tell me how to configure text editor for multiple windows but no duplicate windows

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I just want a set of directions to configure Notepad++ so that each document opens in a separate window (not a tab), and so that you can't accidentally open the same document twice. (If it can't be done, then I'll accept directions for an alternate free text editor, as long as you can do this.) You don't have to write any software for this task. Just tell me how to do it for an existing text editor.

I like having each text file open in its own window, instead of a tab. (When each document gets its own window, you can find a document by glancing at the taskbar. But if each document gets its own tab, you have to "hunt" twice -- first find the text editor button on the taskbar, then when the text editor is open, you have to find the tab with the file that you want. That's why I like having each file get its own window.)

At the same time, I don't want to be able to accidentally open the same file twice in two different windows. Because then I can open [url removed, login to view] in window 1, make some edits, then accidentally open [url removed, login to view] in window 2, make some edits, and then if I save window 1 and then save window 2, I will lose the edits I made in window 2. If I already have [url removed, login to view] open, then double-clicking [url removed, login to view] (or a shortcut to it, etc.) should shift focus to the already-open [url removed, login to view] window, instead of opening a new one.

This has been bugging me for years. I just want to know if there's a way to configure Notepad++ (or some other free text editor) that will solve both problems.

Please note:

(1) I already know about adding the "[url removed, login to view]" file in the same directory as Notepad++.exe. That is not a solution because it still allows you to accidentally open the same file twice.

(2) I already know about Settings->Preferences->Multi-instance->"Always in multi-instance mode". Similarly, that is not a solution because it still allows you to accidentally open the same file twice.

Now, if there's no way to do it in Notepad++, I'll accept directions for a way to configure an alternate text editor to meet this requirements, as long as the text editor supports the following features, since I have 20 years of muscle memory developed around using these features:

- it must open quickly, comparable to Notepad or Notepad++ (not Word)

- it has to default to opening and saving files in plain text format

- ctrl-F has to open a "find" dialog box

- hitting F5 should insert current date & time

Please write something in your bid message to indicate you actually read the project description. If you just write "We are good dev shop we have done lots of windows projects check our reviews", I'm going to assume you didn't read the project description :)

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