Create Firmware for Qualcomm QCA4004 Chip - Create five banners for my site Create five desktop wallpapers - Create flash (swf) animation from an image Create Flash (swf) version of existing HTML form - Create Flash Application for Website Create Flash Application for Website(repost) - Create Flash Button Create Flash Carousel - Create flash games for website Create Flash google ad banner(s) - Create Flash Movie Create Flash Movie - Create Flash Scrolling Gallery for eBay Store Create Flash Simulation of a Sotware Product - Create flash viewer to show PDF on web create flash web site - Create fler and matching business card design Create fler and matching business card design - open to bidding - Create floor plans for 6 x 1 bed flats and 2 x 2 bed flats Create floor plans for 6 x 1 bed flats and 2 x 2 bed flats -- 2 - create flyer / catalog create flyer / poster - Create Flyers Create Flyers for Nightclub - create font Create font based on images - Create Football Theme Design For Football Video Site Create Football Theme Design For Football Video Site -- 2 - create forecasts using 5 period moving average,moving average and quadratic regression with the equation Create foreign language mnemonics and word associations - Create form and post to system Create FORM and WebPages in PHP & Joomla - Create form in html5/css3 and responsive Create Form in Illustrator based on sample - Create Form to Specifications Create form to upload image screenshot using html2canvas - Create forms and graphs Create forms for a Website - Create forms with wordpress plugin of your choice create forms, queries, and reports for database - Create forum profiles for us create forum profiles with our keyword - Create four service logos based on main logo Create four simple banners for a website - Create free calling app Create free Canadian iTunes account - Create French Pastry recipes book Create French Sentences and Audio + English Translaiton for 100 pictures - Create from scratch PhoneGap app starting from existing one and using Sencha Touch... Create from scratch PhoneGap app starting from existing one and using Sencha Touch...... - Create Front-end to ready template (only admin panel) Create front-end user profiles using code canyon plugin - create ftp user/mysql user with different access on webmin Create FTP users on linux - Create full website Create Full Website about Jet Li - Adding Images, Videos, Content... - Create Fun Animated Promo Video With My Artwork Create Fun animation video for for showing huge discount in Real Estate and Car. - create function to hide bbPress topic content in BuddyPress activity stream (WordPress) create function to integrate in html5 adobe Edge - Create Funders Website Create Funders Website - ongoing work - Create Gallery for website Create Gallery for Website with Buy Now Buttons - Create game characters and buildings Create game characters for my game - Create game introduction in iphone/ipad Create game introduction in iphone/ipad - Create games using unity 3D Create games with game maker - Create generic banners Part 2 Create generic banners Part 3 - create geo-coded xml feeds from netcdf/grib files(repost) Create geo-location based Ionic App - Create GIF Animation with 13 JPG's Create Gif Animations - Create girl images Create GIS Building Footprint Feature Shape File for Small City - Create Gmail Accounts Create Gmail Accounts - Create Golf tipping website Create golf website from theme - Create google adsense account create google adsense account - Create google adsense Blog Earning at least 20dollar per day Create Google Adsense blog(blogger) Earning $20 to $30 per day - Create google adsense sites Create Google Adsense Website - Create Google Adwords campaign Create Google Adwords campaign and SEM - Create Google Calendar Events from MS Access database create google campain and manage it for -Franch- hosting company - Create Google Docs and Forms Create Google Docs Calendar Schedule and Satellite Schedules that can Sync - Create Google Forms and Docs