Database Modification SQL & ASP

Please review and provide completion date:

I need to modify the enterprise database version found at [url removed, login to view]

You will need to build a mail merge program that will select the contacts from the scContacts Table.

To include a contacts Company Info then you will need to perform a JOIN on the scCompanies table.

There is no centralize HTML page that contains the links to the products since each product represents a job role in a scalable format.

I want to be logged into more than one app, by only logging into one app. You need to copy the cookie setting lines from the [url removed, login to view] page of the apps you want to be automatically logged into. Then paste those cookie setting lines into the [url removed, login to view] of the app that will be the master login app.

Also add the fields listed along with a layout to accept the info online

Let's review:

1-mail merge should be a script that conforms with the surfhighway script

2-list below has additional cells that need to be included, I need the database modified and a laytout to accept all the new fileds.

3- script needs to allow additional fields to the layout and database from the online interface

4-surfhighway enterprise is a modular database and has a login page for each script but uses one database, I need one cetralize page to login to all

here are all the logins

Product URL:

SoftContact [url removed, login to view]

SoftContact Admin [url removed, login to view]

ProjectSoft [url removed, login to view]

ProjectSoft Admin [url removed, login to view]

BillingTime [url removed, login to view]

BillingTime Admin [url removed, login to view]

BroadWalk [url removed, login to view]

HelpCentric [url removed, login to view]

HelpCentricExampleSites [url removed, login to view]

helpCentricWorkQueues [url removed, login to view]

AirTime [url removed, login to view]

AirTimeAdmin [url removed, login to view]

List of fields are in two formats for your convenience:

Public/Private Record Manager Borrower Employer

Borrower Name

Borrower Current Address Borrower New Address Co-Bow Current Address

Borrower Current City Borrower Current State Borrower Current Zip 

Country ID/Status Borrower Day Phone Borrower Fax

Borrower Salutation Last Meeting 

Last Reach  Last Attempt 

Letter Date  Borrower Title Co-Bow Current State Last Results

Referral Type

First Name Last Name Borrower Day Phone Ext.

Borrower Evening Phone Ext. Co-Bow Current City Co-Bow Day Phone

Co-Bow Day Phone Ext.

Department Record Creator Owner

Borrower Pronoun Borrower Evening Phone Borrower Cell Phone

Closing Cost Discount  Borrower New City Borrower New State Borrower New Zip

Co-Bow Name Co-Bow Salutation Co-Bow Pronoun Co-Bow Evening Phone Ext.

Co-Bow Evening Phone Co-Bow Cell Phone

Co-Bow Fax Co-Bow E-Mail Address

Co-Bow Current Zip Co-Bow New Address Co-Bow New City Co-Bow New State

Co-Bow New Zip Co-Bow Title Co-Bow Employer Borrower SSN

Co-Bow SSN Borrower DOB 

Co-Bow DOB  Borrower Marital Status

Co-Bow Marital Status Borrower Spouse Name Co-Bow Spouse Name

Borrower Anniversary  Co-Bow Anniversary  Borrower Hobby/Interest

Co-Bow Hobby/Interest Borrower Child 1 Name Borrower Child 2 Name

Borrower Child 3 Name Co-Bow Child 1 Name Co-Bow Child 2 Name

Co-Bow Child 3 Name Borrower Child 1 DOB  Borrower Child 2 DOB 

Borrower Child 3 DOB  Co-Bow Child 1 DOB  Co-Bow Child 2 DOB 

Co-Bow Child 3 DOB  Borrower Child 1 Sex Borrower Child 2 Sex Borrower Child 3 Sex

Co-Bow Child 1 Sex Co-Bow Child 2 Sex Co-Bow Child 3 Sex Borrower Sex

Co-Bow Sex Property Address Property Age Property Value 

Property City Property State Property Zip Appraiser Name

Mortgage Purpose Loan Program Loan Type Loan Amount 

Loan Term (Months) Loan Rate Loan Payment  Loan Number

Loan Officer Loan Officer Phone Loan Processor Loan Processor Phone

Closing LTV Refi-Trigger Rate

Loan Stage

Pre-Qual Date 

Application Date  Loan Submission Date  Loan Approval Date  Closed Date 

Property Sq Footage Loan Officer Phone Ext Loan Processor Phone Ext

Borrower Assistant Name Borrower Assistant Phone Referral Last Rcvd On 

Referrals YTD Referrals Last Year Borrower Empl Address Co-Bow Empl Address

Borrower Empl City Co-Bow Empl City Co-Bow Employer State

Borrower Empl State Borrower Empl Zip Co-Bow Empl Zip

Borrower HR Mgr First Name Co-Bow HR Mgr First Name Borrower HR Mgr Last Name

Co-Bow HR Mgr Last Name Borrower HR Mgr Phone Co-Bow HR Mgr Phone

Borrower HR Mgr Ext Co-Bow HR Mgr Ext Co-Bow HR Mgr Addres

Borrower HR Mgr Address Borrower HR Mgr City Co-Bow HR Mgr City

Borrower HR Mgr State Co-Bow HR Mgr State Borrower HR Mgr Zip

Co-Bow HR Mgr Zip Referral First Name Referral Last Name Referral Day Phone

Referral Evening Phone Referral Phone Ext Referral Cell Phone Referral Fax

Referral E-Mail Address Referral Address

Referral City Referral State

Referral Zip Selling Agent First Name Selling Agent Last Name

Selling Agent Company Selling Agent Address Selling Agent City Selling Agent State

Selling Agent Zip Selling Agent Phone Selling Agent Ph Ext

Selling Agent Cell Phone Selling Agent Fax Selling Agent E-Mail Address

Listing Agent First Name Listing Agent Last Name Listing Agent Company

Listing Agent Address Listing Agent City Listing Agent State Listing Agent Zip

Listing Agent Phone Listing Agent Ph Ext Listing Agent Cell Phone

Listing Agent Fax Listing Agent E-Mail Address LA Sales Mgr First Name

LA Sales Mgr Last Name LA Sales Mgr Company LA Sales Mgr Address

LA Sales Mgr City LA Sales Mgr State LA Sales Mgr Zip LA Sales Mgr Phone

LA Sales Mgr Ph Ext LA Sales Mgr Cell Phone LA Sales Mgr Fax

LA Sales Mgr E-Mail Address SA Sales Mgr First Name SA Sales Mgr Last Name

SA Sales Mgr Company SA Sales Mgr Address SA Sales Mgr City

SA Sales Mgr State SA Sales Mgr Zip SA Sales Mgr Phone SA Sales Mgr Ph Ext

SA Sales Mgr Cell Phone SA Sales Mgr Fax SA Sales Mgr E-Mail Address

Sellers Attorney First Name Sellers Attorney Last Name Sellers Attorney Firm

Sellers Attorney Address Sellers Attorney City Sellers Attorney State

Sellers Attorney Zip Sellers Attorney Phone Sellers Attorney Ph Ext

Sellers Attorney Cell Phone Sellers Attorney Fax Sellers Attorney E-Mail Address

Buyers Attorney First Name Buyers Attorney Last Name Buyers Attorney Firm

Buyers Attorney Address Buyers Attorney City Buyers Attorney State

Buyers Attorney Zip Buyers Attorney Phone Buyers Attorney Ph Ext Buyers Attorney Fax

Buyers Attorney Cell Phone Buyers Attorney E-Mail Address Seller First Name

Seller Last Name Seller Phone Sellers Ph Ext Seller Address Seller City

Seller State

Seller Zip

Seller Fax Seller Cell Phone

Seller E-Mail Address Accountant First Name Accountant Last Name

Accountant Phone Accountant Ph Ext Accountant Address Accountant City

Accountant State Accountant Zip Accountant Fax Accountant E-Mail Address

Accountant Cell Phone Borrower Assistant Phone Ext. Create Date 

Edit Date 

Merge Date  E-mail Login

E-mail System

"Public/Private","Record Manager","Borrower Employer","Borrower Name","Borrower Current Address","Borrower New Address",

"Co-Bow Current Address","Borrower Current City","Borrower Current State","Borrower Current Zip","Country","ID/Status",

"Borrower Day Phone","Borrower Fax","Borrower Salutation","Last Meeting","Last Reach","Last Attempt","Letter Date",

"Borrower Title","Co-Bow Current State","Last Results","Referral Type","First Name","Last Name",

"Borrower Day Phone Ext.",

"Borrower Evening Phone Ext.","Co-Bow Current City","Co-Bow Day Phone","Co-Bow Day Phone Ext.","Department",

"Record Creator","Owner","Borrower Pronoun","Borrower Evening Phone","Borrower Cell Phone","Closing Cost Discount",

"Borrower New City","Borrower New State","Borrower New Zip","Co-Bow Name","Co-Bow Salutation","Co-Bow Pronoun","Co-Bow Evening Phone Ext.","Co-Bow Evening Phone","Co-Bow Cell Phone","Co-Bow Fax","Co-Bow E-Mail Address","Co-Bow Current Zip","Co-Bow New Address","Co-Bow New City","Co-Bow New State","Co-Bow New Zip","Co-Bow Title","Co-Bow Employer","Borrower SSN","Co-Bow SSN","Borrower DOB","Co-Bow DOB","Borrower Marital Status","Co-Bow Marital Status","Borrower Spouse Name","Co-Bow Spouse Name","Borrower Anniversary","Co-Bow Anniversary","Borrower Hobby/Interest","Co-Bow Hobby/Interest","Borrower Child 1 Name","Borrower Child 2 Name","Borrower Child 3 Name","Co-Bow Child 1 Name","Co-Bow Child 2 Name","Co-Bow Child 3 Name","Borrower Child 1 DOB","Borrower Child 2 DOB","Borrower Child 3 DOB","Co-Bow Child 1 DOB","Co-Bow Child 2 DOB","Co-Bow Child 3 DOB","Borrower Child 1 Sex","Borrower Child 2 Sex","Borrower Child 3

Sex","Co-Bow Child 1 Sex","Co-Bow Child 2 Sex","Co-Bow Child 3 Sex","Borrower Sex","Co-Bow Sex","Property Address",

"Property Age","Property Value","Property City","Property State","Property Zip","Appraiser Name","Mortgage Purpose",

"Loan Program","Loan Type","Loan Amount","Loan Term (Months)","Loan Rate","Loan Payment","Loan Number","Loan Officer",

"Loan Officer Phone","Loan Processor","Loan Processor Phone","Closing LTV","Refi-Trigger Rate","Loan Stage",

"Pre-Qual Date","Application Date","Loan Submission Date","Loan Approval Date","Closed Date","Property Sq Footage",

"Loan Officer Phone Ext","Loan Processor Phone Ext","Borrower Assistant Name","Borrower Assistant Phone",

"Referral Last Rcvd On","Referrals YTD","Referrals Last Year","Borrower Empl Address","Co-Bow Empl Address",

"Borrower Empl City","Co-Bow Empl City","Co-Bow Employer State","Borrower Empl State","Borrower Empl Zip",

"Co-Bow Empl Zip","Borrower HR Mgr First Name","Co-Bow HR Mgr First Name","Borrower HR Mgr Last Name",

"Co-Bow HR Mgr Last Name","Borrower HR Mgr Phone","Co-Bow HR Mgr Phone","Borrower HR Mgr Ext",

"Co-Bow HR Mgr Ext","Co-Bow HR Mgr Addres","Borrower HR Mgr Address","Borrower HR Mgr City","Co-Bow HR Mgr City",

"Borrower HR Mgr State","Co-Bow HR Mgr State","Borrower HR Mgr Zip","Co-Bow HR Mgr Zip","Referral First Name",

"Referral Last Name","Referral Day Phone","Referral Evening Phone","Referral Phone Ext","Referral Cell Phone",

"Referral Fax","Referral E-Mail Address","Referral Address","Referral City","Referral State","Referral Zip",

"Selling Agent First Name","Selling Agent Last Name","Selling Agent Company","Selling Agent Address",

"Selling Agent City","Selling Agent State","Selling Agent Zip","Selling Agent Phone","Selling Agent Ph Ext",

"Selling Agent Cell Phone","Selling Agent Fax","Selling Agent E-Mail Address","Listing Agent First Name",

"Listing Agent Last Name","Listing Agent Company","Listing Agent Address","Listing Agent City",

"Listing Agent State","Listing Agent Zip","Listing Agent Phone","Listing Agent Ph Ext",

"Listing Agent Cell Phone","Listing Agent Fax","Listing Agent E-Mail Address","LA Sales Mgr First Name",

"LA Sales Mgr Last Name","LA Sales Mgr Company","LA Sales Mgr Address","LA Sales Mgr City","LA Sales Mgr State",

"LA Sales Mgr Zip","LA Sales Mgr Phone","LA Sales Mgr Ph Ext","LA Sales Mgr Cell Phone","LA Sales Mgr Fax",

"LA Sales Mgr E-Mail Address","SA Sales Mgr First Name","SA Sales Mgr Last Name","SA Sales Mgr Company",

"SA Sales Mgr Address","SA Sales Mgr City","SA Sales Mgr State","SA Sales Mgr Zip","SA Sales Mgr Phone",

"SA Sales Mgr Ph Ext","SA Sales Mgr Cell Phone","SA Sales Mgr Fax","SA Sales Mgr E-Mail Address",

"Sellers Attorney First Name","Sellers Attorney Last Name","Sellers Attorney Firm",

"Sellers Attorney Address","Sellers Attorney City","Sellers Attorney State","Sellers Attorney Zip",

"Sellers Attorney Phone","Sellers Attorney Ph Ext","Sellers Attorney Cell Phone","Sellers Attorney Fax",

"Sellers Attorney E-Mail Address","Buyers Attorney First Name","Buyers Attorney Last Name",

"Buyers Attorney Firm","Buyers Attorney Address","Buyers Attorney City","Buyers Attorney State",

"Buyers Attorney Zip","Buyers Attorney Phone","Buyers Attorney Ph Ext","Buyers Attorney Fax",

"Buyers Attorney Cell Phone","Buyers Attorney E-Mail Address","Seller First Name",

"Seller Last Name","Seller Phone","Sellers Ph Ext","Seller Address","Seller City",

"Seller State","Seller Zip","Seller Fax","Seller Cell Phone","Seller E-Mail Address",

"Accountant First Name","Accountant Last Name","Accountant Phone","Accountant Ph Ext",

"Accountant Address","Accountant City","Accountant State","Accountant Zip","Accountant Fax",

"Accountant E-Mail Address",

"Accountant Cell Phone","Borrower Assistant Phone Ext.","Create Date","Edit Date","Merge Date",

"E-mail Login","E-mail System"

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