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Develop a code for a 3 D.O.F robotic arm Develop a code for accees the Website From my Desktop Software Develop a code for Markup/Annotation functionality within a web page and ability to save and share the Markup Develop a code for Molecular Dynamics Simulation to obtain density of Water at different temperatures using SPC/E model. Use any of the following Excel-Visual Basic/C/C++/Matlab/LAMMPS develop a code in matlab develop a code plan and database design for a zend project Develop a code to drive two lcd screens in parallel RGB 24bits for ARM allwinner A10 cpu and Linux Debian develop a code to sort data Develop a coin exchange site like with all the featues Develop a Collaboration app (C# MS-SQL) develop a collaboration tool using JomSocial Develop a Colour Scheme for Wordpress Template - Karma Responsive Wordpress Theme Develop a COM component (to work with VB6 etc)
Develop a coming soon website Template Develop a Command Line Mac Application - PDF417 Develop a command line software that uses LLRP toolkit Develop a command-Line application in C Develop a command-Line application in C - repost Develop a command-Line application in C - repost 2 Develop a commercial package for estimation of cost of service for all categories of a distrribution electricity utility from a spreadsheet package already developed which will be made availble to you Develop a commercialize budget hotel software Develop a community based website. Develop a Community Builder (Joomla) plugin that reads data from MYSQL and prints it onscreen (need tech assistance) Develop a community exchange platform Develop A Community Live Database Android App Develop a Community-Style Blog