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Installing APIs in website

we will provide full code to implement n the website, just go thru

these guidelines and let me know if u can do it.

3.4 SRS Component for Windows

The SRS Component for Windows is a dual-interface COM component, which makes

it ideal for use in a multitude of Windows development environments, including ASP.

In fact, it was developed with ASP in mind as its target environment. The component

can be accessed easily from scripting languages, Visual Basic, Visual C++ and any

other environment that supports Automation or raw COM interfaces.

The entire component is housed in a single DLL, SRSplus.dll. It exposes a single

interface, ISrs, which provides access to all of the SRS commands. All configuration

information for the component is stored in the registry. As with the other APIs, the

SRS component uses GnuPG for its digital signature handling. In addition, it requires

WinSock 2.0 and the CryptoAPI with SecureChannel for performing secure HTTP. It

also requires the Windows Scripting Runtime for access to the [url removed, login to view]

object, which the component uses to exchange data with its clients. Except for

GnuPG, all of these technologies are typically installed automatically by later versions

of windows (e.g., Windows 2000 and above) and are readily available from Microsoft

for most Windows versions.

From a development perspective, all the client code must do is instantiate and

initialize an ISrs object, invoke ISrs methods with appropriate parameters, process

the results (usually returned in a [url removed, login to view] object), then uninitialize

and destroy the object.


• Use for all Windows development, especially ASP pages.

• Dependent on GnuPG

• Dependent on WinSock 2.0, CryptoAPI with SecureChannel, and the Windows

Scripting Runtime

4. SRS Command Reference

This section details each SRS command and its usage. Though each API has specific

requirements for parameter types passed into SRS functions, they all conceptually

use the same two parameter types: string and name-value pair lists. In the Perl

API, these correspond to scalar and associative array types. In the C APIs, they

correspond to char* and NameValueList types. The equivalent type used by the

SRS Component for Windows is the IDictionary interface. Specific function

signatures, return values and code samples are provided in the API Reference

documentation for each of the APIs. In the rest of this section, we will make use of

the conceptual terms string and name-value pair in order to remain API

neutral. You may want to have the specific Reference for the API you will be using on

hand as you read this section.


ISrd Method: HRESULT RegisterDomain


[in]BSTR bstrTransID,

[in]IDictionary* pData,

[out,retval]IDictionary** ppResponse



A name-value list with the following name-value pairs:

Name Value

DOMAIN Required: domain name to register

TLD Optional: Defaults to ‘tv’ if omitted.



Required: Contact ID of the purchasing




Required: Contact ID of the technical

contact for the domain

BILLING CONTACT Optional: Contact ID of the billing

contact for the domain

ADMIN CONTACT Optional: Contact of the administrative

contact for the domain



Optional: Up to 13 name servers may

be specified for a domain

TERM YEARS Number of years to register name

(maximum of 10

PRICE The first year wholesale registration

price for the domain as returned by a


DomainInfo command. (Do not multiply

by the TERM YEARS).

ADDITIONAL DATA Required for certain domains. See


Output: A name-value list with the following name-value pairs

Квалификация: ASP, Visual Basic

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