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Hi My name is Przemyslaw, I look for people who could help me put the new product, Collagen into The market in system multi level marketing (MLM) I’m interested in all countries, the most about US and all around US. Everything is described below. FURTHER INFORMATION - WHAT IS COLLAGEN BEAUTY LINE? Collagen is a normal protein, which can be found in animal and human tissue. It is one of the most important proteins in our body; it comprises 30 % of all protein in the body and 70 % of skin protein. Collagen's most distinctive feature is its shape of construction; the vast ma¬jority of molecules form the shape of a super helix - created from three polypeptide chains, which spiral around a common axis. Fish collagen is a completely natural protein extracted from specific types of fish. So far, in the world of cosmetics, only anima! collagen has been used. However, due to mad cow dis-ease, animal collagen has been systematically withdrawn from the market and has now been successfully replaced by protein extracted from fish. After carrying out tests, it was found to have better cosmetic properties than animal collagen. This is due, in part, to the very delicate collagen extraction process used, which preserves its triple-helix structure. Polypeptides and amino acids, which occur naturally with collagen, are extracted in the same technological process, making the resulting protein even more effective. The most valuable collagen is extracted from silver carp skin. Scientific tests have shown that fish from the carp family have particularly valuable collagen as well as large amount of polypeptides and amino acids, which increase its effectiveness in cosmetics. The silver carp also has other health attributes. It eats only algae and can attain a very rapid increase in body mass. The oil, which is produced from the silver carp, is known to aid blood circulation. Silver carp skins, which are used by us for production purposes, come from ecological farms situated in Hungary (including one facility near Lake Balaton). Collagen Beauty Line treatment is very easy to use. In its gel form, it can be used everyday, simply by applying to the skin. It is absorbed very quickly leaving skin feeling fresh and firm. Handy dispensers allow easy hygienic usage and thermo-isolated packaging enables safe long-term storage. It also guarantees that the collagen reaches the client in perfect untouched condition. Collagen, as a complex molecule, does not naturally penetrate deep into the skin but a protective film is formed on its surface, which prevents water evaporation. This way it moisturises easily and its fragmented particles together with the polypeptides and amino acids can penetrate deep into the skin to become a building material of natural collagen. Additionally, the liquid that is used for protein extraction enables natural synthesis to occur in the skin. To guarantee the best production quality, tests have been conducted in the Dermatological Clinic of the Medical Academy in Gdańsk. These include a petal test, which showed an absence of allergic or skin-irritation properties. This means that our product is hypoallergenic. There was also an application test, which showed the gel's moisturising and anti-wrinkle properties. During treatment, the skin becomes softer, moisturised and more elastic. These effects were achieved on the majority of people tested, regardless of skin type. Collagen Beauty has been awarded the following certificates: Certificate of Health Quality PZH - HŻ/00698/-1/2004 Included in the National Information System of Cosmetics (Institute of Medicine - Łódź) Tests of the Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Station (Micro-biological tests, tests concerning heavy metals) Tests of quality and quantity using the Electrop Horesis Method and HPLC Marking collagen quantity based on hydroxyprolin content The means of collagen extraction is a company secret. We are taking it only from one type of fish skin because it contains more collagen with the most suitable properties. Our unique technology enables us to extract it without damaging the fibre structure. Collagen Beauty is manufactured in optimal laboratory conditions: production takes place at very Iow temperatures, and then the finished products are cooled to around 5-7°C and packed in specially made thermo-isolated packaging. In the solution, which constitutes 80-90% of the gel, there is 10-13% collagen. This is why it is in the form of a gel. Using a bigger concentration would make it much harder to apply the cream to the skin and would reduce absorption. Tests are continually repeated in the Dermatologie Glinie of the Medical Academy in Gdańsk. Detailed gel content: • Collagen, elastin (collagen and elastin's amino acids and polypeptides) - about 12% • Water solution, buffer for extraction - about 85% • Lactic acid - 2% • Preservative Euxyl K600 - about 0.8-1.0% We use the latest preservative product from Germany, made especially for cosmetics. It has been thoroughly tested and has been awarded every possible certificate. Our products are not very diiuted, which is why they can be used in half of the recommended amount. Ali cosmetic products contain preservatives in order to maintain the highest quality and to prevent microbiological contamination. Without them, they would become a source of infection, bacteria and mould. For production, we use hexagonal water, the same as from melted icebergs. We have created a special production method for this kind of water. Apart from the fact that it is incredibly clean, it has other favourable advantages. It is also known as "living" water, and regulates many processes in the human body. It is produced in specially prepared generators. The PH level of the solution used to range from 2.5 to 2.6 but due to the implementation of European Union directives from March 2004, the PH has been increased to between 3.1 and 3.3. Such a Iow PH is due to the technological process of col¬lagen extraction - it enables complete extraction to be achieved. The PH value is increased during the finishing stages of the process. Production Control • Collagen quantity and quality control • Bacteriological control • Toxicological control • Density control • Heavy metals and pollution control • Production control is conducted by the Sanepid and Yeterinary service. Electrophoresis coilagen test These have shown that Collagen Beauty, unlike animal-based preparations, contains not only collagen, but also numerous polypeptides, which arę responsible for its unique properties. It has also been proven that Collagen Beauty, when stored at the appropriate temperature retains all, of its properties for many months. Collagen Beauty plays a vital role in natural renovation. It replaces and activates substances that are essential for regeneration, whose biosynthesis has been disturbed. It also rebuilds natural collagen in the body. Collagen renovation is a combination of hydro- and ozone therapy in water, together with water collagen massage. It produces unparalleled regeneration effects. Collagen baths help to improve the skin's condition. The bath has to start at a normal temperature of 30°C for about 15 minutes. Next, the water temperature is increased so that the collagen particles are broken which increases its effectiveness (amino acid baths). To improve the effect after the bath, it is recommended to massage using Collagen Body. Collagen also helps to reduce bone pain so it can also be used to support the treatment of joint pains. Polypeptides are an ingredient of collagen that are known to relieve pain. Another illness, which affects the majority of the population, is osteoporosis, which can lead to a reduction in the spaces between bones. This results in constriction of the nerves from the spinal cord and conse-quently, pain. This treatment causes increased calcium intake and hence eradicates the source of the pain. In the treatment process, it is necessary to replace the deficit of bone matrix. We presume that polypeptides and amino acids, which are part of fish collagen, can cause biosynthesis of our natural collagen (bone matrix), to which calcium and phosphorus arę added. It aids bone reconstruction and hence the alleviation of ailments. Collagen can also be used to cure acne. Increased glandular activity and insufficient exfoliation of the epidermis arę primary causes of acne. Collagen has an acidic pH, which acts as a kind of protec-tive shield for skin with acne. A Iow pH also has anti-bacterial properties. To summarize, Collagen Beauty has hydrophilic properties. After applying to the skin, it creates a protein net, which can absorb and retain water and lipid substances. Due to this fact, fish collagen has deep moisturising properties. Correct skin moisture content is necessary in the process of skin curing and rejuvenation. The final effect, which is clearly visible, is the removal of lines and wrinkles, and the prevention of new ones. The skin becomes smooth and soft and its elasticity is improved. Regular collagen application makes the skin look visibly younger. When used on the scalp, collagen strengthens hair and prevents hair-loss and greying. New Products: Completely new line Products for men Product line for professionals: • Facial scrub • Collagen facemask • Cream containing about 10 % collagen • Eye carem All your questions send straight to my e-mail address Przemek1983a@o2.pl. I’ll response for all your questions in the sequence 3 buisness days. Don’t forget about telling me where you want to distribute the products.


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