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Develop google app engine app, G vision, PHP python octave -- 2 - Develop Graphical Interface Develop Graphical user Interface - Develop Hazardous Substance segregation poster Develop HD quality 3D cartoon animation for a theme song - one min (1:10) long - Develop high quality as3 audio stretch Develop High Quality Game Apps W/ In App Purchases - Develop hotels,airtickets booking system into my wordpress site Develop Hotspot page - Develop HTML of Generic Gynecomastia landing page using bootstrap Develop HTML Pages - Develop Human Resource Management System DEVELOP HUMIDITY CONTROL PROGRAM BY TINY OS - Develop illustrations for a short cartoon strip Develop IM application - Develop in-app purchase for our Android app Develop in-page scroll content - Develop inteface for Samsung HC10 Medical Device DEVELOP INTEGRAL DMT MEDITATION ON HIGHER LEVELS OF CONSIOUSNESS WITH ENERGY EXCHANGE MANUAL - Develop internal ZOHO Purchasing and Rental System Develop Internet BOT (from Pakistan only) - Develop iOS & Android App develop iOS & Android app - Develop iOS and Android app Develop iOS and Android app -- 2 - Develop IOS app Develop IoS app - Develop ios app with integration to joomla site for data Develop IOS App with Offerwall - users can complete offers and make $$ - Develop iOS Game develop iOS game - Develop IOS/ANDROID mobile application Develop IoT Sample Application - Develop Iphone & Android Application Develop iPhone & Android Application - Develop iPhone and Android Apps for Food Delivery Service -- 3 Develop iPhone and Android Apps for - develop iPhone app develop iphone app - Develop iphone app, iOS app prototype build develop iphone app-- Mr.Tung invited only - Develop Iphone Application using XCODE Develop Iphone Application using XCODE - Develop iPhone version of our Android app. Develop iPhone Voice Guidance Navigation App - Develop IR / IrDA emitter receiver pair HW for J2601 H2 application Develop iso and android Application - Develop Java Function Library for APIs develop java indicator for jforex trading platform - Develop job platform Develop job platform - open to bidding - Develop Joomla Plugin -- (Project Reference ID 20160901) Develop Joomla Site - Develop K2 workflows on SharePoint online Develop kamailio custom module - develop launcher Develop Laundry Detergent - Develop like Scramble with friends + Word Search App using Cocos2d-x Develop limited email solution (cloud) with internal operations/external service touchpoints - develop location based reminder for android Develop Location Finder Feature - Develop logo for a Corporate Identity Develop Logo for Business - Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 7 Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 8 - develop MAC OS Develop Mac OS X app that hides background applications (and desktop) - Develop Magento Extension/plugin to prevent import of Duplicate products and products with no images. Develop Magento Front End Template - develop mailchimp template and email blast Develop Main Page for a simple WebSite Application - develop marketing strategy for website develop marketing video for insurance company on goanimate - Develop Matrimony Site1 Develop Matrimony Site1 - open to bidding - Develop Medical Intake and Case Management system in .NET Develop Medical Practice Software/CRM - Develop MetaTrader 4 signals alerts indicator for strategy Develop Metatrader MT4 Binary Options Signal Trader - Develop Minimum Viable Product Develop missing pages - Develop mobile app Develop mobile app - Develop mobile app for iOS and android Develop Mobile App for iphone - develop mobile app using ionic -- 2 develop mobile app using ionic -- 3 - Develop mobile application - Database knowledge required Develop Mobile Application and Accompanying Website - Develop mobile comunication with database (Unity3D) Develop mobile food ordering APP - Develop mobile sites version of desktop landing pages from approved designs - repost develop mobile social website - Develop Module for Checking/Validating Registration Codes Develop Module for Checking/Validating Registration Keys - Develop Monitoring and Evaluation Manual Develop Moodle - Develop MS Access software Develop MS Excel application to automatically gather stock and option prices from yahoo and google finance - Develop multiple Applications - 30/12/2016 13:51 EST Develop Multiple Auto Transport Website In WP Different Layout But Same Concept - Develop my Brand Develop my Business - Develop my Facebook page develop my forum web site - Develop My Questionnaire Develop my RAT [ I want Advance coder in JAVA ] - Develop my website Develop my website - Develop my Word press Websites URGENT.. For SEO Company Develop my Wordpress photoagency site - Develop Native Iphone, iPad App Develop Native Mobile App for Online Newspaper - develop new content for portal develop new corporate identity, logo and stationary - Develop new functionalities for one our games in Windows Phone Develop new functions to prestashop. - Develop new modules for management system in Java Spring Develop new modules in R for the Statistic Analysis Software as a Service - Develop new tech support website Develop new template system - Develop New Website and Upload Products Develop new website design and Logo - Develop next step of a existing Corporate Identity Develop nice simple application in ASP.NET with great design - Develop of a excel spreadsheet. develop of a prototype database on Access 2010 - Develop on opencart checkout extension Develop on php and XML - Develop One page CMS Code Develop one page HTML for email newsletter - Develop online accounting system and website accordingly. Develop online and mobile Road Map application on USHAHIDI platform - Develop online form processing Develop online form processing - Develop online queuing system Develop online Quiz - Develop online training materials Develop online training materials - Develop Opencart Shipping module for Allied Express Develop Opencart Website for eccommerce - Develop or install basic email list server develop or merge features - Develop our business Develop our business management software - Develop our PSD files to responsive wordpress website in 2 days Develop our PSD files to responsive wordpress website today - develop package for female pads
develop package for female pads - open to bidding - Develop payment gateway for MAGENTO ECOMMERCE WEBSITE Develop Payment Gateway Interface between Eway, MarketPress and Wordpress - Develop Payumoney Payment Extension For Abantecart Develop Payumoney Payment Extension For Abantecart - Develop personal development app for iOS - open to bidding Develop personal DNS server for streaming from Aus to NY. - Develop phonegap wireless plugin - repost Develop Photo Edition Tools/Module - Develop PHP Based Mini-CRM Code Develop PHP based REST API - Develop PHP Script To Generate Flash (SWF) files (using something like Ming?) Develop PHP search system and add into wordpress website - Develop PIO Wordpress Theme Develop PIO Wordpress Theme(repost) - develop plugin for opencart Develop Plugin for Oxwall - Develop Poker apppication for Facebook Develop Poker Game - Develop PPT's, activities and case stdies on given topic for management students DEVELOP PR PLAN FOR STARTUP - Develop prestashop site Develop Prestashop Theme and Modules - Develop Product Descriptions for my Accounting and Business Plan products Develop product for document classification - Develop program for MCU Renesas SH7216 (servo motor control) Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner - develop proper video conferencing system develop proposal - Develop pure client-side HTML5 based phonegap app Develop pure HTML pages - based on pdf design - Develop Qlikview Extension Develop QPython to APK solution - Develop Quoting System on our existing WordPress Wordpress Develop Quoting System on our existing WordPress Wordpress - repost - Develop real time Trading System in Java / C++ Develop Realcopy website - Develop relay test set Develop remainder of OTG marketing material in line with current concept - Develop reports in ZuckerReports in SugarCRM Develop reports in ZuckerReports in SugarCRM(repost) - Develop Responsive Website from HTML Template Develop Responsive Website Template - Develop retail Point of sale Develop Retro-Space, Adventure, Survival Video Games - Develop Roulette - a multiplayer Flash game that communicates with the remote server running php - repost Develop Roulette Game In WPF - Develop Sales Materials For My Upcoming Service Develop Sales Quote Tracking - Develop Scanning Software That Counts Scanned Images Develop Scheduling and Membership Website and App - Develop Script and/or Download Data on Internet Site develop script Apr 2 2013 16:02:18 - Develop Scrum/Kanban Board using Redmine Rest API Develop SDK/Library for OfferWall Advetisement company for Android Developer - DEVELOP SELLING APP FOR AN ECOMMERCE MARKETPLACE Develop SEO - Develop Service and Repair manual for existing electronic products - repost Develop Service like - Develop Sharepoint Online template Develop SharePoint Solution for Cascading Columns - Develop Short Code Application Develop short JavaScript that make HttpCall and parse the response - Develop Simple and quality Android App Develop Simple Android App - Develop simple card games for Windows 8 + graphics Develop simple chrome extension - Develop Simple HTML Website Develop Simple HTML5 Game - Develop simple LightSwitch 2013 HTML web application Develop simple LingPipe 'Significant Phrases'' Demo - Develop simple PHP/MYSQL expense submission tool Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Automatic labelling - develop simple social app Android and iPhone Develop Simple Social Mobile App - develop simple wordpress website. I will not accept revised quotes. Develop simple, custom WordPress plugin for attention box in header - develop site + web design Develop Site cargo. Russian speaker developer - Develop six videos on Youtube Develop skeleton strategies for securing Google endpoints - Develop small parser to collect data from text Develop small PCB for 6VDC/1A output converter - Develop SMS App IPhone that look like Whatsapp Develop SMS Application - Develop social media brand resources for existing company Develop Social Media for a growing business - develop social networking site on wordpress with database Develop Social Networking Sites - develop software develop software - Develop software for CD labelling I would like this software to be developed for Windows Develop software for classifieds posting - develop software for smart health card Develop Software for Social Networking - Develop software screen shots for sales pitch and company strategy documents Develop Software Similar to CustomInk - Develop software to play two video files in sync - one a computer, one on mobile device for audience members. Develop Software To Read Currency Note Number And Year - Develop some changes to a website - open to bidding Develop some content - Develop some reports on servicedesk systems Develop some routines in c# - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop something on my Wordpress site DEVELOP SOUNDCLOUD PLAYER FOR WEBSITE - develop spider/crawler develop spider/crawler - repost - Develop standard Accounting/inventory management software Develop standard set of templates - Develop strategies for GRE verbal section Develop strategy game apps (Android, Windows, iOS, FaceBook) and client-server game network - Develop Survey App for Android and IOS Develop Survey Code for CrateJoy Website - Develop system that allows users to download NNTP (News Server) files and Rapidshare (and similar) files to our server. The user then downloads from our server using HTTP(repost)(repost) Develop system to auto upload documents to web site - Develop team work or clients Project Management Software Develop Teamdesk/DBFlex database applications - Develop Templates Selling Site Develop Temporary Landing Page for Game Website - Develop the Android app Develop the Android version of Top Around app - Develop the concepts for a game + puzzle Develop the data structure for a project costing database - Develop the HTML and CSS stlying Develop the interface module for eBay and Amazon - Develop the redesigned UI for an existing Android app (Design already made) develop the same app - develop the website Develop the website and mobile application - Develop this demo into a Full Site - repost Develop this demo into a Full Site - repost 2 - Develop tour guide website Develop tourism program - Develop Travel Website Develop Travel Website - develop twitter strategy Develop two android applications - one for the customer and another for the provider. Customer places a request for a service which gets assigned to a service team. The service team manages delivery from within the provider app. - Develop two-way communication service between Twilio and using PHP/Laravel Develop TWS Java API - Develop unique responsive Wordpress website Develop Unique Selling Point for Education Business + Fill Website Content - Develop User Interface on AutoCAD Develop User Interface on AutoCAD - Develop VB interface to Virus scanner API