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Develop extensions for yii2 for conecting API - Develop Facebook Application Develop Facebook Application - Develop Facebook Profile Tracker Develop Facebook related native Android app - Develop features for a wordpress plugin Develop features for existing ruby on rails platform - develop final production design of a Notebook/Laptop computer range from a basic design Develop Finance Calculators - Develop fitness app (design + programming) Develop fitness app for iOS and Android - Develop Flash Game, with multiplier sessions Develop Flash Games - Develop FM Radio online develop fms apllication for following script - Develop forms for the UX007-CL201 study Develop forms for UX003-CL201 - Develop from scraping website using Python Develop from scratch one portal to replace many sites + maintenance of those live sites during the development - Develop frontend of website Develop FTP file transfer functionality for Classic ASP site - Develop functionality to web form - 3 buttons Develop Fundler Wordpress Theme - Develop Game like Minecraft and Skyrimm Develop game menu based on Scaleform GFX from Adobe Photoshop - Develop Genesis Child Theme Develop genetic algorithm for decoding a secret message. Urgently - Develop Google Scrapping Tool Develop Google Scripts to call various APIs - Develop GUIDE EPG platform & Simple Icons for play live stream Develop Guidelines for Communicating Across Cultures In a Health Care Setting - Develop HIGH END front end website only (No back end), CLEAN AND PROFESSIONAL! HTML5. Develop High Level CRM - Develop Hotel Reservation App Develop hotels,airtickets booking system into my wordpress site - develop HTML pages By using CSS Develop HTML Pages to Functioning Website - develop Hybrid game application in unity Develop hybrid mobile app - Develop image recognition software (similar to facial recognition) preferably using Python, but suggestions are welcome. Develop image registration or matching algorithm using mutual information or similar technqiue - Develop information forms for business card website Develop Informational Website for a Tie Store - Develop interactive Lectora software Develop interactive map for site like for website. Website provided upon acceptance of NDA - Develop inventory sync for multile sites Develop inventory template in excel - Develop IOS / Android app (Reward Chart) Develop IOS / Android application with Appcelerator Titanium - develop ios and android mobile app Develop iOS and Android phone app - Develop ios app with integration to joomla site for data Develop IOS App with Offerwall - users can complete offers and make $$ - Develop iOS Game - open to bidding Develop IOS Game Application - Develop Ipad and android App Develop iPad app - Develop Iphone - Android Radio App IN ONE DAY Develop Iphone / Android Slot machine app with MLM - Develop Iphone and Website Application Develop Iphone Aplication - Develop iPhone App Based Off Website App Develop iPhone App built on Bullseye Locations API - Develop iPhone application Develop Iphone Application - MicroBlog ( i.e twitter etc ) with Geolocation/ mouse over dropdown with minimum/no clicks and additional feature - Develop iPhone mobile couponing application in steps; demo in 7 days with 25% of project budget payment Develop iPhone mobile couponing application in steps; demo in 7 days with 25% of project budget payment - repost - Develop iPython code, outputs, and conclusions Develop iPython code, outputs, and conclusions for election data - Develop Java Function Library for APIs develop java indicator for jforex trading platform - Develop job portal in open source Develop Job Portal in php - Develop Joomla Website based on Custom Component Develop Joomla website for humanitarian professional assoc. - Develop Kodi Addon from website Develop Label Designs for a Fabric Softener brand (2 variants). - Develop Lease Financial Program develop lessonschool dot com GREAT POTENTIAL WEB FOR QUICK LESSONS STREAMING from zero concept similar to younow dot com - develop little sms server to integrate Goip ( Hyberton Device ) Develop LIVE CHAT software. - Develop Logo and Business Card Develop logo and Corporate Identity for the National Safety Alliance - ongoing work - Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 4 Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 5 - Develop MAC code to run a python develop Mac installation apps - develop magento module Develop Magento Payment extension to integrate with Virtual-POS - develop management software for language academy Develop management website with web service jobs - develop mass embeddeder Develop Massage Site - develop MDM system with IOS and Android apps Develop me online application - Develop membership site with Photo editing capability.... Develop Menu button on Menu Layout module of Restaurant POS on Windows Desktop application - Develop Microsoft Access Database - repost Develop Microsoft Access Database for Wage Analysis and Planning - Develop Mobile App Develop Mobile App - Develop mobile app for android and ios using cordova Develop mobile app for Android devices - Develop Mobile App to Enable Anyone without Experience Trade Forex with Our Signals Develop mobile app to integrate with existing Xenforo forum - Develop mobile application for existing small application Develop mobile application for Google play store using ionic framework - Develop Mobile Game for iOS and Android develop mobile game for kids - Develop mobile website.... Develop mobile word game using Unity asset - develop module for prestashop design product -- 3 step 3.1 develop module for prestashop design product -- Final project - Develop MP3 Player for my website Develop Mq4 DLL & GEO bug fix - develop multifunctional Apps . Develop multilanguage for Bigcommerce website - Develop my blog Develop my blog - develop my forum web site develop my game - develop my role application............. develop my role applicaton 2parts...... - Develop my website - APPLY ONLY if you can get this done for maximum Rs. 6000 including Payment Gateway Integration. DEVELOP MY WEBSITE - open to bidding - Develop name for education company Develop narrative of physical modeling for biological applications. - develop new algorithm develop new App - Develop new features for existing SAAS Codeigniter application Develop new features for our node.js Web application - Develop new Joomla component Develop New Leads for Established Company - Develop new site Develop new site at USA$ - develop new website DEVELOP NEW WEBSITE - Develop next step of a existing Corporate Identity Develop nice simple application in ASP.NET with great design - Develop of a web based management system for an insurance agency Develop of an Android App... - Develop one APP for Android and Iphone - System Delivery Food develop one application in php - Develop one report in htmls5 pages using Bootstrap v3.3.x Develop one responsive page - Develop online course - Video tutorials Develop Online CRM for me. - Develop Online PHP Accounting and Business Management Software Develop Online PHP Accounting and Business Management System - Develop online store functionality
Develop online store in magento - Develop OpenCart functionality Develop OpenCart Module - Develop or customize gallery plugin Develop or Implement a Tinder Clone iOS Script for mobile dating app - Develop our app using a web based template - no coding required Develop our application software - Develop our PSD files to responsive wordpress website today5 Develop our simple Webapplication in PHP - Develop page/db caching of the existing web site. Develop pages for Newson Consulting website. - Develop Payment Modules for Integration Develop payment page - Develop Penalty Kicks Game Develop Perceptual Hash Algorithms in C - develop phonegap or hybrid app Develop Phonegap plug in to enable printing labels on Zebra printers - Develop PHP Based Mini-CRM Code Develop PHP based REST API - Develop PHP Site for Clover API will use firebase as well Develop PHP site or in joomla - Develop platform for social network/content management site. develop platform from ilance software for reverse auction - Develop plugin nopcommerce komerci redecard integration Develop plugin nopcommerce komerci redecard integration - Repost - Develop Portal with login and password for monitoring visualization Develop POS and Purchases/Inventory Modules - Develop presentation Develop Presentation in Powerpoint - develop private label web 2.0 platforms, software, bots or scripts effective online marketing tools Develop private Shopify application for API Integration to my Shopify Store - Develop Professional Website for IT Staffing Develop professional wordpress websites - Develop Project Plan for a Business (Hypothetical Project)(Small Project) Develop Project Plan for a Business (Hypothetical Project)(Small Project) -- 2 - Develop pseudo-code to reflect the process developed in a scientific paper (Masgar) Develop PTC Script - Develop Qlikview Extension Develop Qlikview, Sharepoint and Webpage(For Bangkok area ONLY) VERY URGENT - Develop Quoting System on our existing WordPress Wordpress - repost Develop Ramayana game - Develop Realestate Software develop really simple trading software - Develop remote support for linux based on reverse SSL Develop Remote Support Web Application - Develop Requirements Documents for an existing web application Develop research proposal - scenario 2500 words - Develop Responsive, Mobile, Subscription payment, Wordpress site from Pre-Made PSD Wireframes Develop REST API - develop risk management software Develop robust iPhone application - Develop running news feeder - repost 2 Develop SaaS website (4 pages to implement) - Develop SAP MS Proj integration software Develop SAP Product costing and Material ledger Videos - Develop Script Develop script and go with team to the field to produce a short film on poverty issue among ethnic minority children in Vietnam - Develop SDK/Library for OfferWall Advetisement company for Android Developer Develop SDN network controller - Develop SEO contents for my new website Develop SEO for my site - Develop set of vector icons for program Develop sets of terms and conditions for general use. - Develop sharepoint workflow Develop sharepoint workflows - Develop similar site like develop similar website - Develop simple API Develop simple API from Infusionsoft to BrightLocal - Develop simple facebook application. Develop simple features - develop simple iphone children app Develop Simple iPhone Game - Develop Simple Online Database or help setup in existing eg zoho Develop simple PDF edit for a invoice format given in Joomla - Develop Simple Slot Machine Game and Race App in android and Iphone Develop simple soccer game - Develop Simplified Chinese Custom Keyboard Develop simplistic App quickly - Develop site design and performance testing Develop Site for Jewelry Business - Develop slider mechanism using SolidWorks Develop small android app - DEVELOP SMALL WEBSITE Develop small website of 4-5 pages - Develop SOAP API - Server/Client PHP Develop soap providing sunscreen - develop Social network service develop social network website for art talents - Develop Software Develop software - Develop software converting text into morsecode Develop Software Documentation, Diagrams and User Manuals for Big Data Software - Develop software for my website using API Develop Software for payment system - Develop software mobile in phonegap Develop software MY SQL Database / ecommerce website - Develop software to control/automate Mach3 CNC software. Do not must be a complete software, I just need to know how to do with a sample project. Develop software to control/automate Mach3 CNC software. Do not must be a complete software, I just need to know how to do with a sample. - Develop some changes to a website Develop some changes to a website - open to bidding - Develop some sales websites Develop some simple software for Microsoft Surface/PixelSense - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop SOW (RFP) for PrestaShop Module Develop SOW (RFP) for PrestaShop Module (b) - Develop SPRX for PS3 Develop spy software - Develop statistical algorithm - pattern recognition, correlation of 2 big data sets, stock quotes Develop statistical algorithm - pattern recognition, correlation of 2 big data sets, stock quotes -- 2 - Develop sub routine using vbasic Develop sub routine using vbasic - open to bidding - Develop Swing App - CRM Develop Switchable 2 Channel Embed Player with Chat Option Similar to Ustream's Player for WordPress Platform - Develop Taobao Agent website. Develop Targeted AD Engine for us - Develop template for ebay auctions Develop template for ecommerce site (HTML5 ,CSS3, JQuery) - Develop TextPipe Engine Demo projects Develop TextPipe Engine Demo projects #2 - Develop the Client Area For Our Website Develop the Climbing Buddy app - develop the habit of reading books Develop the header of my wordpress website - develop the same app Develop the screens - develop the website in .net with cms Develop the website in AngularJS and Bootstrap. - Develop three seo packages for small businesses in USA Develop three songs and music. Lyrics provided - Develop trading systems Develop Trading/Investment Strategy - Develop Tuition Agency Site and Tutor Database Develop Tuition Agency Site and Tutor Database - 10/08/2016 23:08 EDT - Develop two native iOS/Android Applications Develop two one page XML Feed pages - Develop UI Grid component for BlackBerry Develop UI only (Same as Hangouts Dial) - Develop Updates for existing Apps develop URL crawler to identify phone contact numbers - Develop app to scrape website & do scrape develop application - Develop Video Conference API Develop video Crash course on basic C programming - Develop Video/Movie Recognition Software Develop videogame prototype - Develop volusion based website Develop Voting app for Youtube videos - Develop vTiger Public and Private comments in Customer Portal