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The project consists of a software implementation and demonstration of your method to make "your

data processing application" secure against attacks that we have studied in this class, including at

least data eavesdropping, data modification and data replay. Your project should consist of the

following steps:

1) Choose your data processing application; suggestions include the following:

1. Party1 e-mails a message to Party2,

2. Party1 posts a web page on the internet that (some or all) other Parties can read,

3. Party1 posts a blog on an internet page that (some or all) other Parties can read,

4. Party1 stores on and later retrieve files from a cloud server,

5. Party1 stores files on a cloud server and later allows other Parties to retrieve (some of) them,

6. Party1 posts messages and/or files on a social network that (some or all) other Parties can

read, or

7. your favorite data processing application (if approved by the instructor).

2) Analyze how attacks studied in this class, including at least data eavesdropping, data modification

and data replay, impact the security, functionality, and/or efficiency of your data processing

application; in other words, what can go wrong as a consequence of one or more of these attacks.

3) Design methods to protect your data processing application against as many of these attacks as

possible. Your methods should be based on cryptographic primitives studied in our class.

4) Implement your cryptography methods in C or C++ , based as much as possible on open-source

software libraries (e.g., OpenSSL, Crypto++, etc.), and combined as much as possible with a real-life

data processing application (e.g., a real-life email, cloud storage, web application). Unleash your

creativity in performing this combination, with the understanding that any combination will be

acceptable. Implement your non-cryptography methods, if any, using your favorite programming

language. You are not required to use software from your chosen real-life data processing

application (if you do, that's essentially considered extra credit). Your methods should keep the

requirements of

 data processing functionality (that is, your method should preserve your data processing

application's functionality);

 confidentiality,

 integrity attack detection,

 replay attack detection, and

 efficiency.

Before starting implementation, you have the option to check your design with the instructor.

5) Prepare a project presentation file (using, for instance, Microsoft Powerpoint) including a detailed

description of above steps 1-4, together with a demonstration (using videos or screenshots) of how

your methods work in conjunction with the specific real-life data processing application. In your

demonstration, you might likely need to run the real-life data processing application.

Your submission will be judged based on the following project grading criteria:

1. Application choice (i.e., if you chose a real-life data processing application, how interesting is the

application, etc.)

2. Security analysis (i.e., if you analyzed all or at least the most important attacks to the chosen data

processing application, etc.)

3. Design validity (i.e., if you chose appropriate cryptographic primitives, if the schemes instantiating

the primitives and their key length parameters are valid choices in terms of security and efficiency)

4. Implementation validity (i.e., if your software, after inspection of the presentation demonstration

and some amount of testing, seems to satisfy correctness; if your software is easy to use / run, has a

well-written readme file, etc.)

5. Demonstration/presentation quality (i.e., if the presentation is well written and insightful, if the

demonstration is clear and insightful, etc.).

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