Spherical speaker enclosure - Calculations for Bass-Reflex enclosure and Internal Helmholtz absorber

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I'm looking for somebody to calculate the parameters for the design of a spherical speaker enclosure shape to be manufactured in high-tech concrete. We're using a 5" driver : Tang Band W5 2143 (complete specs below and spec sheet available for download).

- Calculate correct internal volume for Bass-reflex operation (Bessel alignment with FB of 45.7 Hz)

- Recommendation for placement and number of Bass-reflex ports to avoid port resonance the most possible.

- Calculate correct dimensions of a Internal Helmholtz absorber to lower the enclosures internal resonance.

- As a plus It might be interesting to to look into modelling the enclosure in COMSOL or other FEA application to be able to reduce resonances even further.

Thiele/Small parameters of W5 2143 driver below :


Resonant Frequency (Fs)55 Hz

DC Resistance (Re)6.3 ohms

Voice Coil Inductance (Le)[url removed, login to view] mH

Mechanical Q (Qms)[url removed, login to view]

Electromagnetic Q (Qes)[url removed, login to view]

Total Q (Qts)[url removed, login to view]

Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas)[url removed, login to view] ft.³

Mechanical Compliance of Suspension (Cms)[url removed, login to view] mm/N

BL Product (BL)[url removed, login to view] Tm

Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (Mms)[url removed, login to view]

Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax)2.5 mm

Surface Area of Cone (Sd)[url removed, login to view] cm²

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