c++ console application that uses linked list to "play" "skip" and delete from a playlist.

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I already wrote this program in 6 hours and I'm looking to see how a professional would do it as well.

creat an application that reads your music play list from a file. program doesn't actually play music it just reads the name from the ssl so do not hard code the list into the program. I have to demonstrate the use of SLL's

Once read, you program will present and play (simulation) each song in order. As each song is presented, the user has the option to Play, Skip or Delete from the play list.

Your program should require the user to enter a full path filename of an existing playlist text file.

All the entries should be read in, regardless of number of entries.

Your program should continue to present each song until the user decides to quit.

If the end of the music list is reached, the program should start over from the beginning of the list and again, present each song in turn to Play, Skip or Delete.

If Play is selected the song will play (not really – simulation)

If Skip is selected the user should enter a number, n and the program will move n songs down the list

If Delete is selected the song is deleted from the list. Note: if a song is deleted is should not be present in the list if the list starts over.

Your program need not write to the file – you can create a text file for this assignment using a text editor (e.g. notepad) Each line will be one record, format : Artist,Song

Update the program to provide the ability to create the playlist file and save any inserts or deletions back to the file

Design and implement a proper object oriented program in C++ to support all of the above functional requirements.

You must use a Single linked list and read each music entry (node) into the linked list as it is read from the file.

The linked list should be traversed, starting at the head and presented to the user

If the user selects ‘delete’, the item should be removed from the linked list

Define class member data, constructors and member functions as required to fulfill on the requirements.

The program should use file streams to Read from the music list

the list is what I need on the single link list

Viceroy, Dream of Bombay

Rob Stone, Chill bill

Lost Kings, Marathon

The Chain smokers, New York City

Ghastly, Every Night

Lady Bee, Return of the Mack

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