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AWS/IOS app Virtual flying object

Need cloud code which will able to track and update a virtual flying object which can be visualized on a mapbox map (mapbox/dark).

The parameters will be the following:

Departure: Departing point on a map (lat, lon)

Destination: Destination point on map (lat, lon)

Speed in km/h

The cloud code will update the object’s position in realtime (3 sec refresh rate)


New trips can be created by selecting a New Trip button

Users will select on the map the departure location (tap on the map) which will drop a green pin and tap to select the destination location (red pin). The virtual flying object will be visible with a blue dot. Once the trip segment has be defined a Next button will visible and will open a new screen where the user will have to specify the trip speed (default value 100km/h, min 10km/h max 1000km/h). The speed selection screen will have 2 buttons: Back which will close the Speed selection screen and go back to the mapview. Take Off which will commit the data (Departure, Destination, Speed) to the cloud code and start the trip.

Once the user starts to create a new trip, a Cancel button will replace the New Trip button and this will enable the user to cancel the current new trip creation process.


When selecting the blue dot on the map a Yellow line will be drawn between the Departure and the Destination and the map view will animate (Auto zoom) to be able to view the entire trip on the screen.

To remove the yellow line, the user will need to tap elsewhere on the map

Additionally, a View button will be displayed (when the yellow line is visible) to see the trip details:

Trip View screen will be displayed with the following info:

Departure lon, lat, country, city

Destination lon , lat, country, city


Elapsed time (day, hours, mins, sec)

Time to destination (day, hours, mins, sec)

Cancel Trip Button (will delete entirely the data related to this trip)

Close button

Навыки: iPhone, Мобильный телефон

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