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Develop an iOS/Android Application - Develop an iPad/iPhone app for reading without glasses. Develop an iPhone - Develop an iPhone and Android application Develop an iPhone and Android application (Quiz Game) - Develop an iPhone app Develop an iPhone app - Develop an iPhone Application Develop an iPhone Application - Develop an iPhone application Develop an iPhone application - Develop an iPhone game Develop an iPhone game - Develop an iPhone/iPad application utilizing the camera. Develop an iPhone/iPad Game - Develop an mobile application Develop an mobile application (android/iphone etc) - Develop an Onboarding email marketing campaign Develop an online App creator - develop an online custom website in custom php or magento Develop an online database for suppliers to update their pricing - Develop an online matchmaking and dating service Develop an online mobile game - Develop an Online Store YB Develop an Online Strategy Battle Game - Develop an optimization tool Develop an order form for a flowerstore - Develop an SAP App Develop an School Management Android App - Develop an Travel app Develop an Uber for Food Pickup/Takeaway Android app + Website - Develop and all OS working mobile App Develop and Android and iOS application - Develop and Build an Question and Answer app (Not Quiz) Develop and Build an Question and Answer app (Not Quiz) -- 2 - Develop and deploy a cross-platform mobile app using Xamarin.Forms Develop and Deploy A Multi Tennant VOIP solution with Billing Enginge - develop and design a website develop and design a Website - Develop and design my website from a ready template in magento go Develop and design my website just like its demo - Develop and Evaluate an Interactive Website Develop and Evaluate an Interactive Website -- 2 - Develop And Implement A Marketing Plan (2408) - 3 Develop and implement a marketing/sales strategy for our new FOREX service - Develop and install an online sales funnel develop and install drop down mneu in web site - Develop and maintain an educational web site. Develop and maintain an Webcam site - Develop and manage servers for email marketing Develop and market crowdfunding campaign(s) - Develop and publish Shopify App using api (fraud prevention) Develop and Redesign a Specific Wordpress Theme - Develop and upkeep Construction Bookkeeping system - Quickbooks Develop and upload an source - Develop Android / iPhone App Develop Android 4 (Ice Cream) ROM - develop android and ios style app for latinas spanish and english versions Develop Android and Iphone app - Develop Android app Develop android app - Develop Android app for Business Develop Android app for business - develop android app untuk e-commerce berbasis REST API Develop Android app using any technology AIR/Unity/Cocos/Native - Develop Android application Develop Android application - Develop Android application with PSD screen. Develop android application with raspberry pi - Develop android game for me develop android game from this swf game - Develop Android version of existing iOS app Develop android version of existing IOS app. - develop Animal/Raptile community forum and personal stores develop animated videos on goanimate - Develop API for PortSwigger Burp Suite & Cuckoo Sandbox Develop API for PortSwigger Burp Suite & - Repost - Develop app Develop app - Develop app for android tablet Develop app for Apple Watch (TIME SENSITIVE) - Develop app for photo upload and checkout.. Develop app for REVIT - Develop App to bulk search for phone numbers & email address Develop App to Check Content of Web Page - Develop application Develop application - Develop Application Icon Develop application SCADA - Email - Develop apps for pur website Develop apps for valentine day - Develop Artefacts Develop Articles that can be posted in a number of different forums - Develop Auction Website Develop Auction Website - Develop automation program Develop Automation Software - Develop backend for an Android application Develop backend in PHP Laravel - Develop basic HTML5 social media website in Visual Studio Develop Basic launcher with home button disabled in an app - Develop billing & Distribution management System Develop billing software for router independent of PC - Develop boonex dolphin site Develop Bootstrap 3 color theme - dark and light - Develop brochure for precision weights product Develop Brochure Template with Folder Style - Develop Business in Spain Develop Business Logic in SAP HANA - Develop C# and LINQ (También se reciben propuestas en español) Develop C# application - Develop CAD and generate a 3D print file to be Printed -- 2 DEVELOP CAD FRAMEWORK TO AUTOMATE TOOTH MOVEMENT ON STL FILE - develop casino game software for casino website develop casino games - Develop Chat Application using Java - Repost Develop Chat Application using Java - Repost - open to bidding - Develop Chrome Extension For Switching Between Proxies develop chrome extension of existing firefox addon - Develop clone of that works well on mobile devices Develop Cloud Based CRM portal - Develop code to FFmpeg Develop code to map a data set from mapping table as an excel back end applicaiton - Develop Community Web Site develop Company - Develop Complete Joomla Site from Fireworks CS5 Design Files Develop Complete Magento Website - Develop construction drawings Develop Construction Site - Develop Cool Logo's Develop COPSE routine for gCADPlus - Develop Corporate Identity/Name for Fitness/Group Training Franchise - ongoing work Develop Corporate Image/Brand for Gender Justice - Develop Creatives(Corporate Identity) for my startup ( Logo, card, pad, flyer etc) Develop Cricket Game in Unity - Develop CSGO Coinflip script Develop CSS / HTML web form - Develop custom clustering algorithm in R Develop Custom CMS for updating iOS and Android Apps - Develop Custom Invoice Application Develop custom Java plugins - Develop Custom Script/Application to pull data from Helpscout API into a Geckoboard Dashboard Develop Custom SharePoint Solution - Develop Custom Wordpress Header Develop custom wordpress menu (PC & Mobile) - Develop Cybersource payment gateway module for Prestashop
Develop Cybersource payment gateway module for Prestashop - Develop database Software Develop database + data entry - Develop dating project Develop dating script: PARTNER WANTED ONLY! - Develop design for the new screens for application. Develop Design manag Website and manag CEO + google yahoo adwards - Develop detailed software specifications and requirements documentation Develop DevExpress based dashboard reporting soltuion - Develop documents about Sustainable Development topic Develop Dofollow Backlink Checker - Develop Drupal real estate site(repost)(repost) Develop Drupal real estate site(repost)(repost)(repost) - Develop e-books in HTML5 Develop e-Commence Store - Cosmetic & Makeup - Develop e-signature system Develop e-waiver & check-in system for kids' play center - Develop EC2 Framwork for my cloud client Develop eclipse GMF application - Develop eCommerce Website Develop eCommerce Website - Develop eLearning module on bioterror agents - white powder Develop eLearning Website Based On My Design - develop email template Develop Email template (only for innovativeatul) - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop EMV card reader/writer software with .Net & C++/java Develop encryption plugin for resourcespace. - Develop ERP System in C# Develop Escort Site in Wordpress - Develop excel spreadsheets for civil enginers - 16/10/2016 16:46 EDT Develop Excel VBA add-in to connect to Xero API - Develop existing t-shirt arts Develop Existing Website - Develop extension for a individual application Develop extension for Chrome browser - Develop Facebook App to Pick Random Person Develop Facebook app: a social, strategy game - Develop Facebook Page Develop facebook page - Develop Featureds Cake PHP Code Develop features and fix Magento web site - Develop Files Upload module develop final production design of a Notebook/Laptop computer range from a basic design - Develop fitness app for iOS and Android Develop fitness training platform w/ calendar and payment - Develop Flash Games Develop Flash Games - develop fms apllication for following script Develop clone - Develop forms for UX003-CL201 Develop forms in bootstrap and work seamlessly with salesforce - Develop front end Develop front end application - Develop Full Flash Based Web site - only experienced developer please Develop Full Flash Website - Develop funny website from template. Develop further a torrent search engine - Develop Game Server System *1 Year Part Time Job* (1613299) Develop game server system *Chance of 1 Year Part Time Job* - Develop geolocation project (clone) Develop Geometric Modeling and Analysis of A Series of Turbocharger Turbine Heads - Develop Develop GPS Navigation Software - Develop Hapticality application to simplify user input of Windows tablets develop hardware for tablet pc - Develop high traffic links to our new site Develop high traffic web application - Develop HR module based on Codeigniter Develop HR Software - develop html,css, images from pdf design Develop HTML/CSS Template For Existing Framework - Develop hypothesis and design test CRO Develop Hyprid Mobile Application for survey forms - Develop Import Script Develop IMU card for USB connection - Develop install/setup file that employs ''clickonce'' charactoristics including automatic updates for vb6 app Develop installable opencart / prestashop / xhtml themes from my PSD files - Develop interim timesheet solution Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting - develop ios Develop IOS & Android App - Develop iOS and Android app for an existing website, React Native preferred Develop IOS and Android app like UBER - Develop iOs App develop IOS app - develop ios application (replica of an android app) Develop iOS application - Safe browser - Develop ios Nearby app Develop iOS new app - Develop iPhone & android application Develop iPhone Application - Develop iPhone and Android Apps Develop Iphone and Android apps for DJs - Develop iPhone app Develop iPhone app - Develop iPhone app with given UI Develop iphone app, iOS app prototype build - Develop iPhone Application/ Apple Wallet Update - Source Code Supplied Develop iphone applications - Develop Iphone, Ipad and Androide Game. Develop Iphone, Ipad and Androide Game. - repost - Develop java algorithm for accurate page orientation determination Develop java android app to detect changes in Internet connections. - develop java web site and deployment Develop JavaFX screens - Develop Joomla Component Develop Joomla component for tracking containers on website - Develop JScripty on Google App Engine with Python Develop JSON code for digital signage application (media signage) - Develop larger proposal to modify network monitoring system (i.e. Nagios, Pandora FSM, Zenoss) (repost) develop launcher - Develop limited email solution (cloud) with internal operations/external service touchpoints -- 2 Develop LinkedIn Data Extraction Software . - Develop login function for car parts website develop login page - Develop logo idents Develop Logo, card lay out and stationary layout - Develop Loyalty system using Ofbiz Develop LPDS on CC3200 - Develop MAGENTO Commerce import/export profiles and cron Develop Magento Extension - Develop Magento2 Recommendation Engine Develop Magneto Extension (Using Existing API) - Develop Marketing Plans Develop Marketing Powerpoint Slides - Develop Matrimony Site Develop Matrimony Site - open to bidding - Develop Media Journal, Upload and Search Website Develop medical bottle scanner - Develop MetaTrader 4 signals alerts indicator for strategy Develop Metatrader MT4 Binary Options Signal Trader - Develop MMORPG app Develop MMS connector with MM7+ protocol and SOAP - Develop Mobile App (Web, Android and BlackBerry) Develop Mobile App - Capture Field info - Develop Mobile App in Ionic Framework Develop Mobile App in Ionic Framework -- 2 - Develop mobile application ( IOs & Android) Develop Mobile Application (HyBrid Application) - Develop Mobile Chat App Develop Mobile Commerce App - develop mobile header image and create blog category menu