Engineering Design - Magnetic Field Mapping System (CAD, Arduino, rendering)

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В работе Оплачивается при доставке



Of primordial importance for the fabrication of certain type of pumps is the availability of building solenoids that can generate a homogeneous magnetic field as the latter is responsible for the forces that give origin to the pumping [login to view URL] need to measure the magnetic field generated by a solenoid, a group of solenoids, stand-alone, and once assembled inside an electromagnetic pump. Please look the attached figures. For the latter we conceptually thought of a CNC gantry or robotic arm with a Hall Effect probe, interfaced with a computer. The system would measure the 3 components of the magnetic field, position and time, sending these values to the computer for storage and processing. Although for 1 solenoid a vertical probe is acceptable, for the measurement inside the annulus once the solenoids are inside the pump, a horizontal position seems to be a better option. We also need to detect the edges of the solenoids (or annulus).

Your job


Design a magnetic field mapping system for 1 solenoid

Design a magnetic field mapping system for a system of 2 solenoids separated a distance L (continuation of the first task)

Design a magnetic field mapping system for the field generated in the annulus (annular section of a pipe) inside the pump and at its proximities.



1.- CAD files (.step files with the 3D design including electronics)

2.- Engineering / Technical drawings (2D projection drawings)

3.- Bill of Materials

4.- Renderings

5.- Documentation explaining the design and assembling (include a 2 pages extended abstract)

6- Basic control and data acquisition software with documentation

Note 1: the basic software should be able to generate a table with the following rows: x, y, z, t, Bx, By, Bz. Prefer programming languages Arduino Sketch, MATLAB and Visual Basic

(.Net). Simulations using Simulink welcome.

Note 2: This work will be part of a project proposal requesting funds to build it.

Note 3: Preferred CADCAE software Autodesk Fusion 360, Autodesk Inventor (other software accepted but the autodesk family is preferred)



1.- 10% upon delivery task 1

2.- 10% upon delivery task 2

3.- 5% upon delivery task 3

4.- 5% upon delivery task 4

5.- 10% upon delivery task 1

6.- 10% upon delivery task 2

7. - 50% final payment upon review and updates if needed

Bonus available for performance and extras (i.e. modeling and simulations, stress and thermal analysis, dynamics, etc).

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