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Most of the features are wanted..with social sharing add on of course

Forum Integration (VBulletin, Invision Power Board, Simple Machines Forum, PHPBB, MyBB)

Advanced Arcade Integration

Paid Subscription Packages (PayPal and [url removed, login to view])

Webcam Recorder Upload (Requires a FMS such as Red5 - [url removed, login to view])

LDAP (Active Directory) Login Authorization

Ability for users to submit embed codes (Can be enabled / disabled)

Video preview when you hover over a thumbnail

Media Responses


Unlimited categories and sub-categories

Search engine friendly URLs

Template engine for easy customization

Multi-language (Members can select a language from their account settings)

Captcha on various form fields to prevent spam (Can be enabled / disabled)

RSS feeds

Invite friends - Members can invite friends from MSN, Yahoo, GMail etc

Link trading system (Ability to track traffic)

Member Profiles

Profiles can be completely customized (Just like MySpace and IMVU)

Each box can be dragged to a new position

Each box can have unique colors for each element (Title, font, background etc)

New boxes can be added with either custom content or an RSS feed

Boxes can be deleted or minimised for later use

Users can add their own css to their profile, and create their own unique look

Simple profile editor which enables members to easily customize their profile without HTML / CSS knowledge

Users are able to leave comments on other users profiles

Each profile has ten sections: Profile Home, Media, Favorites, Playlists, Friends, Groups, Blogs, Picture Gallery, Comments, Subscribers

Edit Profile / Account Settings

Members can set their global display name

Ability to change profile title and description / reset profile views.

Members can change their "Channel". Channels are used to group members with similar interests.

Members can upload a profile avatar from their computer, or choose one from their uploaded pictures or media

Members can change various information regarding their interests and hobbies.

Members can change their personal information such as name, country, birth date, email address etc.

Profile can be set as public or private (Friends only)

Profile / picture comments can be enabled / disabled

Members can select a global site language

Family filter on/off

Members can set what they will receive email notifications for

Ability to configure mobile phone uploading

Member Groups

Each member is assigned to a member group

The default member groups are Root Admin, Admin, Members, Guests, Banned

Each member group has different permissions / settings which can be configured via the admin panel (Too many options to list)

Media Page

Rate media (Ajax)

Add to favorites, playlist or group (Ajax)

Flag media as inappropiate (Ajax)

Email to friend (Ajax)

Add to social bookmarks (digg, [url removed, login to view] etc) (Ajax)

Save media to computer (Can be enabled / disabled for different user groups)

Display / post comments (Ajax)

Members can add videos to their profile (Ajax)

Copy / paste embed code and link

Related media / more media from user (Ajax)

Each media file can have its own sponsor content or advertisement


Media can be browsed by category, searched or sorted by various options

Media can be browsed in two views: detailed and basic

Media tag cloud - shows most searched tags

Media Plugs: Admins can add media plugs which look like regular media files, however link to another site (Great way to circulate traffic around a network)

My Media / My Favorites

Members can manage their uploaded media files

Members can manage their favorite media files

Audio Swap: Members can change the audio of their uploaded videos

Subscriptions / Subscribers

Members can subscribe to media from a certain tag, or another member

Latest media subscriptions are displayed on the "members home" page


Members can create blogs

Blogs can be set as either public, public (profile only), friends only or diary.

Powerful WYSIWYG editor

Users can browse blogs, search them, or sort them using a variety of options

Picture Galleries

Members can upload pictures which are hidden from the main site

Members can create multiple albums to organise their pictures.

Albums can be set as public, friends only or private


Members can create groups and set them to either public, private or protected

Group owner can edit group settings such as validation of media uploads, forum postings and group icons

Each group has a forum whereby topics can be created and group members can reply

Ability to browse the members and media in a group

Users can browse groups, search them, or sort them using a variety of options


Members can create playlists which act as a members own category.

Playlist owner can add any media files to their playlist

Playlist media can easily be arranged to new positions using drag and drop

Playlist owner can modify playlist details or delete the playlist

Users can browse playlists, search them, or sort them using a variety of options

Private Message System

Members can compose messages to one another / their friends using the built in message system (WYSIWYG editor)

Members receive messages for friend requests, media comments etc

Admins can set the number of messages that each user group can store

Progress bar to track the percentage of message space available


Members can add each other to their "friends list"

Friends can view each others media files which are set to "private"

Friends can be searched, or sorted individually by the first letter of their username

Ability to change top friends / set amount of top friends to display on profile

Ability to block members from viewing your profile or interacting with you


Members can post bulletins which are shown to the members on their "friends list"

Admins can post bulletins which are shown to all members

Latest bulletins are displayed on the "members home" page.

Media Upload

Upload any type of media file or set restrictions on certain formats

Real-time upload progress bar with detailed statistics (No extra software required)

Automatic thumbnail generation for images and videos

Mobile Phone Upload: Members can upload media from their mobile phone using MMS

Video Conversion

Ability to convert uploaded videos to FLV format

Background process video conversion (If enabled)

Setting: Auto delete original video on/off

Setting: Resize uploaded video on/off

Setting: Set video conversion quality

Video Player

Users can email the playing video to their friend

Users are provided with a direct link to the video, or a code to embed the video

Slow motion on/off

Video smoothing allows user to set playback quality (Higher quality or faster viewing) on/off

Video preferences - Brightness, Contrast, Saturation

Admins can add advertisements which rotate and pop-up at random times during playback

Fullscreen option without the video restarting

Player guide which displays at the end of the video

Watermark can be added to any position on the player

Video Commercials

Commercials can be set to play before or after videos

Supports jpg,gif,png,swf or flv

Commercial views are tracked

Commercials can be linked to any site

Slave Servers / Server Balancing

Multiple servers can be added so media / videos are streamed from multiple servers

Slave servers require no additional files. Simply setup an FTP account on the server and it is ready to store media

Slave servers rotate randomly. You can have as many enabled as you wish at the one time.

plus Live video so users can be online on their webcam<<----!!!!!

and Tag Clouds - Audios, Pictures and Videos

Multiple tag clouds for audios, pictures and videos have been added to the homepage which load instantly via ajax.

Website Statistics

Detailed website statistics have been added to the homepage which include users online, videos, pictures, audios, channels and comments counts.

Flash Recently Uploaded Videos

This is a neat flash scrollable component that shows videos ordered by the most recently uploaded. The number of videos shown here can be set by the Admin.

Video Player Showing Editor's Pick

The video player on this page shows any video set by the Admin from the Control Panel.

Featured Videos, Pictures and Audios - AJAX

The Admin can feature videos, pictures and audios, which are shown on the homepage. The maximum number of can be set in the Admin Control Panel.

Top Videos, Pictures and Audios - AJAX

The top media are show on the hompage, with a configurable limit (default is top 5)


A listing of the video categories, picture categories and audio categories is shown on the hompage for easy access.

Profile Pages

Upload Profile Background Picture

Members can upload their own profile background picture if they wish, otherwise the default background is shown.

Social Networking Profiles

Our advanced member profile pages encourages social networking by allowing countless interactions with other members.

AJAX Subscribe To Member

Logged in members can subscribe to other members without page re-loading.

AJAX Send Message

Logged in members can send the member a message from their profile without page re-loading.

AJAX Add To Friends

Logged in members can send friend requests without page re-loading.

Member Statistics

Detailed member statistics are shown on the their profile including profile views, videos, comments, subscribers, etc.

Member Videos

The last 5 uploaded member videos are shown, with a link to show all the member's upload videos.

Member Pictures

The last 5 uploaded member pictures are shown, with a link to show all the member's upload pictures.

Member Audios

The last 5 uploaded member audios are shown, with a link to show all the member's upload audios.

Member Channels

The last 5 uploaded member channels are shown, with a link to show all the member's created channels.

Profile Comments

All comments on the member's profile by other members are shown.

Member Favorite Videos

The last 5 favorited videos by the member are shown, with a link to show all the member's favorited videos.

Member Favorite Audios

The last 5 favorited audios by the member are shown, with a link to show all the member's favorited audios.

Member Favorite Pictures

The last 5 favorited pictures by the member are shown, with a link to show all the member's favorited pictures.

Member Subscribers

The last 5 member subscribers are shown, with a link to show all the member's subscribers.

Member Subscribed To

5 randomly chosen members the profile owner is subscribed to are shown, with a link to show all the members the profile owner is subscribed to.

Member Friends

10 randomly chosen friends of the member are shown, with a link to show all the member's friends.

Member Information

Profile member information is shown on the the profile page, including name, birthday, gender, city, country, description, website, etc.

Login Page

Remember Me Login

Users can now be logged in until they decide to logout with the cookie session memory.

AJAX Check Aavailable Username

Now users can check if a username is available without submitting the page, and without re-loading the page.

Signup Page

Password Strength Meter

Signup form has a meter to indicate the strength of the entered password.

Upload Video, Picture and Audio Pages

New Upload Progress Bar

The upload progress bar has been totally redesigned for videos, pictures and audios.

Embed Videos System

Members can now embed videos from any website they choose.

One Page Upload

No longer do member have to suffer through multiple pages to upload a video, picture, or audio with our one page upload for each one we make it quick and hassle free.

Additional Upload Options

Additional options are available on the upload page for members to set their media public/private, allow/disable comments, allow/disable media ratings, allow/disable media embedding, allow/disable media downloads and set their media as mature or not.

Upload Progress Details

A detailed breakdown of the upload progress is shown, including the percentage complete and time remaining.

Custom Thumbnail Generator

After your media is uploaded, you will be able to see the three generated thumbnails, and if you don't like them, you can generate them again until you get ones you like.

Member Accounts

Account Status

In the My Account page, member can see detailed statistics of their account including their account status, e-mail status and summaries of all interactions.

Account Functions

Members can change their e-mail, change thieir password, change their avatar, toggle their family filter, edit their profile, change their profile background image, as well as change their profile picture.


Members can use one of the provided avatars, or upload thier own custom avarar which is shown on all comments throughout the site.

Family Filter

Before members can view mature content, they must turn their family filter off, which is on by default for new members and guests.


Members have a inbox, where they can view received messages from other members, as well as reply to them.

AJAX Reply To Message

When viewing a message, members can instantly reply without page re-load.

Sent Messages History

All messages the member sends are recorded in their sent messages history, which can be deleted.

Member Friends

Members can view as well as remove their current friends.

Friend Requests

Requests to be a member's friend are shown, where they can accept or reject it.

Channels, Videos, Pictures and Audios

Members can view, edit or delete any of their created or uploaded channels, videos, pictures and audios.

Search System

Popular Searches

A record of the search terms are kept, and the most popular search terms are shown on the search results page.


When you search for something, the number of results for that search term for other sections are also shown for users convenience.

Search From Any Page

With our advanced search system, users can search from any page they are on by clicking "Search" on top of the page.


Video Advertisements

Admins can now show pre-roll and post-roll video advertisements using the new players and new admin panel. The ads are clickable!

Image Support For Video Advertisements

You can now use images in addition to videos for pre-roll and post-roll advertisements in the video player

In-Video Text Advertisements

Admins can now add category based auto rotating in-video text advertisements that show up while a video is being played. Great for earning additional revenue!

Easy Ads

With out easy ads system, adding an advertisement to the site is made too simple!

Play Video, View Picture and Play Audio Page

AJAX Add Media To Favorites

Logged in members can favorite media without page re-loading.

AJAX Share Media

Logged in members can share(e-mail) media to their friends without page re-loading.

AJAX Report Media To Admin

Logged in members can report media to the Admin without page re-loading.

AJAX Add Video To Channel

Logged in members can add videos to channels without page re-loading.

AJAX Subscripe To Member

Logged in members can subscribe to other members without page re-loading.

Social Bookmarks

Viewers can add the media pages to their favorite social bookmarking website, which boosts your site traffic.

Related, User, and Newest Media

Lots of other media available on this page that will increase the viewer's clickthrough rate.

Channel Page

SEO Channel URL's

Channels have the best seo url's. [url removed, login to view]

Upload Channel Background Picture

Members can upload their own channel background picture if they wish, otherwise the default background is shown.

AJAX Join Channel

Logged in members can join the channel without page re-loading.

AJAX Rate Channel

Logged in members can rate the channel without page re-loading.

Channel Video Player

The latest video added to the channel is shown on the channel video player.

Channel Comments

Comments made to the channel are listed.

Channel Videos

Videos added to the channel are shown on the right of the video player.

Channel Members

Members who joined the channel are listed.


Video Section

Video section of the script lists all videos, with the option to order via recently added, most popular, top rated, top favorites, featured or by runtime length.

Picture Section

Picture section of the script lists all pictures, with the option to order via recently added, most popular, top rated, top favorites, or featured.

Audio Section

Audio section of the script lists all audios, with the option to order via recently added, most popular, top rated, top favorites, featured or by runtime length.

Members Section

Members section of the site list all active members, with the option to sort by recently joined, recently online, profile hits, video views, featured, only men or only women.

Channel Section

Channel section lists all channels created by members, with the option to sort by recently created, most subscribed, most viewed, featured, top rated or most comments.


Video Categories

Categories are available for videos, which can be added/removed by the Admin.

Channel Categories

Categories are available for channel, which can be added/removed by the Admin.

Picture Categories

Categories are available for pictures, which can be added/removed by the Admin.

Audio Categories

Categories are available for audios, which can be added/removed by the Admin.

Account Help

Forgot Username

If members forget their username, they can now request it by entering their e-mail address and have it e-mailed to them.

Reset Password

If members forget their account password, they can now request it by entering their username and have it e-mailed to them.


HD / SD Video Player Button

If users upload a HD MP4 or MOV video, the HD/SD button allows users to swap between HD/SD quality

Full HD Support

Experience High Definition MP4 and MOV videos with zero quality loss when uploading. Watch true 1080p and 720p videos.

Original Video Playback

Our HD Video Player can now playback originally uploaded HD MP4 and MOV videos. Stunning Clarity!

New Audio Player!

A new audio player has been added with auto scrolling related audios and scrolling audio title ticker

Ajax Comments Paging

Video comments, audio comments and member profile comments now have paging support so comments can be limited per page and loaded instantly using ajax.

E-Mail Alert System

Member controlled e-mail alerts have been added for video conversion, new video comments, new picture comments, new audio comments, new profile comments, new private messages and new friend requests.

Video Player Enhancements

New features have been added to the video player including auto scrolling related videos, multi-lingual player controls display and proportional resizing

Delete Comments Instantly

Members can now delete comments they posted, or delete comments other members posted on their video, picture, audio or profile instantly using ajax.

Two New Flash Video Players!

New video players have been added, a light white and a dark black player.

PHP5 and PHP4 Full Support

PHP5 as well as the older PHP4 both have full support, extensively tested on both.

Superior Video Conversion

Added support for new versions of the video conversion modules, you don't have to use pre-historic software like other scripts.

CSS Tableless Theme

The script comes with a modern looking css tableless theme.

Encoded Passwords

For additional security, all member passwords are MD5 encoded.

2-Pass Video Encoding

To improve video quality, we have upgraded to 2-pass video encoding.

SEO Optimization

To improve your popularity on search engines, we have completely seo optimized the script to have as much friedly url's as possible.

Extensive RSS Feeds

25 new rss feeds have been added and are available to everyone who uses your site.

Character Counter & Limiter

Messages and comments now have a character counter and limiter to keep track of entered text and enforce the Admin set limit.


Optional Player Scaling

Admins can get whether videos are scaled or not in the Admin Panel.

Random Editor's Pick - Admin Panel

Admins can set the editor's pick video that shows up on the homepage to show a random video so your website always looks fresh.

Member Validation System

Admins now have more control over members and can manually approve all new members first.

Static Pages with HTML - Admin Panel

Admins can now edit all the static pages of the script from the Admin Panel. HTML is now accepted.

Update Notification System

Admin will now be notified in the Admin Panel when new script updates are released!

New Admin Panel

100% New and feature filled Admin Panel added.

Admin AutoPlay Settings

Admins can set whether videos autoplay or not from the Admin Panel.

Video Validation System

Admin Panel option to require newly uploaded videos to be validated before they are made public can be enabled/disabled.

Image Captcha On/Off

Admin can enable/disable the image captcha on the signup form from the Admin Panel.

E-Mail Verification for Uploads On/Off

Admin can enable/disable requirement to only allow verified e-mail account to upload videos from the Admin Panel.

Create Multiple Administrators

Now administrators no longer have to share one login and password. Multiple administrators can be added.

Encoded Administrator Passwords

For additional security, all member passwords are MD5 encoded.


Administrators can customize every aspect of the site to suit their preferences, including listings per page, listings per block on the homepage, allowing downloads, allowing who can download, video conversion settings, video conversion paths, SEO settings, Rating settings, allowed avatar width, height, meta tags, etc.

View Edit Delete

Administrators can view edit or delete channels, videos, pictures, audios and members.

Create or Delete Categories

Administrators can create new categories for video, pictures, audios and channels or delete them.


Administrators can edit advertisements that appear throught the website.

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